Materialistic: More Game-Worn Greatness Coming to 2011-12 Limited Basketball

As the countdown to tomorrow's official release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball enters its goose-bumpy final hours, collector excitement for the product is palpable. And if you don't believe us, check out the feedback we've received so far on our sneak-peek episode of Panini Unwrapped and our gallery from earlier this week showcasing just some of the magical game-worn memorabilia cards in the set.

As the countdown to tomorrow’s official release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball enters its goose-bumpy final hours, collector excitement for the product is palpable. And if you don’t believe us, check out the feedback we’ve received so far on our sneak-peek episode of Panini Unwrapped and our gallery from earlier this week showcasing just some of the magical game-worn memorabilia cards in the set.

Today, we plan on sending collector anticipation into overdrive with one more massive, majestic look at some of the prime-piece game-worn greatness included in the set. Today, we focus on the prime-memorabilia parallels for such superstar-laden inserts as Trophy Case, Glass Cleaners and Decade Dominance.

There are also breathtaking glimpses at some of the nasty Jumbo Prime parallels included in the set. Enjoy this final pre-release look at 2011-12 Limited Basketball and let us know how you do if you choose to partake in this Limited engagement when the product goes live tomorrow.


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  1. These Patches are super sick… In this case, I really do like how the black and white effect on the Trophy Case cards makes the patches pop even more than they already do. The tags on the Glass Cleaners are also amazing!

  2. Love the Jumbo Primes! Great looking cards, with amazing patches.

    My man Alex English’s Decade Dominance patch looks nice, too.

  3. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to get my hands on that Dumars. Hopefully there’s an auto’d version of it as well. Tracy, will there ever be a product to where a person can just buy the cards directly from Panini? Like an online only product? Not sure how it could work, if it could work, but think it would be cool.

    1. I’m going to send you guys a more detailed idea to the online concept through Message on facebook as it’s going to be rather lengthy. 🙂

    2. There are several autographed Dumars available online already, starting bid is $.99. They look amazing…

  4. Tracy can you stop China from busting this stuff early. It’s crazy when China is busting everything early and selling it on eBay. They should open a day after the official release so that it is actually the same day in the U.S.

  5. I personally think gold standard wil blow this product away. I am getting sick of seeing the same old vets on the prime jersey’s list. It really kill the B-ball sides not having MJ in your checklist!! Its the flat out truth, I mean sure Kobe, Rose, Durant have some appeal. Im not all down with the so called King James stuff and his bf DWade. So I will def wait for gold standard and buying singles, maybe a case break or two.

      1. Why is it that you (Panini) can’t even use an NBA photo of Jordan for inclusion in a Retired or Legends set? I can understand not getting his auto and /or his jerseys but why not a plain ol’ picture? Fleer and Topps could use his photo in set, just not autos or memorabilia. Can someone explain? LeBron has a contract with UD but you can still use his image and his jersey. I’m curious.

  6. Limited actually looks fantastic this year. Great big swatches, full of colors, awesome looking stuff if you pull a patch or even just awesome stuff for whatever you pull as the design is great this year. I’m digging the renewed passion going on in the design team.

  7. WoW. Now this is the kinda stuff we’ve been waitin for ever since u guys took over bball cards……. trophy case cards look awesome.

  8. Well looks like im gonna be putting alot of time and money chasing down The Thunder hits and inserts in this years Limited!!! How can i not these cards are ON FIRE!!!!!

  9. Those Jumbo Prime patches are insane, the Glass Cleaners are pretty cool and I love the Trophy Case design. you guys totaly nailed it on this release.

    I have a question though, the Tom Chambers Trophy Case shows him in a Sonics uniform and lists him with Seattle but the relic patch is from his time with the Suns. It appears to be from one of his home jerseys from the late 80s/early 90s before the 1992/93 uniform change. Is there any way to verify if this is the case? Though I won’t complain as a lifelong Suns fan and Sonics fan.

  10. @Tracy. For the redemptions, will the same redemption number (i.e. XRCA) equal the same player across all three products (P&P, Limited, and GS)? For example Kyrie Irving is XRCA for P&P will XRCA for Limited and Gold Standard still be Irving. There is plenty of confusion about how the lottery will occur. Thanks!

  11. Since everyone is singing such praises on the pictures Panini is presenting, I thought it might be good to inject a bit of reality into this thread. I busted a sealed case of the new Limited this afternoon and here are some facts about the product. There are 15 boxes per case with 6 cards per “box”. Each box claims to yield 2 autos and 1 memorabilia. That’s what I got, in a manner of speaking. However, check this out. Of the 30 autos in the case, 20, repeat TWENTY, are redemptions. By my cipherin’, that’s 2/3 redemptions. Of to put it a different way, only 10 of the 30 were LIVE autos. That’s only ONE THIRD of the autos from the case were actually pulled live from packs. On top of that, one 3 were on-card. From each and every box in the case, one of the 2 guaranteed autos was a Draft 2011 redemption RC. I did NOT get one Draft 2012 from the entire case. Five of the boxes did NOT yield a live auto at all.

    While you may say having 15 Draft 2011 redemptions could be good, you may be right…..of course you may be wrong. But the reality is that today I spent a good piece of change and got TEN live autos. The other 20 are redemptions. Fifteen of those redemptions won’t be decided until late October and who knows when they’ll actually be sent out. We have all submitted redemptions and have had to wait and wait and wait. The other 5 redemptions may take a month or a year or more. Who knows.

    Just thought you might be interested. Be careful what you wish for.

  12. Can we start redeeming the 2012 draft redemptions since we know who these are ? or we will have to wait for 2011 lottery also? thanks

  13. we just busted a case on blog 23 redemptions. Also, the sell sheet list Shaq auto’s but no one has ever seen one… Did Shaq sign for this?

  14. Just opened 4 boxes today of Limited. Kinda sad I didn’t get a single glass cleaner or decade dominance.. 🙁 oh well maybe next week. Hey Tracy, any idea when we will know what to do to win stuff? Or when the winners will be announced? I linked all of my accounts that I had to yall. Is that all I need to do to have a chance? Thanks again panini! I love the style of the cards & the feel. It’s by far the coolest product of the year! I wish there was a way though that you could get more packs to open…. like Past and Present was so much fun! Even if each card in Limited was wrapped like yall did the Preferred! That’s one of my favorite parts. Opening the packs. haha. Thanks again guys for the “card high”. 😀

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