20 Replies to “Must-See Video: A Special Holiday Message from Panini America and Kobe Bryant”

  1. Merry Christmas Tracy Hacker!
    Merry Christmas Panini!
    Merry Christmas All the great minds of Basketball of Panini, Wes Elliot, Keith Hower
    May you all have a beautiful Christmas and your Love ones as well.
    Enjoy the NBA Games with your family!
    Thanks For always giving big smiles and light of passion to the eyes especially the young ones as they get so excited unwrapping Panini Products!
    Merry Christmas to My Idol! Kobe Bryant!
    Go Lakers!

  2. Love That video. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to Tracy,all the staff at Panini and all the families. Wish you all the best. Merry Christmas to my fellow collectors as well.

  3. PIE – Nee – Nee ??? Have i been saying it wrong all this time??LoL! Happy Holidays, may the season pass with tranquility and happiness for everyone..whilst those of us in retail deal with all the returns…..

  4. Happy Holidays Tracy and Panini. Thank you for all the wonderful cards and all the hard work this year. Cant wait to embark on our new year and enjoy all the excitement of pulling great Panini, one of a kind cards!! Merry Christmas everyone

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