Must-See Video: Panini America Unwraps 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball

In this must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower rip through two boxes of the new and unique 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball. In the process, the duo addresses, among other things, the 2011-12 and 2012-13 Dual Rookie Redemption program, the stunning technology used on many of the cards and the limited nature of the set's base variations.

In this must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower rip through two boxes of the new and unique 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball. In the process, the duo addresses, among other things, the 2011-12 and 2012-13 Dual Rookie Redemption program, the stunning technology used on many of the cards and the limited nature of the set’s base variations.
The best part? You have a chance to win the hits. But you have to stay tuned till the end to find out how.


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  1. I think this is a great product. I saw multiple ones being busted on youtube yesterday, and it looks great. I hope I can get a box somehow. One of my favorite parts is the “Elusive Ink” checklist. I like how players who haven’t gotten much “hobby love” to date are getting it, and some of my favorite all time players such as Gheorge Mureshan, are having certified autograph cards that I can pick up, and be sure its real in my mind!
    A+ Panini!

  2. I like the look of the product. I don’t normally collect basketball but I would clearly pick up a pack or two for the old school look. Are the redemption cards also the basic rookie cards and not autographs? or combo of both? I could see people a little annoyed if it was just a basic rookie card that you needed to redeem.

  3. Loooove this release! The textured designs are even better in person, especially the Fireworks and Breakouts. Great idea to round up some uncommon signers from the past, but perhaps the release needed a few more ‘big’ hits to chase?? Maybe there will be with the draft redemptions, but being a reasonably weak rookie class, it probably needed more star autos! Great Job overall!!

  4. I thought the best part was the video and the break…but we can win the hits too??? Sweet T by the way Tracy! Great video as always. Wished my computer was faster lol. A 20 min video turned into a half an hour.
    The base cards are stunning. Love the old school feel. Winning a base card would be like winning the lottery. But there is a warm feeling you get from them.
    The insert cards remind me of the 90’s inserts. The bumpiness feels to the inserts like fireworks and raining 3’s. The design is spectacular.
    I know you guys were looking for some bad feedback as well, I honestly don’t have anything negative to say. Maybe the bread for inserts is a little boring and dull and to me the title may seem a little lame. Sorry I don’t find much wrong. Even those cards were ok. I hope my positive opinion helps as well.
    I do also like the fact for around $100 bucks you get four hits (3 autos) and some great looking insert cards and base cards.
    Thanks for the break guys! Looks like another winner!

  5. Thanks for sharing the break. “The card that keeps giving”, that me me laugh.
    I am a big fan of the Breakout inserts for this set and think I will try and complete the sets. The only criticism I have is that I think the design of the Breakout cards and the white space on them really lends itself to on card autos. I completely understand the reasons why on card is difficult but it feels a shame for such a nice set.
    I collect 10/11 Classics and the Significant Signatures and this product feels similar to Classics for me but with an older design and more inserts which is something I really appreciate for the set collectors.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Was a good break from my university assignment and you may have convinced me to go get a box of this at some point in the future.

  6. Love the old school feel cards; awesome printing technology use on this brand; the ABA cards and bread die cut cards are awesome!!!! can only hope one day you can avoid using the sticker autos – on card autos, especially for the old school players, would have a better feel to them. the draft pick redemptions are an added bonus and give the collector something to look forward to after busting the box. great product here. would love to see the same treatment for football cards. your company continues to show why it is the leader in sports cards.

  7. Hey Guys Great Video. I really like the retro look, I havent collected basketball cards since being a kid in the 90’s with the US Olympic team sets. But after watching this video and the very cool redemption program, I might have to take a shot at this product. Plus this is a product with all the vet players and I could sit and open it with my dad. He loved the NBA when he grew up and talks about all the old greats. The Bread cards are different and not sure how I feel about them yet. Always love the videos they make break time at work a lot of fun and gives me the itch to tear into some packs!

  8. This product looks awesome!!! I’ve already per-ordered two boxes which haven’t arrived, and I just purchased another 2 after watching the video. Hoping to get some of those redemption cards from my boxes. Can’t wait!!!

  9. Thanks for doing the explanation on the rookie redemption cards. I want to make sure that I understood correctly that the 2011 Draft Class Redemptions will all be auto’ed and randomly drawn at a later date, whereas the 2012 class redemptions will not be auto’ed, but the draft position will be listed on the card.
    I’m not sure how I feel about this program. As you said, depending on how these cards sell, you could be getting a Kyrie Irving for relatively cheap, but on the other side you could be getting a really expensive late 2nd-rounder or undrafted FA. As a Cavs fan I have been waiting since last summer to get a chance to get a couple Kyrie cards, so I guess I am going to have to hope I get lucky or just wait until the drawing has occurred. The drawing being so far in the future, meaning another 5 1/2 month wait for 2011 Draft rookies, is obviously less than ideal. Not knowing the full logistics of the industry or the details of your NBA license I don’t want to make any judgments, but the lockout delaying 2011 rookie cards for a full year seems a bit excessive. It has been and continues to be a long wait for NBA collectors.
    The design on the cards is pretty nice. If this product becomes recurring, I think it would be nice to see numbering on the autos, but the base cards and inserts look pretty crisp for set collectors. This is one of the nicer looking base sets that I have seen in a while.
    Sorry to be a bit long winded, hope the feedback helps.

  10. I opened a box yesterday and loved the new designs! The Fireworks, raining 3’s and breakout cards feel and look great. I am hoping to collect this entire set and would be thrilled to get selected for your breaks! I pulled a 2011 autograph rookie redemption card (Come on Kyrie!!!), Mike Conley Auto base, Steve Nash jersey card, and Big Country auto. Keep up the good work Panini!

  11. That westbrook is really awesome. I would like to see more cards with the background left in the photo though and more action photography. The most memorable cards capture iconic moments but most of the panini base sets are just a picture of a player. (I stayed away from hoops for the lack of rookies so I cant say for sure that it doesn’t contradict what I just wrote).

  12. Want a shot at winning the price hence here go my comments on this product. I love the inserts of this product, applying texture onto the cards is ingenious! Another great thing is the redemption cards, they just makes me exciting for wanting to know who i might own. As for what I dislike personally about this product is the auto hits. Out of the 5 actual autos, I do not know 4 of the players. As a recent basketball fan, I hope to have more chances to hit current players. I understand that it is a good idea to find players with little to no certified autos, but I would prefer the odds to be more balanced between old and new players. 4 out of 6 autos are old players does not seem to be quite balanced. But the westbrook auto sure is a great hit 🙂 Thanks!

  13. I’d love to land that 11 Rookie auto so I can cross my fingers for a Marshon Brooks auto!! Love these break videos, so much fun.

  14. I was really skeptical about this product a while back, thinking it was just another regular basketball product, but after watching this video, I think I just might have to purchase some of this. It will be the first time buying a Panini Basketball product since 09-10. The retro look and feel is absolutely incredible. And some of the “present” cards especially the design with the bricks is stunning. The old school look is a breath of fresh air from traditional “current” card designs, yet mixed in with a splash of present technology is something that I think collectors will not only appreciate, but flock to. Excellent job Panini, you have a winner here.

  15. The product looks great i really like the break out cards and the draft pick redemptions will be amazing I going to be trying like crazy to get one. My only qualm with this product is other than the draft pick cards there aren’t any super hard to find cards. Maybe there are and i just have not researched enough but that was just something i noticed. Other than that the product looks great. Thanks Panini!!!

  16. love the look especially the bread cards
    this is the first time ive been looking forward to getting a redemption
    only negative is that the 2012 redemption’s wont have autos.
    over all great product.
    cant wait till they hit the stores in Australia

      1. I’d like to see one of the Panini America exclusives — Kobe, KD or Blake — win it. I’m going to roll with OKC at this point; although San Antonio, Boston and perhaps even still Miami, will have something to say about that.

      2. OKC all the way mate
        and that westbrook auto is sick
        wish the australian sports card makers would take a leaf out of Panini’s book
        the cards here are very average

  17. Hey Tracy and Keith,
    Like the product. Seeing a lot of breaks online…
    1. Love the old school blend of athletes and the design.
    2. The idea behind the rare autos
    3. The long swatch, hope to see some multi-colored swatches.
    4. Like the printing tech being used, brings life to the cards and Tracy mentioned tactile… I like that word, I agree, makes handling the cards different and engages more of our senses.
    1. It is a little confusing on the redemptions, some of the abbreviations like XFRC.
    2. Lots of inserts… I guess that is just my opinion… so hard/expensive to make sets. (the chase is fun though)
    3. I don’t own any of the cards yet.

    1. To quote another brand. “Once you pop, you just can’t stop.” Just stopped in at the LCS and pulled a Kobe Common AUTO Redemption. I know redemptions get a bad rap but I am on it! I saw another of these on ebay…
      Great design and printing tech.

  18. These box breaks are very informational and are like Cliff’s Notes when it comes to educating my customers about Panini products. Love the printing technology with P&P, keep up the cutting edge work!

  19. I like the look of this stuff! I only wish my PC guys (mainly Ersan) were in it, but looks like I will just have to wait til Limited next month for that 🙂

  20. Love the draft cards but I don’t think the SP parallels (like the Walton) are clear to the average collector that they are in fact a SP. If there was some coloured foil or something obvious it would make it much easier – nevertheless, great job!

    1. I think that’s why they showed the back design. The basketball around the card number means it’s SP. At least that’s what I got from it.

  21. Product Critique: Loving the old school feel (hence why 2010-11 Donruss is my favorite product from you guys), love the design, and I’m loving the inserts. However, you guys are killing my OCD. From what I gather, there are four basic variations of each card, and you didn’t mention if any variation was more short print than the other (obviously the Walton, the fifth variation, is a short print). As a set collector, and because of how much I like this product, I’m probably going to have to assemble four sets of this, one for each variation. My favorite insert in the set is the Breakout set. I like it so much I’m planning on going for the base insert set and the autograph set (this will be my first ever autograph set I’ll be chasing). It’s going to be tough to get my hands on some of them (Rose AU, Griffin AU, etc.) but I like the design so much I’m going to go for it.
    I would like to get some of the cards off of your hands, ideally any Pistons (I have 3,700+ different Pistons cards and counting) and the Breakout inserts if possible (yes, I’d love the Westbrook too, but won’t hold my breath. 🙂 And if you want me to pay shipping, I’d be more than willing to do that as well.
    I love the product guys. I know there are some that won’t be fond of it, but I think this is my #2 product (behind last years Donruss) that you guys have put out so far (well, that I can afford, obviously NT and GS are nice, I just don’t have that kind of bank). I’m hoping to pick up at least two boxes by my birthday (Oct.) Thanks again for a great product Panini.

    1. Actually, if you could, please verify for me, were the two Chandlers (at 11:53 in the video) different card numbers or variations of each other?

  22. Hey guys! Really loving the new style & looks to the cards! I watched the video 2 times & being an OKC Thunder fan & living in Oklahoma ï’m extremely jealous of that Westbrook auto card you pulled! ahhh! I love the step yall took by expoloring all the new stuff you can do with the cards. One of my favorite things is that you guys are sucking people into the game of basketball in a way. Not just the game, but the history behind it too. With the textured cards & the different style basketballs. I am 2 cards away from finishing my Panini NBA HOOPS 2011-12 set & my local card shop has Past & Present coming in Friday. I will 110% be in there earlier tomorrow to buy whatever amount of boxes I can get! Keep up the great work you guys! I have a blast opening yalls boxes! Thanks again for all the hardwork yall put into the cards. Hopefully I am posting in the right spot to be entered into the giveaways 😀 –Your fan from Tulsa, Oklahoma
    —- Jordan

  23. Awesome concept with the Draft Pick RC Autographs. I’m waiting on my preorder, hopefully I get one. I want to be here on October 29th when Panini’s draft lottery goes down. Any of the cards could be Kyrie Irving, so that’s awesome that you can continue chasing these cards for another 5 more months without even knowing. I love the SSP base, just like the SSP base in Gold Standard, I still can’t find a Rodman Mavs base 😛 The insert design is amazing, the FX look gives it a late 90’s feel to some of the products that was coming out around then. I hope there are secret SPs of those too. This looks like a solid $100 product and the first opportunity to grab 2011 and 2012 rookies, keep up the great job guys!

  24. I have been anticipating this product since I had heard it would include both rookie classes. I am also a fan of retro type cards and legendary players so this set is definitely something I would collect. The base cards and jumbo relics are great. The inserts look really nice, especially the firework ones. Only things I would be a little disappointed about are the sticker autos and the long wait for the 2011 draft drawing. Also, have some serially #’d insert cards would be nice.

  25. It looks like an outstanding product! I like that classic design paired with “modern” inserts! And in my opinion the Luc Longley Elusive Ink Autograph is the card of the product! I love that player selection for this unique set! Good job!

  26. ill start with the good. from base to insert cards to the short print legends, i think its one of the best out. multiple variations are nice as well. also the draft class redemptions would be the reason if i would buy this product, they are definitely desirable, and i think thats where the value is.
    on the downside, i think the diverse player autos are not the way to go. id would much rather see some nice memorabilia, than an auto, just my opinion though, especially since you guys put extra time, effort, and money into it, and that could be used on sweet memorabilia.
    thanks for reading and hope you appreciate the criticism

  27. Love the color and detail in this product. The variation of inserts is awesome also. Nice product going to have to get a box.

  28. Great looking product! I think it’d be cool to have some pieces of basketballs inserted into the cards and maybe even have that piece signed.

  29. This product looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hit my LCS to open some packs. The elusive ink autographs is a great concept and I hope that you can continue that theme as well as this new product line into the future. There’s nothing worse than a worthwhile concept that only lasts one or two years. I also like that you have went outside the box to create a new window size and shape to place jerseys in. I know you would like some criticisms, so here’s my one criticism. Despite the nice design of the jersey cards, I’m not so thrilled with the checklist. I think jersey cards should be reserved only for starters. That aside, this product looks like a winner.

  30. I really like the idea of getting not only current players but also former players in the same box. There seems to be a lot of inserts which is both a good and a bad thing to me. I like that you can get autographs of some of the players gone by. While I was watching the video some of the cards were confusing on what they really were ( variations of a card, actually a totally different card ). This could give someone a headache trying to figure out just what card you have. Overall, I am very excited about this product and want to thank you guys for everything that you do for the hobby!

  31. Overall it’s a pretty cool looking set to collect, but the fact that there are 4? types of base cards makes me feel like there really isn’t a true identity for the set. Add in the modern style of the numerous amounts of inserts, and you have yourself a smorgasbord of a product.

  32. I miss how we have waited all this time for rookie cards and then when pulling them we still won’t know anything until October 29th when a “draft” is held?? How do you buy, sell or trade these up until then?? Are there really the same number of each of these printed?? I can’t believe that there are the same number of XRCA and XRCT or any of the other numbers…. That being said I still opened 3 boxes of the product and did not think that overall it was too bad – I like the fact that the SP’s are easy to spot and that unlike Contenders you don’t need a magnifying glass to spot them.

  33. I can’t wait to pull me some of those bread for life insert cards ! Brings me back to the old days where my mother would give me money to buy a loaf of bread for the family. I always chose those one with sports graphics on it. Great product and I am sure that it will appeal to all ages both young and old !

  34. You guys need to get a “big country” jersey or anybodys jersey from the vancouver grizzlies they had the best patches great for cards.
    — Tracy
    Can you tell me why the redemption I have been waiting for has been live on eBay for a couple weeks. And I’m still waiting?

  35. As a collector who stepped away from the hobby for a while but recently returned due to Panini’s great products, I am very excited for Past & Present. The Elusive Ink autos are especially appealing. As a kid collecting in the ’90s I could only dream of owning an auto of guys like Charles Oakley, Dee Brown, or John Starks. Now, thanks to Panini, that dream is a reality.

  36. Interesting f’ing product. Cant decide if I like it or not, lol. Will pick up a box to see in person. Don’t think camera did justice to some of the print technology cards and Id like to see them first hand. Not crazy about 4 different base cards, but jury is still out. Thanks!
    (*LIMITED* to just 1 “F” word, lol)

  37. Tracy and Panini crew—-
    Overall I think this product is great! I like the on card autos, the redemption’s for both recent and upcoming rookie classes and some of the inserts. I like getting cards autographed in person by players and this design looks like it would do well with blue signatures on it. No real complaints and I am looking forward to pickiung up what I can afford when it becomes available in my neck of the woods—still hope I win though!! Thanks and keep up the great work. Justin
    p.s. Has anyone ever put out a area code insert card–guys like Jason Terry, Brandon Roy, Martell Webster, Spencer Hawes and Doug Christie are from the 206 so making a card with that incorporated-jersey piece or auto as part of it- along with a back drop of the city would be awesome. I am not from Seattle but I know I would chase cards like that and in the past when I have asked my Seattle guys to add that(206) when signing my cards they have all thought it was cool for me to ask. Just an idea and if you run with it please hook me up!! 🙂

  38. Wow! Great product and fun to watch you open. I like the designs on the cards. I just think that reading up on it there seems that it’s filled with older player autos, from people I never even heard if. Besides that it was fantastic!

  39. Wow what a great product! I think these are some of the pros and cons
    1.Lots of Variety
    2.The Variety is worth it, its not just different color back grounds
    4.The Modern Marks on card autos are great
    5. Finally the boxes look great and are a big eye catcher even though they do not have any players on them
    1. I am not a big fan of the elusive autographs, it almost seems like they are elusive because no one really wants their autographs.
    2. I am worried the cards will not feel vintage and will instead feel like they are a recycled idea.
    3. This seem like another great product that will be too expensive for me to enjoy, but i could be wrong, hopefully I am these cards look great.
    These are all my opinions I hoped they helped and I hope it is not just taking up space on the page. Thanks Panini the cards look great!!!
    p.s. good luck everyone when it comes to who gets something

  40. Great break guys! Tracy bring back the BlogTv breaks! I really like the look of the breakout inserts and also the look of the fireworks, the pictures of them dont do them justice like this video just did. As for constructive criticism for Keith, I would have to say that the checklist for the gamers gu set could be better. Perhaps adding more of the great players from the past as well as the games current stars.
    P.S. Love bringing back Charlotte Hornets cards!!!

  41. Looking forward to the “Draft for the Draft” redemption cards! That was actually a pretty good idea. If you want us to challange you then my suggestion is have your higher end products be on card. If it means having less products like this year then i’m all for it. Quality is always better than Quantity.
    Keep it up…Panini is making great strides considering it’s only been in the bizz for 1 year.

  42. The inserts are well done. I’m a graphic designer and it’s not just about the design, but the print techniques that really do justice to the designs so the spot UV for those inserts is really great.

  43. Overall I like the Past and Present series. My biggest complaint is a lack of a checklist included in the box. Even though it’s an entry level product, it would be nice to know what you have vs. what you are missing. Like others stated as well, make it a little easier to identify SP variations. Otherwise, nice product. I enjoyed busting my two boxes!

  44. I absolutely love this product. I bought a few boxes of this yesterday and the inserts look great in person. It is definitely a set I am going to collect. If you are still looking to give away some of the inserts I would love to have them. As always, keep up the great work guys!!!

  45. I love the new product, especially the rookie redemption cards and the big swatches. I also like the fire works and the breakout inserts especially the Russell Westbrook autograph. Will there be prime jersey swatches? I can’t wait to get the checklist too. Nice product and sweet hits.

  46. I love new product it so cool I especially love the jersey cards How much does the box cost I love the Russell Westbrook and I love the draft rookie remdemptions and I love the fire works and the breakouts inserts and I love the Oscar Robertson one and the Phil Jackson and I love the autographs and can they be a jersey autograph card?I love the die-cut cards. I really love the Russell Westbrook I really want it.BEst box ever I am so bying the new product.

  47. best box ever.collest cards ever.I love the Russell Westbrook card and the rookie draft auto cards.A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.Collest box ever.

  48. I feel like this is a good step in the right direction for Panini. It’s nice to see an attempt at new and unique inserts. Another aspect of the product that I really like is the memorabilia cards. I love that I will be able to a nice large swatch instead of those tiny windows you normally find in the low/mid end products. One of the few downsides I see to this product is the elusive autos, in that they are sort of a double edged sword. While it is nice to find autos of guys who have very few on the market, there is also a reason some of these guys have so few autos. Also there seems like there is very little to chase in this product. An SP base card as a case hit just does not seem very exciting. Overall though, this product seems pretty solid and offers something different for various types of collectors, myself included.

  49. Love the old school look, almost feels like there should be gum with it. The Elusive Ink is really great too, I have never been inspired enough to collect a whole autograoh set, but that is one I think I might try for. For a ‘low end’ set this is really exciting, the insert sets feel high end. Well done, I honestly have no negative comments on this set.

  50. Panini, its amazing what you guys can do with cards, love the new texture feel, looks cool, love the raining 3’s just nice job. The only thing i think would be even cooler is if the Mems were #ed, because i heard they were not, but as always beautiful product Panini and cant wait to buy some!!!

  51. First of all im mainly a collector of autographed cards and prime jersey cards but after seeing these 2 boxes opened, im excited to bust a few boxes this weekend not only for the autos but for the beautifuly designed base cards and the AMAZING inserts like Fireworks and Raining 3’s and the BREAKOUT cards!! This looks like its going to be a homerun with collectors especially me! I bought me a box tonight because i couldnt wait until the weekend and after watching this video im EXTRA excited to bust my box! Thanks for all the hard work Panini and dont think us collectors like me and my daughters dont appreciate it because we do! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  52. I haven’t seen these in person yet (my LCS was still waiting to get them in) but I’m excited to see and feel the tech cards. The photo used for the Bryant Reeves you pulled is HILARIOUS! Would love to win that card, and most all the cards you pulled. Also love the Breakout auto of Westbrook. Hope he continues to break out all the way to the finals.

  53. Glad to see John Starks in this release. He has some hardcore collectors and it;s always fun when he’s in a new release.

  54. Well my input on the product I like old school so that is a plus I like the bright colors ….as for the dislike well that is tough but one thing that I did see on the fire cards it continued into the bodies …if it would have just been the fire cool but some of the color shimmer into the players body it takes away from the effect …that is just my opinion …..I like the idea of you guy’s going out and getting some rare signers now that is a huge plus and shows that you guy’s are thinking of us the collector another note great on the huge pieces of swatch on the cards …..In all sincerity I like the old school design can’t wait to get my hands on some………..

  55. I think overall the product looks amazing. Also, the technology cards look stunning, especially the fireworks insert. The overall mix of designs look sharp even the detail to include the hint of gum residue from the old school design. I love the idea of 2012-13 draft pick redempts. My big knock would be the 2011 draft autos will not be revealed until Oct, seems pretty far away. My local card shop already has a box set aside for me, can’t wait till I get to break it open. Thanks again.

  56. I really like the new technology cards on the inserts. I hope Panini will implement this technology on future sets. I prefer base cards with the game background though, but that’s just me. A suggestion would be to have two variations of base cards: one would be like the current old school design and the other with the game background. That would be great and would appeal to both the younger and older generations. I can’t wait to get some of this set!

  57. Good to see a lower end product with more autos than jersey cards. But the jersey card is awesome though, love to collect jumbo size instead of the regular square ones. The prime patch version must be sick!!! The inserts are really nice too, hence no complains even just purchasing packs. The only thing that i would like to see improve is the type of on card auto this set has. Excluding the rookie redemption autos (which i don’t know if they are on card), seems like only Modern Marks auto are on card. All the other auto card sets are sticker auto, which kind of decrease my motive in getting them. Overall, its still a nice product, would pick up a box or two for giving a shot at the new rookie redemptions, prime jerseys and the modern marks!!

  58. I love the old-school look & feel of the product (especially reviving the ‘Bread for Health/Life/Energy’ design), and another great decision that adds to the original old-school designs was choosing photographs of current players wearing ABA throwbacks this season. (Wade in Floridians, Lawson in the ABA Nuggets pickaxe uniform)
    ‘Elusive Ink’ was a great idea (and execution), too. But my favourite part of ‘Past & Present’ just may be the technology used on all of the new inserts. From ‘Changing Times’ to ‘Breakout’, they all look great. The ‘Fireworks’ cards look unbelievably cool when you see the effect used on the card.
    The autographs of Phil Jackson as a player aren’t too bad, either.
    My only real gripe with the product is that there wasn’t a checklist of the 2011 Draft Class redemption, or at least the pool of rookies you’ll be drawing from released to the public. There are some 2011 rookies I’d like, but I’m staying away from the redemptions as I’m unsure as to whether or not they’ll be signing for you.

  59. Finally some basketball cards with rookies! I love the look of the cards, very collecting worthy. My only constructive criticism is the fact of all the guarantee hits. Before, you didn’t know if you Would pull an auto or jersey even. Now days there are to many “hits” which dulls the excitement a little. But other then that great product!

    This week, Panini America released it’s inaugural edition of Past & Present Basketball. Mixing up the game’s newest stars wih old-school card designs, the NBA’s exclusive trading card maker pays homage to the histroy of hardcourt.
    This collector is looking forward to handling Past & Present’s innovative inserts which feature textured finishes. The “breakout” technology is sure to cause “fireworks” amongst collectors. I’ll end up picking these insert sets to collect (I’ve never really been into “bread” myself – I threw away my packed sandwiches in school).
    This landmark issue also marks the first release with redemptions for the vaunted 2011-12 draft picks and rookie class. Personally, I’ve got a real hunger for a Kyrie Irving autograph so that may mean collecting every redemption card so that the odds are ever in my favour during the lottery. And wouldn’t mind picking up the Unibrow’s RC either while I’m at it (I’ll be taking him no 1 in my fantasy keeper league after winning that lottery on the weekend).
    Also looking to get my hands on more Jeremy Lin autos in a Knick uni. His game is insane and skills are incredible. He may be injured and gone off the radar a bit (what was the phenomenon again – Jeremy-nity or something?) but I think he’ll be back better than ever next year.
    On the downside, like my steak, I like my memorabilia in prime cuts. I haven’t seen patches but I could be mistaken. If they’re out there, then looks like it’s all positive.
    So there are my thoughts – just thought I’d mix it up a little and do a little bit of review too!

  61. Looks like an excellent release, I truly appreciate the thought process going into adding autographs of players with very little or no certified auto population. I hope that concept transfers over to releases over other sports as well, by the end of any given year we collectors tend to tire of seeing the same few dozen rookies and repetitious group of vets/legends. Solid design, good value for a mid-level product, overall very well done. Thanks as always Tracy!

  62. This product is ver very nice!! love the old-school look to it.. and the inserts is very high quality. finally something awesome to collect!! Need to get a couple of boxes! Too bad shipping to sweden is a big pain in the good old butt.. THanks for showing Tracy!!

  63. I think the cards pay great homage to the ones that put these identical designs together back then so that one day we could look back and enjoy the brillant concept of card collecting !!! I love that panini has gone back and did all this so we dont forget what card collecting is all about cause its not about the worth of the card its all about the art!!! Right now im so excited to see The Thunder playing The Lakers in the playoffs and watching them take it to the Legendary Lakers it shows that times do change and the torch does get passed down as well with Trading cards, GO THUNDER!!!!! 🙂

  64. Hey Tracy David here, if u still got any of The Thunder players left would love to get my hands on one of them??? Huge Thunder fan thanks bro!!!

  65. These basketball cards are really cool. I like the “new-tech-look” cards but it’s cool to show these “old-school-look” cards to my dad.You guys make great cards and make it easy to build a for a young collector like me. It doesn’t break my piggy bank or allowance. Thanks.

  66. This looks great! I like the elusive ink autos and the long swatch ideas. I also like the great variety of cards for this box. Look forward to it!

  67. “I May Be Too Late: A Poetic Review in Iambic Tetrameter”
    The world is filled with cards with scrawls
    whose worths one ascertains with ease.
    A simple trip to eBay shows
    that over time a price may please.
    But is that why we collect cards?
    To line our coffers? Coins and bills?
    I daresay not! The challenge, then:
    a product for us that fulfills.
    Then down to business. Let’s create!
    So many cards, but where to start?
    Inserted parallel with patch!
    Octuple auto with no art!
    So here we have a product, fine,
    With lots of cards one may acquire.
    It’s kind of new—and cheap, to boot!
    But what about the young man’s ire?
    “I do not know,” he says, aghast,
    “who Danny Manning was or is.
    Oh, number one in Eighty-Eight?
    I’ve never heard of him or his.”
    It’s nice to pull that certain card,
    Like Griffin, Bryant, or how-d’ya-do.
    But what about the lesser-knowns?
    Or stars of yesteryear’s ado?
    I will say this: the styles are nice;
    the inserts put on quite a show.
    I’ll also say the odds are good
    of pulling someone I don’t know.
    I speak for me and no one else.
    I wish I had the funds to get
    all of the cards that I could want.
    Alas! I’ll have to settle yet.
    Someday, perhaps, I’ll have them all.
    So happy will I be, I’ll bet!
    ‘Til then, I dream of cardboard joy,
    the time when I’ll have my own set.

  68. I like the different subsets available, especially the special textured cards. I don’t like is the 5-months wait for me to see which draft pick auto player I got. It’s toooo long! I guess when I break the packs and find an auto card; I like the real thing right there in my hands. Thank you!

  69. Just busted my first box today. Have been out of the hobby for sometime now, but this product was perfect for me. Took me back to my hayday with the stars I grew up loving and the new stars of today. Pulled a Steve Nash, like the one in the video that you said may be 1 per case, I don’t know. Jersey Card was Jeff Teague. Autos were a 2011/12 draft pick redemption and a Bob Elliot elusive (only got 2 autos for some reason :-(. Did not pull any of the fireworks variations, guessing they are just harder to pull. Plan on picking up another box payday.
    Look of the cards- Love all the variations. Has a nice mix of the old school design, but with inserts that are cutting edge.
    Elusive Autographs- Great to see some love being given to the players that don’t have a lot of autos available.
    Love the big swatches!
    I don’t see any serial numbered cards or odds.
    Really hate the idea of using a draft for the 2011/12 draft picks. Why not use the order they were drafted?
    Really don’t like having to wait until October for the draft. Seems unnecessarily too far away.
    Hope some of the large swatches are multi-colored.
    Didn’t get 3 autos as stated on box, and wish the autos were directly on the card.

  70. Looks like a good product. Only thing missing is a serial numbered parallel set to the autos, inserts and base cards. Give those hardcores something to chase. Short printed cards are nice but when they are not serial numbered it kinda makes it hard to realize you have pulled something great. Ive seen some of those draft redemptions on ebay and have seen one for a complete draft complete set, which is awesome. I think you should have more redemptions for complete sets like that in the future. The wait to see who you are going to get is a little long though.

  71. Really surprised how much I like this product. Picked a box today on a whim. Didn’t get the greatest hits, but I was very happy with the set composition and various base & insert designs. Nice mix of current & retired players. Would love to see similar products for football & hockey – let’s get it done Panini!

  72. The cards look awesome, gotta love the new textures and designs of the raining 3’s and fireworks .The best part is the redemption cards, i love the concept. The only thing i would change is when a collector gets a 2012 redemption card, you guys should have kept the code like you did with the 2011 draft pick autos for example XRCC instead of pick 5. Still a good looking box, can’t wait to get it in the future. GOOD JOB GUYS !

  73. I find the idea of a lottery type drawing for the rookie auto cards fascinating. I’m just starting to collect again and this makes it exciting and enjoyable. I’ve already bought a few redemption cards off eBay and can’t wait for the drawing on November! Great video. Thanks guys!

  74. The insert cards look really nice, but I’m not feeling the base cards. I understand your going for the old school look but I’m a new collector. It was nice to have four different base cards. The Phil Jackson card was NICE

  75. I was opening packs of these at my card shop with a couple of other guys, and we weren’t too into the product. After watching this video, I realize how much we didn’t know! One of the guys pulled a 2011 Draft redemption card, but we didn’t know that it could be anybody from that draft and that it was autographed. We also didn’t realize the significance of the Elusive Autos. I’m not crazy about the base set, but once I realized the possibilities with the hits, it made a big difference. I like the cards of the legendary players a lot more now that I feel like I got my value elsewhere. I didn’t buy any packs until today, and I hit an Eric Bledsoe patch card, which is absolutely AMAZING with the size of the patch. After watching this video, I’m only more interested in this product. I bought a few packs on a whim because I wanted to open something, but now I think I’ll have to go back for more!

  76. Tracy, are the Limited and Gold Standard rookie cards the same redemption card as Past & Present? Or will all three series offer a completely different rookie card? Also can we get some pictures up of Limited; three weeks away, really lacking on basketball articles lately…

  77. A bit overpriced at $100, really, with the likelihood of pulling autos of players most people know nothing about, woohoo!
    Most people thesedays buy to resell, and this looks like a horrendous product for that. I’m not too worried about that side of things but I wouldn’t fork out $100 for this. I do like the Gamers Primes that I’ve seen, but the absolute mess those redemptions is creating is irresponsible. People are selling them on ebay and nobody knows what they’re buying – and by the time they’re redeemed it’ll be too late to file any claims for incorrect listings. As ebay is a HUGE thing in the hobby, you need to be more aware of the affects your products will have on the market and collectors.

    1. Actually, I could be wrong, but I think anyone can file claims right now if they wanted to. If someone stated that the card was a redemption for a Kyle Irving Au rather than a POTENTIAL (that should be the key word in their description) then they could file a claim stating that it isn’t for certain yet what the item is for. But eBay may respond by saying, if you knew that, then why did you buy it and may just give the seller a slap on the hand. If someone buys (especially a redemption) without doing their research, that’s kind of on them.

  78. I commented after watching the video the day it released. Now that I have bought 4 boxes and another 2 tomorrow here are my Pros & Cons of the product.
    1. The “Old School” retro design on the cards I LOVE.
    2. The fact yall went out & got autographs of players that didn’t have a lot to begin with is a major plus in my book!
    3. The texture & design of the cards are awesome.
    4. You get 3 autographs & 1 memoriable card which is always a win, win situation.
    5. I like how the autographs aren’t just on the Exclusive cards. Great job on mixing!
    6. The wrappers are 1000 times better then the Hoops. So much smoother to open.
    1. For $100.00 a box I really wish yall put a checklist in. I am currently collecting NBA HOOPS 2011-12 & the Past and Present. I love how you get the checklist in the NBA HOOPS boxes.
    2. I pulled a Marc Gasol “Modern Marks” card but it’s a redemption. I saw on Ebay that the Blake Griffin, and Kobe Bryant had already came with the card & no redemption. I haven’t ever redeemed a card but everyone tells me that it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years to get the card. I think it would be cool if yall had the cards ready to go on the bigger pulls cause at $100.00 a box a lot of people don’t like the hassle of redeeming & waiting…
    3. Living in Tulsa, OK and being a OKC Thunder fan I wish we had more Durant, Westbrook, & Harden autos to grab. Those 3 players are blowing up the NBA right now & I think Harden would have been a nice one to grab. Especially how many teams are going to be after him now after this season.
    Sorry I don’t have a whole lot of Cons for ya but the checklist is my major thing. I know we can find them online but having that paper in hand when you open your box is so much easier then having to go online & print pages out. Keep up the great work Panini! It’s because of yall I got back into the collecting hobby!
    Lastly, any word on when you will be giving away the box & cards from the video? Like a set date or anything? Thanks!

  79. Just wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone, sincerely, for the great feedback. You guys and gals keep us in business and your feedback is essential. Having said that, we selected seven total winners (two YouTube viewers and five from The Knight’s Lance).
    Those winners are:
    The Knight’s Lance
    Jordan Gramm
    Paul Tesseneer
    Wesley Baker
    Winners, be on the lookout for an email from us for mailing instructions. To everyone else, thanks again — and stay tuned for another can’t-miss contest soon.

    1. Dern, was hoping I was one of them. 🙂 Anyways, can you possibly provide us which Breakout AU are redemptions. So far I’ve seen Ibaka. I’m going after the base Breakout and Breakout AU set and need to know which ones are redemptions. They will be the first redemptions I’ve ever done. Thanks.

  80. Nice collection, I totally agree. I particularly like the Raining 3s & Changing Times inserts. And the Gamers are cool, too.
    However, do you notice it’s more diffiicult with Panini to get cards in absolutely perfect condition ? With the past manufacturers it was better on this point !

  81. Just updating my win from Panini for the drawing. Here is a list of what I won from my previous post on this link.
    1) JJ Redick Bread for Energy
    2) Alonzo Mourning Bread for Life
    3) DeMar Derozan Breakout
    4) David Thompson Changing Times
    5) Paul Pierce Raining 3’s
    6) Morlon Wiley Elusive Ink
    7) Draft 12 Redemption #7
    Thanks Panini! Hopefully Terrance Jones sneaks into that #7 spot and makes me a really happy man! Go BIG Blue!

  82. I just pick up two packs got a Durant and James, but as a Knicks fan i pulled a Charles Oakley Auto, and a Fireworks Amare. But the Oakley i nice, i’m a big fan of the 90’s Knicks, but the hobby is lacking on ink of those player like Oakley, Starks, and Ewing. Nice Job Guys.

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