Once Again This Season, Dollar Tree’s “Yellow Floods” Have Astute NBA Hoops Collectors Seeing Green

January 25, 2020

It began during the 2018-19 season as something of an under-the-radar Dollar Tree-exclusive parallel. Dubbed “Yellow Floods” due to their Sharpie Highlighter hue, the special one-per-Dollar Tree-gravity-pack NBA Hoops Basketball parallels quickly began making waves among astute basketball collectors. Clearly, the collecting masses took note. The Dollar Tree “Yellow Floods” are making waves once again this season.

Each $1 Dollar Tree gravity-feed pack contains four regular 2019-20 NBA Hoops Basketball cards and one “Yellow Flood” parallel. Collectors are discovering that pulling the right bright-yellow parallel from just one pack can work wonder on the old ROI. So consider this blog post a public service announcement of sorts. Happy hunting.