Pack Time with L.A. Kings Goalie Jonathan Bernier

October 29, 2010

As the 11th overall pick in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier is no stranger to being a coveted commodity among collectors. Appearing on a Panini America card, however, is absolutely a new thrill for the 22-year-old Quebec native.

On Thursday afternoon, during a stop through Dallas to play the Stars, Bernier got the long-awaited first look at his 2010-11 Certified and Score cards.

“You guys coming into the picture is great news and I’m excited to be a part of it,” Bernier said.

While busting a few packs with Panini America Licenses Acquisitions Manager Alex Carbajal at the team hotel prior to the Kings’ 5-2 victory over Dallas, LA’s puck-stopper of the future – and, perhaps soon, of the present – took time to answer a few questions.

The Knight’s Lance: Were you much of a collector growing up as kid?
Jonathan Bernier: I had a few cards but I wasn’t really the type of guy that was putting those cards in the book and stuff like that. I had a few, but I wasn’t a big collector.

TKL: Since you’ve been in the league, have you collected any of your own cards?
JB: If I have some, I try to give them away to my family or friends.

TKL: How does it make you feel that there are collectors across North America who covet your autograph cards enough to spend big bucks on them?
JB: I think it’s great. You always dream as a kid to have a card when you’re older and I guess when you see one the first time it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

TKL: What does the perfect Jonathan Bernier trading card look like? What kind of photo is on the front and what’s on the back?
JB: I think the action photographs are pretty nice. If it’s a good picture I think that’s probably the one I would go with. What I would want on the back are probably the stats. I remember as a kid I was always looking at the stats of the person on the front, so I would definitely put stats on the back.

TKL: We cater to a passionate audience of folks who collect sports cards as their hobby. So, what are your hobbies off the ice?
JB: In the summer I like boating, playing golf and tennis. I’m pretty active but I try to stay out of the dangerous sports.

TKL: When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?
JB: Probably yesterday, I would have to say, with [Kings teammate] Matt Greene. He’s a pretty funny guy.