Panini America 2014 Black Friday Set Offers Unique Memorabilia Inclusions (Gallery)

November 19, 2014

2014 Black Friday Main

One of the greatest things about any holiday season is our penchant for sticking steadfastly to tried and true traditions that bring us joy, rekindle fond memories and make our seasonal celebrations so special every single time. So it is with Panini America’s annual Black Friday set.

Indeed, as we prepare to give thanks for our many blessings this Thanksgiving (mindful to eat enough so that it sustains us for the next day’s Black Friday phenomenon), there’s something comforting — and highly collectible — about the traditional memorabilia cards that have become something of a Black Friday tradition.

To be sure, Panini America’s 2014 Black Friday memorabilia lineup promises to be every bit as eclectic, endearing and in demand as the three iterations that have come before, incorporating a bevy of unique memorabilia worn and used by some of the top rookies in the NFL and NBA.

Two subsets in particular that are likely to stand out most when Panini America’s 2014 Black Friday promotion kicks off in earnest next week are the always-entertaining, sick-patch-generating Happy Holidays cards (featuring player-worn pieces of team-specific Santa hats) and the prime poignance of the Breast Cancer Awareness inclusions.

The following gallery provides a detailed and delightful exploration of many of the cards mentioned above, including many of the 1/1 versions. Stay tuned in the coming days to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage of our grand 2014 Black Friday plans, including a look at the portion of the program for those who don’t have a participating hobby shop in their area.

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Now, to the gallery . . .