Rookie Intrigue: 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball NBA Draft Rookie X-Change Cards Arrive

Panini America 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball NBA Draft X-Change (4)

Yesterday we brought you the exciting first look at the 2014 NBA Draft Rookie X-Change cards from last season’s 2013-14 Signatures Basketball that arrived hot off the presses just this week. Today we’re offering an exclusive sneak peek at the second installment of 2014 NBA Draft Rookie X-Change cards, the ones that dropped one per box in 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball.

The 25-card set honors the top players selected in the 2014 NBA Draft on XRCs that boldly incorporate Intrigue’s stunning full-front gold microetching and a color image of the featured player. Like the Signatures 2014 NBA Draft Rookie X-Change cards, these Intrigue cards are already being fulfilled with this week’s redemptions.

So if you’re anxiously awaiting one of these Intrigue beauties, your wait is almost over. The gallery below details every card in the set. Enjoy the sneak peek . . .


0 Replies to “Rookie Intrigue: 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball NBA Draft Rookie X-Change Cards Arrive”

    1. I got a few redemption cards today from Fedex they were sent in bulk by Panini a few Joel Embiid cards all sent in the Embiid lot and a couple Marcus Smart Panini Intrigue x-change cards.Just in time for Christmas to put the boxes under my Christmas tree i already wrapped them.They look great awesome work by Panini.Thank you.

  1. Those cards look nice.I am still awaiting my redemption cards of this Intrigue set to arrive.I am excited and waiting for Wiggins and the rest of them rookies.Nice design.Thank you Tracy!

  2. Update:I just got my first Panini Intrigue 2013-14 Basketball NBA Draft Rookie X-Change Card and it is of Andrew Wiggins,the card is numbered 1 on the back.It has a very nice gold design and it looks like a nice rich textured card,it’s perfect for my personal collection.I am very happy with it even though it has no patch or signature,it still looks great and i even had to sign a signature confirmation for the USPS mailman when it got mailed today since it’s a very special card.Yes i think it is a valuable card of course.Great job with the design and i hope to get my Joel Embiid redemption cards soon since they were sent out already.Thank you!

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