Panini America Adds More Autographs to 2012 Industry Summit Black Boxes

March 17, 2012

Remember that revealing, drool-inducing gallery we posted last week detailing Panini America’s above-and-beyond efforts for its 2012 Industry Summit Black Boxes? Well, in the interest of full disclosure, know this: It wasn’t as revealing as it could have been.
As it turns out, Panini America Marketing Manager — and resident Black Box guru — Scott Prusha wasn’t quite finished tinkering with this year’s edition. But when he was, I grabbed as many additional images as I could before the cards were safely encased in their black-beauty homes, sealed and shipped to Las Vegas.

The next time you see most of the gems in the gallery that follows, they’ll have everyone in attendance buzzing on the ballroom floor at the 2012 Industry Summit.
Although most of the Black Boxes will be distributed one per registered Summit attendee following Panini America’s state of the company address on Monday, we’ve earmarked a handful of them to give away to loyal readers of The Knight’s Lance and to the loyal collectors who follow us on Twitter, Facebook and BlogTV.
Stay tuned for more details there, and check The Knight’s Lance Monday for complete coverage of the 2012 Industry Summit. But until then, get something to wipe the drool that will begin forming in three . . . two . . . one . . .