Panini America Behind the Scenes: Packout Begins for 2010-11 Dominion Hockey

After three days in Toronto for the highly successful 2011 NHLPA Rookie Showcase, I feared I was on the verge of hockey overload when I woke up this morning. But then I made the voyage across town to the Panini America production facility -- wearing my snazzy new Rookie Showcase T-shirt -- and had my budding passion for the NHL intensely renewed.

After three days in Toronto for the highly successful 2011 NHLPA Rookie Showcase, I feared I was on the verge of hockey overload when I woke up this morning. But then I made the voyage across town to the Panini America production facility — wearing my snazzy new Rookie Showcase T-shirt — and had my budding passion for the NHL intensely renewed.

Turns out quality time with 2010-11 Dominion Hockey on the first day of the hand-packout process can work wonders for a guy’s mental outlook. Simply, the gems I saw today — hands-down some of the greatest-looking trading cards I’ve ever seen — gave me butterflies.

In the gallery that follows, you’ll see just a glimpse of what I peeked this morning. Here’s betting you’ll leave The Knight’s Lance with butterflies, too.

Although I’ve had a front-row seat for many of Dominion’s on-card autograph arrivals in the last several weeks, much of what I saw today was completely new to me. Talk about love at first sight.

I was smitten, completely blown away by everything I witnessed, including some of the most ridiculously improbable patches I’ve ever seen to the landmark Kindest Cuts 1/1 cut autographs insert. But the cards that really struck me were the truly revolutionary Engravatures inserts embedded with real silver plates etched with the depicted Stanley Cup winner’s name.


But since my attempt at poetic prose can’t come close to doing these cards justice — and since it’s also keeping you from the eye candy — I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Besides, I captured so much content today — pictures and video — that I’ll be sharing the results with you for at least the next several days. Oh, and as the hand-packout process continues for the next several days, I probably make another trip to the production facility to grab even more must-see scenes.

For now, simply relish the beauty that follows.


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  1. Nowwwwwww youre talking Tracy…Great stuff man ! I want more Ranger stuff…Pleassssse ! Theres nothing nicer than the Red – White – Blue of the New York Rangers….Maybe in the near future …can you get some shots of Derek Stepan jersey/ patch/auto rookie cards…would very much appreciate that, Joe R PS….nice signature cut of Tim Horton…yeah baby, now ya talking !

      1. I thought so….Youre the Best TRACY…Now…i cant wait till that baby comes home here in NYC, or something close it ! THANK YOU !

    1. Oooops Tracy, i missed it somehow….just got a close-up of the Derek Stepan RC…..AWESOME…Awesome…awesome ! Best stuff out there, thanks for the peek of this Great Product – Great job you guys did ! ! ! Im commited to PANINI forever !

  2. Tracy,
    These are awesome, is this still scheduled for a Sept. 14 release or can you guys please have it out earlier.
    If you don’t mind too, what is your favorite about Dominion?
    Mine to date, is the LaFleur patch, that is the best LaFleur patch I have ever seen, I hope I can track it down.
    Great Work!!!!

      1. Is there anything that’s keeping the silver from corroding or did you guys use pure 99.9% silver (doubtful since it’s soft…)? The copper that’s usually used as an alloy to make silver harder while keeping its shine unfortunately also makes it reactive to air… 🙁

  3. WOW! I may have been a little tough on Panini early in the season for some of their products ideas and designs. But this stuff takes the cake! Some of the best designed stuff I’ve seen in many many years. Well done!

    I’m a vintage/cut signature collector, So I’m REALLY digging those cuts!

    That Art Ross cut might just have my name on it. Hopefully it ends up on ebay so I can take a run at it!

    Well done Panini, Well done!


  4. I can’t wait to see more, more, MORE!

    I feel there are TONS of great images you haven’t posted, come on T!

    Man, this stuff might seriously blow the cup up!

    Show us the Kings/Kopitar’s!

      1. We saw that nice little slice of Kings goodness.

        Got any Kopi ink and crazy patches you can show off?

        Well of course you do but will show them? 😉

        Thanks as always brother T!

  5. Great pics!! Super excited about he new product and i cant belive Stepan signed this in time, thats a miracle!! Now only if you guys could get him to sign the other stuff we are all waiting for. Hopefully soon as our patience starts to wear thin with this kid and his agent.

  6. thanks Tracey for showing us some great gem!!!!!

    looking forward to seeing what is in my buddies stuff and chasing the all might Whale(rs)!!!

  7. A great look at a first for Panini, breaking into the high end hockey realm.

    You want poetic justice for this showcase? I bring you, haiku.

    Candy for the eyes,
    Oh, Panini Dominion,
    Legacy begins.

  8. So the Engravatures are actually live in the set and not by redemption? If the Engravature cards are heavy, as you said, does it make a significant enough difference that dealers can weigh boxes and cherry pick those cards for themselves? If an Engravature card is the only metal in a box of Dominion, can dealers use a metal detector to cherry pick those cards? Just curious, Engravatures seem like a very limited and desirable card, so concerned that the chances of buying a box and pulling one will be compromised.

  9. Beautiful stuff as I’d expect to see, Tracy. Question: the Stanley Cup has a few notable spelling errors on it – any chance that Panini has replicated any of them? It would be priceless to see the look on the face of a collector that has a “Glin Hall” or the original “Eric Staaal” pull.

  10. Best product of the year by the looks of it!

    Please tell me the checklist can come out a little earlier for all of us to know what we’re after and how rare they are. I know it might be wishful thinking, but it really helps.


  11. I really do not know what to say those cards just leave me speechless….I have been collecting a very very long time and have always liked vintage cards but through the years I have watched and grown to like all the different technologies and design’s develop ……from cards being autographed to holograms,refractors,jersey’s and patches being added etc.etc.I have to say with the utmost sincerity that these cards are the most sensational pieces of art that I have seen to date..Wow just incredible.
    Thanks Tracy for giving us the collector a chance at viewing these beauties makes me feel like I am at a gallery………That Lemieux the Roy the Heritage Subban the Mess name plate etc.etc…..

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