Panini America Confidential: At the Printing Facility with 2010-11 Dominion Hockey

Indeed, I felt as euphoric Wednesday as my family felt this morning -- preparing for their last day of school -- because I spent the first few hours of my day on my favorite field trip to the Panini America production facility.

Yesterday started off rather fabulously for me — and not just because it happened to be the penultimate day of school for my wife (a fifth-grade teacher) and our two elementary-school children. 

Indeed, I felt as euphoric Wednesday as my family felt this morning — preparing for their last day of school — because I spent the first few hours of my day on my favorite field trip to the Panini America production facility.

Frankly, some of the most enjoyable, productive hours I’ve experienced during my eight months at Panini America have been spent on our printing facility floor — and that’s saying something considering the unlawful amount of fun I get to have here on a daily basis.

I traveled across town initially to document the first packs of our official Michael Jackson trading card set coming off the line. But on my way out I ran into Stephanie Carlson, Panini America’s Vice President of Production, and she informed me that there was so much more to see on this busy morning.

Like 2010-11 Zenith Hockey . . . and 2010-11 Dominion Hockey . . . and 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball . . . and 2011 Donruss Elite Football. So I excitedly dropped my backpack, fished my camera and video camera from it and darted back to the production floor like my boys hitting recess.

I returned an hour or so later bewildered by what I saw and equipped with tons of new images and video. I captured so much content, in fact, that I asked Panini America Twitter followers yesterday what they wanted to see first. By a narrow margin, but to no surprise, they chose Dominion Hockey.

What follows, then, is a revealing sneak peek at an amazing assortment of collection-making cornerstones from Dominion — and a few from Zenith — in various stages of pre-production. Some of the cards you’re about to see have been completed and are awaiting player autographs. Some are still in the process of being constructed. All of them, however, are sure to leave you amazed.

Enjoy, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance in the coming days for similar sensational looks at Totally Certified Basketball and Donruss Elite Football.


24 Replies to “Panini America Confidential: At the Printing Facility with 2010-11 Dominion Hockey”

  1. You can just send one of those fight strap cards over to me because, well, my website is I don’t care who it is (although a tough guy would be my preference).


  2. Those are some top notch relic cards. I like the Stamped It stick cards, really cool. I also like the set name Strapping Lads, pretty funny.

  3. The Tape-To-Tape cards are so damn sick, but the non-black tape ones are clearly superior. Amazing. Also, that fight strap card with the button on it looks hilarious. Cool though, but hilarious.

  4. T, be honest, you pulled the Kopitar out for us to make us salivate. Can you pull some more sweet Kings pieces out of the stash? 😉

    How amazing are these Dominion cards going to look signed in blue sharpie on that super high gloss finish? It’s gonna have a “wet” look to the ink.

    I really love the look of those Bonded in Silver cards, very nice touch with the Stanley Cup logo.

  5. Is that Roy/Sakic card going to be autographed? Because if it is… well… good Lord… I might just faint.

  6. Please tell me there are Tedenby and Josefson cards like those patches from dominion!! Great look so far.

  7. Tracy, can you confirm with the hockey staff at Panini what variations there are of the rookies and the numbering? I assume there will be a 1/1 parallel but what about another tier or two?

    Also would be interested in seeing some examples of the Silver Ensigns Duals, Silver Ensigns Autographs, Championship Gear, Private Signings, Tag Team, Nifty 50 and Peerless Patches.

    Thanks for the reply and all the great images, much appreciated. Panini is rocking the sports card world this year!

  8. The more I look at the Yzerman card the more I like it. That is really a beautiful card. Something about the way the red and white work with one another really jumps out.

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