Panini America Makes Quick Work of Key Limited Hockey Redemptions

The long-awaited release of 2010-11 Limited Hockey finally arrived today to rave reviews. Of course, the product also arrived with a few redemptions (if you ask us, even one redemption is one too many).

The long-awaited release of 2010-11 Limited Hockey finally arrived today to rave reviews. Of course, the product also arrived with a few redemptions (if you ask us, even one redemption is one too many).

But passionate hockey collectos can take solace in knowing that a good many of those outstanding signatures requiring redemptions — including must-haves like Mario Lemieux and P.K. Subban — have already been returned and are ready to be redeemed, including . . .

  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #176 P.K. Subban
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #176 P.K. Subban
  • Material Phenoms RC #176 P.K. Subban
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #176 P.K. Subban
  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #182 Brandon Pirri
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #182 Brandon Pirri
  • Material Phenoms RC #182 Brandon Pirri
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #182 Brandon Pirri
  • Limited Select Signatures #2 Brendan Shanahan
  • Limited Select Signatures #4 Mario Lemieux
  • Limited Select Signatures #9 Brett Hull
  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #192 Casey Wellman
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #192 Casey Wellman
  • Material Phenoms RC #192 Casey Wellman
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #192 Casey Wellman
  • Monikers Gold #159 Gerry Cheevers
  • Monikers Platinum #159 Gerry Cheevers
  • Banner Season Signature Materials #15 Martin Brodeur
  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #218 Nick Johnson
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #218 Nick Johnson
  • Material Phenoms RC #218 Nick Johnson
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #218 Nick Johnson
  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #197 Nick Palmieri
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #197 Nick Palmieri
  • Material Phenoms RC #197 Nick Palmieri
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #197 Nick Palmieri
  • Monikers Gold #167  Rogie Vachon
  • Monikers Platinum #167 Rogie Vachon
  • Monikers Gold #157 Yvan Cournoyer
  • Monikers Platinum #157 Yvan Cournoyer
  • Material Phenoms Gold Spotlight #213 Derek Stepan
  • Material Phenoms Platinum Spotlight #213 Derek Stepan
  • Material Phenoms RC #213 Derek Stepan
  • Material Phenoms Silver Spotlight #213 Derek Stepan

19 Replies to “Panini America Makes Quick Work of Key Limited Hockey Redemptions”

  1. However, they are not making quick work of the Certified Football redemptions. I have 3 ryan mathews pending and then they release mathews live autos (stickers too) in Gridiron Gear. Don’t like that, JS…

      1. Tracy, I’m glad to see you working with Panini. I’ve spoken with you a few times when you were with Beckett. I think Panini is very lucky to have guys like you working for them and I think it benefits the collector. I just read my comment again and I sound a bit snippy…

        The point I was making that the other replyer (is that a word, lol) commentend on as well was simply stating that it isn’t cool to see sticker autos of a player whos redemption I’m waiting on from a previous product in a live product. Those stickers should have gone on the cards people are already waiting on rather than in the next live product.

        I would think that is only common sense to fulfill the previous obiligation before a current obligation. Either way, Panini is doing a better job than all other companies in my opinion. It is far from stellar and there is always room for improvement as there is in any business. I can honestly say that I think that Panini is very fair to the collector in most cases!

        They are working on it and I acknowledge that.

    1. Ken, to be totally fair to the guys at Panini, hockey players, in general, are a whole lot more accommodating than football, basketball or baseball players. I think this may be a factor that contributes to the lag time on your redemptions.

      The only time I have seen athletes not get their signatures back in a timely fashion is when they were not compensated accordingly by the card manufacturer. And that company was not Panini.

      So in this case I would say blame the athlete, not the card company, as I know Panini is paying the utilities and keeping the cable and heat on. 😉

  2. With only 15 boxes per case, I have seen 10+ redemption’s per case. That’s not good, this product should have been pushed back a few weeks to get some of these cards in the boxes.

  3. I have bought 4 boxes of Panini products over the last couple months and got a redemption card in each box. Explain again why its a necessary evil?

  4. hey just wondering when or if u have gotten the taylor hall rookie phenom cards in cant wait for that card thanks

      1. Hey Tracy,

        Have you received an update regarding the Hall phenoms? Also, for those players who have signed, have cards been sent out yet? I have redemptions for Wellman and Pirri that are still pending and the only response I seem to be able to get is that cards get shipped out as they are signed. But Pirri and Wellman have already signed theirs…

        Any info would be tremendous.


        1. Jon, here’s some information from Clint Hall, a member of our hockey brand management team:

          “We have Pirri and Wellman autos but the cards have to be built. Hall hasn’t sent back the patches yet.”

      1. Is that what pushed Crown Royale back? lol
        Was actually looking into buying a couple boxes of that this week, but I learned it’s been pushed back till next week. D’oh! 🙂

  5. Just a quick stupid question. If the Subban and other cards have been returned as of Dec 22nd, then why delay until today (mine were shipped today) to mail them out to consumers?

    1. Most likely because of production schedules. I take it that production doesn’t come to a full halt to make redemption cards. What Subban signed were pieces of material, not 100% completed cards. They still had to be put together. Combine that with their office move and you get some delays, it’s understandable…

      I hate redemptions as much as you do, but at least they are being fulfilled within timelines. Now if those other pesky players could just sign their material pieces…. lol

  6. Hey Tracy,

    Any way the list on top could be updated so that we can find out which players have signed their cards? I’m starting to see several redemptions being fulfilled, but it would be nice to be able to track the progress.

    Thanks man, have a good one!

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