Panini America Offers an Extended Preview of 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball

The premiere edition of Panini America's Past & Present Basketball product last season appealed to many different types of collectors for many different reasons, but the one common thread woven throughout the old-meets-new delight was pure, unadulterated fun.

2012-13 Past & Present Main

The premiere edition of Panini America’s Past & Present Basketball product last season appealed to many different types of collectors for many different reasons, but the one common thread woven throughout the old-meets-new delight was pure, unadulterated fun.

From the tactile nature of 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball’s technology-driven inserts (such as Raining 3s and Breakout Stars) . . . to the wicked-cool throwback design of the base set . . . to the seldom-seen signers of Elusive Ink . . . to the sweet memorabilia offerings,  there’s no denying the high entertainment value of one of last season’s most impressive debut products.

Of course, all of that just means that Panini America’s NBA Product Development team has its work cut out for it when creating the highly anticipated follow-up edition. But judging by the following preview of 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball, the guys are more than up to the task.

Due out in early May, 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball will feature a 250-card base set that includes 50 short-printed variations and, for the first time ever, true Rookie Cards. Each box will deliver three autographs.

Other product highlights include:The classically styled base cards will be countered with six unique technology-driven inserts, including the return of Raining 3s, Treads (showcasing the  look and feel of sneaker treads), Winning Touch Banners and the felt-textured Headbands. The cereal-box-inspired Rise ‘n Shine insert is sure to be a big hit, too.

We’ll have tons more to share on 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball in the coming weeks and months. Until then, though, enjoy this first extended sneak peek . . .


25 Replies to “Panini America Offers an Extended Preview of 2012-13 Past & Present Basketball”

  1. Last years product was beyond stunning. The best inserts I have seen since the late 90’s. I hope you guys didn’t mess with a good formula too much. Looking forward to this one again! Great choice to return this product.

  2. I hadn’t collected sports cards since I was a kid and the 2011 Past and Present got me started again and made me the basketball card addict Iam today!

    Can’t wait!

  3. I did a box break review of last year’s Past & Present on YouTube and by far, this was the best product from 11-12. I completed the raining 3’s subset; the base set, and completed the elusive ink set. Obviously, I love this product too much and I am excited to see it return. Please Tracy, once you receive the checklist, can you please upload it on the blog. Thank you in advance!!
    – Herbie

  4. We keep saying it on our YouTube channel and we will say it here too. Our favorite product of last year is Past and Present. We love it so much we shared them for a Christmas free group break! It was alot of fun opening it! Lots of hits. Not just the memomarabilia but the inserts hits are spectacular. The innovation and technology place on it is jaw dropping. The raining threes the fireworks! Our favorite among them. The bases are just wow. All the greats players of the past submerged with he present greats.
    The Elusive ink! Love that idea. Finally we get the chance of players whom have definitely key roles in the NBA and had great impact but were seldomly asked for a certified auto was on full display. Happy to see that it will be back for the taking. The very generous jumbo memorabilia is a plus. This will maybe a product that would be for all. I meant all age group of collectors. It could also be a teaching tool of history the young ones didn’t get the chance to see them play. And for the love of the game the history is absolutely important. Thanks and more power to Panini!

  5. I loved last year’s version, and this year looks great too. Treads and Headbands should be interesting, but I like the idea. The Modern Marks and Elusive Ink look awesome. On a side note, I’m hoping those redemptions from last year’s show up today!

  6. Great looking cards! Past and present is my favorite out of all your basketball products. Awesome vintage looking cards with modern touch. Can’t wait til May. Cheers!

  7. I can already tell this is going to be AWESOME! Last years cards had an awesome look and feel and I loved the old school waxy feel packs. But I noticed 15 boxes later that I got a little worn out of the design of some of the base cards. That being said this product already looks to be very appealing yet simple to the eyes! It’s very basic but at the same time it’s different & unique. I would say yall hit a triple double 100%! The MODERN MARKS was the biggest chase last year & I expect it to be again in May. I do have one problem though, I hit a Modern Marks last year & it was Marc Gasol. I like Marc as a player but my problem is I still have yet to get the redemption back…. I KNOW this product will be amazing & I will be dropping 100’s after 100’s on it but something that may keep me from going all out would be the Modern Mark redemptions. I think out of the players last year I have only seen 3 actual cards & the rest were redemptions. Pleaseeeee Panini have them good to go by May I am begging you! Also, I read each box contains 3 autos. Will we be getting 3 autos & memoribilla card like last year? I see the Kobe in the images but just double checking. And any word on the 3 autos? Are we for sure getting 1 rookie or are they all random? Thanks again Tracy & Panini team! I am really looking forward to this release!

    1. I’m sure there will be more than enough redemptions – always are in Panini products. Sure would be nice to get some of my 2011 Past and Present Redemptions before 2013 comes out!

  8. Any chance there’s an autograph of Arvydas Sabonis in the Elusive Ink checklist?? That would make my decade!!! He has no certified autos to date (probably one of the very few hall of famers to play in the NBA and hold that distinction!!)

  9. I lied this set last year, I thought the technology on the inserts was cool esp fireworks and raining 3s, for a low end product, its nice stuff! P.S. Tracy sent you an email from my njplaya1981 account!

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