Panini America Offers One More Peek Inside 2015 Industry Summit Black Boxes (Gallery)

Panini America 2015 Industry Summit Black Box Part 2 (5)

The 2015 Industry Summit is set to officially kick off tomorrow in Las Vegas as registered guests — retailers, distributors, card manufacturers, league officials — settle in for three straight days of meaningful meetings, round table discussions, new product reveals and spirited interaction that aims to have a positive industry impact in the coming year.

As has become its custom, Panini America will take a leading role in the Industry Summit once again this year, headlined by the company’s annual Tuesday address. But it’s what happens after that address — the distribution of the company’s fabled Black Boxes — that’s likely to steal its share of Summit headlines. Earlier this week we brought you a revealing first look at this year’s Black Box breakdown. Today, we’re digging a little deeper.

In the gallery that follows, we showcase some of the 1/1 memorabilia cards coming to this year’s Black Boxes and shed more light on the Summit-exclusive 2014-15 Prizm Basketball Green Mojo Prizms. Each Black Box will include either a low-numbered autograph card or a 1/1 memorabilia card and a five-card pack of Green Mojo Prizms.

The following gallery should provide greater insight into this year’s program. Oh, and since we know not everyone can make it to the Industry Summit, stay tuned: We’re going to be giving a few Black Boxes away in the coming days.

Enjoy the gallery.


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  1. Tracy/Panini: I would hitchhike to Dallas to have a CHANCE at a Black Box-these pictures CONTINUE to impress. I hope by this time next year, I’ll be able to attend in person with the crew I JUST started breaking for (Mojobreak), and nab one of my own…

    Thanks again for sharing. Best in the business!

  2. Panini has completely altered the collecting playing field. From top to bottom, and from the box-breaking experience to “faux-lidays” such as “Black Friday” and Father’s Day, Panini is on the cusp of the collecting experience. EVERY meaningful product development and every initiative meant to enrich the collecting experience? ALLLL products of the Panini brain-trust.

    Thank you, Panini. While I may not be able to afford your ultra high-end products, improvements and innovations have been implemented across the board….& we can ALL benefit from the paradigm shift that has so changed the industry.

  3. This is exactly the type of quality and yield i remember from Panini’s higher end product.Im hoping this trend continues on to the average consumer.Beautiful low #’d cards with an attention to variety and CONDITION.Look forward to more of the same,keep it up:)

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