Panini America Offers Well-Deserved Closer Look at Limited Game Day Materials Insert

December 01, 2013

Panini America 2013 Limited Football Game Day Materials Main

Those who’ve taken the time to truly appreciate the Game Day Materials insert in the new 2013 Limited Football¬†release are keenly aware of why that insert is so profound, so poignant, so authentic. In their continued effort to bring collectors and fans as close to their on-field heroes as absolutely possible, Panini America product developers linked the game-worn jerseys featured on the front of those cards to the exact game during which it was worn.

The result is a compelling 25-card creation that offers not only the date the featured piece of jersey was worn, but it also gives you the featured player’s statistical output for that game as well. It’s a refreshing bit of product-development diligence — and it’s something you’re likely to see more of from Panini America going forward.

Far too often in today’s super-premium, multicolored, prime-patch-possessed game-worn jersey landscape, many game-worn memorabilia inserts fly under the radar, seen as little more than set-filler rather than bona fide pieces of sports history. But the Game Day Materials insert in 2013 Limited Football commands a second look — and a more prominent place in the collecting conscious.

Below, we bring you many must-see images of the fronts and backs of some key cards in the set. Here’s hoping a closer examination of the set will lead to a greater appreciation of its content.