Panini America On Location: Scenes from a Wild Day Two at the 2011 Toronto Fall Expo

TORONTO, Ontario — Day two at the 2011 Toronto Fall Expo is in full swing and once again, Canada’s most rabid collectors are making elbow room inside the Panini America booth incredibly hard to come by.

The more than 1,200 boxes of Panini America product busted by collectors participating in the company’s wildly popular wrapper-redemption program on Friday are sure to be dwarfed by day’s end Saturday. As you’ll see in the gallery below, filed by Panini America’s own Chris Reed straight from the show floor, collectors young and old are uncovering cherry cards galore from those vaunted silver-foil wrapper-redemption packs.

Something else you’ll notice is that the 2011 Toronto Fall Expo has a little something for everyone, from hockey to football to professional wrestling to MMA. Oh, you’ll also notice Toronto Maple Leafs legend Doug Gilmour, a headlining autograph guest at the show, holding a special Panini America blow-up card that’s almost as big as he is. Luckily for us, he also signed the museum-quality piece.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance throughout the weekend for continued coverage of the show. And if you want to be eligible to win some sweet prizes from the show, including autographs and some of those silver-foil stunners, simply comment on your favorite images from our various galleries from the show.

Can’t make it to the Toronto Fall Expo this weekend? Still want wrapper-redemption packs? You’re in luck. Anyone buying select hockey products from now through Monday (while supplies last) at will receive the same wrapper-redemption packs being awarded at the show. What are you waiting for?!


22 Replies to “Panini America On Location: Scenes from a Wild Day Two at the 2011 Toronto Fall Expo”

  1. That little girl with the missing teeth is so cute… and she scored a great card too! That one photo with the guy who looks like he is being buried alive in wrappers is hilarious! And I love the photo of Dougie G! He is one of the best players to ever wear the Leafs sweater 🙂

  2. Kiera (pictured above) and I had an incredible day at the show. She was so excited to win the autographed hat! It makes me very happy to share card collecting with my girl! Thanks Scott for a great time, we are already looking forward to the April show!

  3. Looks like a good day for the kid with the Swedish National Jersey. Pulls a MJD Auto on Day 2 and a Brett Connolly Auto on Day 1! Good luck on Day 3!

  4. That Markstrom auto patch is great. Is that an alternate logo patch? Certainly one of the nicest “Phenoms” style patches I’ve seen. Would love to see a Coyotes one using their 3rd jersey logo patch.

  5. those logo patches autos of nhl rookies is the best idea i ever saw. the adam larson autoed hat are awsome gifts for lucky fans u keep raising the bar on fantasic looking cards. the gilmour is a killer of a card just like his nickname.

  6. Omg Doug Gilmour was there! One of my all time favourite Leafs! Keep up the great coverage Tracy, can’t wait to see the day three pictures! Cain is also the past, the hunt is on for the JDS poster autograph

  7. Love the pic of the little girl. Looks like some great hits by Panini fans. Great coverage and behind the scenes.

    The 90’s score brings back some memories. I bought a lot off from yard sale and it took me hours to go through and sort by number. I also own 2 factory sets, 1 sealed.

  8. Love those rookie patch cards, especially the Justin Faulk.

    You know I’ve had nightmares about drowning in a bathtub full of wrappers. That pic with all the wrappers really scares me!!!!

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