Panini America Previews the Memorabilia Majesty of 2011-12 Limited Basketball

We're still a few days away from Friday's release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball, which means we have loads of time left to preview some of the unadulterated brilliance of the product's myriad memorabilia-infused insert sets.

We’re still a few days away from Friday’s release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball, which means we have loads of time left to preview some of the unadulterated brilliance of the product’s myriad memorabilia-infused insert sets.

So while you’re likely planning to witness some serious fireworks tomorrow as America celebrates the Fourth of July holiday, there’s no reason we can’t start the process right now with the following explosive sneak peeks of Limited’s Limited Threads Prime and Retired Numbers Prime game-worn memorabilia cards.

Oh, and don’t worry: We still have plenty of ammunition to bring you later this week, including must-see looks at many of the product’s other prime-piece memorabilia cards, including Trophy Case, Glass Cleaners and some downright sweet jumbo-swatched parallels. Stay tuned . . .


20 Replies to “Panini America Previews the Memorabilia Majesty of 2011-12 Limited Basketball”

  1. Absolutely speechless.. I for one am usually very critical and harsh on Panini but just looking at this set, it looks great. The patches were very well integrated with the card design which is huge, and the little simple design around the patch windows in the limited thread set looks awesome. And it looks like Panini tried to find actual good, thready patches to use. Love the addition of Ricky Rubio as well and Deron Williams in a Net uniform is nice as well.

    Kudos, and Tracy I think you should run to the basketball design department and tell them to keep up the good work.

  2. I’m ecstatic about the release of limited this week. Been waiting a long time for this and Gold Standard as well to come out. The Patch designs you guys did on this was extremely well done. It may look like I have to go for the Retired Patch set this year! That set looks very stunning. Great job guys, can’t wait for more previews in the next coming days.

  3. Awesome awesome looking set. A lot of the Haters are taking notice of Limited, have seen nothing but nice things said about it and by looking at these previews you can see why! Loving that Ray!
    Cheers for the preview

  4. i really love the patches! Tracy, any chance that Rasheed Wallace will be in any of the new Products? maybe in Gold Standard? Thank you very much!

  5. Just got done watching the official opening on Youtube of this product & I must say it is defiantly an eye opener! I was so-so at first when it came to this product, but after seeing the cards in the video & on the blog it is a night & day out of this planet product! I love how you guys did the unique colors & how they match the players team. Along with the jersey sizes, cuts, & styles! I have bought box after box of Past and Present & it’s fun finding the Gamers card but this product blows that away by all of the different styles you can pull & the looks rather than the huge rectangle patch! Nicely done Panini! You guys actually make collecting fun again! Keep it up & Thunder Up!
    — Your fan from Tulsa, OK.

  6. This product looks nice, but I want to know why 2012 redemptions don’t have autographs? The YouTube video states there is a reason but one is not given and I want to know.

    1. I am guessing it has to do with the upper guys. I’m sure a deal wasn’t agreeded on & they wouldn’t let Panini. Then again this is a guess. lol.

  7. Ricky Rubio patch? Isnt that the first one for him? I was going to buy a different box of cards, but looks like im gonna pre-order this in hopes to get that Rubio patch card. Huge fan of his, and a fellow countryman.

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