An Explosive Edition of Panini Unwrapped Starring 2011-12 Limited Basketball

As you're enjoying this Fourth of July holiday and all of the fireworks, fun and family time that come with it, don't forget to take at least a little time to appreciate Friday's release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball. Just so you know what to expect from Panini America's fourth NBA release of the 2011-12 season, the combustible combination of Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower provide the following product-related pyrotechnics.

As you’re enjoying this Fourth of July holiday and all of the fireworks, fun and family time that come with it, don’t forget to take at least a little time to appreciate Friday’s release of 2011-12 Limited Basketball. Just so you know what to expect from Panini America’s fourth NBA release of the 2011-12 season, the combustible combination of Tracy Hackler and Keith Hower provide the following product-related pyrotechnics.

And for additional coverage of 2011-12 Limited Basketball, check out yesterday’s gallery showcasing some of the product’s prime-memorabilia masterpieces and the Quality Control gallery we brought you last week.

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Thanks for watching and Happy Fourth of July to all of our collectors.


111 Replies to “An Explosive Edition of Panini Unwrapped Starring 2011-12 Limited Basketball”

  1. Love the style of the cards. Auto’s and jersey cards are great too. Did eveything except twitter, don’t have and account with them.

  2. These cards look amazing. I just recently got into collecting again and have been completely impressed with the Panini product. 2010-11 Classics Basketball has been my favorite so far, but I cannot wait to get my hands on the new 11-12 Limited.

  3. As expected – another nice product. I look forward to being able to open some boxes and winning one of the cards or box from you guys!! Looking forward to Gold Standard also!!

  4. OMG these cards are beautiful the trophhy case insert set looks stunning and that VC patch looks great coming from a raptors fan keep up the great work

  5. These cards are AWESOME! I used to collect many different brands of cards, but not any more ! I WILL ONLY COLLECT PANINI !!! BY FAR THE BEST CARDS ON THE MARKET TODAY. THE BASE COMMONS LOOK BETTER THAN OTHER BRANDS INSERTS !!!

  6. Panini’s own Draft Lottery for the Autograph 2011 Rookie cards is so unique. I love the idea people can pick them up and it could turn out to be Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Jimmer and the list goes on. I hope Jonas makes it onto that list. He’ll be an integral part of the Raptors when he comes over. The Trophy Case cards are sweet and the base cards have a great design to it. The team colours/foil technology just pops! I hope to pull one of those Jeremy Lin autos too! Thanks for the video.

  7. I’ve already done the first three steps.

    I really like the design of this years Panini Limited. Nice Basecards, awesome trophy case inserts and nice patch cards.

    Good job!

  8. Great mix and love the foil technology. Overall simple yet classy design on the base cards which looks great and makes you actually want to chase the base set, as well as looking to pull big hits! All in all this year’s Limited looks a winner!

  9. Cards look AMAZING!! Finally our desire for new products will be fulfilled!! I PC Tyreke and I must say that is one of his more excellently designed cards! Thanks guys!!!

  10. Happy 4th of July Tracy! Love the product! But I agree with Tim Y above..I really like the Panini Draft redemptions. And I don’t care what people think of redemptions…I find this the most interesting and most mysterious thing ever put into trading cards and the anticipation of not knowing which rookie auto you are going to land keeps me coming back for more!
    Thanks for another great panini unwrapped and happy 4th of July to everyone!
    Katie Perry would say this product “is a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrreeeewwwwoooorrkkk!”

  11. Great quality cards! The base cards have a sweet touch and the memorabilia cards are AMAZING! Especially the trophy case!

  12. 2 out of 3 I guess, those of us that don’t do twitter are out of luck winning anything from you guys 🙁

      1. “(If you’ve already done those first three things, well, thank you. Simply leave your candid feedback below and you’re entered into the giveaway.)”

        Maybe I didn’t understand that but to me that makes it sound like you need to do all three 😉 and you are entered.

  13. Sorry forgot to leave what i thought but,the other day i left a reply about how me and my gf thought that the Retired numbers were smoking cards!!! Im always struck by the art that The people from Panini put in to there work but my gf always tells me straight out what she thinks of it and she loves it, keep it up Panini!!!

  14. Im very excited about this year’s Panini Limited. The patches look amazing and they make me want to buy a few boxes. I have pulled some beautiful patches from Panini products. Hall of Fame Dream Team patches were amazing!

  15. Awesome looking cards and looking forward to pulling some glass cleaners… Any chance I could get the tyreke auto? Have a friend in sacto whose son just had his 11th birthday and a big kings fan. Can’t wait for Friday

  16. Nice product !!!It would make for a great Birthday gift….hint hint…lol….the draft cards are a cool add I pulled a draft # 20 out of Past & Present a product I thought you guy’s over at Panini had done a great job with and this one looks to be just as great….

  17. The jumbo swatch looks sweet! Love the base card design and the concept of the Draft redemptions are cool. Great job Panini!

  18. Without NT, i think this is gonna be the greatest product of the season, with all of nice short printed autos, RC, glass cleaners, etc… and especially the great looking base cards

  19. It was one of my favorite sets last year, and it looks like this year’s product won’t disappoint either. The jumbo jerseys and the trophy case autos look great!

  20. You can’t go wrong with Bryant on the box! I like the drop of the crowd in the background of the cards… “Dazzling!” The inclusion of the swatch and auto is always tough but as usual, you and the designers knock it out.

    OOOOOH, rookie redemptions! Sweet!

    This goes for most… I know there is an attempt to make the most of jerseys but can the pieces be a little bigger? Like a quarter of an inch larger?

    Also, I noticed on a lot of the foil type cards, the edges are rough. Can that be improved?

    Got the “Sub”, “Like” and “Follow” done…

    Thanks for the contest!

    Give me some Panini!

  21. Absolutely love the cards from this set. I think that the key part of a good set is the style of the base cards. When the base cards look as good as the hits, you’ve got some thing special. Great break, absolutely love the look. Especially that Vince carter patch.

  22. great job on the cards guys ! another GRAND SLAM, love the fact that the basic cards aren’t just simple cards, gotta love the team colors on that. Also love the idea of the trophy case wish all of em can be auto, gotta love the jumbo jerseys and also love the fact that the legends are in black and white look.

    Another great job guys,
    keep up on the good work.

  23. Hope I win this time. 6 cards per box? My does my memory tell me it was 7 cards per box last year? I like the card design with more sub sets to reduce redundency. That’s important, I wish I open two cases without getting a repeat. The only thing is for this high end product; the jersey and patch piece have to be bigger; at least bigger than what Past & Present gave us. Thank you!

  24. I’ve done 2 out of the three, don’t have Facebook.

    As for the cards, they look great. I like how you matched the team colors with the players, looks really good. Plus the black and white cards of legends look slick.

  25. I like that the trophy case jerseys are linked to the actual event/award the player has achieved.
    Would like more on-card autos but overall looks like a very nice product.
    Thanks for the random contest.

  26. The base cards are extremely nice. I may have to try to collect all base cards and legends.. the colors are very appealing! can’t wait to pick up a couple boxes of this stuff!

  27. Limited has always been one of my favorite products! Glass Cleaners is a awesome subset and the color foil on the current players seems to pop and the b&w on the legends gives an added treat for collector’s! I think I will collect the Trophy Case subset! Thanks Tracy and Panini!
    I don’t have Twitter either

  28. Thanks for the video Mr. Hackler. Always great to get a look. The prime cards from the gallery yesterday look great. 2-3 autos per box is great value as well. I hope I can luck out on my box and pull the Anthony Davis redemption and get a sweet auto too.

  29. Thanks for the video on Limited basketball. I did everything on the list and all I can say is that this product is amazing with the trophy case autos and patches as well as the glass cleaners cards. Thanks again.

  30. Great looking set. Base cards look great with the colored backdrop and crowd in the background. Trophy case will have some great cards. Would love to get lucky and pull a Kyrie Irving or Waiters redemption!

  31. Wow those cards are sick! Love the trophy case especially! Nice touch with the legends too, didn’t like the jumbo patch though seemed out of place, maybe it’s just the other cards looking so awesome I guess? 🙂

  32. Nice product opening Mr. Hackler. I do not do Twitter, but I do Panini. With four of my Tar Heels being drafted in the 1st round, Limited looks like a product which will capture a significant amount of my hobby dollars. Thanks for the break and I can’t wait for Gold Standard to release!

  33. Thanks for giving us a sample of the new limited Tracy! I love how you guys used the team colors in the background for the base set. It’ll be really nice to put that set together. I think this year I’m going to put that Retired Numbers Patch set together because it looks so eye appealing when you guys had them up for preview few days ago. Great job guys!

  34. Ive always been a huge Limited fan in both basketball and football every year and this year looks even better than last year! I think the design on the base cards looks clean with geat photography. I already have 5 boxes pre-ordered and cant wait to bust them open with my daughters! Wish us luck to hopefully pull and Kevin Durant or Kobe auto! Great job Tracy and have a great 4th of July brother!!

  35. That base set is beautiful and agreed the legends color is awesome. The trophy case cards are going to be amazing. Cant wait to those as they start coming out of packs.

  36. Ima n be honest I like the product but I like gold standard much better can’t wait for that…already pre ordered!

  37. What is the point of having a redemption card if it is not going to be autographed? Are the redemption cards going to be like the P&P where we don’t know what we are going to get for the 2011? Other than that those are my only complaints about this product the base cards look very nice. I can only hope the redemption card wont take long to get. I have a Daniel Thomas gold standard that I redeemed early december and still have not gotten it.

  38. Hi Tracy!!!, incredible cards, i really like the Trophy Case insert!!!, and this year is better than the past, 2 autos guaranteed. As always me and other Spanish guys will make the effort to break some boxes.

    Thanks for the preview!!!!!

    PD: All the work done before!! @OMVince

  39. Liked on Facebook, subscribed, and followed on Twitter!

    As for the product, I’m always nervous about 1 pack per box stuff, but this looks great. I’m more of a low-key collector, so buying a $100 box is a pretty big deal for me, but it looks like you can’t really go wrong with this. You get great looking stuff no matter what. Thanks for the giveaway too!

  40. I love the product. Im a huge UK basketball fan and i love the chance of getting Brandon Knight autographs and Davis, MKG, and the rest of the 2012 bunch. The base cards are much improved with color background instead of normal grayish foil. It seems you get more bang for your buck as well, the redemptions also add mystery and some wait and see fun! Great design and product!

  41. Product looks sharp from the box breaks you guys did, and love the design. I’ve always been a fan of event specific memorabilias (ie Season Update All-Star jerseys, Rookie Challenge jerseys), so Im gonna be looking forward to the Trophy Case set. Hopefully more of the autos are going to be on card and less stickers, but we’ll see when the product goes live! Can’t wait

  42. Love the photo’s and the multi color on the v.c. jersey. Wish there was more multi color on the gasol and others jerseys in general.

  43. Really like the foil coloring makes the cards really pop at ya! Thanks for the great products keep up the great work guys!

  44. Limited in my opinion will be the product of the year, even more so than Preferred. The checklist looks good and very well varied. Looking forward to buying a box and picking up some singles.

    BTW I’ve done all three yeons ago, thanks for the contest!

  45. Limited looks fantastic! The base cards have to be some of the nicest I’ve seen with the colored foil, and the prime gallery looked great, hope I can pull some nice Lakers ones.

  46. WOW!!!!!!!, Panini love the Vince Carter and love the packaging of the box with kobe on the cover looks great, nice base disign and just all round awesome.

  47. Happy Independence Day!

    As far as my Limited thoughts (err.. my thoughts on Limited, I have many thoughts, those aren’t limited)…

    I really really appreciate you guys working to bring variation to collectors and as its put in the video “eliminate the redundancy” in parallels. Having larger checklists is almost never a bad thing, and I applaud you guys for working to add diversity to your products and provide better value for the collector. I have always liked the look of the Glass Cleaners, and am excited to see how those turned out this year. My only negative comment would be that perhaps you can do something to the legends that adds nostalgia without creating fully greyscale cards – like greying out the background but keeping the player in color? I’m sure some collectors like the black and white feel of the cards, but I think a little bit of color paired with the black and white background could bring those cards to a whole new level.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy that you give us a peeks at various upcoming products in the blog as they are developed… Definitely builds my anticipation! And thanks for the contest!

    P.S. – I have already done all three of the pre-requirements – Twitter & FB under the name BradBuzzkill and I have subscribed to the blog via email as well.

    1. And now I will always remember the 4th of July as the beginning of rebuilding for my hometown Suns… Nash is gone to the LAKERS?! Not exactly a popular team here in the Valley, though I know many fans of his will be happy he is off to a contender to chase an illusive title. I am glad the Suns got something (4 draft picks) for him, and also glad to see us getting younger with Beasley reportedly signing and Dragic also reportedly coming back… Gives me the Suns a brighter future hopefully, and gives me more players to follow and collect!

  48. I’ve done all 3. The product seems awesome. the redemptions should be a big hit especially since the draft last week was so deep with talent.

  49. These cards look awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I have been impressed with Panini’s Hockey cards this year. And now it seems that this is transferring to basketball. This is great!

  50. these cards look unbelievable.. every year they get even better than the previous year which i always find amazing.. cant wait to get hold of the redemptions for the rookie class of this year.. go kyrie irving..

  51. The only contest requirement I hadn’t met was subscribing to the Knight’s Lance, but I now have done so.

    The new Limited looks beautiful. The team coloured foil on the base looks great. I’m a huge fan of the Retired Numbers Prime Materials, Decade Dominance & Glass Cleaners Signatures, as well as the Masterful Marks set.

    I would’ve liked to have seen a larger Limited Trios Signatures checklist, with more active teammate trios included. (For example: Westbrook/Harden/Durant, Lawson/Gallinari/McGee, Griffin/Paul/Billups, Lin/Anthony/Stoudemire)

    Thanks for the contest, and win or lose, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some new Limited.

    Any chance we could get a peek at the Gold Standard checklist in the near future, now that it will be live in less than 2 weeks?

  52. Awesome job Panini. Love the foil with the color of the team. It made it pop and brighten the cards and the Slam Dunk Championship set are sick!

  53. The hits in this product look spectacular like usual but i really like the design of the base. The team colored background looks great for the current players and the black and white legend cards should be a great set to build. Thanks again Panini for another great looking product.

  54. the cards look fantastic usually don’t buy basketball but this set is well worth it. funds are “limited” now i hope tracy love the foilboard auto jersey looked fantastic and i would be happy with just one of the redemption autos. i am not greedy. hope panani can find it in their heart to send me one of the two.

  55. Already liked (Xstream INsanity), followed (@XstreamINsanity), and subscribed. Now, for my critiques. 🙂

    CONS: Out of my price range per box, not a good enough collation for me to want to break a box. I only buy boxes when I want to build that base set (very rarely go after insert sets, but going after a few Past & Present insert sets – already have the full base set from two boxes) and am likely to get at least 80% from that box. I try to build base sets within two boxes, or else I don’t find it financially worth it (I was lucky getting two P&P boxes for $180 shipped and getting the full base set). That being said, because of the design of the base set, I want to collect the base set. And this is reaching, but because I like to scan all of my cards and I upload them for trade purposes, many foil based cards (2009-10 Elite, 2009-10 Certified, 2010-11 Absolute, all Limited, etc.) don’t scan very well (unless I’m using the wrong settings). They come out dark instead of silver and shiny. Maybe that will be a little different with these ones since they have color.

    PROS: I really like the look of the base set. Because I won’t be buying any boxes, I may have to try and trade for most of the base or even pick up lots on the bay or something. The inserts look very well designed. I was very happy to see that for the Vince Carter Trophy Case card, you not only used a jersey from that time, but also showed a picture of him in the jersey from that time, AND put the team he was on at that time on the card. I can’t stand when there are “reminiscent” cards for active players and they have contradicting pictures/labels (see 2009-10 Topps Draft Snapshot, ex. had Joe Johnson in Celtics gear but labeled the card as a Hawks card). Kudos on that one.

    SUGGESTIONS: I can’t remember off the top of my head if there are parallels to the Glass Cleaners, but it would have been cool if there was an acetate version. Either one where the card itself is acetate (a parallel maybe) or maybe something similar to 2007-08 Bowman Elevation where the autograph was on a piece of acetate. I just think it would add something to the “glass” effect. It could even be cool, though risky, if actual glass was used. I am not saying I would recommend it, but it’d definitely be different. I also do agree with others that the jersey pieces should potentially be bigger due to the high cost of the product. They don’t necessarily have to be as big as the ones in Silhouettes in Preferred, but bigger than those that were in P&P Gamers (a product that costs the same, get more cards and more hits, but a bigger jersey piece).

    And as always, thanks again for having another contest. I wasn’t really around online much (collecting wise) when Upper Deck and Topps were around, so I could have missed it, but I love how you guys keep the collectors in the hobby by offering sneak peaks of the product, open/easily accessible checklists, and giving away cards (rather than repackaging them and trying to get an even bigger profit). Thank you Tracy, Keith and the Panini family. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th, I certainly did.

    (And if you were to chose me as a winner, the only card I would want would be the Monroe base unless that 2012 Draft Redemption is Pick #9. I didn’t bring my headphones with me to work today so I had to watch the video without sound, 🙁 . Thanks again guys.)

  56. Love it ALLLLLLLLL!!!!! Awesome product with incredible detail and meticulous design. The jersey and autographs inserts look amazing and I would be so thankful to win anything!

  57. Hopefully I’m not too LATE!

    Honestly, Limited is one of your best products. The price is well within most busters budget, and the foil look really brings out the cards. I love the Jumbo Patches, besides National Treasures RPA, i don’t think you’ve had another product with patches that big. I remembering seeing of on-card auto’s which makes us very happy to see.

    Think you could give us a sneak peek at the RPA out of Limited, Gold Standard and Past n Present?!?

    Nice work!

  58. this product looks super nice

    the trophy case cards really pop out and I love the coloration the cards have
    I also like how the base correspond to the team colors

    this product looks really nice love the carter 3 color patch

  59. Following you guys in every way possible! Love the look of Limited this year. The base cards in particular look great!

  60. very nice set, love the colors of the cards and the inserts as always. Keep producing as i keep buying.

  61. Love the cards. Even more, I love the blog. Cant wait to save enough money for one of these packs

  62. Panini have certainly stepped up to the plate here. Very smooth and sleek design and the use of foil has been done to perfection. There is a great mix of current stars and past legends within the set. There’s something there for everyone to collect. Kudos to Panini and their basketball team. This is the best Limited set yet and you are surely onto a winner!

  63. Loving the trophy case hits. However, while the hits are looking good the base cards look absolutely beautiful. They probably look even nicer in person. Probably going to try a few boxes myself then try and piece together an amazing base set.

  64. I love the trophy case set. The fact that you’ve actually matched up the unis w/ the team a player was with when they won is awesome. Nothing is more lame that getting an event/game used that doesn’t match the card it is supposed to represent. I like the look of the product and the extra team colored foil touch. A+ on the design of this one. This is by far the best limited I’ve seen of any sport.

  65. I am so very impressed with all of this, It might be the best I have seen you guys do yet!! If you look at price, plus the design, base design included. for your $$ it looks pretty nice!

  66. I’ve already subcribe to the knights lance , Facebook and twitter⬇
    This is a great looking product the jumbo prime patches are killing it I love the base set and I like how there’s not 5 different parallels for one card. It’s nice you put the trophy cases into two seperate cards. I’m really broke and would love to bust some limited.
    •—thanks for the contest—•

  67. Completed all requirements and would love to win any/all of the cards you pulled or a box! Looks like a quality product!

  68. one of the best product ever,the jersey patches are sick,the quality of the cards looks awesome,and pictures are very nice,i cant wait for tonights group break hope i get a nice can i order a box or 2 of any product to get it same they as rellease day?do i need some licence for that please anybody let me know!!!

  69. I absolutely love the base set for this product, I wish there were more of your products in the low-mid range that had such nice base sets but the low-mid end products always seem more like old school or simple releases, such as Classics, Donruss and Past and Present.

    I can only afford a box every 6 months or so and it’s just unfortunate that the designs you produce that I really like happen to be in that higher end bracket.

    Still, love the design and look forward to collecting some of the product.

  70. Who were the winners??? I would love to know and see what they pull out of their boxes…Anyone feel like sharing what they got? Tracy, you should start a feature on here where winners either post videos of their prize breaks or pictures of their hits, when boxes are given away – Would be cool to follow up.

    1. The Limited winners were Tim Y, rninete, Nate Gleicher and Thomas Auyeung. The three Prestige winners were Johnny Angelis, Alex and you, Brad B (check your email). The three Rookie Anthology winners were Doug, Robert and steesh69 (from YouTube). Thanks to everyone, as always, for participating. Hands down, Panini America has the best collectors on the planet.

  71. Tracy, I got my winnings today. I was extremely excited to find that I was a winner of a complete, unopened box of 2011-12 Limited Basketball. It was a great box! Here is a link to the break. Thanks again, Ryan

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