Panini America Redemption Card Update: A Loaded, Multisport Report for March 29

The following list is by no means complete, but it does let collectors know which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list as frequently as possible as new redemptions are added.

In an effort to keep collectors updated on the status of those Panini America redemption cards that are currently being processed, we’ll frequently post a list, like the one included in the attachment below, detailing the most recent cards being fulfilled.
The following list is by no means complete, but it does let collectors know which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list as frequently as possible as new redemptions are added.

Here’s the most recent update in Excel format: March29RedemptionUpdate
Here’s the most recent update in PDF format: March29RedemptionUpdate
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89 Replies to “Panini America Redemption Card Update: A Loaded, Multisport Report for March 29”

  1. Ah, curses! lol. Any word Tracy on Asante Samuel, Greg McKelroy or Demarco Murray?
    I don’t mind. I am a patient person. Just wondering if they have signed yet? Asante is for the hometown heroes and Greg is for Plates and Patches and Demarco for Playoff Contenders rookie ink.

      1. So those go out with this shipment…or do they need to be packed up?
        I blanked earlier…Samuel is a Certified Hometown hero prime signature.

  2. Thanks for the updates, please tell Letty (hope I spelled that right) and Mindy that they are doing a fantastic job!

  3. lol Doesnt look like Greg Little signed for a very long time. Saw his name and was hoping he signed his Contenders but he only signed like 30 cards.

      1. Tracy, what do you recommend i do? I have been waiting for his 2010 Certified gold prime /25 for over a year. Should i keep waiting or try to get a replacement? I can be patient and wait if thats your advice but like i said last time we discussed this card “he’s had 2 off seasons too sign it, is he ever going to do it!”
        Please let me know what you think. -Bruce
        Keep up the good work! I love Panini.

        1. I guess it depends on whether you’re holding out hope because your a McCluster guy or a set guy, or if you’d rather just try to find a suitable replacement and move on. We do appreciate your kind words.

  4. Sorry Tracy but I find these updates more frustrating than helpful. My cards are never on the lists and if my player happens to be on the list then my particular card isn’t…..even though it was in a product released BEFORE the cards you have listed in the update. I just don’t get Panini’s take on producing a product and following through.

  5. Dang! Still no 2010 Dolphins Quad Signature (Marino, Duper, Griese, Fryar). I don’t get it. All four of them have other autos on a single card in 2010 NT set that weren’t redemptions.

    1. We’re still waiting on a bunch of his autographs. We’ve worked diligently to try to get one final signing session with him but have had no luck. We will keep trying.

  6. Tracy, can you give me any kind of status on 2010 Treasures Joe McKnight Rookie Patch Autos? its been over a year, disappointing to not see him every update.

  7. I tried calling you customer service line and can’t get through. Also, I’ve been waiting a year for the Hockey Certified SP rookie mirror red Tedemby card. Any news when they will ship that?

    1. I will gladly take a replacement, when I redeem it online it a red x next to his name, cs has responded to me about a sub,

  8. Still waiting on larry bird 2009/10 classic significant signature! Has he signed yet? I broke down & bought a box of preffered & pulled a larry bird auto 1/3. Can you tell me why i am still waiting?

  9. I have a 2011 limited Taiwan Jones Phenom card that I submitted after I saw it on one of these lists. How does that work?

    1. Sure, go to your account online and request a replacement. It has to be at least 4-8 months old in order to replace depending on what you select.

  10. Hello Tracy and crew,
    Could you check on redemption #179308 please. I seen it last month in in here but nothing in the email or mail box. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks again for any info, Mjpate70

  11. Hey Tracy Ive seen people mentioning they got an email about cards on this list saying they were shipped. Does this mean since I havent received an email that I wont be getting my Rudolph Contenders yet?

  12. Personally I find these updates frustrating knowing that my card is ready (from over a month ago) but still hasn’t shown up.

  13. Hi Tracy,
    I have a redemption on Jordan Crawford Classics 2010-2011 Basketball RC and its already being available for quite sometime and why Panini haven’t sent me the card up until now ?

    1. Its 2010 Panini Classics (10-11) Card 151, Jordan Crawford. Can you kindly assist me on finding out why the card has not been shipped out yet ? i also notice some of these cards already available on Ebay.

      1. To everyone with questions on the post that I can’t answer: Please know we’re not ignoring you. Your issues are being forwarded to CS and will be followed up on by a member of our CS team. In addition, our new Customer Service Manager starts Monday and will only expedite the improvements we’re making to our CS team.
        We realize we still have some heavy lifting to do, but we are getting better — and will continue to get better.

  14. Thanks for the great update Tracy. I see on the list the 11/12 Score Hockey autos Carey Price and it just showed up today and it looks awesome.
    What I don’t see is an update on my 10/11 Score Hockey auto Crosby. I do see other Sid’s on the list but nothing from score. If you could send this along for an update, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tracy.

  15. I’m waiting on this batch:
    2011 Playoff Contenders Draft Tandems Autos
    1 Mark Messier/Ray Bourque /10
    7 Brendan Shanahan/Joe Sakic /25
    19 Bobby Ryan/Jack Johnson /25
    The Great Outdoors Autos
    7 Pavel Datsyuk /50
    12 Mark Recchi /50
    15 Jeff Carter /50
    10-11 Limited Back to the Future Autos #/25:
    24 Pat LaFontaine/Derek Roy
    10-11 Limited Vintage Pucks #/10:
    2 Saku Koivu
    Any help?

    1. Stevan Ridley just recently returned his outstanding stuff and Miller just recently got completely caught up, too. So those two should be going out soon. I’ll check on Michael Turner.

  16. Thanks for the comments guys. To Tracy’s point we recognize everyone’s frustration and we are excited to bring in a new Customer Service Manager starting on Monday. Separately, I can assure you that we also share your frustrations. We are working hard to do everything we can to get these cards redeemed – working with players and internally to expedite the process. Stay tuned for more redemption updates and news.

  17. Any news on Cam Fowler – Contenders Rookie Ticket. He’s got a lot of stuff signed except these apparently. I’ve put together the set and Cam’s the only redemption left.
    Love your work Tracey. Keep up the good work.

  18. Any Update on Derrick Rose’s 2010-11 Gold Standard autograph? Looks like 2011-12 Preferred has on card and sticker autos live but Gold Standard we are still waiting on. Please give me a update if you can. thanking you in advance.

  19. Hi Tracy,
    I have been waiting on these 2 redemptions for about 7 months now and was just wondering if you had any updates for them:
    Matt Harvey 2010 elite baseball die cut auto /100
    D.J. Williams 2011 rookies and stars football rookie auto
    Any updates are appriciated, thank you!

  20. I have a Greg Little Limited Phenom/Auto/Patch that isn’t on this list. Maybe it was on a previous one? I saw somewhere here that he signed a bunch of stuff. Any help would be great!

  21. Still no Rodrigue Beaubois National Treasures RPA’s. Why can’t someone from Panini’s office just go to his home in Dallas and get these signed? How hard could it be?

  22. Any possible update on TOM GOLA FROM HALL OF FAME set.
    This is going to be extra cool, as he has not really had any certified autos.
    I am hoping this one gets produced.
    thank you,
    Johnny Hodge

    1. I am waiting for the same card along with two other Rodgers redemptions… very frustrating when he is live in new products… can you guys help me with this?

  23. Tracy any updates on Patrick Patterson have been waiting for my totally certified gold rookie patch auto for a while but noticed he has autos in preffered
    How does that work?
    My ticket number is 228471
    Any feedback would be good
    Cheers from the land down under
    Ps love the youtub vids

  24. Tracy,
    Just checking on a 2 of my redemptions that I redeemed over a year ago:
    2010 Score Signatures RUSSELL OKUNG
    2010 Contenders TRENT WILLIAMS Rookie Ticket auto
    I don’t care about either and would happily take 2 replacements. NE Patriots, Boston Bruins preferrably.
    Also 1 that I will wait for is the 2011 Rookies & Stars SP Rookies Longevity Signatures Ruby ROY HELU JR……..any update on him?

  25. What about Hakeem Nicks… still waiting on a rookie year sticker out, yet I continuously see sticker autos in new products?!

  26. Hi Tracy, thank you for the customer service given out on this blog post.
    I was wondering if you have received anything from Ryane Clowe yet; I’m waiting on a 2011-12 Panini Certified Hockey Fabric of the Game Jersey Number Signatures /25 Thank you for any help you can give.

    1. Hey Todd, just curious if that will be a PC card, or if it would be available once it is made? I am working on the 10-11 Score autos and that is 1 of 9 I am still looking for. Let me know.

  27. Hi Tracy, Just wondering what is the status of the 2008 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket#172 Marcus Smith Baltimore Ravens WR

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