Panini America Redemption Card Update: The Valentine’s Day 2012 Edition

The following list is by no means complete, but it does let collectors know which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list as frequently as possible as new redemptions are added.

In an effort to keep collectors updated on the status of those Panini America redemption cards that are currently being processed, we’ll frequently post a list, like the one included in the attachment below, detailing the most recent cards being fulfilled.

The following list is by no means complete, but it does let collectors know which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list as frequently as possible as new redemptions are added.

For additional recent updates, check out the following list:

Panini America Redemption Card Update: February 6
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Here’s the most recent update in Excel format: RedemptionUpdateFebruary14

Here’s the most recent update in PDF format: RedemptionUpdateFeb14




40 Replies to “Panini America Redemption Card Update: The Valentine’s Day 2012 Edition”

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  2. Hi Tracy…ive asked you multiple times during the last 3 weeks and still waiting for a reply…will Carl Hagelin auto be included in the upcoming Contenders hockey?

  3. I would like to request a replacement for my Limited Retired Numbers Sig Joe Dumars, could anyone please help me? Almost a year since I redeemed

  4. Any idea on when 2010 Limited draft day auto patch of jared Odrick #/15 will be out?
    Had a redemption in for 2 months on it now w/ no response.

  5. I have a redemption for Patrick Mills from 2009 classics. I would either like the card or a replacement. I also have a redemption for Asher Wojchiechowski . I would like as a replacement for both Blake Griffin auto or Jeremy Lin auto. I have tried several times to leave a message with customer service and emails.

  6. Hi,

    Is there a list somewhere .. That shows every 2011-2012 NBA Basketball Card Release Dates ?!?!?

    I’ve noticed The Black Box – 2012-2012 Box Has Been Released Today.

    $250.00 , Is there any other ones currently out?

    Which ones? When are they coming, Names, price… Details.

    I check the blog, twitter, updates, pics, etc… But no official release dates yet.. The basketball season will be over by the time more cards get released!!

    Please Hurry : ) My b-day is in 11 Days!!

    Thanks again Panini For All The Hard Work You Do


    1. Mike Black Box Elite came out last year after National Treasures. There havent been any new Basketball product released yet for this NBA season. The first product will be Panini Preffered and has a SRP of $250 and will have 3 or 4 autos and one 6 to 8 jersey swatch Booklet in every pack. The product looks AMAZING! The second release will be a throwback NBA HOOPS product. It will have 2 to 3 hits per box and will be available in retail and hobby. There will be 4 more products after those and that will be it for this seasons products. Hope this helped. Panini #1!!!!!!

    1. Did you receive a winner notification email? Those were sent a long time ago. If you did receive a winner notification email and still haven’t received your prize, I’ll look through our files here tomorrow.

      1. Yeah, Tracy, I got an email and a Facebook message directly from you. I sent you my address way back in December and I’ve sent a few replies to you on there recently stating that I hadn’t gotten anything yet and it was odd considering I live here in Fort Worth. Just wanted to make sure something didn’t get lost en route or anything.

  7. I see newly arrived cards are priority but are any redemptions being shipped out that have already had thier first round of shipouts. I’,m asking becuase I have a couple of redemptions that have already been listed on this blog but I redeemed them after thier date of arrival. When should I expect them?

  8. redemption – KINDA ?! THANKS for the quick turnaround for a damaged Kobe redemption auto; 1 week from logged in to mailed out !! now that’s customer service !

  9. Are you waiting on the Parise or Niedermayer autos for their Back to the Future card from Limited Hockey? Any idea how long before it ships out?

  10. Hey Tracy,My Emmanuel Sanders Rookie Brand Materials to 10 is live in you last update.I havent heard anything about it in my account or a email. I was wondering when they will be shipped.Or how long does this process takes.My Sanders NT silver and gold were done before the update came out.They were shipped right away.Its been 9 days now and my account is saying active.Really would like to have the card its been 11 months waiting for it.Thanks Brian

  11. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the redemptions!

    Hope you can answer a question about a redemption of mine.

    I have a J.Wall 10-11 Timeless Recruits auto /299 that i redeemed on 7/5/11 that im still waiting on.
    The thing that keeps me baffled is that i redemeed that same J.Wall auto on 2/16/11 and the card was sent out and received by me within two weeks!!
    So how is it possible that a card that is live and been shipped before, i now have to wait on for over 8 months?

    Hope you know whats going on with that J.Wall Timeless recruits auto.


  12. Dear Tracy, i have two John Wall redemptions (amongst others) that are now one year old and obviously I haven’t received them, I’ve sent in 15 reqests for follow up without any response, I have seen the exact same card on the secondary market for some time, yet mine never arrive nor do I get any reply from my follow up requests. I’ve even requested alternative cards to equal or greater value…nothing, not even a response. Please put yourself in my shoes, would you accept this level of customer service? would you be prepared to wait over a year for a product you paid good money for? Would you accept a non response to 15 follow up requests? May I suggest that you address this “redemption” issue because at the moment it is a joke and has turned me away from your product, and I dare say many others will follow. May I have a promise from you Tracy that you will personally provide the service you claim to provide in your very own mission statement, or will I receive a lame answer that you will pass it on to CS who you clearly know are useless? Stand up please Tracy and fix my issues! or issue me a full refund on goods purchased but not provided to which I’m entilted to. I eagerly await your response.
    Kind regards Angelo Pino

  13. I pulled a DeMarcus Cousins 2011-2012 Panini Preferred Crown Royale Silhouettes #d /25. It is an auto jersey patch prime. The card was damaged and I was rejected to receive a replacement. It actually had the team logo on the patch. Terrible from a $200 box. I recently pulled a black box redemption. I onto even send it in. Im just gonna sell it and let someone else go through the hassle. Any help I can get on this mess y’all have? I think Im just gong to youtube what your product pulls looked like.

  14. so i recieved a 2012 Certified Nick Foles Freshman Fabric redemption card back in October around the release day. the list that i see on this site is cards from 2010 and 2011. Is that recent list? I hope not That would be rediculous

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