Panini America Releases Dealer List, More Images for 2013 Father’s Day Promotion

There's a tangible sense of excitement in the air. Panini America's 2013 Father's Day Promotion Week is upon us. In its first year, Panini America's national wrapper-redemption program celebrated the bond that trading cards can build between father's and their children and turned local hobby shops across the country into bona fide Father's Day destinations.

Panini America 2013 Father's Day Auto Mem (37)

JUNE 14 UPDATE: We have added the list of participating Canadian dealers below in both Excel and PDF format.

There’s a tangible sense of excitement in the air. Panini America’s 2013 Father’s Day Promotion Week is upon us. In its first year, Panini America’s national wrapper-redemption program celebrated the bond that trading cards can build between father’s and their children and turned local hobby shops across the country into bona fide Father’s Day destinations.

That sensation promises to continue during this week’s highly anticipated follow-up at more than 480 hobby shops across the United States. Bolstered by an all-new promotion-exclusive set that includes rare memorabilia and autograph cards as well as some welcome blasts from the past, Panini America’s 2013 Father’s Day Promotion is prepared once again to deliver a massive impact.

Below, we’ve provided the master list of hobby shops scheduled to participate in this year’s promotion (in both Excel and PDF formats) as well as a small gallery showcasing just some of the unique autograph and memorabilia inclusions in the 2013 Father’s Day set.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance later this week for additional details on the promotion, including the announcement of a special contest, information on how to obtain 2013 Father’s Day packs online if you don’t have a participating hobby shop near you, and any updates to the dealer list.

Here’s the dealer list in Excel format: 2013 Father’s Day Master Dealer List

Here’s the dealer list in PDF format: 2013 Father’s Day Master Dealer List

Here’s the Canadian dealer list in Excel format: 2013 Fathers Day’s Store List Canada

Here’s the Canadian dealer list in PDF format: 2013 Fathers Day’s Store List Canada


44 Replies to “Panini America Releases Dealer List, More Images for 2013 Father’s Day Promotion”

  1. Pingback: Anonymous
  2. Tebow Broncos relic?! Is this your doing Tracy?! hahah. But really these all look amazing. Can’t wait to rip some backs. Hopefully my LCS won’t run out on Father’s Day as I’ll be away for the day!

  3. I am just simply blown away here. I just fell out of my chair. I can’t wait for this to start this weekend! Happy Fathers day to me!

    1. Also great to see the shop I hope to get to on the list since there are no LCS nearby. Panini knows how much i support them when I go 4 hours on a trip to get in on this promo 🙂

  4. This is going to be THE BEST Panini America Father’s Day Promotion, EVER! Sports Cards Plus of San Antonio will have Over 800 Panini Father’s Day Packs. Come by and have some fun!

  5. I sure hope you are right Tracy. These cards do look awesome. If there are no Canadian dealers can we still get them by ordering boxes online?

  6. That’s a fantastic gallery of hits for the promotion, I really like the Cam Newton. Any word on if there will be a way to deter “hot pack” sellers on the secondary market? Thanks Tracy!

    1. The packs will be part of a wrapper-redemption program at participating hobby shops. Each shop will likely run the promotion a little differently regarding what products you have to buy to get the packs.

  7. Sad to see the one local dealer I dealt with for Father’s day not on the list-and the one local dealer who was on the list last time who “didn’t have any packs” back on it again. Might have to stop at a MD store for some on my Father’s Day travels.

  8. Hey Tracy. I sure hope that you add some Canadian stores as you have alluded to! There are some big-time collectors in Canada who certainly deserve a shot at some of these cards (welll actually ALL Canadian collectors should have a shot). Just ask Karvin or my ex-Diamond Club pal Chris and they will tell you about the major support Panini gets in Canada!!

    1. Oh, we love our Canadian peeps. There are shops in Canada participating. Just got confirmation that we’ll have the updated list of Canadian dealers by Wednesday at the latest.

  9. Tracy, I don’t think I’ve ever gushed as many compliments as I have at Panini in the last two weeks or so. First USA Baseball and now this? Seriously?

    As for the tangible excitement, ask my wife. I’ve had the date marked on my calendar for months, I’ve been budgeting extra monies, and have plans to short myself on precious sleep (I work overnights) to make sure I get to partake in full festivities. To call Father’s Day 2013 epic would do it an injustice – it’s going to be SO much more!

  10. Wow loving these images Tracy! Can’t wait to see the list for the Canadian dealers but I was told a couple of my shops are getting them for the promotion from their distributors. Great job guys!

  11. Well, I am kinda disappointed. I called the dealers in my state that are even somewhat close and none are doing it. They did not have the resources to buy product to be included. MAJOR BUMMER!

    1. It’s a nationwide wrapper-redemption program. Collectors who go into participating local hobby shops can buy select Panini America products and receive these special 2013 Panini America Father’s Day packs free with their purchase. There will also be an online component at for those collectors who don’t have a participating dealer in their area.

  12. I found a shop close that will be participating! SUPER EXCITED NOW! I cannot wait until Saturday to take my son and step-son and rip some wax! Hackler quick ? tho… Are there a Game Used or auto in every pack or will there be spacer cards to prevent people from cherry picking the ones that do not if not all do?

  13. Has there been anything released on print runs yet of the inserts like cracked ice, lava flow and the Hackler special Tebow Collection cards?

      1. That is awesome! Thanks Hackler. It is the OR LESS that has me intrigued. Hopefully it will have an exact print run listed for each card. I am trying like crazy to find some of the Bengals players but they are few & far between unfortunately. Can’t wait for the list & pr of each card in the inserts sets

      2. I am so impatiently waiting on the checklist, LOL. I wanna know just how hard it is going to be for me to chase the ones I want and to strike as soon as I see them or wait. This promotion is SO awesome!
        I hope and pray you guys do something super cool in the Panini tent at the HOF induction ceremony this year! I am taking my girlfriend to the HOF Game and really want to see something cool!

      3. In my best attempt at the voice of the heavy set red head kid from The Sandlot… You’re killing me Hackler, you’re killing me! LMAO

  14. I picked mine up today. The shop is not open on Sunday. Out of 6 Father’s Day packs, I got 2 of the Cracked Ice, 1 of the Prizm Pulsar, a Tebow Jersey and a 2013 RC on card auto #/35 of Quinton Patton and the Andrew Luck NNO Card (Looks like Elite maybe?)! I LOVE THESE! Heading back for 3 more boxes and 6 more packs this evening!

      1. I took my son today and he opened some of the packs as well as the Prime Signatures boxes. He just turned 8 in Feb so he was loving it! My birthday is Next Saturday so I am getting some more this weekend for an early birthday gift! WOO HOO!

      2. After watching eBay there are certain cards that you can see a lot of and some there are 1 or not even any at all of certain players. Not sure if this means super low print runs on certain cards and players or what. I am hoping for a release soon of the list and Print Runs because I would like to do some trading for the ones I want for myself and my son.

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