Panini America Rips 2014 Absolute Football in Must-See Episode of Panini Unwrapped

Yesterday afternoon Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout sat down with a few boxes of the new 2014 Absolute Football for the penultimate Panini Unwrapped episode of 2014. From mesmerizing player-worn helmet cards to key autograph memorabilia Rookie Cards of this season's top quarterbacks, Hackler and Trout found the pulls to be quite prolific.


Yesterday afternoon Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout sat down with a few boxes of the new 2014 Absolute Football for the penultimate Panini Unwrapped episode of 2014. From mesmerizing player-worn helmet cards to key autograph memorabilia Rookie Cards of this season’s top quarterbacks, Hackler and Trout found the pulls to be quite prolific.

You can check out all of the action in the video that follows. Oh, and seeing as how 2014 Absolute Football is the landmark 20th anniversary edition of the product, we’re going to give you a chance to win a box of the product in a special contest. But first, the video . . .

OK, now that you’ve watched the video we want your feedback. In exchange, we’re going to give you a chance to win one of three boxes of the product. All we want to know is this: What’s your favorite Absolute Football memory of the last 20 years? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll give you the rest of the week to answer and award three commenters with their very own box of 2014 Absolute Football.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and good luck.


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  1. First of all I love the Packaging Because My Colts Andrew Luck is on it. Second of all I love the whole Product it’s awesome. Those Quad swatches are freaking beautiful. I love the 20th anniversary cards also.

  2. Great video and contest. For me my all time favorite memory of Absolute football is getting the Colt McCoy NFL shield card. # 4/5 My very first shield card from any football product and being from Texas and collecting Colt McCoy, it could not get any better than that card!!!! Perfect design and perfect centering on the shield! Super job!

  3. I have never had any absolute football so this was completely new to me all I have to say is that the cards looked great. I would like to win but like I said I don’t have any memories of absolute football because I’ve never had any.

  4. My favorite memory is buying box after box in 2007 going after as many Patrick Willis RCs that I could. Easily a dozen boxes I went though. Ended up with all the RCs & subsets along w/ pulling a relic & auto.

  5. Maybe not the best card out there for him but I’m partial to a Dez Bryant War Room jersey card /250. Big fan of Dez, hoping he and the ‘Boys can come through in the playoffs this year!

  6. I have never had any memories of absolute football but I like the hog heavens cards and it looks like a great product this year

  7. Never pulled anyone great out of Absolute. Bought a few retail packs over the years, but all I’ve received were base cards. Sorry I couldn’t give a more positive review of the product!

  8. I remember pulling a 2000 Tom Brady RC and thinking who is this guy? Honestly don’t know what happened to that card, but I know for a fact I had one and wish I knew where I put it, haha. He turned out to be pretty good. That’s what I love about football, you never know who’s going to be the next “Tom Brady”.

  9. My best Absolute memory was 3 years ago. I bought a box from my LCS and saved it to rip for the weekend. I wound up pulling a Heath Miller Quad Tools of the Trade Auto. It had 2 nice black and yellow patches,a piece of his shoe,and a piece of a football. I am not a Steelers fan,but this card is so nice that I still have it to this day. Awesome pull!

  10. My greatest memory of absolute football is easy – the inaugural 1995 set was one of my favorite sets of all time. I loved the design of the cards, and the inserts at that time were starting to really be unique!. The die cut helmets with the clear technology were awesome, and i loved the pairings of the quad series cards. Excited to see the 20th anniversary quad cards back this year as well. One last great memory i have of the 95 set was the packaging. The hinged box i thought was really cool, and i still have it to this day and store some of my other cards in it. Thanks again for another video to show off your great products and another great opportunity to give some boxes to lucky collectors! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. I am just getting into collecting, so i have no previous memories of Absolute Football, but look forward to making some memories of my own in the next few weeks! Thanks for the opportunity, Tracy!

  12. My favorite absolute was when I pulled a Emmitt Smith Absolute plaque jersey/shoe swatch #’d to 50 out of 2003. These were very cool and I collected Emmitt at the time so I was very happy.

  13. The best part of Absolute is the the abundance of jumbo patches. Some of the best looking patches come from this product and I collected them for a little while before I realized it was too expensive! lol

  14. I dig Absolute every year. I like the separate boxes within a box as it helps prevent people searching. My favorite memory was pulling a 2007 Calvin Johnson RPS triple game used rookie. I still have a few triple game used RPS cards in my collection. They are just nice to have. Thanks for the contest and Happy New Year!!!

  15. My favorite memory was pulling a sweet EJ Manuel patch and thinking I’d hit the jackpot with the next big superstar! Whoops(but the card is still kickass!)

  16. My favorite absolute football memory has to be 2012 absolute football because I pulled a sweet Andrew Luck RC jrsy auto & Russell Wilson RC jrsy auto from 2 boxes from the same case! That was a great rookie class! Absolute 2014 looks amazing as always! Keep up the great work Panini!!

  17. I have never had absolute football cards but i can truly say i would love to have some of those cards. They are truly awesome. I have only had football cards once and that was a box of crown royale and i really liked those as well. Panini is doing a fabulous job producing great sets. Keep it up. I will share a football memory and it is a disappointing one from a few years ago with my favourite team the Bears loaing in the finals although I don’t rememeber to who it was anymore.

  18. So many great inserts—I will say my all time favorite though is the Ground Hoggs game worn shoe insert! So sou-sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttt!

  19. I am looking forward to getting some of those helmet cards for my various player PC’s I chase and that will be my new favorite memory from Absolute—–CORRECT!

  20. Only bought one box of Absolute and that was a 2012. Didn’t pull an Andrew Luck but did manage a Luke Kuechly Spectrum gold auto, so that was ok. May try another somewhere down the line

  21. I have always like the foil versions of the cards. The relic cards are AWESOME also. Thank for the video and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

  22. My favorite memory is opening Absolute in 2012 hoping to get Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. I never got any of their autographs, but still got some base rookies that I love to this day.

  23. Remember my son asking for a few packs at our local Walmart years back and getting a patch card, but I’m unsure of who. Can’t remember much else about the brand, but they sure look nice there!

  24. Thanks as always for the chance to sound off and win Tracy. I broke a box of Absolute ON MY HONEYMOON! That’s right, I unexpectedly found myself in front of Big T’s Sports Cards in Virginia on the trip and ended up with a box. Truly memorable break, adding to one of the best times of my life. Absolute is a must-have product every year for any NFL collector! Thanks and Happy New Year’s to the whole Panini America family!

  25. Really liked the Hogg Heaven with the textures. It was very unique. Coming back into the hobby it was a bit refreshing to see something like that.

  26. I Love absolute they are the best cards to collect every year. My great moment was when i completed the 2012 rookie jumbo numbers set. It took me a while because being from Australia I don’t have the large number of card shops and was buying lots of hot packs.

    I must buy myself some of these boxes. Need some Bengals love.

  27. My favorite absolute memory has to be getting a great dual mem card of Brandon Marshall one piece of football and one jersey. I LOVE THE FACT YOU GOT RID OF THE CLEAR PLASTIC.

  28. I LOVE THE GAME WORN HELMET CARDS! Last year one of my favorite absolute cards was my Tom Brady 1/10 Helmet Cards. I also love the 20th anniversary theme and the chance at either a hot box or the roy mvp ext. Cards you can win a special set with. Very good marketing

  29. Getting a Russell Wilson 2012 Star Gazing Jersey card for my collection of the greatest quarterback in Seahawk history! GO HAWKS!

  30. I only started collecting Absolute Football on 2013 and I really liked the Hogg Heaven insert, I like the feel and and design is really cool. I’m looking forward for this Absolute because it looks really nice and I want more of Hogg Heaven inserts and OBJ’s! Well, you can always check the list twice, right Tracy? ; )

  31. Never really got into Absolute, for any sport. I guess there are so many other brands to choose from, that this one didn’t pique my interest. More into brands that have some regular rookies, not just the one #’ed rookie auto per box. That way, if you get a Joe Bagofdonuts/199 auto jersey as your hit (and a couple jersey cards), you’re not totally shut out. Very nice-looking cards, though.

  32. I’ve never had the privilege of opening a box of this.Always a little out of my price range.(Maybe you’ll change that), But I have seen box breaks and watched your videos and they’re are a few things I enjoy about Absolute.The Hog Heaven inserts are pretty cool, the jumbo patches are awesome, but my favorite are the quad patches.I saw the one you posted of Odell Beckham Jr and I honestly wasn’t sure if As a Giants fan and a fan of Absolute I was having a heart attack or a asthma attack or both….Lol…So that’s what I’ve seen and love about it and hopefully I can get to open a box.
    Thanks for all you do and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  33. My favorite memory of Absolute is getting a box in 2012 on a whim & pulling Andrew Luck autograph. The designs over the years are always eye catching. One of my favorite products that comes out every year!

  34. I was generally more of a Contenders fan (autographed rookies), but my favorite memory of Absolute is the first time I saw the 1999 Absolute SSD rookies. The acetate window picture of the rookie was the coolest base card I had ever seen. Getting a McNabb was a huge hit at the time (and compared to most of that draft class, it held up pretty well).

  35. First of all, those helmet cards are amazing!

    Now, as for my favorite memory about Absolute, has to be pulling an on-card auto of Justin Blackmon from his rookie season with the jersey spelling out ‘NFL’. That’s the only pack of Absolute I’ve ever been able to rip, and I’ve always loved pulling cards that the players autographed themselves instead of it having a sticker auto. Especially when the card has the jersey displayed in an unique way instead of a normal small box.

    Thanks again for the contest, and good luck to everybody out there.


  36. My best moment of Absolute came this Christmas (2014), i had recieved two “Rak” pack boxes of gourgous 2012 Absolute Football cards, each box contained 480 cards, with all of those cards and packs, i recieved help opening them from my cousins and siblings, we would compare every card and look for the “Tebows”. The best part was the prunanciation of some of the player’s names.

  37. Was my comment seen? Just curious as I can see others who posted after me, but on mine it still shows waiting approval.Thanks

  38. Tools of the Trade is always my favorite subset to go after every year. They oversized swatches make for great in-person autographs.

  39. We . . . have . . . winners! Thank to everyone for providing some great Absolute memories. Our three winners of one box of Absolute Football are Travis Leflar, bradygirl12 and Nick Mikulicich. Winners, we’ll be in touch to get your addresses.

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