Panini America Showcases Some of the Autograph Content in 2020 Playoff Football

Panini America’s 2020 Playoff Football arrives in hobby shops across North America tomorrow boasting the brand’s broad-appeal bank of assets that has made the product a mainstream success year in and year out. From the base set to the parallels to the inserts to the autograph and memorabilia content, 2020 Playoff Football is equipped to impress.

On average, each hobby box (eight cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 20 boxes per case) will deliver two autographs, two memorabilia cards, 12 Rookie Cards, 12 Optichrome inserts and four parallels. The highlights of the product are many and include . . .

  • Rare Contenders Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Green and Contenders Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Red (numbered to 23) cards featuring the stars of the 2020 NFL Draft.
  • The following autograph sets: Rookies AutographsGame Day SignaturesHall of Fame AutographsTouchdown TandemsRookie Autograph VariationsContenders Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Green and Contenders Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Red.
  • Look for new and classic inserts such as Behind the NumbersThunder & LightningCall to Arms and Rookie Wave all done fully on Optichrome.
  • Keep your eye out for new memorabilia sets Sundays Best and Changing Stripes.

In the gallery that follows, we offer an extended sneak peek at some of the autograph content in 2020 Playoff Football. Enjoy the preview and stay tuned for additional information.

2020 Playoff Football will be available at the official online store of Panini America beginning Friday at 1 p.m. CST.


2 Replies to “Panini America Showcases Some of the Autograph Content in 2020 Playoff Football”

  1. Surprise! No longer available. I then tried for Rookies and Stars. Logged into my account. 4:00:00 EST-add to cart. High volume try again. Refreshed 50 times. Finally at 4:09, ALL SOLD OUT. HMMMMMM. I see that Panini’s ordering capacity online hasn’t been sufficiently upgraded in recent months. This happened the last 4-5 times I tried to login to my account and purchase product right from Panini over the last few months. I guess the bots etc got to them first even though I was logged in at the proper time. Let’s just say I’ve had it with the hobby at the moment. Targets and Walmarts are being picked clear within minutes of product being put on the floor (if they even make it to the floor). Gee, when I see the empty retail display box cardboard at a hobby shop….HMMMMMMM. Waiting over 7 months for 2 KJ Hamler Prizm autos (even though his autos are available in new produc). No Black Friday “free” Promo, but new product seems to be cranked out every week.

    Prices seem to have doubled or tripled on most football products this season-and that’s panini price. Let alone the markups that come from the resellers. If you can get the product, then God Bless America, you have the right to resell it. I don’t deny you that, but if no one has a chance to get their hands on the product before the dealers and case breakers do, then what’s the point???

    I’m gonna take a break for a while. I’ve been collecting since 1979. It’s just not fun any more.

    Peace-I’m outta here

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