Panini America Unwraps the Official 2012 NFL Sticker & Album Collection

Panini America, the leading global publisher of sports and entertainment collectibles and the official trading card and sticker manufacturer of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, today released the Official 2012 NFL Sticker & Album collection.

This marks the third consecutive year for the collection and the 2012 edition features 494 new stickers (including 100 special Holographic stickers and 40 Micro-etched stickers) and a 72-page full-color album.  Yesterday, Panini announced its cover athletes for the 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection which brought a frenzy of media attention in New York.   New York Daily News columnist Seth Walder wrote a brief story highlighting the impact of Panini’s choice to feature Tebow as one of its cover athletes for this year’s collection.   

Join Panini America’s Scott Prusha and Chris Reed for a must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped starring the new — and somewhat-controversial — 2012 NFL Sticker & Album Collection.  As you will, there is something for everyone in this year’s album — whether you are a new collector or seasoned case breaker.

The revealing video includes pertinent details on Panini America’s special promotion with Pop Warner this season, information on how to finish your collections and a chance to win some sticker boxes.  And new for this year, Panini has included a special prize page, which offers participants the opportunity to redeem empty 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Packets for a variety of customized bags.

Leave us your comments and feedback below for the chance to win a Super Combo starter kit.  But just in case you don’t win, the 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection is also available at and major retailers throughout the U.S.


43 Replies to “Panini America Unwraps the Official 2012 NFL Sticker & Album Collection”

  1. My son would love to win this! He is a huge Panini NFL sticker fan! I get him some every year…especially for reward presents and Christmas. I think this years design looks great and the setup of the booklet always has a great layout. Of course I dig the Super Bowl 46 review…Go Giants!

    1. I must also say…this shouldn’t have been called Panini Unwrap…should have been Panini Unstuck 😉

  2. I love it, i think its a great way for a son and father to bond and get your young one into sports and learn about the stars! I enjoyed it when i was a kid and i hope my son does as well! Heck i still enjoy doing it!!! Lol

      1. What!!!! No Adrenalyn. That is very disappointing. That was one of me and my sons favorite games 🙁

      2. Well, is there a way for you guys to release the formula for the ratings? I might start making the 2012 rookies.

  3. I love collecting these sticker albums. I’ve got the soccer versions from the World Cup and UEFA Champions Leagues so when I get my hands on these to Australia they should be good. 😉 Any idea if you guys are looking at brining out a basketball sticker set at all? Also with Adrenalyn not running any more, will you guy’s ever reconsider bringing it back? Does this include the European Soccer sets because last time I checked they were still bringing out sets, with the last one I know about being the Euro 2012 set. Thanks!

  4. YES, YES, YES! More NFL Stickers! In 2013, can you guys have a contest for the cover boys? Just like the Madden vote! Love Tebow on the cover, thanks Tracy for the influence!

  5. Pretty cool video. I have seen these in stores but have never tried them. But collecting like this is a lot cheaper since its just stickers and an album and not plastic sheets, a binder, penny sleeves, hard plastics, and so on.

  6. We love the product. We got it for the first time last year and we will definitely being doing it again this year. It would be helpful to know the date when they should be arriving in stores. Also, about the time when we should plan to see the product off the shelves. Thanks.

  7. Went to Walmart today to pick some up…and NOTHING!!! They had no NFL Sticker or books! and no Panini Sticker books in general….grrrrrr!!!

      1. I know!!! They had plenty of other Panini product (which is excellent)…but no stickers what-so-ever. I was going to surprise my son with some.

      2. Just to let you know. Just found them in our Target today. I’m in Arkansas so it takes us longer to get things. Supplies don’t travel as quickly on covered wagon and barefoot you know.

  8. Hey Panini,

    I have collected Panini sticker album since 1987. The NHL collections are my favorites. My kids and I collect the sports, disney, and other albums now. I have to tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the products you make. We, as a family, sit down together and open packets at least 2-3 times a week. I appreciate what you produce, and keep up the great work.

    Dave from Ohio.

    1. Awesome stuff, Dave. Thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing this great hobby with your kids. There’s a unique bonding experience to assembling the sticker and album collections. Thanks again.

      1. Hey,

        Is there any news on if and when the new NHL is set to be released? Just curious. I wondered if there would even be one this year with the lockout about to commence.

  9. I would assume winners have been selected for this…but is there anyway to land at least sticker book lol???? Walmart is carrying the sticker packets…but still no books! My son has over 70+ stickers now and is storing them in card sleeves. I don’t understand our Walmart. The NFL stickers are the only ones they would think they would at least have the sticker albums lol.

  10. was just metioning to my roomate that its weird for tebow to be on the cover….now i see why.. luv this product.. im a huge football fan and bought me and my gf one…we compete

    1. Is anyone interested in trades? My son and I would be interested but can’t seem to find dedicated swap forums.
      Email me for list –
      L V S A I N T 7 6

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