Jet Set: Panini America Peeks Tim Tebow's First New York Jets Football Card

The bombshells just keep dropping in Denver. On Wednesday afternoon, just one day after announcing that Peyton Manning would be their new franchise quarterback, the Denver Broncos finally jettisoned Tim Tebow, their former fleeting franchise quarterback, to the New York Jets, setting off a social media melee in the process.

The bombshells just keep dropping in Denver. On Wednesday afternoon, just one day after announcing that Peyton Manning would be their new franchise quarterback, the Denver Broncos finally jettisoned Tim Tebow, their former fleeting franchise quarterback, to the New York Jets, setting off a social media melee in the process.
The teams first agreed to a trade earlier in the day, but the swap hit a snag with the discovery that the Jets would also have to pony up $5 million to the Broncos. Just like that, the trade that was became the trade that wasn’t. But late Wedensday evening, the two sides agreed for good and Tebow was headed to the Big Apple.

While waiting on a little closure, Panini America’s prepress department was busy preparing for the trading card possibilities, crafting an early version of Tebow’s 2012 Prestige Football trading card. 2012 Prestige Football will release in May.


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  1. It is a sad story for Tim no matter what happens. He will never be taken as a serious NFL QB. I just hope he goes to place that will appreciate him for what he can bring to the game.

  2. Well Tracy, i know this is hard for you brother but i dont think he looks good in the Jets uniform at all but if he’s has to go somewhere then Jacksonville’s probably the best place for him. Its his hometown and they might give him the respect he deserves. Lets just hope they put a better team around him. The only good thing they have right now is MJD in the backfield. I had fun on Blog Tv last night with you and everybody else! I bet you slept good last night. Keep up the great work brother!

  3. The prospect of Tebow to the Jets is positively abhorrent, and such a move has the potential to torpedo the careers of both young Signal Callers. The Jets just handed Sanchez a 3/yr deal, and inking Tebow will undermine the Jet incumbent’s confidence & ultimately, his career. Many NY fans & most of the media will begin calling for Sanchez’s head at the first sign of trouble. I hate the deal, i hope it falls through, and while I don’t expect Sanchez to become an Pro-Bowler, he still has the potential to be serviceable.

  4. As a Jets fan, he’s not a bad guy, but the circus that congregates around him is too much, too distracting. He’s a limited passer, so are we (the Jets) going to be running him in and out for wildcat plays. Crazy. It does not help Mark Sanchez’s continuity in a game to do this. Maybe I can’t see it, after 30 years following the Jets, I’ve seen a lot, today is weirder than almost any other Jets day I can remember.
    I hope the Jets come out winners, by getting a Super Bowl again, not be being the biggest sellers of replica shirts.

  5. Jags. It’s better for him and Florida. The microscope in NY would be so severe that Denver would seem like a vacation. The Jets have no use for him other than putting a fire under Sanchez. Once Sanchez has a bad game (and he will), the Tebow chants will start, divide the locker room and cause even more tabloid material than Rex could provide in 5 years. I saw it with Orton, it will happen with Sanchez. Tebow can easily win the starting job in Jacksonville and not have to worry about disappointing, Gabbert has already done plenty of that.

    1. Wow! That is extremely disturbing…and in “graded” and “ungraded” condition WITH a guarantee of authenticity?in this circustance, NOT the sincerest form of flattery. Nice catch dude!!

    2. You realize that this is an ACEO card ?(It stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals) This card is either painted or sketched not printed. That is why the back looks like a certificate, the artist was guaranteeing their work not the authenticity of the card from Panini.
      Many artists create ACEO artwork, they are small and easy to create so they can be made rather quickly. Because the standard ACEO canvas is 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 it lends nicely to sports because they appear the same size as sports cards. Basically every sketch card (authorized or unauthorized) is by definition an ACEO.
      Now, with that out of the way, this is still a situation of copyright infringement that the artist is trying to bypass with the caveat, and by claiming it is a novelity purpose he can claim fair use as an artist (though a stretch in this case). I am a graphic designer and have used copyrighted materials in fair use studies, comments and critiques (this includes my blog) and I have had my professional work used by others in fair use situations.
      In the end, Panini can request that eBay step in and remove the auction until a determination is made on the legality of the artwork but I can assure you that there are many ACEO cards out there that walk that fine line of infringement and what may seem like an easy open/shut situation is not so simple. There are plenty of examples, just do a search for ACEO in the Cards catagory.
      Obviously I can not speak for Panini or the aritst, I was merely trying to explain what this card is and not defend it.

  6. Jags for sure. Florida needs Tebow and I still think Sanchez has got something… he may need a new team to do it with tho. For the record, I do not think you can bring Tebow in as backup QB to be a “leader” or whatever. You trade for him, you play him day one.

  7. Tebow is now a member of the NewYork JETS.
    Jesus extend Tebow’s season..
    Jets fans pray ever Sunday. Now Tebow can just do it for us!

  8. I’ve ALWAYS been a BIG John Elway fan, but I have to check my feelings on this one. We ALL love Tebow here, but after what Elway did with the trade (and saying he was behind him and he was the starter), he took the first chance he could and sent Tim packing. Elway could have taught and mentored Tebow into a great QB. Montana did it with Young, Favre kinda did it with Rodgers. I know John wasn’t pulling the pads on every week, but he’s still JOHN FREAKING ELWAY.
    Last year’s offseason was cut short and look at what the Broncos were able to accomplish.
    I’m not sure Elway wanted to to help…

    1. Scott, this is one of the most compelling sports debates to emerge in many years & has completely eclipsed the eye-popping sanctions Goodell slapped New Orleans with for “Bounty-Gate.”
      In the interest of debate, why would Number-7 kick Tebow to the curb if he felt the kid possessed the capability to lead the franchise? Tebow going 1st round floored virtually every personnel man and analyst due to the challenges posed by his mechanics. This doesn’t strike me as a personal grudge or Elway seeking to place his stamp upon his team, and it’s not exactly as if the Broncs’ sent the polarizing Signal Caller packing because they were turning the reins over to Matt Flynn or Chad Henne. This is Peyton Manning we’re talking about here, a QB who is of the same calibre as Elway and who immediately renders Denver a very real SuperBowl hopeful for the next 3 seasons or so. Heart, passion and a quality running game will take you to the first-round, perhaps. The NFL is dominated by vertical systems, and the receiving corps led by emergent DeMaryius Thomas will be able to do what they do best with PMann at the helm.
      I understand, Scott, that you feel Elway dumped Tebow at his earliest convenience. But the counter-argument lies in Tebow’s ’11 numbers and is captured in film. Heart, courage and work ethic are undeniable… his ability to put points on the board and strike fear into the hearts of opposing Defensive Coordinators is suspect. Keeping Tim Tebow on the sidelines in a cap and clutching a clipboard would have been terribly unfair, not to mention unpopular with fans and sports writers. Now, however, Tim Tebow has an opportunity to impress NY’s front-office and fanbase, and I believe he’ll be over Center for Gang-Green by week-10. Nuff’ Said!

    2. I use to like Elway, but what he did to Tebow was awful. And I hope the team Tebow goes to, wins the super bowl. I’m a big fan of Tebows, and I know alot of others are. Good Luck Tim where ever you go.

  9. I wasn’t shocked they signed Manning and dumped Tebow. When John Elway wouldn’t come out and say “he is our starting quarterback” even after a huge playoff upset, you knew he had other plans. I think the biggest problem was the fact they had to keep adjusting their offense to him. It makes things very complicated if he went down with injuries and a backup comes in to play with a totally different offense.
    It will be sad if Denver fans forget about him, will you Tracy? Hopefully he gets an applaud if the NYJ play Denver in Denver next year. The same respect and response I hope Peyton would get in Indy. Tim brought a lot of excitement to the Broncos and a team that was falling into the toilet early in the season and then turned into one of the most talked about ones with Tebow Time.
    I wish both players good luck. Peyton will have a good season. Tim wont play much, but when he steps out there he will ignite. More importantly, hopefully he will help their locker room the most. I believe that is the main reason the Jets made the move.

  10. The card looks great!! Prestige is one of my favorite brands out there and I look forward to it. Can’t wait til May!

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  12. Tracy….just a thought but it would be cool to see a card with like 10 to 20 autos from the Super Bowl team….maybe different Super Bowl years….or one with 10 to 20 legends and current players from the same team….that would be SICK

  13. I can’t believe my eyes when I look at this card, just last season I ripped every last hair out of my head while incoherently babbling obscenity after obscenity watching this guy run all over the Jets ‘suspect’ defense and now I have no choice but to take the guy under my wing and support him like a true die hard Jets fan should, It’s karma! I’m getting what I deserve!

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