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  1. Lol! Throwback from Mission Impossible 2…Tracy was like the woman who held Kaimera which was also the cure. That’s why he was so weak and Chris Reed & Co. Had to help Tracy everywhere. Also Tracy was taken hostage just like the woman in Mission Impossible 2…
    Scotty Prusha the hero Tom Cruise? We shall see 😉

  2. …um…is this what “you’ve got up your sleeve”? Why not just keep it simple and do a nice video of all the cards.

    I have a feeling this might anger more people than “hype” them up.

      1. Tracy the breifcase you were holding had a sticker on it that said flawless. I was expecting on card etched platinum engraving on it ;(


  3. Tracy, you are killing us with the wait. You are not doing any favor for Panini by making us wait as our anticipation is getting larger and larger day by day. It will be a major disappointment unless there is a major surprise with the product. People are paying $1,500.00+ per box of 10 cards expecting some good things to come out of this product. That is a lot of money for a box of cards! We all are putting good faith in Panini to come through here. Please don’t disappoint us.

  4. Very funny video, had a Se7en “what’s in the box” moment and everything. Can’t wait to see the actual box breaks for what this product yields, thanks Tracy!

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