Panini America’s Bringing the 2013 Industry Summit to You: A Black Box Contest

March 20, 2013

2013 Panini America Black Box Contest

LAS VEGAS — Tuesday at the 2013 Industry Summit provided arguably the most exciting stretch of the entire show, and Panini America was at the center of it all — all day long. The day started with a stirring corporate address from CEO Mark Warsop, Vice President of Marketing Jason Howarth and Vice President of Sales D.J. Kazmierczak inside a rapt Orleans Showroom.

During Panini America’s hour-plus on the stage, company officials broke news (like announcing Panini America’s multiyear exclusive autograph agreement with Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg), shared riveting insight into the inner-workings of the company and, for the grand finale, distributed their trademark show-stealing Black Boxes.

In the hours that followed, Panini America’s Howarth and Brian Bayne taped segments with ESPN’s Michele Steele for upcoming episodes of Mint Condition. Not long after that, Panini America teamed with GTS Distribution to produce a riveting Ultimate Case Break for the second straight year.

The following gallery details just some of the day’s highlights, providing a taste of the Summit for those at home who couldn’t make the trip. Trust us when we say,  “You were missed.” Stay tuned after the gallery for details on a special Knight’s Lance contest that will reward a few of our loyal collectors at home.

We hope you enjoyed the gallery. Chances are, you’ll love what we’re about to offer a whole lot more. You see those three Black Boxes in the image at the top of this post? Well, we’re going to give them away — two through another of our Scavenger Hunt contests and one to one lucky fan who leaves a thoughtful comment.

First, details on the comment contest: In the spirit of the 2013 Industry Summit, we’re looking for your candid, conscientious feedback on two key questions: 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? 2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

Leave us your respectfully delivered answers to those two questions — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — and we’ll select one winner at random to win a Black Box.

Now, details on the Scavenger Hunt: We’ve hidden the image at the top of this post (the one with the three Black Boxes), twice amid the 2013 Industry Summit Black Box preview galleries that we posted last week (linked below for your convenience). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those two hidden images and tell us — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — on which two images you found them.

You have until tomorrow (Thursday, March 21) at noon CST to get your entries in for both contests. After the contest deadline, we’ll conduct a random drawing of all correct Scavenger Hunt entries and award two Black Boxes. We’ll also select one lucky commenter to award the third Black Box.

Two contests. Three Black Boxes. And a few things to consider before you begin: We’ll wait to approve all comments until after the entry deadline Thursday, so your comment will appear to you as “pending moderation.” That’s our way of protecting your answers to the Scavenger Hunt so that everyone else can’t see them. To that end, we kindly ask that you keep your Scavenger Hunt answers to yourself until after the deadline. We want to reward those folks who’ve taken the time and effort to find the images.

Got all that? Thanks in advance for your participation. Here are your galleries. Let the hunting (and commenting) begin . . .

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