Panini America’s Bringing the 2013 Industry Summit to You: A Black Box Contest

LAS VEGAS -- Tuesday at the 2013 Industry Summit provided arguably the most exciting stretch of the entire show, and Panini America was at the center of it all -- all day long. The day started with a stirring corporate address from CEO Mark Warsop, Vice President of Marketing Jason Howarth and Vice President of Sales D.J. Kazmierczak inside a rapt Orleans Showroom.

2013 Panini America Black Box Contest

LAS VEGAS — Tuesday at the 2013 Industry Summit provided arguably the most exciting stretch of the entire show, and Panini America was at the center of it all — all day long. The day started with a stirring corporate address from CEO Mark Warsop, Vice President of Marketing Jason Howarth and Vice President of Sales D.J. Kazmierczak inside a rapt Orleans Showroom.

During Panini America’s hour-plus on the stage, company officials broke news (like announcing Panini America’s multiyear exclusive autograph agreement with Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg), shared riveting insight into the inner-workings of the company and, for the grand finale, distributed their trademark show-stealing Black Boxes.

In the hours that followed, Panini America’s Howarth and Brian Bayne taped segments with ESPN’s Michele Steele for upcoming episodes of Mint Condition. Not long after that, Panini America teamed with GTS Distribution to produce a riveting Ultimate Case Break for the second straight year.

The following gallery details just some of the day’s highlights, providing a taste of the Summit for those at home who couldn’t make the trip. Trust us when we say,  “You were missed.” Stay tuned after the gallery for details on a special Knight’s Lance contest that will reward a few of our loyal collectors at home.

We hope you enjoyed the gallery. Chances are, you’ll love what we’re about to offer a whole lot more. You see those three Black Boxes in the image at the top of this post? Well, we’re going to give them away — two through another of our Scavenger Hunt contests and one to one lucky fan who leaves a thoughtful comment.

First, details on the comment contest: In the spirit of the 2013 Industry Summit, we’re looking for your candid, conscientious feedback on two key questions: 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? 2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

Leave us your respectfully delivered answers to those two questions — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — and we’ll select one winner at random to win a Black Box.

Now, details on the Scavenger Hunt: We’ve hidden the image at the top of this post (the one with the three Black Boxes), twice amid the 2013 Industry Summit Black Box preview galleries that we posted last week (linked below for your convenience). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those two hidden images and tell us — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — on which two images you found them.

You have until tomorrow (Thursday, March 21) at noon CST to get your entries in for both contests. After the contest deadline, we’ll conduct a random drawing of all correct Scavenger Hunt entries and award two Black Boxes. We’ll also select one lucky commenter to award the third Black Box.

Two contests. Three Black Boxes. And a few things to consider before you begin: We’ll wait to approve all comments until after the entry deadline Thursday, so your comment will appear to you as “pending moderation.” That’s our way of protecting your answers to the Scavenger Hunt so that everyone else can’t see them. To that end, we kindly ask that you keep your Scavenger Hunt answers to yourself until after the deadline. We want to reward those folks who’ve taken the time and effort to find the images.

Got all that? Thanks in advance for your participation. Here are your galleries. Let the hunting (and commenting) begin . . .

Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes

Summit Signatures: Panini America Peeks 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Autos

Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit


399 Replies to “Panini America’s Bringing the 2013 Industry Summit to You: A Black Box Contest”

  1. I like the design of your high end hockey products, least favorite thing is the amount of redemptions. I know it is up to the players to sign but some top end players seem to take forever

  2. Both Strasburg and Panini are the present and future of MLB and am looking forward to continue opening many products in the future. Keep it up!

    1. As an addendum to my previous comment, there have been a large amount of redemptions. It would be very good to have more instant gratification and less redemptions. The card designs have been superior though and the hits are eye-popping which is very important to collectors such as myself. Panini Prizm was a huge success from my personal standpoint and really liked the “Bowman Chrome” feel..tapping that prospect/RC pool will make all products that much more desirable. As a final note, your customer service has been exemplary…don’t change a thing there! Thank you.

  3. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    —- Personally, I like the football products and the quality customer service at Panini America. It seems the past year or so, the redemption process (and csm) in general has really improved. It used to be hard to get through on a phone call, get a redemption replaced, or ask a simple question. Dave (csm manager) & the rest of Panini have done a great job improving it.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    —- Its hard for me to narrow it down to just one, so I’ll say my main one and one that is secondary. First, I’d like to see less products or products combined. So many come out each year, and they just saturate the market among other things. My second suggestion is that in high end products (like national treasures), to not do the pull out autos. The preview gallery for this years NT shows some of them, just like the ones in Gridiron & Gridiron Gear. I feel that should stick to a low end product.

  4. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    Diverse and unique products. Love the basketball releases. I’d love to see some Dirk 1/1s.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    No redemption’s, unfilled redemption’s are not your fault, however you get the blame for them. If a player can’t get the auto’s back to you, exclude them. Don’t put them in future sets.

  5. I enjoy mostly Elite, and Crown Royale. Wish I could buy more. Now my suggestion is less redemptions. If the players don’t have the cards back they are not in that product. You could then insert them iTunes a later product.

  6. What I like most about Panini America? The fan interaction, whether it be through Twitter, card forums or The Knights Lance. What would I ask Panini America to improve on? Have a word to their brethren in Europe producing football/soccer cards, to please produce something for collectors that mirrors Panini Americas releases, and not just cards for kids.

  7. 1. What I like most about Panini America – simply the product. The products you guys come out with is by far the best available anymore.
    2. The only suggestion I would have is on some products just better QA – had a couple boxes of Panini Crown Royale Football – missing relic patches in the Rookie Royalty

    Thanks thou for all the products and continue to look forward buying it all the time

  8. 1. What sets Panini apart from the rest of the field is your customer service. Not only do you provide great service but Panini goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. David Sharp is a great customer service manager and someone who I can call a friend.
    2. I think that a set dedicated to dynasties would be fantastic. Steelers of the 70s and others like that.

  9. 1. What I most like about Panini products?
    I love that u guys are constantly coming up with new and more creative ideas for products.

    2. What I dislike?
    Redemptions. Please out less redemptions in your high end products. Although I will say u return cards faster than Topps.

  10. My survey responses for a chance at one of the black boxes:

    1) I collect baseball and Panini America currently seems to have the most base card design innovation compared to the three other competitors that I consider vying for my hobby buck.

    2) the suggestion would be to continue to work hard in the hobby to try to convince MLB Properties to offer you a license. I know the MLBP license won’t happen for a few years, but if you continue to produce quality product, maybe MLBP will see that you deserve a MLBP license to make some products the next time the MLBP license is up for negotiation.

  11. 1. I love the diversity of products that you offer, everything from gorgeous base cards to one of a kind hits like bat knobs, buttons, and patches. Being able to have a piece of sports history like this on the simplicity of a card is what this collector lives for.
    2. Allow select individuals who are reputable and have good standing with painini to do case breaks and allow collectors to buy into the break online from your site via streaming video and chat, additionally maybe have select painini product giveaways during the break.

  12. What I like about Panini hmmmmm….. you guys have a CSM that destroys all other competitors by a mile. Im also liking the fact that you guys are now getting former exclusives on board like Wade and Straus. I really want a USA Straus auto they look sharp. One thing I love is that you guys interact on social media with all the customers on a regular basis. One improvement is I would think about the acetate on card autos I think over time they may disappear off the cards like the ones in the 90s did. You guys been doing a amazing job keep it up!!!!

  13. What I love about Panini America is their loyalty to their customers. For Example, on twitter they help me with all my questions and I see them help others. I’ve had some experiences with other card companies where I didn’t even hear back.
    What do I think Panini America can improve on? This is hard for me to answer because I believe Panini is farther ahead than their competitors. When it comes to questions, customer sevice and/or caring for customers, Panini America does it all!

  14. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The customer service, the people. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with lots of people within the company via Twitter and they really make the company work. Putting out a good product is great but knowing your customers and being more than just a company name makes a huge difference. 2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? The redemption website. I’ve had problems signing up, logging in, and I find it just needs a refresher. I think there can be some improvement there. The ‘Panini Authentic’ site is grand.
    Cheers, Colin

  15. 1. As I’m mainly a football collector, I love the inclusion of veteran player autos. Some of your competitors seem to have forgotten those guys.

    2. My suggestion would be more on card autos. I know its a bit harder on your end, but I don’t know one collector who prefers sticker autos to on card.

  16. What I like most about Panini is how you are always moving the industry forward and on the leading edge of improvements or new ideas for products. My suggestion is on redemptions maybe find away in the contract process to introduce a signing day for players to sign their cards for redemptions. Make it a day in the off season for each sport that way the players should have time to sign a few cards.

  17. Love the variety of cards within each set along with the high quality of the cards themselves. I would like to see the number of redemptions go down related to the release date of the sets.

  18. Best is easy: Customer Service
    Improvement: Better retail products (Contenders and EEE was a good start), not everyone has access to an LCS any more or can afford it.

  19. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? Innovation and not always rehashing old designs like other companies
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Bring back foil stamping to base cards and add multi paralleled serial #’d inserts like from the Donruss days for added value to box breaks

  20. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The biggest thing likely is your consumer interaction. You folks have been great about that in recent years.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Simply put, I miss Classics. It was my favorite product by a wide margin, and the only “replacement” (Timeless Treasures) didn’t feel like it had the same legend focus. Bring it back!

  21. 1st i think panini signing stephen strasburg was the best thing a company could do that will bring more people into collecting cards. 2nd i would have panini america go to more card shows and that would bring more young people into the sport. the kids our are future. thank you panini america.

  22. The one aspect of Panini Americaa I like most is tge diversity of modern and historical players. Panini has not forgotten the stars of the past and almost every product they produce has a former All-Star or HOFer. Our children are truly learning about the history of the game when they open up a pack of any of the Panini products.

    One improvement would be less inserts and parallels to allow the collector to make a “master set”. By making the master set more doable, would entice more collectors to purchase more boxes. As a collector for over 20 years, I always enjoyed the hunt of putting together a complete master set. This would difinitely appeal to the younger collector as well.

    Thank you,
    Mitch Kalman

  23. What I enjoy most about Panini America is the company’s attention to detail. For example I am a huge Rob Gronkowski fan and every image used throughout the 2012 product line is a photo of Gronk I would personally want to frame. The photo selections of athletes is superb. Combine photo choices with the detail invested in the card design and you come up with a fantastic product such as 2012 Prizm. To date, one of my favorite cards is an 2012 Prizm autographed Gronk 3/3. Just an absolute gorgeous card to which drove me to collect the entire Prizm set including rookies and inserts. Not to mention a testimony/showcase to one of the best draft classes ever!

    My BIGGEST complaint or suggestion is to bring back Plates and Patches. I LOVE the Plates and Patches product and consistently look for it on the product calendar. Please consider bringing the product back including a version of the 2010 Panini sealed rookie patch autos. To date i have four sealed four colored gronks rookies, a sealed NFL sheild gronk auto, and a JUMBO patch auto of Gronk. That doesn’t include the twelve other Plates and Patches autos I have of Gronk, Ryan Mallett, and other Patriots.

    Keep up the great work Panini! Cant wait to see what you come out with next!

  24. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The biggest thing is the positive way you treat customers. We’re never kept in the dark, always know what’s going on with your products and redemptions and my dealings with customer service have been nothing short of stellar.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? I would love to see a memorabilia database with pictures and information on where the piece came from.

  25. I dont know why but I couldnt find the damn boxes! But the one thing I admire most about Panini is the customer support when it comes to damaged redemptions and getting replacements. I would also like to suggest an ability to maybe get cards sent to JSA or Beckett directly from the redemption warehouse!

  26. Answers to the questions.
    1. What I like most about Panini America is that you guys always keep everyone in the loop. I’ve been collecting since I was a kid and started to do so more heavily in recent years. I’ve never felt more connected to a company during my collecting. Plus you guys are so interactive it adds more fun to the hobby.
    2. Improvement that could be made would to have more shows and in more cities. Now maybe you guys do have a 1000 shows a year all over the country, but I guess I just never get to hear about it until after. I would like to come check out a show in the future and need to know in advance.

  27. Nobody has been harder on you guys than me and that is for one simple reason, redemption cards, I love your products, designs, look and feel, the only thing in my eyes that could improve, is the volume of redemption cards and the time it takes to get them back into our hands! Other than that you guys do the best job, customer service is top shelf too!

  28. 1. I enjoy the fact that Panini is up front about what they do, and where they are trying to go in the industry. They are active on this blog, twitter and other social media, interacting with the people who are keeping them in business. 2. I would like to see a little more of a focus on veteran products in sports like football and hockey, but that’s also because I am biased and tend not to collect the “hot new rookie” each season. I would also like to commend Panini on Prime Hockey from last season, as this was hands down Product of the Year in my opinion, and I can’t wait for the next release this season

  29. What I liked the most about Panini is that they’re all about the end users. One example is the expired redemption card will be honored if panini has it or replaced with similiar value. This creates value for everyone: middle man (distributors) and consumers.

    An improvement i’d like to see at Panini is having less redemptions and improving the delays in getting new products out.

  30. I love the variety and quality cards that continue to roll out from Panini. National Treasures baseball was the best product I have seen, and I can’t recall a time in card collecting where I have been as excited to open a box. The only thing I can think of to improve would be the redemption timelines, but I understand you really are at the mercy of the player to sign. I wish you guys could get the MLB license because Topps doesn’t even come close to what Panini comes out with!

  31. Panini america has the best products and the best customer service my suggestion to improve is sign David sharp to a lifetime gig at panini America he is the best employee in CS all I hear about on line is how fast and professional he is. People love getting replacements from him.

  32. I like how you guys continue to come up with new sets, while keeping the most popular ones active. I absolutely loved the strata set this past year. As far as improvement, I think the biggest thing Panini could do would be to work on making the sets with less redemption’s. I understand that it is going to be necessary, but I see more redemption’s from Panini products than anything else. And if Sa-ge can make their autographs non redemption, I’m sure Panini could find a way

  33. What I like most about Panini America is the innovation that the company actively pursues. I do enjoy it in the products, but it goes beyond that. In particular I like the accessibility and clear line of communication that is available for us as collectors. Being able to interact and be informed, whether through social media, telephone and even in person at shows is something that enhances my collecting experience. Coupled with the enthusiasm of your creative people ( I wish I had half the energy of Scott) and the attentiveness of your CSM, is a new experience for a collector of 25 years.
    I don’t want to put anyone out of work, but I hope one day to no longer have to use redemption cards. I also hope to see more on-card autos.
    An item unique to Canadian collectors would be an improvement in the supply chain, making in store promotions more readily available here and somehow reducing costs to the point where pricing is competitive with US counterparts.
    Thanks for having a forum to express myself and in being interested in soliciting our opinions. You are doing a fantastic job overall.

  34. I love the on-card autos that Panini has on several of their products, and would love to see more in the future.

    The availability of more hobby boxes for purchase in your online store would be fantastic!

  35. 1) I think Panini is the best thing to happen to basketball cards before Panini arrived the card market was stale and I’m glad you came with fresh new ideas and you’re one reason I started collecting basketball cards again. 2) The only thing you can work on is redemption times I know you heard it before but waiting years for a redemption is not cool.

  36. 1st… I think the quality of products you have been providing have given the U.S. market a boost unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning of chase cards back in the early 90’s. The rarity and level of interesting designs have given people quite an exciting period of recent card collecting experiences.
    2nd… I would like to see a direct ( even if limited) marketing availability of products on-line to individuals. Sometimes, getting products are difficult to obtain due to limited dealer availability. There are not as many distributors as there once were. Being able to get some of your products entails secondary markets and incurred mark ups. Thanks.

  37. First contest.
    1. What is it you like most about Panini America? Your desire to satisfy collectors by taking into account their concerns (big on-card autos…)
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Trying to make the cards more fun (like 90’s inserts) with the use of technology, but not forgetting these cards are precious trading cards and not toys.

  38. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The thing I like most about Panini America is the fact that they seem to care about the collector, whether it is a huge collector or a guy that can only afford to buy 1 or 2 boxes a month, much like myself. When I saw Tracy on Panini’s broadcast on BlogTV, he knew me by name because we had spoken on there before and through email a few times. He spoke to me like I was a person, not just another customer, and he tried to answer everyone’s questions. No other company shows that kind of interest in Joe Schmoe. Another thing is David Sharp, your Customer Service Manager. He has improved how the redemption process is working 10 fold. He is willing to bend over backwards to make all of us collectors happy and that’s the way it needs to be done. Because without the collector, you guys would be out of business. Well done Panini, well done.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? What I would like to see improved on is the Rookie Patch Auto’s in National Treasures. Even if a guy isn’t invited to the Rookie Premier before the season gets started, there has to be a way to get a jersey or two they used during the season to include them in that set. How cool would it be to get an Alfred Morris Rookie Patch Auto from NT. He was one of the top running backs in the league last year, and all he is going to have is autographed rookie cards. Seems a bit of a disappointment to me. As long as it takes for that stuff to come out and at the price it is selling at, the top guys should be a priority when it comes to rookies.

  39. For the Scanvenger Hunt, the black boxes are hidden in the following images:

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  40. The one thing I love about Panini America is there excellent card designs that utilize great photography. One way to improve might be waiting to release a product so there are not so many redemptions. Overall great company and keep up releasing awesome products.

  41. What I like the best about Panini’s product is your Silhouette cards regardless of sport. Simply amazing! My suggestion on improvement and this has been a problem for a long time is the number of redemptions in your products. You need to incease your lead time in getting the autographs back before product release. Example, I mentioned my favorite product is your Silhouette cards. I presently have 20 outstanding Silhouette redemptions with your company. Thanks for alsking

  42. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    What I most like is the efforts you guys make to interact and reward collectors. This blog especially is constantly updated and lets fans know more about your products and rewards us with giveaways.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    For improvement I would just say that every hobby box should have at least one good card in it. I don’t really know the process of the insertion for boxes but sometimes it seems like you have to buy a whole case to ensure getting some type of great card, it’d be nice if somehow there was at least one guaranteed good auto per box.

  43. Pictures found.
    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  44. Not sure if I was supposed to leave my thoughts in the same comment as the scanvenger hunt answer, but figured I would seperate them.

    What I like most about Panini:
    I personally enjoy the uniqueness that a lot of the Panini products offer. Panini is always attempting to come out with new and unqiue cards to include within their products while I feel a lot of other companies are happy to stick to the same old formula. There is very little variation among some of the other companies’ products which leads to products feeling stale more often than not. Panini is always attempting to come up with ideas that havent been done before.

    One Suggestion for improvement:
    I’m not sure if there is a specific reason for not including them on products, but I always find myself wishing Panini would include the odds of pulling certain cards from packs. Unlike many of the other companies, Panini does not include the odds which I feel may lead to me undervaluing certain cards that I later find out are much much harder to pull than I originally thought.

    Other than that keep up the good work!

  45. 1. I think panini is starting to design better cards in general, prizm, select, nt, all pushing the envelope of design which i like to see.
    2. Reduce the amount of redemptions in products at any cost.

  46. Thanks for contest!
    Question One: I like that there are a lot of booklets in all of your products!
    Suggestion: I think it would be better to make less products
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (77)

  47. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    i like Customer Service , i havent been given bs and run arounds when i deal with david sharp, rocio and the rest. Correcting issues arent that so hard.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement
    – Every product Panini nor with any other company makes there will be set collectors. Can you incorporate a redemption program wherein a lucky collector can obtain a set , a master set of a product …not only on 1 product but an everything?

  48. My 8 year old is a big Football fan. Watching him rip wax has been fun and by far his favorite Panini product has been Prizm football. What does he like about it? He lokes the shine. What do I like about it? My kids smile.

    I think my only change would be a focus on some consistency in the product offering. I would like to see Panini America’s successful product come back year after year with envelope pushing on parallels, inserts, and hits.

    Thanks for the contest for everyone and appreciate the opportunity to share my feedback.

  49. What I like most about Panini America is the diversity of your products. You have something for everybody whether you are more high end or just starting out. One suggestion for improvement would be to interact more with collectors by offering more off the wall contests like “who do you collect” and “where and how you display your cards” whether it is in a special room or “Mancave”. Just a thought.

  50. 1. The thing I like most about Panini is that you seem to always be working to bring the biggest names to the collector through autographs and memorabilia. I really enjoy opening Panini products as there is such a a huge assortment of possible pulls that it keeps things really fun and interesting.

    2. The one thing that always drives me crazy with any product, including but not limited to Panini, are the really high serial numbered cards. Instead of making something numbered to 999, I would suggest breaking that up into three smaller sets with some variations and numer each set to 299 or 399. I get very frustrated when I open something and think I’m looking at a real nice hit and find out it’s numbere to 999.

  51. Feedback: Like Most: appreciate the energy, and new product innovations, compared to those who have tried to turn the industry into an unlicensed lottery. Areas to Improve: Connect with customers, which you are leading. Prior industry participants were hands-off with the end user, using wholesale distributors, and retailers, and never knew who their transactional customer was. Rude treatment, indifference to the guy going to the store every week, and no social media interaction has to improve across the entire hobby.

  52. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer for Panini at the NHL All-Star festivities in 2012 and from that moment, I knew that Panini had the BEST employees within the card industry. I admire their knowledge, attitude, drive, and best of all they listen to customers. I like that Panini America puts value on customers, and they have the employees there to listen and speak 1 on 1 with clients. It creates a tremendous bond, and that creates sales and respect from a client perspective.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    I’d love to see Panini focus a bit on Canada as I feel as though there is a tremendous opportunity for a card company to become known without much work. I feel as though US companies tend to stay close, and never travel over the border. I’d love to see a better proactive stance from Panini and come over to some card shows within Canada to expose your tremendous brand.

    Thank You

  53. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  54. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The consistency of excellence in design from Contenders Football… my all time favorite product from year to year!
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Allow collectors who have submitted redemptions on your website to transfer the code to another account. This would give people a way to “trade” redemptions and would make people less apprehensive about the wait for redemptions.

  55. What I like most about Panini America is the customer interaction. Whether it be through contests like this or just exceptional customer service. One improvement I’d suggest might be occasional sales on some of the more expensive products. There are many Panini America products that look great but are just out of the price range for collectors like myself.

  56. 1. My favorite thing about Panini America is there interaction with collectors through this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. I could have easily said that Panini cards are more innovative and of the highest quality out there, and that there customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered (and I’m not just talking about card companies) but I feel that there interactions with the collectors is what actually sets them apart from other card companies.

    2. As far as an area of improvement I’m going to say something I’m sure you have heard a million times and I’m also sure that it’s not something that can be easily accomplished, and that is for Panini to get MLB licensing. I really tried to think of something else that would actually be helpful for you but I couldn’t. Panini always meets my expectations and they always they go above and beyond them. I can’t wait until I see what new and exciting things Panini has in store for the future!!!

    Now for the scavenger hunt:

    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo Anthony Select – Green Parallel (Below select and behind his name)

    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – LeBron James Authentic Threads (Above his right arm)

    As always thanks for the contest and keep on being awesome!!!!

  57. 1. What is it you most like about Panini? The quality of the cards.
    2. One thing to improve on? Make the 1/1 cards a little more unique, dont just stamp it 1/1 and have a regular one color patch on the card. Make it unique

  58. I wasn’t sure if it mattered but I did the scavenger hunt and the comments as one post. And these cards look amazing!!!!

  59. I think Panini does a great job with caring for customers. From answering questions or concerns of customers to the careful packaging of orders I have placed to securing top names for exclusives. It all goes such a long way in how we, as customers, view Panini.

    My suggestion revolves around high end product. As a collector with a limited budget, I often see high end product (i.e. National Treasures) that I would love to break, but simply cannot afford. My idea is to insert redemptions for boxes or possibly a case of some of the high end products offered by Panini in some of the lower-medium price range products. You could maybe even secure unopened boxes of popular products from prior years. I really feel like this idea is an untapped opportunity that feels like it could work out well for Panini, distributors, local shops, and collectors.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put in.


  60. I respect the quality of Panini products. I think Playoff Contenders is iconic brand in the industry. I like the fact Panini tries to get as many on card autographs as they can and are working to improve redemption times. The only thing I wish Panini would do is really focus newer ideas. Their designs are great, but when every other product is becoming similar their is less that stands out. A focus back onto current and veteran autos and harder to find limited inserts. I don’t need six different parallels of a card, but would like rarer inserts that don’t need to autographed. And my one wish for the whole industry is to have every auto card numbered so we know that there isn’t 2,000 autos of some guy (Michael Egnew and Coby Fleener) that fills the hit quota. Other than that Panini does it right. And please give the black box to a kid. They will find it more magical than an adult. I miss the magic of opening a pack like I use to back when I was young.

  61. I like that you have a blog where you can see about upcoming products, ask questions and get a response.

    For improvement, in basketball, try to have some continuity with brands so that every year you know what’s going to be coming out for the most part rather than seeing a product released and then not come out again or not for a few years

  62. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? I like how they sign up exclusive deals with the major names in sports to ensure that Panini customers get the best experience.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? I feel like this is becoming the 90s again and the market is being flooded with so many cards, decrease supply to increase the demand.

  63. 1. I love that Panini keeps collecting exciting with new products and fun customer interaction.

    2. I wish that Panini would make more on site apperances around the country maybe a local cardshow not just the superbowl and things lLuke that.

    Thanks for all the Fun.

  64. Contest 1. Question 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? I like that Panini brings you a good mix of products in its lines a mix of old school and new and cool variations within each. Social media with Panini is by far way ahead of any of the other companies. This blog is the best. Thanks to Tracy and Scott for putting up a great “show.” It gives me a sense of anticipation of what products are coming up and how they will look to make me buy more or less or a particular brand and for my unfortunately IT’S USUALLY MORE!!!! 2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? On some of the designs especially on the inserts the designs sometimes take a step back and look old or similar to the previous years but if that is my only complaint then I am very Happy.

  65. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I love the fact that Panini has really encouraged other companies to improve their product but putting out new and bold ideas. Products such as Prizm Basketball and Certified Hockey the last few years have encouraged other companies to compete on the same level with Panini. Panini the last few years has given way to some interesting inserts and some amazing promos which i feel benefit the average collector such as Black Friday and father’s day. I would have to say what I like most about Panini is that your entrance in the card market was not with the intention of producing a few terrible sets a years with a strict on eye on profits but, on producing interesting sets geared to all segments on the collecting world and encouraging other companies to step up production.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    I have a number of suggestions but I would love to give 2 of them…One, as a father trying trying to get his daughter into collecting, I feel that even in this day of age collecting is geared toward mainly the male audience and would love to see more stuff geared to all ages and sexes. Case in point, picked up a pack of a product the other day and pulled a PINK Variation Insert and she loved that card more than anything…she loved it for the color and I loved the fact it was out of /50…lol….BTW the little one loves Hockey!.
    My second suggestion would be customer service and redemption’s, I am not shy about my feelings in regards to that and would love to see less redemption’s in products and better customer service, my experience with CS has been mixed but, I have yet to get that “Wow” Factor customer service and as someone who has worked in retail and prided myself on Customer Service I have a number of suggestions on how to improve. Improvements to the online system such as making notes collectors can see in unfulfilled redemption’s every few months just to let collectors know that you haven’t forgotten about them would be a start. I am not asking CS to do things that are out of this world but, being fair and prompt in their service is all that I ask.

  66. 1) What do I like the most? Die-Cut rookie autos in Elite Edition, those were some sweet cards!
    2) Suggestion: Photos, some of the non-logo photos are a bit too posed. The solid color tshirts and hats, I just couldn’t get behind. I think there is a way to do the cards without the license that still will look great, oh and more die cuts!!!! Thanks!

  67. I like the fact that panini america has great ideas all the time for improving quality and looks of sports cards for us collectors.i love the fact i’m alway’s looking forward to new higher end product and you guys deliverthat to us collectors.

    The thing i think that most people would say that needs the most improvement is redemptions. When someone spends 200 plus on a box of higher end cards they don’t want a card that they have to wait for. I think a little less redemptions and that would make plenty of people happy and no complaints.

    Thank you and i can really use a black box since i missed vegas!

  68. 1. The thing I like most about Panini America is your passion for the hobby. It shines through in your products and your outreach to collector’s through forums such as The Knight’s Lance. I realize that this is a business for Panini America, so obviously there are multiple motives for everything your company does; but I get the feel from your company, more than most, that you take a genuine interest in the hobby and collectors for reasons that are not always financially-driven. I like that you continue to try to expand and improve your lineup of products while releasing products at different price points so there is something for collectors of all ages and means.

    2. As primarily a basketball collector, I realize the last couple years have been pretty difficult to navigate between the lockout uncertainty, abbreviated product year, and now the double rookie class. My one suggestion for improvement is to see a bit more of a set lineup of basketball products, with more of an individual identity to the products that you choose to release. I realize much of the uncertainty and difficulty in product differentiation has been out of your hands, so I am looking forward to what you will do with a few “normal” NBA seasons on the horizon. And I would be remiss to not mention the boilerplate complaints: fewer sticker autos and redemptions.

  69. 1. As a small collector , exclusive to NBA products I’m loving the large selection of products this year.
    2. Patches,more big dirty patches. Yeaaaaa!!!!

  70. Panini America has been a cornerstone in my family since 1961 when my grandfather began collecting. I have taken the torch and forged on in his footsteps. One thing that I like most about panini america is the constant inovation in your products. The constant feeling you get before a new product hits the shelves of my local hobby store, You can be assured that the product may have the same name as the year before but it will break new ground with design,color and craftsmanship.

    One suggestion I could provide for improvement would be product release. If there is anyone like myself who saves up months in advance to secure a case/box of their favorite product only to find out that it has been pushed back a few weeks is devastating. Imagine if you were told two weeks before Christmas that the holiday was being pushed back a month.

    Loyal Customer

  71. Panini America is a company that I believe focuses on customer service and satisfaction yet exceeds in quality! That is the reason I have so much respect for Panini America. I believe Panini works harder than any other card collection company to give fans that up close and personal fan experience in their own home! Every Panini box or pack that I buy has revolutionized the industry. No 2 products are the same that Panini makes and I have great faith that the next product they introduce with be of nothing less! The Auto’s and Jersey’s that the packs contain are outstanding in quality (as if each card was visually look at before being packed). The only thing I wish Panini America would improve is the ability to make a lower priced product with a high hit basis. Meaning, for the enthusiasts who do not have a lot of money to spend, they can go into a card shop and buy a pack of cards at $3.00 instead of $6.00 and have a great chance at a hit. I know a lot of card enthusiasts who would love the chance to pull jerseys and autos at the same rate or chance as the more expensive boxes. Thank You!!!!

  72. 1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – below Carmello’s right leg.

    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Above Lebron’s right shoulder

  73. Thanks for the contest, the black boxes I’ve seen online look awesome.

    1) I love the variety of products that Panini manufactures. The different products and the unique inserts in each set separate Panini from the other manufacturers. This will be proven with the elimination of the MAPP which lets each product stand on its own merit. I applaud Panini for having the integrity to make this move.

    2) Improvements that Panini could make are true for all card companies. The one that jumps out at me is reforming the redemption process. First of all, every effort should be made to further minimize the number of redemptions, When it can’t be avoided, some consideration has to be given to the collector to compensate for the wait. I suggest turning getting a redemption into a positive thing by limiting it to short numbered cards. If a collector has to wait to get a card it should be more satisfying than a base auto pulled directly from a pack. Lastly, and most importantly, redemptions should NEVER expire. After a certain period a different product could be substituted but it should NEVER be worthless. I understand the complications with this but the positive goodwill generated would far outweigh the issues.

  74. I have attempted the Scavenger Hunt and enjoyed looking at each gallery 3 times, but cannot locate the either extremely well hidden/or not hidden yet images. Did you hide them already?

  75. What I love about Panini is you cover all four major sports (baseball, football, basketball and of course hockey!!). It gives me one place to look for all my collecting needs and I know I am getting a quality product.

    The only suggestion I have is I cannot find a Jason Zucker autographed card in the 2012 – 2013 product. I know he only played six games at the end of last year, but he has had a few rookies cards in the 2012 – 2013 product.

  76. Scavenger Hunt:
    –on the Lebron James Panini Threads (in the background)
    –on the Carmelo Anthony Select green card (near the bottom middle)

  77. Wow that was hard to find!
    1. Lebron James Panini Threads card no. 76 of gallery 3 (in the crowd)
    2. RG3 Blue Chip card no. 117 of gallery 3 (above limited logo, blended with his jersey)

  78. I’ll start with the comment/feedback contest, then follow-up with a second comment post for the scavenger hunt (thanks for the opportunity).

    1. What I like most about Panini America is your energy and generosity within the industry. Your excitement related to new products is contagious and can be seen through the various social media outlets. Your generosity is amazing as well, donating boxes (which are not cheap) to benefit charitable causes, as well as giving away your products through various promotions such as this one. You’re a breath of fresh air, a company in the industry for the joys of the industry, not just for the almighty dollar.

    2. A suggestion for improvement – that’s difficult. Perhaps a surprise giveaway program? As people are signed up for your Twitter/Facebook/Blog connections, maybe you randomly select from those users from time to time to award a surprise. Could be as simple as a couple packs of cards, or a promo card of a set yet to be released, but what a nice email/message to receive that you won something.

    All in all, love the work you’re doing – keep it up! Thanks.

  79. have always dreamed of getting a box like this but havent been able to make it to the summit but i will next year no matter what thats my goal go panini

  80. Which two images you found them: 1. Special Insert, Carmelo Anthony, Photo (6), 2. Rare Gems with Lebron James, Photo (76).
    Again, amazing promotion. Cards are incredible.

  81. The best thing about Panini is that you listen and take criticism to better your product. One way to improve would be to strike up a deal with MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Topps, UD, Leaf, etc… to do away with exclusive licenses and set a flat fee to obtain licensing on a per-set basis. Exclusive deals don’t foster competition and ultimately raise prices for the consumer. Imagine if Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, etc… split the cost of, what is currently, an exclusive MLB deal. That seems like more money in manufacturers’ pockets and, as a result, better content for the customers. Player exclusives should be left as they are. It’s a player’s free will to decide who they sign for, but I think collectively, manufacturers could bargain better prices for autographs from players if they worked together and formed an alliance.

  82. The one thing I love most about Panini is the customer service/social interaction that you guys have. As a social media whore I am constantly on it and you are always thoughtful, personable and most of all courteous to everyone, even people that may not be the nicest. To have that kind of dedication and communication allows collectors to have a great experience even when something goes wrong with a product that they open. For that I give you 5 stars.

    For improvements, that is a tough one as I haven’t found to many things that I dislike about Panini products, the only thing that I have for a suggestion and I know everyone suggests this is to try and get rid of as many redemptions as possible and if not possible maybe make the redemption card itself some kind of collectible instead of just a blank card with text and a scratch box on it.

  83. 1. Panini has some real cool products and the line up of contracted players that sign your product is incredible!

    2. Although I’ve read about possible group breaks, and if you do decided to go that route I believe you should hire already skilled and seasoned box breakers like Chad Redfern & Irving Minera of FireHands Sports Cards or Chris Justice of The Hobby Box/ They are honest and great breakers, very well known through out the box breaking community.

  84. The thing I like the most about Panini America is that you guys seem to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to sports collectibles. Your products are far better then any other. I think the only negative thing (even though I know its out of your control) would be all of the redemptions. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do over there.

  85. What I like most about Panini America is the way they deliver new innovations and technologies (such as HRX video cards,the Limited Home and Away revolving memorabilia cards) which introduce us the collectors a great ascend towards new level of art of collecting.
    If we may suggest to kindly enhance the parallel cards design. It is might just me but I do have hard time to fully distinguish the parallels over the bases because they sometimes look basically the same which the difference aside the numbering are just a colored lines or a lettering that makes it a “parallel”; for a set builder like me; it is a pet peeve. but heck despite that we already witnessing a continuous improvement from you guys. Hats off for the great efforts that the Panini Team is doing to provide us a great products which make our hands itchy to bust more cases boxes and packs from your team.
    Panini is the reason why box breaking is the devil! >:) … but in a good way!

    Upperde.. who?!!

  86. 1, I like that Panini America has made cards with chrome technology like the ones in Prizm. Its nice to see this type of card again since it is really is a neat card.

    2.If possible, I would like to see Panini produce a basketball product where its around 4 cards per box and that one card is encapsulated and is considered the hit of the box. Like the previous Plates and Patched for football but this time for basketball.

  87. Scavenger Hunt

    1) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Lebron James
    2) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo Anthony

  88. Carmelo Anthony – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Lebron James – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  89. What do I love about Panini is both the easiest and hardest question because I could come up with a thousand reasons why I love Panini but I’m sure you guys don’t want to read 1,000 reason so I guess I will have to narrow it down to a few which is hard. First of all Panini has always been so kind to me and my family from the very beginning when I met Scott and few other guys at my first National in Cleveland 4 years ago and the National 2 years ago in Chicago where my girls and I finally got to meeet Tracy too after watching him on BoxBusters for years with Beckett and that was soon after he took the job with Panini(which was an Amazing hire by the way!). From that point on everybody at Panini kept in touch with my daughters and I and was aalways quick to answer any questions we had. I’ve never had that kind of friendly

  90. Thanks Tracy for always looking for us the collectors!
    1. I always look forward for what’s in sight for Panini and I Thank you Tracy for your relentless effort in giving us the juices and what’s there and what to expect of the upcoming product. Since W, my son And I, collect Basketball exclusively we love that Panini always tries to do what is the best for us collectors. With the exclusive rights for the NBA, with the signing of Wade ,with the great work of Keith and his team to improve each product, we definitely appreciate the effort alot. I guess we could say we are truly proud to be a team Panini Per say as we always showcase new products on our YouTube Chanel.
    2. Get Michael Jordan and all Is set. Snuff said.

    Good luck everyone and thank you!
    God Bless!

  91. For the Scavenger hunt

    1) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) in the Seeing Green gallery
    2) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) in the Black Box Intrigue gallery.

    Another great fun Scavenger hunt guys.

  92. Both of mine have to do with redemptions, actually.

    1. I love that when I have a redemption that I am waiting on, I can call Panini, actually talk to a person, and not only request a replacement, but even ask for that replacement to be of a specific team I collect, even if it falls in a different sport than the original redemption. I’ve done this quite a lot, and almost EVERY time, I ended up with a card I liked even better than the original one I redeemed.

    2. Redemption Expirations. I understand the need for redemptions and I have no problem with the concept of it. My only problem is with the expiration dates. Not only does it render those hits worthless, but it limits the products I can buy. One of my favorite products over the last few years has been 2010-11 Luxury Suite hockey, but I can no longer feel comfortable purchasing that product, because the redemptions have since expired. One suggestion I have is to make those expiration dates valid for that exact card, and once the expiration date has passed, just replace it with an “equal value” hit. Bottom line, when a box guarantees me three hits and one of those ends up being an expired redemption, that means I only get two hits, and feel pretty ripped off.

  93. This is a continuation from my last comment because I accidently hit the post button. Panini is the the best card company but also the best company in general because unlike other companies, they actually care about their customers and love to hear feedback from customers good and bad, to help make their products better for us customers and collectors. What other big company do u know that actually listens and cares and takes time to answer almost every question and ask about how your family is doing? There’s only one company out there that does that and its Panini! As far as an suggestions on improvement? The only thing I can say is maybe les mem cards and if you make the mem cards harder to pull, like 2 or 3 per case then just maybe that will add more value to Mem cards like they used to be. Other than that you guys at Panini are doing a great joband my daughters and I appreciate all of your hard work! That’s why u guys are the BEST in the buisness!

  94. The one thing I love about your company is that you have kept the sports card world alive and you have great products year in and out. It is nice to see and hopefully the younger generation notices and collecting becomes more and more popular. I know you try to get the players in to sign as soon as possible but I wish the redemption process was a little faster that would be the only thing I would try to improve upon.

  95. 1. My favorite thing Panini has done would have a lot to do with innovation. Although there’s been changes to products here and there that some of us may not like as much as you guys would have hoped, overall, in the past 5 years since I have started collecting again, Panini has done far more than any other brand to revitalize the card market, make it enjoyable and (somewhat) affordable for everyone, and most importantly more has been done to involve and market to youth to ensure the future of this great hobby.
    2. Suggestion….well..this is probably going to be in line with what a lot of other people will say but the whole redemption system, along with its corresponding customer service system need to be improved. There are too many instances where new cards are being signed, when older one’s still aren’t with a lot of players. Take your time with products, your true loyal customers will be much happier waiting an extra month for products to come out to ensure that there are a lot more on-card autograph’s, and a lot less redemptions. Just a short example…the first weekend 2012 Crown Royale came out, I bought two boxes to start (since I had very bad luck in 2011 with CR) and the three major hit’s out of the two boxes were AWESOME! Problem is, all three were redemptions: Russell Wilson Silhouettes Signature Materials, Alfred Morris Rookie Signatures Gold, and Justin Blackmon Silhouettes Silver Signature Materials…while I was very happy about my boxes, I was still a little bummed out that I couldn’t see what any of those 3 great cards actually looked like.

  96. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I like how Panini incorporates all of us fans into their company like a family. Giving us footage from the Super Bowl, Card shows, behind the scene looks at upcoming products and how they are made. The breakdown videos of products on the Knights Lance with Panini Unwrapped. And the interaction between fans and the company is awesome. Doesn’t hurt to have great contests as well.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    This will probably be said a million times…less redemptions. Though it may be hard to do, less redemptions in products will help.

  97. 1. Why I like Panini- You are obviously trying to improve each product each year. You care about your customers and take pride in that. I look forward to your product releases.

    2. Improvements? Maybe the website. Open Requests mainly. Would be nice to see status all on same screen instead of clicking one at a time to see status of redemptions and such.

    Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing!!!!

  98. Panini’s generosity is unmatched by any other collectibles company i know of.I would like to see the athletes improve by keeping the auograph on the sticker.Other than that all is well.

  99. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem. (76)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Thanks for the chance at an awesome prize and good luck to all of the participants.

  100. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    – I stopped collected basketball cards over 10 years ago, because they just disappeared from the stores (here in Hungary), and when i wanted to sell my old collection a few months ago, and i started to check the newer cards i changed my mind. To be honest, first it was really weird to see the Panini logo on sports cards, since the only thing i knew about Panini that they made a lot of animal, dinosaur and other kinds of stickers when i was a little kid. But i like them, it is cool to see many different kind of products, from the really simple to the shiny cards, and it is much easier to get a jersey or auto cards now then 10 years ago.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    – To make a store or storage in Europe (for me it would be the best if it would be in Hungary of course 🙂 ), because even thou you have very nice products but the shipping prices from the US are unreasonably high when we order a box or two from a US store, plus the 50% chance to pay an extra ~30% tax when they arrive here.

  101. 1. The thing I like most about Panini is that they do not overproduce their product and that they provide great customer service whenever an issue arises! I also love that Panini provides the market with the idea that everyone at Panini loves their jobs.
    2. I do wish that Panini would provide more innovation into the market. In all honesty, a lot of the products do seem like clones of some of their competitors; with a little bit of innovation, I think that Panini would be able to grab even more marketshare across all segments of the trading card industry!

  102. Greetings from PITTCON! Largest analytical science conference in America. Fun here but not as much fun as the industry summit. Anyway I like how Panini takes care of their customers. Great contests. Redemption card tradeins. NPN entries for insert cards. Great damaged card replacement folks…etc etc etc. Only complaint is lack of mlb license but tht is a minor complaint. Thanx for another great contest.

    1. I do understand that it is not Panini’s “fault” that they do not have a license. This would be the one area where, if it works out, is the area I would most like to see Panini improve in. I do understand that it is not totally up to Panini-it is up to MLB.

  103. Question 1: Customer service and the group of people that represent the company. Really carry themselves great and promote the company and hobby very well.

    Question 2: I’m sure this will the popular answer… Redemptions.

  104. 1) I love Panini because it offers the most opportunity to buy an “average” box of cards and get a few of cards of stars, beyond just the base set. I love the idea that I can spend around $100 and in that box there is a good chance that I’ll get a least a few serial numbered inserts of the guys I collect. And if I’m really lucky I bust a box like the recent Prestige box that had 4 different Aaron Rodgers cards in it. Nothing that would blow your mind away but nice to build the collection. I’ve started collections for my 4 year old twins and boy do they love Panini. Of course they don’t know enough yet that it is Panini but you can tell they are much more excited busting a Panini box than anything else for exactly that reason. At 4 they barely understand football so its all about getting the cards of the big names even if they are not big money cards.

    2) I would LOVE to see a big checklist Football product come out again. I am personally a Hall of Fame card collector. There are very few products in the market that give me the chance to pull cards of the “lesser” Hall of Fame players, ie. the lineman and defensive players. I don’t want another product that has 400 cards with 300 rookies that I’ve never heard of, but give me a couple hundred cards and throw in those lineman, DBs, LBs, etc that are future hall of famers and I’d love it. Maybe even a (future) Hall of Fame themed autograph insert. Not the RG3s and Russell Wilsons that have Hall of Fame potential, but the guys that have been around and put the careers to be worthy of the Hall.


  105. hey, tracy. i think the images are both in the black box intrigue post. the first is andrew luck’s black onyx card (image 22) and the next is the lakers triple threads card (image 89). hope i got em!

  106. What I like about Panini America is your ability to create new and exciting products. For example the Prizm football for 2012. You made a hobby version and retail version with Red Prizm for the hobby and green Prizm for the retail this allowed for both versions to highly desirable.

    An improvement I would like to see is a faster turn around on redemption cards. I currently have 14 awaiting completion. I would like to see a product that has no redemption cards in it all autographs are present and in the boxes.

  107. In my opinion Panini America cards have the most brilliantly colorful photogragphs of today’s athletes and some of the most notable people from our past. Your 2013 card variety of inserts is very impressive.collecting heroes from the past is bringing sports card collecting to a new level. Something that I would like to see in the future of Panini America cards is maybe being able to pull a president auto or relic from a pack of baseball or football. Old Hollywood actress and actors. Something different. Mix it up a bit

  108. I give up. I’ve gone through these twice and can’t find anything in this.

    Good luck to those trying to find those images and I hope someone wins.

  109. 1. Love the variety of inserts and rookies you add to all your products. One box delivers more hits for your investment.

    2. Redemptions have got to improve, you still include a lot of redemptions in all your products and when I contact your website for questions they go unanswered. There is o reason a representative will not return a reply why Julio Jones has not signed his cards in almost 2 years.

  110. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? As a graphic designer, I VERY MUCH appreciate how Panini pushes the envelope continuously, and always delivers a high quality product. Even the printing is top notch. Quality in every step of the way.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? My only suggestion would be to lower the quantity of variations throughout products. Make the hits even more rare. More valuable.

  111. i dont want to be too long winded, but i want to give some history on why panini won me over. i was a child of the 80s. i collected cards and comic books. at the time, there were only a couple brand of cards out there. my folks would get me a pack every now and then. one time they got me a pack of panini stickers. i wasnt happy because they werent ‘cards’. so, i held contempt for panini because they werent real cards. money got tight and as i grew older, cards and comic books went to the wayside for girls and sports. fast forward to 2006. i decided to pick collecting back up. i found the field to be flooded with companies and variations of cards. overwhelming. i also noted that on the backs of a lot of cards was the panini name. i automatically thought those cards were weak in comparison to other took 2 years for me to finally break myself of that old mindset and realize panini is simply the best card company out there. the pictures you use for the cards are some of the most breath taking out there. i’ve had to devote an entire album to players that i dont really like so much, but had to keep the card because of the photo used. i would never have done that as a kid through 2008. the redemption and jersey cards are amazing, as well. panini is the best, hands down. now, for my gripes, which is only one. i live in bloomington indiana. the only ‘card’ shop we have doesnt sell boxes, they mostly offer coins. i really dont know how they stay in business. i have no way of purchasing hobby packs/boxes, except on ebay, which can be cost prohibitive for a family guy like me. my normal option is a box or some packs at target or walmart locally. there is the rub-most of the incredible jersey/redemption/auto cards are in those hobby packs that are inaccessible to me. i would like to have more love shown for us retail only people that dont have the option of a real, local hobby outlet. crown royale are beautiful cards, regardless of the hobby vs. retail version, but i think we all would agree that the die cut hobby versions are way cooler. maybe having a couple of those versions in a retail pack, or loading one hobby pack per box of retail would help those of use that either cant afford $100 for a box and/or have no access to real hobby shops. sorry for the book!

  112. What I like most about Panini: The company seems to genuinally care about collectors and the hobby.

    Suggestion: Cut autos should be created from index cards and checks. Please don’t cut up other cards or photographs for cut auto cards.

  113. I just started collecting two years ago. I had no idea of how far trading cards had come over my life time. When I was looking for a way for my youngest boy and I to become closer I choose to start collecting with him. I was shocked at the cool new things that you as Panini had done to start making collecting move to the next level. I first bought a Panini product it was 2010 Threads football hobby and I also bought a Topps 2010 Triple Threads football hobby. When I first looked at the two sets side by side it was clear that Panini took great pride in their product. I was sold on Panini so what do I most like ” The fact you spend a great deal of time figuring on how to improve your product by figuring out what your customers want.Then executing that game plan ”

    So what do I think you need to improve? Well that’s a hard one I’m sure from an internal point of view you see things that need to be changed every company does. What do I see from the outside. I have not heard a major complaint from all the collectors I have come across from Montana to Corpus Christy Texas, From California to Nebraska and every state in between. You see I am an outside sales person for the oilfield and so when I hit a new town with a card shop I stop in and buy a hobby pack. It’s a great way to meet other collectors. The only thing that ever comes up is the redemptions. I know you can’t control when cards get sent back to you. This is the only thing I hear from people on your product. Other than that people from North to south East to west rave about your quality and pride that you all as company put into a product that we all have come to love

  114. 1.). The thing that I like most about Panini America is the way they interact with their consumers/fans. I also love the awesome products they produce!
    2.) I think one thing you could improve on is getting the team logos and things like that on to the MLB cards. They are already awesome but I think that would make them even better!

  115. Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit:

    Lebron James 12-13 Panini Threads Authentic Threads 3-Color Patch

    Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes:

    Carmelo Anthony 12-13 Select – Summit-exclusive Green Prizm parallel pack

  116. First off, thanks as always for the excellent contest Tracy. I will search for the images and leave those as a separate comment.

    1. My favorite thing about Panini is this blog. Granted, the cards brought me here but I feel that this blog does a great job of keeping me up to date on what is going on with new releases, hobby trends and updated information about past issues like redemptions. This contest is a great example of Panini America’s generosity and willingness to market their brand as more than just a transaction with a faceless organization. Add to that the documentation of us, the dedicated Panini collectors, which is captured in a reflective, thoughtful nature through the ongoing series of autobiographical articles (with a big assist to the illustrious managing editor, of course) and the result is a destination website for all things hobby from the industry’s most innovative company. The added value that this blog creates for Panini collectors is almost immeasurable and we thank you for it.

    2. One suggestion I would offer for improvement is a combination of quality control and continued brand integrity: scan photos of all prime memorabilia cards as they are going from finished production to the packs and upload those photos to an online database that collectors can use the serial number on the card to uniquely identify then view the card as it was originally made. This adds an additional layer of QC at your end to prevent damaged cards to make it to the packs which then results in additional cost to reproduce and ship later when a damaged claim comes in through the website. It also helps maintain the positive perception of the brand by reducing the amount of damaged cards pulled fresh from a pack, a problem all collectors can identify with. Also, and perhaps more importantly, it prevents the future tampering of these prime memorabilia cards whose secondary market value relies very heavily on the specific composition of the swatch. I personally have been the victim of receiving a card that has been tampered with in an effort to increase its market value and I know I’m not alone. Collectors in the know will be able to go to the website, locate the specific card in the database and verify that they are getting an authentic and undisturbed product. It may be a pipe dream for a company as large as Panini, but perhaps a smaller total print run product like National Treasures would be a good opportunity to test the idea’s practicality.

    Thanks again Tracy, hope everyone is having a good time at the Summit!

  117. To answer the questions: 1. I’ve always liked the uniqueness of Panini products. There’s almost never any “staleness” with sets from year to year and even keeping subsets from one year to another (say, “Initial Steps” from Limited) stay fresh with nice design work every year. 2. As with any product out there, the amount of redemptions in any of these products needs to be brought down to a near minimum. I think it’s a common thing now and it’s known that not all players sign in a timely manner, but if someone can come up with a better solution than redemptions, I’m all for it. Opening a case and getting double digit redemptions takes the fun out of it.

    I’ll work on the Scavenger Hunt later. 🙂

  118. Panini is the best in the game at innovation. I love what you guys do with your cards, especially with the Net cards introduced in Limited hockey. What you could improve on is less manufactured patches, they are just not very special, a plain autograph would be better in my humble opinion.

    Thanks! Shawn

  119. First of all thank you for the opportunity! I love panini cause not only are the products top notch but the employees who work hard on panini products are a cut above a’s well! I enjoy interacting with panini employees throughout social media, makes connection between company and customers easy and informative! Also love that you guys WANT to hear what we think about the products we will be buying. This contest is a great example!
    As for what I think can improve.. One issue I hear was touched on at the summit, redemptions.. No one likes em but sometimes they have to be in products I get
    that but would love to see them minimized if not gone for good! If any company can do it it would be panini. Having said that I also saw some numbers on how many have been fulfilled etc and I have to say David is the best CS rep in the game! Kudos to him for all his hard work! Last but not least, this is again out of paninis control but only thing I’d like to have seen would have been a MLB license. Hopefully in due time the MLB will realize they need panini and panini wants them! Great job covering the summit for those who couldn’t make it, I had planned on being there but kids,work and bills told me I needed to stay. 🙁 but here’s to next year or maybe Nationals! Thanks guys and good luck everyone!

  120. 1. I love that Panini is very hands on with their customers. You guys keep constant contact via Facebook Twitter Knights Lance Live Blogtv shows and the list goes on. You are always updating us with the latest and greatest news from Panini. That goes along way to make it feel more personal to us as consumers. I very much enjoy the constant contact and updates and personal connections you make with all the different venues of social media. Thank You Panini.

    2. I know you guys here this a lot and often but more on card auto’s if possible. I know it is hard to get people to sign their cards and on time so you use many sticker autos but if possibly please try and incorporate more on card autos into you products.

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    Thanks as always Panini!!!

  121. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony

    Thanks for the Contest. This was Tough One!~ Tx… Brian

  122. 1 – what I like most is the close relationship with the fans.
    2 – imho you should improve the redemptions, i´ve been waiting for mine from over a year.

    And the two images:
    1 – Carmelo Anthony Green Prizm from Select –
    2 – LeBron James Patch from Threads –

    Thanks for the contest!!

  123. 1-What I like most about Panini America would be their attention to detail and quality that is noticeable throughout the various products and brands that you produce. The innovative new card designs and technology of the materials used is a positive also.
    2-The one improvement for Panini America would be one that most collectors might say–regarding memorabilia if it were possible to get photos of the players wearing the jerseys or using the sticks or helmets or balls that the card has in it that would make it that much more memorable! I understand trying to perfect something that is already incredible is greedy but 🙂

  124. Honestly one of the things I like most about Panini is the detail you put into your sets and the quality especially of the last two years of the “Big Hits,” on your products. Its actually taking the sports card collecting hobby to levels unattainable by any other company. The memorabilia, the cards, the quality of work has all been top notch the past couple of years, I always look forward to the promotional sets which are my absolute favorite and I would probably say exclusively what I collect.

    On the same token I noticed that in your black boxes you reprinted a lot of the Nationals and Black Friday plates and put some Prime and I do mean PRIME pieces of BCA Ball, Draft Hats, Jerseys, etc and paired them up with autographs of certain players. Some of those guys autographs are not even available in the promotional sets, in the future I would love to see at least a few pieces like that in the promotional sets. Reason being, I was looking at how much of the set I have, which is A LOT and you know I wished there was autographed versions of some of those cards in there already and then I see them in Black Box, I think you have to make a fair compromise in between somewhere. As far as regular sets I think one of the chief complaints I’ve heard is “In the future they hope for less sticker autos.” I do too, but those are the only suggestions I have.

    Thanks for a great product Panini!

  125. 1.) The thing I like about panini the most is that very image on very card looks so cool and that it could be worth some money for how cool they look.
    2.) one thing for panini to improve is to do more conventions or shows across the U.S so everyone can see what panini is about and how cool they are.

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  126. 1. Innovation and creativity. My favorite card is an Aaron Rodgers Pylon card from 2011. 2. I love to collect, but only budget about $20 a week. Therefore, I tend to purchase blaster boxes from target or Wal-mart (or purchase into a couple group breaks). Increase value in retail products, especially the blasters. I only purchase Topps blasters, because I feel there isn’t enough value in the Panini products. I often open an entire blaster with maybe getting 1 #’d card, whereas in a box of topps, I can get 3-4. I will say the 2012 Contenders blaster box at $29.99 with 1 auto per box is a good start.

  127. The above black box image is on Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Lebron James Threads Patch Card.

    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    Panini America is my favorite manufacturer because they are always innovating. They do not get comfortable with repeating the same thing over and over again. Prizm Basketball is a great example of how Panini essentially redefined the collector’s market. They created cards – Prizm, Gold Prizm – which were valuable without autographs or jerseys.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    Instead of releasing twenty or so titles per sport per year, I would like to see nine or ten very strong products. Too many products are flooding the market, and this reduces the fun of collecting, as well as the value of the cards. My Andrew Luck Crown Royale Emerald RPA was awesome to pull, but it was disappointing to see that the card’s value was diminished by the other 500 or so Andrew Luck autographed cards on the market.

  128. Man hope i WIN this one.
    first image at:

    Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes

    Carmelo Anthony card #6

    second at:
    Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit

    Lebron James card #76

  129. 1.
    what i love the most about Panini is their continued development and also using advanced technology placed on the cards. Panini has taken the industry with its relentless pursue of great visionaries that is on the staff and leaders and always thing on what collecting should be. So I want to thank you Panini for the great work and always giving us the best available.
    More Power and more Blessings!


    With any company that welcomes new Ideas and suggestions, meaning that there is always growth everyday and every chance, with That in Mind, I applause Panini for always being open minded and its will only be a plus for us the collectors.
    I know sometimes but if there would be alot less of redemptions, which by the way i’m seeing a vast improvement on that category. Another one would be a cool insert to chase on.
    that would keep us busy and in pursue for that very thrilling chase.

    More Power To you Panini America!
    Thanks for this contest.

  130. 1. I like the fact that you guys just seem to care about and take better care of your customers in general. And it also helps that IMO you guys have the best cards out right now. 2. I would like possibly less of a saturation in the market, a few less products would probably do some good. Especially for FB and BKB, it seems like things such as the regular panini basketball or prominence football weren’t necessary releases.

  131. #1. I like that you’re another player in the Sports Card industry that is pushing innovation from yourselves and other companies.

    #2 More value in retail products and more baseball.

  132. 1. I love the quality of the cards as well as the design. Great parallels and fantastic one of a kind cards.
    2. My only suggestion for improvement might be a slight lowering of price point. It can get very pricey with some of the more extreme high end products. Otherwise you guys are doing great!!!

  133. YES! I FINALLY FOUND THEM! I have to admit that this was one of the hardest searches that you guys have ever done. But, luckily I didnt give up and found them.

    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select #6 – Carmelo Anthony Green Select
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem #76 – Lebron James Authentic Threads

  134. I found them!
    1) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – under Carmelo’s leg
    2) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – behind LeBron’s shoulder

  135. The best thing about Panini is their customer service. Between phone calls & online, no card company comes even close. Redemptions are replaced quickly & Twitter’s @PaniniCSM is a God-send. Replacements are quick & fair and the process is getting better & better. As for improvements, I think Panini needs to do a better job of targeting the mid to low-spending customer. Other companies have near equal products in the $50-$75 price range. A little effort in that area would push Topps & Upper Deck & Press Pass to the fringe. Offer 2-3 hits (as opposed to their 1 in lower end boxes). You guys have a chance to corner the market in most major sports, go for it!

  136. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    The thing that impresses me most about Panini isn’t the products. It’s how you guys reach out to your community in multiple ways. Your Twitter and Facebook presence and this blog are great uses of social media, and other companies could definitely learn from that. They use some of the options, but not as well as you guys do. Also, your use of special events from the National Convention and the Las Vegas Industry Summit through Black Friday and Father’s Day give people opportunities all year around to get special bonuses by buying Panini products and the ability to purchase some of those products online are even better.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    I would like to see the ability to purchase more products from the online store, and the ability to purchase hobby packs. Retail products are fairly easily available almost anywhere (Wal-Mart, Target and many other retailers abound). However, many of us cannot find hobby stores nearby, other online options for buying packs incur very high shipping fees, and our local stores don’t always have what we’re looking for. Not everyone can afford to buy a box of hobby product, or maybe thy only want a pack or two of each new product. Give them that option!

  137. 1.Love that keep dropping great looking products
    2. Keep being you
    “scavenger” #18,36
    you guys did an awesome job yesterday and provided lots of laugh looking forward to seeing what the future brings

  138. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    What I like most about Panini is the great exclusives. It sets you apart from others. Like your exclusive autograph rights of Stephen Strasburg for example.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    A suggestion I would give for improvement is having your blaster packs have a guaranteed relic, or an exclusive bonus card. But I understand you cant just give all the good cards away 🙂

  139. OK, 5th times a charm! I still think it wasn’t ther before : )
    1. Carmelo Select (6) bottom middle
    2. Lebron Threads (76) on top of his right shoulder

  140. What I like about Panini is their committment to me…the fan of collectibles. You all are great at communicating what is happening, what is coming out, great pictures, stories to get me the fan, excited about items even before they are out, and I think your cutting edge!!! If you were to change anything it would be to list the odds of particular cards on the back of the packs better, like Rookie Auto relics 1:100, yours usually just say like All Star relic (300 cards) and get the entire checklist out there also, but even if you don’t I will still buy your product religiously!!! So in closing I can only say, PLEASE PICK ME for the 2013 Black Box, I have tried and tried your scavenger hunts with reading glasses and maginfying glass but it seems this is my only chance of winning on of these beautiful boxes!!! Thanks for your consideration and everything Panini does for this industry!!!

  141. 1. Panini’s customer service is tops in the industry. People are helpful and knowledgeable.
    2. Minimizing the number of redemptions going forward would be greatfor the consumer, and cut down on the back-end work and expenses for Panini employees.

  142. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? Absolutely the level of customer interaction. From the blog and twitter to being available at several shows during the year, everyone that I have encountered from Panini has a love for the hobby and respect for the collector. The additional time taken, care shown and superior products makes you the best.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? More options for children. While my daughter loves the sticker albums, cost is often prohibitive for a young collector. And especially at larger shows (where many people are there with their families), it would be great to have giveaways just for the kids. We adults promise to only complain a little bit!

  143. The thing I love most about Panini is their devotion to the products they make and the support they put behind them. So many designs and innovative hits from Certified’s HRX to Prime’s Laces and NT’s Buttons show a creative department who really cares. I also appreciate my “” account and how easy it is to contact good people and resolve things.
    The thing I would like to see added as a set collector and someone who breaks many personal boxes is the addition of a smartphone or tablet app which acts as a checklist and redemption center. I wish the backs of cards contained a barcode or qr code which I could scan with the camera on my device and the code will check off live cards or activate redemptions. A ‘My Panini America Mobile’ if you will. Perhaps you could scan in box IDs too so you can see how many boxes I break and offer rewards or discounts.

  144. Okay, I think I found the two hidden images in the following:

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo Anthony
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – LeBron James

    Thanks again for the contest!

  145. I like the quality of the cards from Panini. Every now and then you get a Panini chip, but overall the condition of the cards out of the pack are usually excellent. I think you guys blow Topps away with relic content. When you put National Treasures next to Five Star, NT blows it away. I also like the bonus programs like Fathers Day, Black Friday, National, etc…If you could incorporate this type of thing with a wrapper redemption type program, I think that would be a lot of fun. As far as improvement goes, most of our gripes with Panini are with redemptions. It would be nice if redemptions were more of a an exception rather than the rule. I think that how you handle the process is good, just wish there was less of them.

  146. I think panini keeps people wanting more and has the most loyal collectors. It’s great that panini is involved with customers,that you make videos and from time to time stop in a blog room to see peoples reaction to product. It’s also fun to get involved with the giveaways and get updated on new product pictures. Keep it up panini i plan on staying loyal.

    The improvement part would have to be redemptions. If the more expensive product had less redemptions that would be great. People are very excited to bust panini product just not so much the redemptions. Panini keep up the hard work and maybe someday together we can fix the redemption problem. black box winner please

  147. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    I really like the variety of products this year. From what I have seen so far Panini Select will be my favourite product this year. The Select Stars Patches look awesome.
    I appreciate the interacting with your fans through your blog, all the previews which are so much fun to look through and the looks behind the scenes and all the contests. Great work!

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    The only two things I’m not so happy with are the percentage of sticker autos in your products (a lot of designs would look even better with on card autos) and the return time for redemptions. It is really annoying if you pull a redemption for a big card out of your products and the have to wait almost a year to have it in hand. It would be nice, if you can atleast give some more details, why it takes so long. Some informations like “we are waiting for the player to return the card” etc. that will be shown, when I redeem my card online.

    Greetings from Germany

  148. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I like how Panini cares about their customers. It’s almost every week there is a contest giving away boxes, plus the haul of stuff sent for Chris J’s end of the year giveaway at the Hobby Box.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    It would be nice for there to be less redemtptions.

  149. Well what I like most about Panini America is……..hmmm…everything! As of October 2012, I had never heard of Panini American nor knew nothing about your product. See it had been 20 years since I had collected cards and for some reason intrigue drew me back into the hobby.

    Then of course I stumbled onto your product and let me tell you that Panini blew me away. Topps Who??? Between the design, the photography, look, feel, colors, you name it I couldn’t get enough of your product. But that’s not what I love best. What I love is your customer service and how you guys are constantly giving back to your community.

    I have had a few minor issues in the past 6 months but each and every time you guys were quick to answer if it was via email or twitter and resolve the issue without question. Then there is the constant giveaways you guy offer to your loyal customers, card breakers and card shops. It never ends.

    To me, you guys are on an island all by yourself. You embrace the product, customer and treat everyone like they are part of the family. Topps doesn’t do that. Your lucky to get a response to an answer within a few weeks if your lucky. Heck, recently the abandoned their customer service twitter feed for reasons unknown.

    So I could go on and on about how you guys “ROCK” but you get the idea.

    As for improvement, I have only one suggestion and that is in the autographs inserted in some of your products. I love the fact the you guys offer (6) six autos even thought the box states (5) five in Panini Contenders Football. The problem is usually 5 of those 6 are players no one has ever heard of or some obscure player on the practice squad. My feeling is I would rather have 3 or 4 quality players or studs than have a surplus of autos that have no more value than the base they are hidden in between.

    Other than that, to all the men and women at Panini America, JOB WELL DONE !

    Thanks. You have a loyal customer and collector for life. Sorry Topps!

    Scott Frost

  150. Awesome, but hard contest! C’mon Black Box!

    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select #6 – Carmelo Anthony Green Select
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem #76 – Lebron James Authentic Threads

  151. What I like most about Panini is their willingness to listen to the collectors. This blog is a great example. The interaction and dialogue which is brought about through this blog is what this hobby needs and I thank you for it.

    My suggestion for improvement is less sticker autos!

  152. 1. I love that Panini is constantly innovating and trying new things. For example, the home and away rotating jersey cards are unique and exciting.
    1.a. I love that you offer contests like this one, as well as promos through iCollectPanini. The Super Bowl and Black Friday promos were phenomenal.
    2. Most people will say “more on-card autos”, and I agree, although I understand the need for sticker autos. However, there is nothing worse than a sticker auto that is on top of an action shot. Stickers can look fine when they are “framed” well on a card. Keep improving with more on-card autos (not just for high-end products), and continue to incorporate design elements that make sticker autos more visually appealing.

  153. 1. I really enjoy Panini creative team and the look of the sets and products produced. New innovations like Home and Away jerseys that can be flipped and Prizm technology are incredible. I also feel Panini is always giving back to the collectors and makes the best use of social media.

    2. what i think can be improved is the amount of products released. it feels like a huge over saturation of the market. I understand the companys goal is to produce and be proftiable, but it is very hard for a collector to keep up, when a new product is released within 2 weeks of the last one. I think fewer set will ultimately drive the collectibility factor. I much rather try to collect 10 andrew luck rookies then the 20+ currently out by just one company.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  154. 1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select #6 – Carmelo Anthony Green Select
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem #76 – Lebron James Authentic Threads

  155. Wow very cool…. would like to go someday. Anyhow here are my answers:

    1.What I love about Panini is that they have so many types of cards and brands that go from low priced to high priced making it so all collectors young and old can collect for as long as they want.

    2.One thing yoou could improve on is you could get (guarantee) more autographs in blaster boxes.

  156. Wow you guys made this one tough!!!
    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron James, in the stands
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony, right below the “Select” logo.

    What do I like best about Panini? The giveaways of course! Also you guys usually have the sickest cards on the market.
    Where could you do to improve? Well, this is by no means a Panini only problem, but your customer service department could be a little nicer.

    Thanks guys! Hope I win!

  157. The main thing I love about Panini America is your interaction with customers through all the social media, especially BlogTV. I know of no other manufacturer’s that have done this or would. I’m sure redemption’s are the biggest issue. You guys have come a long way in a short time. I know most of it is on the athlete, therefore I am quite content!

  158. What I like most about Panini? This is actually an easy one for me. What I like most is the high quality of the cards you produce along with the great photos used within the products. In addition would be the creativeness of the products such as the die cuts, button cards, etc. Including what you did with National Treasures BB, you created without an MLB license in my opinion, the best product of the year for baseball.

    In my opinion there is nothing you need to do to your products, just please keep up the creativeness and you will be fine. Keep pushing the envelope for cardboard and I will keep coming back for more and more! Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for creating such awesome products!

    Joe Reynolds

  159. 1. I love the customer service and the quality of the cards. You can really tell the hard work put into each release.
    2. Less redemptions and maybe more affordable products with better card thickness like a NBA Limited thickness in a $100.00 product!

  160. I have just been a browser until this promotion came up. Way to suck me in guys, with SICK cards!

    1. What I like most about Panini is that you are always looking for ways to make cards better looking. Every year brings new surprises and I can’t wait for next years product already!

    2. You could (along with every other card company) improve your redemption process. It just takes too darn long to get most redemptions, if we get them at all.

    Ok, on to the scavenger hunt. The first one is on the Carmelo Anthony Select Green slide #6, and the second one is the Lebron James Authentic Threads slide #76 to the left of his head.

    Crossing my fingers….

  161. Carmelo – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select Green #6
    Lebron – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem Patch #76

  162. Contest 2. Man another tought one…not sure about the second one, but thanks again Panini.
    Number 1 from Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Panini Threads Authentic Threads LeBron James
    Number 2 from Summit Signatures: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Autos (51) – Glass Cleaner Auto Dikembe Motombo

  163. Slide 76, Lebron James Threads, and slide 6 Carmelo Anthony Select.

    I like that Panini has promotions like this that allow us simple folk a shot at untouchable products like this.
    Panini could improve by finding some way to cut cards with some sort of consistency. I get cards that are centered like 75/25 all the time. Kind of a bummer.

  164. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    The high quality of the cards and the wide variety of products.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    Less redemptions and more baseball!

  165. 1. Great cards and the great customer service!! Keep up the great work guys!!
    2. I would love to see a bigger NFL set that features more players and less “hits”. A basic cheap set divided into a couple different “series” that features a huge range of different players. Guys that don’t normally get an love in the card business! Being a Raider fan I would love to able to pick up a Jared Veldheer card for example. It wouldn’t need any big “hits”. A couple cool looking old school insert sets and maybe an auto every 3-4 boxes. But a huge base set!!

  166. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America ? . I like the variety of football brands . I put master sets together and being medically retired from the Army you guys make sure I am kept busy .
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? I would like to see less redemptions . I would also like to see more focused on the military ( I am a Veteran) .. Have a military set and then have inserts called Ground Pounders ( RB’s ) , Fast Movers (WR’s/TE’s), Incoming ( Players good in the redzone ) and Fire for effect ( QB’s )

  167. One pic is in the pic with the pack with Carmelo Anthony on the top. Panini America 2013 industry summit black box select (6). The other pic is on the Lebron James patch from panini threads it is to the left of his arm. Panini America 2013 industry summit black box mem (76). Thanks for this awesome contest!!!

  168. Hmmm…. What do I love about Panini… Let me count the ways! You consistently strive for improvement – using innovative technology (like Prizm and now Select), signing exclusives with the biggest stars, and you are constantly trying to find ways to keep your customers happy, (like this!).

    Improvement… Well I am sure this is going to sound like a broken record once all the comments have posted, but the redemption process could use some help. We wait a REALLY long time for most of them. Sometimes players don’t sign and we never get them at all. When we pull a redemption, believe it or not we get attached to them. Its a downer waiting so long. There has got to be a better way.

    The scavenger hunt pics are hidden in: Seeing Green #6: Carmelo Anthony Select and Black Box Intrigue #76: Lebron James.

    I will be waiting to read my name on the winners list. 🙂 Just kidding (kind of), good luck everybody!

  169. Carmelo Anthony – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)


    LeBron James – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  170. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? Everything…lol. As Panini knows I have a lot of support for them. First off, they are the ONLY company that will respond to your Tweets, Facebook posts and posts on this blog. Panini cares about their customers and you can tell and feel it. And they do a ton of fun contests to interact with the fans as well. Not to mention continuing to improve every product out on the market and coming up with new innovations to do so. I have been impressed since finding this blog and finding out more about Panini and their products. To me, they TOPP all others.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Email responses and redemptions. Sometimes I will drop an email question to some Panini employees and I may or may not get a response. I know there are probably 100’s of emails a day but it would be nice to get a response once in awhile. And redemptions..well are redemptions.

  171. 1. I appreciate bringing back old school people in new products! Really has helped me get back into collecting new product. 2. On the same topic I know it would hard to do but it seems like some of the same photos have been reused multiple times in my case with Toni Kukoc. So if there is a way to add more variety to the old players pictures it would be appreciated.

  172. Thanks for the Contest.I hope iam allowed to join too since iam from Germany.

    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    Many new Cards.Some people think it is too much but as a Player Collector it is really great.
    I really do like the Prime Patches Panini brings out.Like in Past & Present or Gold Standard.Those look amazing.
    Panini also bought something completly new to the Collectors with the Gold Standard Product.For me its the best Product which Panini made! Keep it going!

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    Please use more different Photos for your Cards.There are many Cards which have exactly the same photo like on other Cards.
    Plus i would love to see bigger Prime Windows on some Prime Cards (like Past & Present Gamers).

    Oh,and make more Rasheed Wallace Cards in the upcoming Products 🙂

  173. Comment portion of Contest:

    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I really enjoy basically everything about Panini. I mainly collect football and basketball, and I am very happy with the products you guys have out. Very good quality stuff that offers a wide range of things for all young, old, recreational and hard-core collectors. Many different choices that should be able to whet everybody’s appetite for trading cards. As a person who has collected since I was young, its really neat to see all the products that I grew up with coming back new and improved, especially the new Select.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    The only suggestion I would have is possibly putting more emphasis on your current and most popular products year to year. It seems like theres a lot of new products that come out all the time. Although, I know as a company you are probably looking for the next new big product to make a huge splash, I feel that some of them may saturate the already good amount of products you guys have. I know Prizm is a huge success and vastly popular (and I agree), but other products, such as just Panini Basketball arent really necessary. That if you added those autos and inserts to products you already have versus create a whole new product, it would be more worth the while.

    Those are my opinions, maybe you like em, maybe you dont. Either way, thanks for the great contest and keep up the great work! And congrats on the success it seems you had at the Summit this year. For what its worth, you guys are doing an amazing job and have me almost Panini exclusive with my trading cards now.

  174. I think I found them!

    #1 Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Carmelo Anthony Green Select Prizm

    #2 Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)
    Lebron James Authentic Threads Patch

  175. ed reed jersey and andrew luck auto logo

    1) I like the customer service from panini. I loved talking with Mr. Porter (I believe) at the panini booth in Houston
    2) I would create a stockpile of autos so you won’t have as many redemptions in your products.

  176. What I like most about Panini America is that they keep every card collector informed on what’s going on with Panini and I also really love their cards that they produce every year. I’ve always loved Panini since Gold Standard came out. I’m still a little bit new to collecting but Panini was the first brand that got me really interested. 1 thing I think Panini can improve on is have more Jumbo patches in your products. Especially Panini Black, since I hit an Andrew Luck Gold in that product and I like that product a lot. I think your customers would love it a lot if there were more. Panini please keep producing more great cards for me to collect!

  177. The images are hidden in “Seeing Green” Carmelo Anthony slide 6 and “Black Box Intrigue” Lebron James slide 76.

    I like that with Panini there is always something exciting coming up. You keep the hobby interesting in an otherwise boring market. I also like the fact that you know the importance of short prints and dont flood the market with every single card you produce.
    I wish there was some way to improve production technology to reduce bad centering and rough cuts. I found this to be a particularly bad problem with prizm football.
    Cant wait to see who the winners are!

  178. Tracy Hackler, you about made me lose my mind trying to find these this time. Hope I win a box since I won’t be able to see straight for days 🙂

    Carmelo Anthony – Select Photo # 6 of the Seeing Green gallery
    Photo URL:

    LeBron James – Authentic Threads Photo # 76 of the Black Box Intrigue gallery
    Photo URL:

  179. I think you guys are probably the most innovative in the business. I like how it seems like you are always trying to be the best at what you do while the other companies keep on producing the same thing they did the previous year. And you are constantly releasing new products – like the new crusade cards that I am looking forward to 🙂
    I’ve had some problems with replacements for damaged cards. It seems strange that you would run out of non-numbered base cards so soon after release of a product. Of course, it would be better if the cards were not damaged in the first place.

    Scavenger hunt time. The first is…. Drum roll please… Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James in the Grandstands. Second… Seeing Green Select Basketball (6) Carmelo Anthony just below the Select emblem.
    Gotta say, this one was HARD! The glare from all the “shinieness” made it hard ;), not to mention the holograms from the stickers, “Panini Authentic” stamps, and the clear wrappers on the greens. Well played!!! I have every slide now memorized!

  180. 1. What I like most about Panini America is the customer relations excellence. Especially when you compare Panini to the “other guys”. Leaps and bounds ahead of every other brand.

    2. The one thing I would say to improve, and focus on, is reducing the number of products overall. Especially in football… Even if it’s just doing away with 3 or 4. I hate seeing the watering down of cards. The market is flooded to a point that if this many products continue to hit… within 2 or 3 years the hobby will crash again. Less products means more time to concentrate and improve upon the great ones you guys already make. We all want quality over quantity in this hobby. Lately all we get is quantity.

    Keep up the great work, guys. Take care.

  181. The thing I like the most about Panini America is that they seem to be making an effort to be accessible to the average person. Not just names but faces also. They care about what the consumer thinks while, in my experience, the customer service(?) of one of their main competitors who shall remain nameless, WILL NOT respond to any attempts at contact whether by phone, email, or social media. This contest is a perfect example of Panini’s effort in this regard.
    If I had to make a suggestion for improvement, I think it would be reduce the number of products for each sport. From a collectors point of view, I can appreciate the need for the lower and higher price points to make it affordable for all but sometimes the market seems a little diluted. Thanks for listening and pick me please.

  182. Comments & Suggestions
    First off, thank you Panini for giving a chance for collector’s to win these boxes without having to attend the Summit. I want to say the best thing I like about Panini America is the public relations (Tracy Hackler;). I love it when I have a question on a Panini football card, I can just shoot Tracy an email. Not to mention the Panini America Knight’s Lance Blog is stupendous when it comes to product details and what to expect when it comes to breaking some wax. Another awesome feature about Panini America’s public relations is that there are NPN contests all the time every time a new product comes out! With my limited budget, it’s a nice treat to win something for free. I want to say keep up the great work Panini when it comes to public preformance. One thing I would like to see start happening is the embracement of redemption cards. Sure no one likes pulling one with the blank white border and the scratch off code number. But maybe…Panini could spice things up a little bit. If the redemptions were more colorful they would be more fun. For instance, a Trent Richardson 2012 Contenders auto redemption would have an action picture of him on it with a Browns logo ghosted behind it- Or like a Bernard Pierce 2012 Crown Royale redemption would have a picture of him hoisting the Vince Lombardi with confetti everywhere. I think you get the idea. As a collector this would really mean a lot more to me the next time I pull a redemption card. Something to think about -Thanks again for another generous giveaway. Good luck to all!

  183. 1. The thing I like the most about you guys is your incredible variety of designs and how you always incorporate new ideas into your products.
    2. My suggestion would be to get redemptions sent out in a more timely manner. Many of us collectors wait a year or more for most of our redemptions.

    Thanks for the contest guys!

  184. Comment Contest

    What I like most about Panini is their amazing customer service. You know this company cares because they go out of their way to do everything for the customer. I mean, look at all these blog contests for free product, not to mention the #PaniniWildCard contest during the NFL playoffs. All the free product they have given away probably is the equivalent of many cases, but they do it because they care about their customers. If a company has poor customer service, I will always avoid them. I don’t care how good their product is. Now by that, I’m not saying Panini’s product is bad, it’s actually top notch, however I’m just saying that customer service is that important to me.

    My one suggestion for an improvement would probably have to be to work on eliminating sticker autographs. I understand that it’s extremely tough to get a product made and then be able to get the player to sign, but it makes the product that much better for the customer. I honestly hate when I get autographed cards that aren’t directly on card. It’s like the card wasn’t meant to be autographed and someone just stuck a sticker on it to make it more important.

  185. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James Threads

    1) I like that Panini seems to listen to fans and try and do things (like the scavenger hunt) to get more fans involved in their products. I also like how they’re starting to make GU windows bigger along with nicer patches.

    2) Maybe some improvements I would like is more serially numbered inserts that people would want to collect (aka like 90s basketball inserts).

    Thanks for the contests as usual!

  186. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    Panini America has an unlimited amount of enthusiasm for their products, the hobby, and its customers. The promotional programs that you put together for events such as the annual Industry Summit and National Sports Collectors Convention are top notch.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    I believe that Panini America needs to start approaching their products with a unique perspective in mind. Many of your products repeat the same aspects over and over again. The product titles may change, but in the end its nothing drastically different from what we’ve seen before. 2012 Cooperstown Baseball is one of the products in which Panini did take a unique approach. I really enjoyed opening that product and reading the back of the cards. Finding cards that have backs worth reading in today’s hobby is very difficult. Highlighting not only the players, but the historic town and memorabilia that’s inside the Hall of Fame was a great idea. This is something I wouldn’t mind seeing done with football, basketball, and hockey. I know its possible for Panini to pull products like this off, and with all of your enthusiasm it shouldn’t be a problem.

  187. Found the hidden images in:
    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron Patch card
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony green card

    My eyes hurt!

  188. Panini has really been an interesting change for me. I believe what I like best has been the way that products have evolved and improved over the year… always something new and interesting. I do wish that the products were a little more limited in number, but with a broader number of insert sets with more on-card signatures

  189. 1. they always kind customer service, always renovating equipment for the newest designs and the variety of items.
    2 I wish you would wait until u have the card before u put it in a box, people dont want to pay hundreds of dollars for something they have to wait 8 months for

  190. 1) Really like the way you are stepping up your customer service, and attention to collectors wants. 2)I would like to see improvement in quality control, the thicker black bordered cards, such as in black show considerable chipping. Thanks for this opportunity.

  191. Doing my daily check in of The Knights Lance I came across this contest. Awesome this should beeasy answer 2 questions no problem.
    1. What is it you like most about Panini America? thats easy,CSR (the BEST in the business), all the awesome giveaways, no wait the great products, what about the NPN program, the weekly redemption checklist, and of course Hackler and pals busting boxes?
    Ok lets skip this and move on to question 2 it should be easier, or so I thought.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Well with everything I like what is there not to like? Ahhhhhh REDEMPTIONS thats a no-brainer. Or is it?
    Well I was going to go and hangout at my LCS for a couple of hours anyway, let me poll all the guys that show up for what we call “new release Wednesday”. Maybe I will get a better idea of what to pick. Well the usual suspects were there and actually agreed to the answers I came up with. Suprisingly enough, even what we will call “that guy” you know, the one that can buy a box get an Andrew Luck 1/1, a RGIII patch auto /25, AND a Walter Payton auto and still not be happy actually agreed with something for once in his life.
    Here is what I (we) came up with.
    #1- INNOVATION- Not only through development of cards like the HRX or lines PRIZM but also the ability to keep the products we have grown to love (contenders, elite, etc) fresh and new without so much change to make them unrecognizable.
    #2-YEP REDEMPTIONS- The need for them is completely understood. Release dates for products, atheletes schedule and other factors. The main issue I find is that newer ones sometimes get filled before older ones, I am talking about athlete A’s 2012 BBB card is shipped while many are waiting for athlete A’s 2011 BBB rookie card. I do understand that some are on-card and that is fine, I can wait longer. But if both are stickers I feel the older ones should be fulfilled first.
    Thanks for your time and sorry to be so long winded.

  192. The thing I love about Panini is I will go spend my birthday or Christmas on a box because I know how fun it is to bust it open with my family! One thing for improvement is to just make sure that you dont have so many one color patches!

  193. I like how panini continues to be innovative in making americana and changing it up every year with new features like the tuskogee airmen
    Improvement wise.. less redemptions

  194. 1. I like the products u make
    2. I would make a new card with a piece of a game used backboard. If you get a part of the logo or any part that is two colored it would be a patch

  195. 1. What do I like most about Panini America? It’s simple. It’s the fan interaction and the unbelievable contests that are run on Twitter, Facebook, and the blog. You honestly don’t have to run contests, but it truly shows you all really appreciate all the collectors out there of your products by giving them a chance to win some of the harder to acquire products (especially the ones that sell out like crazy like Prizm). It also gives a chance for people who normally can’t afford the really high-end products a shot to acquire a box, or the hits from the “Unwrapped” videos that showcase the new products.

    2. Score Hockey needs a few “#’ed hits”. I noticed that Score Football has the #1/1 printing plates in it. Why can’t the Hockey have them as well? Same with the Artist Proof inserts and other low #’ed parallels. I know that printing prices can be an influence on what can be added, but if you’re doing the Score Football for the same price as Hockey packs ($0.99), why can’t the hockey fans have a few #’ed inserts at least? You know, maybe “Artist Proof #/25, Red Light #/10, & #1/1 Printing plates” or something like that (#’s can always be adjusted to the overall set print run of course). I think that would increase the value of the box breaking big time IMO as people would want to chase down the parallels of their favorite players. Plus, since we had half the season axed, and several hockey products get cut because of that, you need to start the 2013-14 hockey card season with a BANG, especially with the double rookie class!! Heck, I’d have no problem if the pack price was raised to $1.25 if we could have some #’ed inserts since this is normally a 500+ base set (over 100 more cards than Football).

    Scavenger Hunt part:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  196. 1. I love that Panini brings out the best products in the card collecting industry. I love to collect basketball and football, and Panini is ALWAYS my 1st choice. I also love that whenever I buy a box from them, I usually get a PC card and will hold onto it. It’s just a thrill opening Panini products! The best part of them all, is that my dad and I get to open them together. He got me into collecting, and whenever he gets the chance to get a box, he does and we have a blast opening Panini products together. I hope this year we get to get a case of NT, Absolute, or Limited and bust it together. That would be a great memory!
    2. The only suggestion, I have is more on-card auto’s. I love auto’s from all different sports, and on-card auto’s are my favorite. I love being able to touch a card that Kobe Bryant or some other player was able to hold or touch. I feel like it brings me closer to them and to the game they play.
    Panini, thanks a lot for all the contests you do, and I wish you guys the best as you continue to bring out some of the best products in the card collecting community.
    Thanks as always,

  197. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  198. 1. The thing i like most about Panini is that they continue to innovate the design and idea of the sports card. Never repeating the same design is a big deal in collecting.
    2. For improvement I would have to say making more products that contain on card autographs, I know this is probably not easy, but it makes cards more collectable.

  199. Scavenger Hunt:

    1. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)-LeBron James Authentic Threads patch card

    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)-Carmelo Anthony in unopened pack

  200. The thing I love about Panini America is there products that utilize great photography. The one suggestion I have is that to cut down the number of redemptions, you should wait to release the product. Thanks Panini and keep the great products coming!

  201. 1. Innovative product. Cards look amazing.
    2. No more redemptions, I don’t like that I have to send it away to receive it.

  202. 1. What I like most about Panini is the diversity of your products. Every year you guys manage to revamp the same products by devising new designs and sets that always leave collectors excited about the future. You’ve also added to your product line with some of the coolest and most collectible products on the market (playbook and crown royale come to mind). You guys continues to make collecting a blast!

    2. Again, I think you guys are doing great. A couple of suggestions include: adding photos and/or game dates of the game-used memorabilia to card backs like some sets used to as it adds another level of authenticity which collectors really appreciate, maximizing the number of on-card autos in products as possible, and really attempting to be more efficient at getting redemptions out to collectors. I realize the last relies heavily on the signer, but as a collector it sucks having to wait months and months for a card.

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  203. what i love most about panini america. panin , i believe has by far the best appreciation for the average collector like me. they show time and time again how important we are to them. this contest is just a small example, asking us for our input and then rewarding some of us for it. no other card manufacturer comes close to panini in regard to it’s small clients. i also believe they are the most innovative card manufacturer on the planet. panini always seems to come out with the newest and greatest ideas . As for the one piece of advice that i could give…. I would like to see something better for redemption cards that take way to long to receive. for example. i have 2 redemptions that were sent in on dec.2011. maybe you could have the option for us to accept a similar card at same value after a certain time frame as an option on you’re redemption page. anyway, keep up the great work and thanks again for paying so much attention to the little guy like meeeee ……….. peter souza

  204. 1. Inovative design of the product. Cards look amazing.
    2. No more redemptions, I don’t like that I have to send away to recieve my card.

  205. Salute Tracy, Thanks again for the contest like always!!!
    Part 1 of the contest questions:
    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    – What I like most about Panini America is thew new exclusive deals they are getting from the TOP players in every sport. Also the newer products are looking amazing!!!
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    – My suggestion for improvement would be the Customer Support, many times I have to wait over 10 minutes to finally talk to a representative or have to leave a voice mail. Other then that I cant really complain 🙂

    Part 2 of the Scavenger Hunt:
    1. Carmelo Anthony (Picture 6) under “Select.
    2. LeBron James (Picture 76) on top of his right arm.

    Thanks again, Alan.

  206. 1. The thing I like most about Panini America is the great customer service and promotions like Black Friday, Father’s Day, National Promo packs, etc.
    2. The thing I think needs to be improved is the redemption program. It was great seeing a lot less redemptions in NT baseball, but it’s tough in football sometimes you feel like you’re almost guaranteed a redemption per box! It would be great if you guys had a program like Black Friday or Father’s Day with exclusive packs for customers awaiting redemptions!! Then it might make the wait a little more worthwhile if you would be able to qualify for special promotions just by waiting! Thanks for the contest!!

  207. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron (to the left of his RIGHT shoulder)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo (just below his right knee, where Select is written)

    Thanks Tracy & co.!!


  208. For the hunt. The first image was in the Lebron James relic card on image 76. That image was in the Black Box Intrigue readies rare gems.
    2nd was on the Carmelo Anthony Green Refractor on image #6 the refractor numbered to 10. These green cards are so nice, two thumbs up on them Panini!! Thanks for he awesome contest as always, and best to you and Panini. Thanks

  209. Great contests, Tracy! I love that you’re bringing the Summit to those that can’t always fly away on a jet plane for these sorts of things! To your first request:

    1) The thing I love the most about Panini is how diverse your products are. I know you take some heat some times, but I’m glad that doesn’t stop you from putting out some of the nastiest, most sought-after cards in every sport every year. You’re always pushing the envelope and bringing something new and fresh to the hobby, even if it is revisiting an idea that has been shelved for several years. Absolutely commendable and keep it up!

    2) My suggestion for improvement is moving away from your actual products and to this blog specifically, since you probably know where your weakest “lowest hanging fruit” within your products themselves are (redemptions, damaged cards and customer service, etc.). I’ve noticed a lot of these treasure hunts looking for images, which is a great and engaging activity within the blog. However, it is rather exclusive of those that are visually challenged. I’m unable to convince some of my friends to visit your blog because they feel all of your contests exclude them since their screen readers can’t find these tiny images within images. I don’t advocate doing away with them but perhaps instituting an alternative entry method for these folks physically unable to participate? Your stuff is so great I’d hate for people to miss out!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  210. 1. What do I like most about Panini America? I love the innovation with the new cards. I absolutely love them. Take Panini Brand Basketball, rather inexpensive set to collect compared to Prizm, however with the foil at the bottom and all of the different inserts it easily looks like some of the expensive lines. Also I have to say your guys’ customer service is great. Always willing to answer questions.
    2. How to improve? Truely it is little but I would try and lineup the sports lines with their seasons. For example Prizm basketball came out during the season and was on fire, Prizm football came out during off season and although on fire for a little bit of time has since died off. Also I would run brain storming idea contests for us to give you ideas about what we might want to see in the future and/or contests around possibly visiting Panini or even a trip to the Summit.
    Overall an awesome job!!!!!! Way better than *oops, I mean *opps.

  211. 1. like most: Panini Logo
    2. improvement: decrease the number of products (flooding market)

    thanks for the contest

  212. I am a Veteran in a VA hospital in Illinois and a great fan of Panini Products and you promote your products very well to us collectors. I would love to see Panini support Veteran,s by donating cards to vets to show that you company appreciates thier service to our country and the vets that collect sports cards will by and collect cards and products from your company. Thanks Panini America

  213. Panini does a great job in promoting their products at big conventions like the Nationals Sports Collectors Convention in the wrapper redemption events giving collectors a chance to pull great cards. Secondly, in improvements, Panini should have an online exclusive only products that are limited boxes to buy like Topps did with the Turkey Red baseball boxes. Keep up the good work Panini.

  214. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  215. what is it i like the most about panini america ? you guys are always striving to be the best in the business, giving collectors a chance to be closer to the game with auto’s and game used cards. question 2 improvement ? get rid of redemptions they are killing the industry and turning off collectors

  216. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)


    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  217. Here’s the image portion:

    Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) (LeBron patch)

    Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) )Select green Carmelo Anthony)

    Thanks Tracy!

  218. Part I…feedback.

    1.) I like that you guys are out in front on social media and have a lot of interaction with customers. That’s a strength that helps today.

    2.) Continue enhancing and expanding your stable of exclusives. Invest further in design…given the logistical hurdles involved, particularly in baseball, design will continue to be key…and continue to lobby to remedy these shortcomings within the hobby.

  219. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron James
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony


  220. The knight is in the Black box pic. I love National Treasures Football the best about Panini. The only thing I would do alittle different, (and you guys are already doing it) is more on card autos. Thanks Guys for delivering the GOODS to us fans. Marty

  221. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?–Panini seems on a personal level one if not the most accomidating hobby card companys today. I have heard of other peoples accounts for horrird customer service with card damage, redemptions and the list goes on. After a group of us being skunked in a sealed case of prestige our loss was made up with a sealed box of National Treasures football speaks very highly for a company that could have just said sorry. For a person of meager means and cant readily afford many products it was a pleasure to recieve sucha high end return speaks very highly and I thank so many of you at panini for that memory! –Ryan S.
    2 What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Quaility control..I know so many of this ‘affects’ base and inserts but I would think something could be done to prevent or fix cards with what has become known as the ‘Panini chip’ damage to the cards in a varity of prducts.
    Hunt: 1.Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)
    2. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

  222. The 2 images are

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron

  223. 1. I like your card designs, very clean. 2. no suggestion for improvement, just keep up the good work.. Thanks.

  224. Part II Scavanger Hunt!

    Found 1 in the Black Box Intrigue Gallery, LeBron #76 to the right of the Heat logo.
    Had to go back, but found the 2nd in the first gallery “Seeing Green,” in Carmelo’s card #6 at the bottom.

  225. 1. Panini has become my favorite card manufacturer for several reasons. The production quality, the variety of products, the mix of players, the various price points…many great reasons. However, the one thing I would say that I like the most about Panini, is the fact that you have brought a lot of fun back to the hobby for me. These contests are just a small piece of a big puzzle you have put together, in my opinion. The customer service, the give-aways, the huge presence at major events, the creative SP’s and limited products (like the Black Boxes, and Black Friday packs, etc.)…so many things you have done to make things fun. People enjoy seeing a company make an effort to be relevant, and cutting edge, and you have done that, and then some.
    2. The one thing I would like to see improve, is to cut down on the number of products that are “so similar”. For example, Prominence, Limited, Certified, Gridiron, Rookies & Stars, Prestige, Elite are just some examples of football products that have a very similar “feel” overall. Of course, each product has it’s own specific look, pack/box/case breakdown, but overall they can be very similar. Obviously, you are a company, and companies are trying to be profitable, so the fact that you make all of these products must mean that it is also a fact that they are all profitable. Am I right? However, from a collector’s standpoint, the one negative I see is repetitive products. I think you should challenge yourself as a company to combine some of the best features of a few of these into one exciting product, with subsets that people will love, and ONLY on-card autos!!! 🙂 OK, I know the last part was too much to ask for.

    Thanks for everything!

    Paul (pdazz)

  226. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    Panini America has a wide range of prices and products that fit every collectors budget. From Pinnacle to Dominon. Each box has something amazing in them. We have never been disappointed with a Panini purchase.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    There isn’t much to improve on… But with the memorabilia items, it would be very nice to have the date/game the memorabilia was from.

  227. the hidden images can be found as follows. the first is in the second gallery, pic # (108) kevin love. the second is in the third gallery, pic # (76) lebron james.

  228. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    The exclusive deals you have with certain players.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    I wish that the memorabilia cards showed the game that the items were from.

  229. 1) My favorite things about Panini are the new customer service(heads above all the others) and Panini’s desire to try new things and push the limits on new products and ideas in the hobby.

    2) I think that Panini could use a product in baseball that would be sort of what Bowman Sterling is for prospecting. Some chromes, and a nice amount of prospect and baseball autos at around a 250-300 MSRP. I join group breaks more than anything but I think a product like that would be a fun rip for sure.

    Scavenger Hunt:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6 )
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    Lebron and Carmelo

    Thanks again for the contest

  230. 1) What do I like most about Panini America? Wow, almost impossible to narrow it down, but I have to say that they are customer-focused. They listen, are always looking to make their products even better, and they have the best contests!

    2) What one suggestion would I give for improvement? I’m trying to think of something. Maybe if they could be a little bit better telling about the upcoming product, such as saying if there is a retail component, and providing checklists.

  231. The quality and dedication of it’s employees, is what I like best about Panini America.
    An Improvement suggestion; simple – an athlete who can not provide his or hers autograph for a redemption card, should feel what its like too wait. How about making them wait 6 months, 8 months or a year too get paid. Maybe this will make athlete see what it feels like too wait for something that they really want!

  232. 1. The most what I like in the Panini America company is their approach to produce memorabilia. That is great and just amazing. Fans appreciate that and share the passion with you!
    2. I don’t think the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company needs improvement suggestion. 😉 Ok one clue: We would like more exclusive agreement with stars of sport.

    You are the best guys and gals! 😉
    Regards from Poland

  233. First off…HUGE thank you to Panini yet again for another fantastic contest!:-) Hmmmm…what I like most?…besides the fact that EVERY single product y’all release is absolutely spectacular…I LOVE that there is ssoooo much interaction between Panini (be it Tracy, Panini CSM, Jason, Chris, D.J. or any # of the wonderful staff) & all of us collectors/fans!:-) I really wish tho that y’all wouldve snagged MLB instead of “the other people” hoggin it:-( lol BTW….is there really any way to improve PERFECTION?;-)
    *My daughter & I were able to find both hidden images even tho it took us quite some time….lol -One is above Lebron James right shoulder on Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem(76) & the other is on the center bottom front of Carmelo Anthony -Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select(6) Have a beautiful evening everyone!…Good night , Good luck & God bless!:-)

  234. 1: Love national treasures!!
    2: Redemptions still need work – requesting replacements on the website seems to fall on deaf ears.

  235. My son decided to get into collecting cards after talking with his grandpa over the cards he used to collect when he was his age. I decided to buy a box of panini baseball after reading some reviews on the internet and have to say that it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Given what panini offers in cards now compared to what my granddad had back then, it’s rekindled a new love for collecting and inspired my son to begin a life long hobby. Needless to say they have now bonded closer and have a common interest they can both share. The only suggestion I would make is that I wish it was easier to find these in stores.

  236. Like Most: Panini got the most high end products out, that is why I love Panini.
    To Improve: I would suggest less redemptions and more on card autographs.

    Carmelo Anthony 12-13 Select Card & Lebron James 12-13 Authentic Threads Card
    Great Hiding Job, It took me almost 2 hours to find these.

    I never had the privilege to pick up any BLACK BOXES!!! I’ve been watching case breaks from the Summit all week. I would love one of those Black Boxes.

  237. 1. I love that Panini provides a consistent product that always delivers. When you buy a Panini product you always get a great product that delivers what is promised or more (in 2010 I opened 6 different Epix boxes that had 5-7 hits in them when they advertised 4).
    2. One thing I would love to see more of in football is less rookies and more veterans. Rookies are cool and for players that go on to be great they are invaluable to collectors. But on that same note we shouldn’t forget about the guys who have made it already. If you released an all veterans set I would be all over it.

  238. 1. What I like most is the wide selection of football autos, both rookie and veteran, that Panini offers. Autos from Players like Wes Welker or Victor Cruz can only be found in Panini products.

    2. I think that you should turn redemption cards into something that people want to get. You can easily do this by offering redemptions as a “bonus hit,” meaning that if I open a box of contenders that has 4 autos in it, and I hit a redemption, that will mean that I would be getting 4 live autos and one redemption. Therefore the redemption card would be an extra hit. Most of the time the extra hit could just be a low tier rookie auto or jersey/patch, just anything to make the customer feel like they got their moneys with in actual cards.

  239. Scavenger Hunt:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Lebron

  240. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? The creative design, the special touch you guys put into designing your checklists.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? No more plain unsigned jersey material cards, I think the market is telling you that they are irrelevant. Jersey numbers, prime pieces or patches are still collected… but a plain jersey card is less thrilling than a great numbered insert.

    The hunt: wow this one was hard, don’t know why but didn’t expect to find one in the smaller gallery… was I wrong 🙂

    Carmelo Anthony: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Lebron James: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    Thanks again for the contests guys!

  241. 1) the thing that I like most about Panini is the Prizm Gold Cards that were in the product this year.
    2) One area that i would like to see addressed, in Basketball which is what I mainly collect, is the same overall process that seems to be in every single new product. That is to say they are all basically the same, they have the players, the “legends”, 150 rookies,and recycling of the same on card picture, uninspired inserts and too many GU and Autographs of players that very few collect. While it is understandable that not every box can include a Griffin, Kobe, Durant or any other super star the abundance of lackluster players is quite disheartening. The thing that made other companies so good at what they used to do was their ability to have a killer insert set that made people go “WOW”, Thrill seekers, Jambylia, Ultrabilities etc. Panini is headed in the right direction with the Gold Prizms and the new Slam Dunk Legends insert from Marquee have me wanting more inspiration in future card releases.

  242. I like that panini isn’t afraid to be creative with its products. The rotating swatches and glass autos are great examples that are taking trading cards to new heights.
    Comment for the future would be to focus the idea from 2012 Gridiron to other sports. I love how that set focuses on the photography and would love to see similar NHL, NBA, and baseball products

  243. Answer 1: The way you are communicating with your customers. + your different products seem to evolve from year to year. kudos!

    Answer 2: Redemption cards… if you have to use these for autographed hits, at least include an unsigned insert of the player in the pack (same numbering as the upcoming hit?). Will create value instead of blank card.

    I believe these are the two cards that are showing the hidden image:

    Carmelo Anthony (Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)) and Lebron James (Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)). Thanks!

  244. I like the customer service because they are friendly, and work hard on meeting the customers needs.
    My suggestion for improvement would be to produce less sets and focus more on a few sets making it more of a valuable set.

  245. Hi, just wanted to say what I like most about Panini is the designs of all the cards, just very nice looking cards from all products. My one suggestion would be if there is a card that has a prime patch, it should at least have more than one color on it, plain white patches just dont look good on a hundred dollar card. Thank you for all the great stuff you put out there.


  246. My favorite thing about Panini America is the innovation in your products. Whether its the Silhouette patch cards with unbelievable memorabilia pieces, the new take on “chrome” with Prizm and its flawless surfaces and lay-flat design, or the button/snap cards from Dominion and National Treasures, Panini America is constantly on the cutting edge of new, phenomenal designs and products.

    The one thing that I would still improve is collation. Having busted cases of products with 1000+ base cards and only being to put 1 base set or non at all together gets extremely frustrating. It gets worse when you get the same auto or jersey cards within the case as well. I know duplicates happen, but they seem far too often within cases.

  247. Hi, found the first image in the following card pic: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) (Carmelo Anthony).

    Found the second one on Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) (Lebron James!)

    As for the questions: The entire family can find something to like in Panini products (I like hockey cards (legends from past years), my husband loves all four major sports and our 4 year old kid loves sticker albums).

    As for what you could improve… maybe more solid “core” sets like you are doing with the Panini Basketball set. Score Hockey is not quite a quality “core” set (it sure is an afordable set, but lacks a little in quality). Kids love to build sets, so this would be a great entry product for them.

  248. Alright I don’t think I will find the other hidden image before the contest is over so I will just try my luck with feedback. What I like most about Panini America is the fact that the NFL products that are released are just amazing. I always find myself always wanting the newest Panini NFL product and if the fiance doesn’t find out I buy a couple boxes. The one and only thing I would change would be redemptions. I know it has been said before but I am still waiting on a Julio Jones auto from 2011, just get rid of them unless you know for sure that player will be signing in the near future.

  249. 1- you guys are the best at what you do… plain and simple. Love all your products and promotions! You really try hard to deliver quality products.

    2- more Twitter giveaways (even single cards since I wont ask for a box a day 🙂

    The first hidden image is on Carmelo Anthony’s card from first gallery: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    The second one is on the following Lebron James card: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)


    Seb D.

  250. Question 1. I like the fact that the cards allow the collector to get closer to the players.
    Question 2. Improvement, make sure the cards are usable for personal autographs. Glossy cards can’t be signed.

  251. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America? Innovation! You guys have a great staff with some awesome ideas and I always look forward to the next great creation.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? A little more consistency in the labeling of ‘prime/patch/etc’. Much progress has been made in the last year, but every once in a while there is a confusing issue.

    Scavenger Hunt:
    1) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron Authentic Threads
    2) I don’t think exists. 😛


  252. lebron james #76 panini threads patch 12/13, carmelo anthony select 12/13 green #6, the only thing i would like to see changed is the size of the jersey swatches in a number of products were there is just way more card than swatch. other than that you guys are great! thanks panini

  253. 1. What I like most about Panini America is definitely the constant forward motion, finding out what the next “big thing” is. Last year it was Totally Certified, giving a great modern twist on cards that looked almost like the coveted PMGs and giving collectors what they wanted most. This year, Prizm has completely blown up, selling at unbelievable prices and giving collectors yet even more incredibly unique cards to their collection. As the exclusive producer of licensed NBA trading cards, along with NFL, NHL, and now MLB cards, I’m really happy that Panini has put in so much effort to keep their products refreshingly different and completely unparalleled. I don’t think there’s any other company out there who can say the same. Keep up the good work with your new products, and I hope you guys can produce a new ground-breaking set in the year to come!

    2. As I stated above, I think Panini’s greatest strength is in it’s variety. That being said, I think cards with a matte finish should be used more, and different finishes could be the next “big thing” for Panini. If you look at Totally Certified and Prizm, the reason they were so successful is mostly because they provided collectors with a type on surface on a card that just looked incredible, the likes of which they had never seen before. Both products used “shiny” surfaces, and even in other products, foil is becoming very common among Panini inserts. I think it’s going to be difficult to keep producing unique cards with more foil finishes, so I would suggest that Panini look more towards the finishes that can be seen in card sets like 12-13 Absolute Basketball “Iconic Autographs” and “Private Signings” autographs that utilize a combination of both foil and matte finishes. Matte finishes really bring out the ink, whether it is blue, red, or black. I recently got a great pull from 12-13 Absolute Basketball, a Tim Hardaway “Absolute Heroes” autograph. The card has a shiny foil image of Hardaway that looks fantastic, but the vivid blue autograph is on a blank white matte surface that just looks fantastic. Some of these cards even have coveted red ink, allowing Panini to continue the trend of color variation that collectors love so much (which was also used in 2012 Gridiron Gear Rookie Signatures with some gold and some silver autographs). I think if you guys can produce a few more sets like that, then you’ll move forward with the same success that you did this year and the year before.

    Thank you very much for the contest, and regardless of whether or not I win, I hope my suggestion provokes some interest and offers a helpful idea!

    As for the scavenger hunt, here are the locations of the photo:

    1. Carmello Anthony Green Panini Select Parallel

    2. LeBron James 12-13 Threads (Black Box) Patch

    Thanks a bunch Tracy!


  254. Black Box Images

    1) Seeing Green – Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony – below Select Logo

    2) Black Box Intrigue – Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron James – up left of arm

  255. 1. I like that Panini card designs have gotten better and better over the years, in recent years introducing sets such as Select and Prizm was a great idea and great touch.

    2. More on card autographs on high end products.

  256. For Scavenger Hunt Contest Entry:
    1st hidden image: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo Anthony
    2nd hidden image: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Lebron James

    Thank you for the contest!

  257. Absolutely great stuff! Very tough image search, as always! Here’s what I found:

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    Would love to have any of the cards pictured in any of the galleries. Absolutely stunning pieces! Good luck to all who entered!

  258. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I think the fact that Panini is very collector oriented. They try to have a number of products that are accessible to all levels of collectors, where top hits are not impossible to get. Also they communicate to collectors about their products in various ways: sell sheets, twitter, facebook, blogs, etc..

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Continue to vary products a little more from the 4 hits/$100+/24pks a box formula. Like momentum and playbook.

    Scavenger hunt:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  259. Panini, I want to first start by thanking you for the many great years of producing great products that drives me each any day to be a sports card and memorabilia collector. It really means a lot to me, and all the creative things you strive to bring to us each and every week, month, and year!! I was present the other night and sat in on your Blogtv broadcast and I think that it was a start of a beautiful thing. I think a great new concept is right before our eyes and we just need to get it set it stone when we can interact with Panini on a weekly or probably a more doable monthly basis. My idea is too have a Panini street team in a sense that we can gather together and have a thoughts and concerns talks threw a live stream. You guys can have different Panini Associates from all your departments join in from time to time, to hit each any every collectors wants and desires. I think this would be huge hit. As a collector, there is nothing I like better then talking with the companies that make the stuff I thrive to have in my life. I’m sure that thousands of collectors would love to join and share there feelings and it would help Panini in ways to build the Best products in the industry. Doing these live streams, on a monthly basis would give you guys the feedback you need and deserve to have. It would help the production departments know when something is going great or something needs a little more fine tuning. I know sometime a product will come out and say it’s one where the cards are getting damaged threw shipping. Like some die-cut cards I’ve noticed don’t pack out well with your standard cut card. Little things like this we could get the feedback to you guys and fine tune the packaging or anything it may be to make it that much better. I’m not saying its all on packaging, because 9 out of 10 products are packed just fine. There are so many things I hear constantly being in chat rooms and forums that I think if Company officials would get the thoughts back to them that products could keep climbing and getting to the best sports cards and collectibles a collector could want. You guy’s do a awesome job with the Knights Lance and with the Summit and lets not forget the National Sports Card Convention. There are a lot of collectors that will never be able to meet you guys, or have them experience’s in person. This live or Internet interaction will give the community a lot to look forward to, It would give Panini the knowledge it would need to stay on top and even push the limits in each and every product and so much more. I know that yourself and the staff at Panini are very busy people, so you would need to make a schedule of the different sports and other brands you guys make. I watch each and every Panini Unwrapped and anything you guys video for us collectors. It seems as though everyone who works in all the sporting fields you guy’s have love their sport that they work in. Seeing that from a collectors standpoint, make’s me as collector appreciate the products even more! I’m not saying that “Street Team needs to be the exact name for this encounter, but you can catch what I’m going for. You guys have came so far in the last year, and I feel strong that it will continue to impress collectors worldwide. I really feel if Panini can come together with its collectors and continue to gather up feedback and ideas, that the sky is the limit for Panini as a company. It may have been brought up already, that I’m not aware of. I for one would love to gather will you guys and other fellow collectors more to talk more about what we love and the passion will all put into this wonderful hobby. I think it’s worth a shot, and I don’t see a way it wouldn’t help both sides out. Great company interaction, will equal continued success and amazing stuff that people can’t get enough of. Thank you for your time and I hope we can talk further about upcoming ideas of us coming together as a community. It will all lead to happiness for the collector and give Panini even more much deserved pride in every card that goes into a Panini wrapper. I wish you guy’s nothing but the best and sincerely thank you for all the great years and memories. Look forward to many more to come. Best of Luck with everything that Panini does and I will be a huge fan for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything,

  260. 1. What is you most like about Panini America?: What gets me excited and interested in buying some products that I wouldn’t have normally are the galleries of cards set to come out throughout different products and sports. WHAT I LIKE MOST THOUGH…I love Panini Unwrapped. The genuine conversations and realness of the two (usually) doing the box break and will stray off topic ( which is good, except when a certain Broncos Fan starts talking about his team. Die Hard Raiders’ Fan here) is funny. The Box Break though allows someone like me to see what breaks from a random box or two. I love it!! I’ve been pretty lucky with my breaks the past year.

    2.What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?: This one is simple. Cut back on the amount of autograph parallels, and any memorabilia card I pull from a mid level box or higher should never be small enough to cover with my thumb and be a two color swatch. I remember when I first saw a jersey card from 1998 UD football. It was of Steve Young and was the coolest card I had ever got my hands on. The Industry will see more demand with bigger patches, and when it comes to Prime Memorabilia, just think about last years 2011-2012 Preferred Basketball. With the Prime Silhouettes numbered no higher than 25. Less is truly more. The market is saturated with parallels and white pieces of memorabilia. You guys continue to innovate, so lead and the reast will follow.

    Thanks, Justin Fowler

  261. Thanks for another contest Panini and Tracy. Here are the images the hidden image is on:

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) image of Carmelo Anthony in theSeeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes Gallery


    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) image of Lebrom James in the Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit Gallery.

    Thanks again

  262. Feedback:

    1. What I love most about Panini America is that it put the excitement back in collecting. I see the new sets coming out and I remember exactly why I started collecting in the first place. I’ll eagerly wait for a box to be released, so I can get my hands on it. Some of my greatest pulls in life have been from Panini products.

    Another thing I love about Panini is that they connect with the collector. They have participated in summits for fans to preview their product, they run a blog to showcase new sets and conduct contests to get the fans interested, and they maintain a quality product for all levels of collector. There have been times where other companies have kept the collector at arms length and put out a product that was not well planned. Ultimately, I’m proud Panini has reached out to their fans and listen to what they have to say.

    2. There is not much I would say to improve Panini America. I would recommend remembering how you got here in the first place. That way, down the line, you do not lose sight of the collector and creating products for them. I think it’s important to continue contests, previews, and other interactions with fans, I would recommend to always remember the varied spectrum of collectors. There are hardcore collectors who can afford whatever product is put out. But, I think it is also important to not forget the younger or less wealthy collectors who still want an affordable, quality product; growing the newer and younger fan base helps keep the hobby alive in my opinion.

  263. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmello Anthony

    Holy Cow This One Was HARD!!!!
    Looked threw it so many times I actually think I went straight eyed…Sweet not crossed anymore..
    Thanks so much for an awesome contest and a Super Sweet Prize…

  264. This one was difficult but I think I got it….
    Lebron James (76) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box MEM &
    Carmello Anthony (6) Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select
    I love puzzles! I look forward to these contests…they are my favorite. Not to mention Panini gives away the best prizes! : ) Thanks again.

  265. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmello Anthony

    Thanks for the contest..It took me FOREVER to find the one on Mello,I bet I went past that one at least 10
    Really love your cards and got my fingers crossed for a box of this..

  266. I really love how Panini has great customer service. You always keep us up to date on new products, answer any questions we have and listen to our feedback on the cards. Everyone of the Panini reps I’ve seen has been very friendly and helpful whether its through facebook, twitter or one of the blogs. I would really like to see more products through retail locations. Unfortunately some of us country folk…lol…don’t have hobby stores anywhere close and only have the option of buying online or at a retail location ie Walmart, target etc. Online works but I’m kind of impatient and it’s not the same thrill.

  267. 1. I love the designs panini put out, their product gold standard is absoutely beautiful. Last year it had chasers like a super bowl ring diamond autograph featuring Rodgers, Brady etc and real 14k gold autographs!! Insane stuff to pull
    2. Less redemptions please, but I m in love with their csm!! Their csm are very fast in replacements or shipments, they also have great communication with the community.

  268. Panini has a good variety of pricing for their products so if you are looking for a fix but can’t afford the higher end box you can still purchase something that will be fun. It’s good clean fun for the whole family. My daughter, myself and my husband all enjoy opening cards together and collecting which is a way we can stay close as a family b/c its affordable. I would like to see some more variety in the random, short print, uncommon, one of ones. I really enjoy finding that diamond in the rough…even if its not a signature or patch I like to see the unique cards. Thanks again for the contest and listening to our opinions. Crossing my fingers…would love to open some cards with the fam!! : )

  269. 1. The thing that I like most about Panini America is that they constantly release a lot of information about their products to collectors, via the blog and social media, more than any other card company.

    2. One suggestion for improvement is please start selling retail blister packs. Loose packs and rack packs are usually ransacked by the pack-searchers.

  270. Comments Contest:
    1) Panini’s customer service has been top notch. I’ve never been disappointed with the way I’ve been treated by CS reps or by marketing reps. Panini is always very classy with how it treats us hobbyists.
    2) I would say Panini could improve on creativity during a particular season–for instance, as soon as something innovative, say the prizm technology, comes out, suddenly every product for the rest of the season has a prizm card parallel set. Keeping each product stylistically different from each other helps me keep my collection interesting and helps me build a visually-consistent collection from year to year.

  271. Scavenger Hunt:
    #1 Seeing Green Blog Post: Panini 2013 Industry Summit Black Box SELECT #6 Carmelo Anthony at the bottom of his picture.
    #2 Black Box Intrigue Blog Post: Panini 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Memorabilia #76 LeBron James Threads to the left of his head.

    Thanks for the hunt! They’re getting trickier each time!

  272. Scavenger Hunt Answers:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) LeBron James in the backround.
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) Carmelo Anthony in his name.
    Thanks a lot

  273. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    You guys just seem to GET IT. I have been collecting cards for a long time now. I can remember saving every quarter to go buy packs for 50 cents back in the day. In all that time I don’t think I have ever actually put any kind of name or face to the corporations I have given my money to over so many years. That is not the same with Panini, I subscribe to everything you guys do. All of the twitter accounts, Facebook pages, blogtv, and even website. I have talked with major cogs in your company via blog, that’s kind of cool. I also love how you guys have really embraced group breaking. I think they are a great way for collectors to get great cards out of great products for a fraction on the cost, so thanks for acknowledging our community. Again you guys just get it, get your face out there, and provide the best level of customer service as possible. Across all card companies there is very little difference in card design and players available to be honest. So at least you guys are doing something different.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    As an AVID group breaker I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating then opening a case of a very expensive product and getting the same exact cards a couple of times during the same break. So I guess just paying more attention to the correlation of the cards. Othere then that just keep coming out with great products, and keep acknowledging the people who buy your products.

  274. – Answer #1.
    -As an avid football card collector… I truly enjoy all that Panini America has to offer. I really like fresh concepts like the HRX cards, the Black Friday pylon cards, Limited shoe pieces, Draft-day worn hat cards, Rookie Premiere event-used towels and the checklist of players chosen for most products, This is truly the stuff that makes the company unique and enhances my collectivity (is that a word?). Thank you to all of the out-of-the-box, creative concept, brainstorming people who have the courage to make something different, classy, and fun. Great job to Scotty, Terry, Carlos and the entire Panini America team.

    – Answer #2.
    – I’d love to see the inclusion of NFL Fan Experience redemptions, like tickets to games, the Pro-Bowl, the NFL Draft, VIP trips to the NSCC etc.
    – As far as newer football card concepts, How about Super-Bowl event confetti cards?, Autograph cards of owners (As much as I don’t like him, I’d love a Jerry Jones auto) Autographs of coaches?, A Roger Goodell piece of his draft tie or pocket square card? Referee whistle cards? Coaches challenge flag cards? ticket stub cards of players Record Breaking moments?
    -I know I’ve gone overboard,,, Aren’t you happy you’ve asked. Thanks again for the contest

    -Fan for Life

  275. Negative – I am not a fan of being a proud owner of expired redemption cards. I was thinking a drawing from entries would be nice. (However I googled this topic and it seems you might still redeem expired redemptions. I guess I will find out.)

    Postive – Card quality and design seems very impressive and, up until tonight’s failed search, I did kind of like these scavenger hunts that encouraged me to explore the cards. (See my entry below for more details.)

  276. The first card I found okay: Panini American Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – LeBron James Panini Threads
    I never did find a second card. And I spent two unhealthy hours searching. 1) the image is a bit obscure. Only white borders of the top box are really evident. 2) the Black Box logo on all cards had to be searched around and it was full of false starts. 3) the silhouette of the auto sticker also had to be searched around. Very hard on the eyes. Overall the combination of challenging image and difficult card patterns made searching very difficult, even after I figured out how to search full screen on my second monitor.
    Still, I have to guess so: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Autos (35) John Tavares Limited (In case the black box is hiding in his face.)

  277. 1. You guys do hockey and do it right, and as a big hockey guy and a Ryan Getzlaf SuperCollector I always enjoy it when a Panini product is released and I can search for new Getzs to add to the collection.

    2. One area of improvement is with redemptions. You guys are great about filling them but the adherence to an “even” swap based on book value could be altered to sending a customer with an outstanding redemption that won’t be filled something they find to be equal. Within reason, of course, as a redemption for a marginal player’s auto shouldn’t be filled with a Crosby, but at least something the customer knows of beforehand and will be happy with.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the opportunity with the contest and a shot at a Black Box!

  278. I like the products put out by Panini America because they are so diversified, which makes them exciting to collect. From the bold cards of Panini Black to the elegant cards of National Treasures and everything else in between, Panini has an awesome line of products. I also enjoy Panini’s commitment to quality and customer service. Cards received in good condition are great both for the collector who likes to keep their cards for ages to come, like myself; but also for those who like to re-sell as it increases the value of the card. One thing I would like to see more of is more on-card signatures. Other than that, great cards!

  279. Can´t wait for the release of some new boxes as the quality and design really improved during the last years! But it would be great to see more on card autos in there. Thanks


  281. 1. Probably what I like most about Panini America is that they strive to deliver good value returns on products. Most people feel ripped off by Topps and how they chose their checklists for products and inserts. Their so called “hits” are few and far between. With Panini America’s products I have never felt true disappointment with a box bust and never have I felt like the product was ripping the customers off. Panini America Continues to improve their products and in the last year has done a great job with both football, basketball and hockey products, and the new unlicensed baseball Panini has been putting out has turned out not to be the disappointment Topp’s fan boys said it would be. 2. One of the biggest suggestions I have for not only Panini but all sports card producing companies is to get rid of exclusive contracts with major league sports. Its a shame that Topps is the only company allowed to produce MLB cards, I know Panini has the exclusive rights to the NBA but to be honest this isnt good for the hobby and therefore not good for all the companies that produce cards. With exclusive deals people are forced to go to one brand instead of being given the choice to choose what products they want to buy. Maybe if Panini talked to Topps and came up with an agreement where if Topps allowed Panini to agree to a contract to produce MLB licensed cards that Panini could do the same for Topps with the NBA. I just believe with a more competitive markets companies will be forced to bring out better product and this will bring back collectors that have left the hobby and also bring in new collectors for the future. These are just my opinions but anyway you take it I appreciate what Panini has done for the hobby especially in the last year and I hope that Panini will continue to produce the best sports cards into the distant future!

  282. Now for the Scavenger hunt contest. The 1st image is in the Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes gallery and the image is picture in Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes » Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) on the Green Carmelo Anthony select card. The 2nd image is in the Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit gallery and the image is in Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit » Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) on the Lebron James Threads patch card. Thank you again even if I don’t win!!!

  283. I love the quality of Panini products and the online customer service.
    As always I wish there were fewer redemptions.

  284. The thing that I like most about Panini America is the customer engagement. The way that the collecting community comes together and shares their great finds is what I find most appealing. One suggestion I would give for an improvement would be a link to Ebay. I love to see all of the great pulls and autographs but I also would like to see how the card market is trending on the secondary market. Autographs and 1/1’s in particular have given a boost to the card collecting market in recent years and it would be great to see the impact it has on the collectors bottom line if they were to stumble upon one. A breakdown of what products bring in the highest bids, what players bring in the highest bids and a trend year over year of how the same players sell in their second, third, x-year. Overall, you are doing a great job, love the products, love the site!

  285. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I like how friendly and open you are with collectors around the world and with David coming aboard and turning the CS department around a lot of the negatives of the past have been cleared away. There will always be the detractors but these days you know that 100% effort is being put in to get items out as quickly as possible. I often get accused of being biased towards Panini . Through talking to you guys I know how passionate you are about the business and being the best you can be so not really worried what people think.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement? Thats a tough one you are continually asking this question and adjusting to feedback received. Would love to see more behind the scenes stuff especially on the Panini Authentic end of things

  286. Scavenger hunt:
    1. bottom of Carmelo card in Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes post
    2. to the left of Lebron’s shoulder on Threads Patch card. In Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit post

  287. 1. Making a high-end hockey product (Dominion) to challenge The Cup!
    2. Too many redemptions that take too long to be filled. I wouldn’t mind redemptions so much if it didn’t mean waiting months and months and months for the card.

  288. I like most about your company is that you have some of the nicest product in the trading card business. I don’t think you can improve and the stuff you already put out. I can’t find no images so hopefully I still win. I have looked at each gallery time and time again and have no luck finding the images 🙁

  289. I love your products because they are the best and you guys should improve on nothing! your doing everything good!

  290. Thanks for the contest !
    I like the variety of products because you offer something for EVERY level of collector from set builder to high end hit chaser.
    What needs improvement is the timing of some of the releases. My favorite release is National Treasures FB but it comes out long after the season is over so it almost feels like a next season release. Would love to have it out around the Super Bowl.

  291. What I like most about Panini is National Treasures. They are the cream of the crop even though I feel like I am paying a little more for the wooden box in the football. The one improvement I would suggest would be use less stickers, I feel like when I get a sticker auto there is no love in the card for the signer.

  292. Seeing Green: Carmelo Anthony Select, over his name, under Select
    Black Box Intrigue: LeBron James Authentic Threads, above his right arm, over fans in stands

  293. Ok, my first comment. The thing honestly I like most about Panini is the veteran stuff. I am a collector first, seller second. My main purpose is collecting specific players and more specifically teams. I really enjoy seeing the veteran and legendary stuff to add to my collection, like for example the Elway Collection. Very cool!

    I think the most frustrating thing for me is the number of redemptions. I haven’t spoken to anyone who enjoys pulling a redemption out of a package. I know there are multiple things to think of and getting everyone together to get everything signed, etc. creates a logistal nightmare, but that’s my 2 cents. Maybe I’m too much of an instant gratification kinda guy.

    Oh, and the retail Crown Royale….terrible.

    1. I have to agree with you, the retail Crown Royale is horrible too. I totally forgot about that. I spend $40 for two retail “blaster” boxes at Target when they came out and was majorly disappointed. Retail versus Hobby was a TOTALLY different product. I think I only got 2 normal die-cuts out of those boxes.

  294. 2nd Comment, have to admit, your treasure hunt was a little bit harder for me than the NT baseball one.

    First image is in the “Black Box Intrigue” article Labron James picture #76
    Second image is in the “Seeing Green” article Carmelo Anthony picture #6

    Thanks for the contest!!

  295. My favorite thing about panini is the range of cards you have. From ultra low end, to super high end, you can always find something you want within your budget.
    It is really hard to find some of your products in retail that isnt demolished. I dont really know what there is you can do about that, but it is really frustrating.

    The pictures are in the Carmelo Anthony Select slide 6 and the Lebron James threads slide 76.

  296. Here are my locations for the image. Thanks for the contest! Everything looks great…

    LeBron James – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)
    Carmelo Anthony – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

  297. Scavenger Hunt Answers:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6) – Carmelo Anthony
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Lebron James

  298. Here are the answers to hidden picture contest.

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    This contest was a lot harder than the last. Thanks!

  299. 1. Great variety with multiple inserts and big hits in every product to include retail.
    2. Change redemptions. Your online ask for 3 or 6 months, if that player does not sign by then then automatically generate an email saying a replacement is needed. You could also add a section on the redemption place to list replacement teams if your card is not available. Upper Deck has made me wait for three year and I don’t think you want to be compared to their redemptions.

  300. Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    I like Panini’s constant pursuit to release new brands and improve old ones. The photography and overall design of the new brands are fantastic.
    The one thing I’d like to see as a father of two young kids is another brand similar to Score in price point, but visually like Prizm. The look of Prizm would be much more attractive to kids with the inserts and colors.

  301. I love the design variety with all of the cards, quality of the products and the selection of autographs and memorabilia. But, if I had to choose the one thing I like most about Panini it would be the interaction in forums like this that the Panini staff has with us collectors. The previews, contests, and responses to all of our questions makes the collecting environment a great one.

    My one suggestion for improvement would be maybe to include more minor league or prospect cards for baseball. I would love a few more Panini baseball products to choose from, especially ones with up and coming prospects. Otherwise, keep up with what you are doing.

  302. The first image is on the carmelo anthony card (6) in the first gallery
    The second image is on the Lebron james Panini threads 12-13 in the third gallery (76)

  303. My eyes aren’t good enough for your scavenger hunts, but I would like to share my thoughts with you about your company.

    What I like most about Panini America is your continued excellence when it comes to creative innovation in the sports card industry. Whether it be the Prime Ties from Prime Hockey, the wood effect used for the rookies in Threads Basketball, or the 1 per box Rookie Silhouettes from Crown Royale Football, Panini are always looking to push the envelope to keep collectors wanting more year after year.

    The one suggestion for improvement that I have that I feel could really make Panini America an even better company, is following through to the end on certain programs. I have found that anytime I am disappointed with Panini, it is always because I am really looking forward to a promotional program or a special redemption program, and the program ends up not meeting my expectations. For example, this year my participating hobby store did not have any of the much-hyped Black Friday packs on Black Friday, and the Basketball Draft Redemptions that were not made or sent out to be signed as quickly as they could have been.

    Keep up the excellent products! The time you put into producing great cards and listening to collectors to make them even better, is much appreciated!

  304. 1. The thing I most like about Panini is their customer service and how they spend the time and effort to include collector’s in their operations. (ie: The Knights Lance)

    2. There is always room for improvement, my suggestion for Panini is cut down on the product releases. There are too many programs and after a while the cards look the same and it seems to water down the value of the cards.

  305. Carmelo Anthony – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)
    Lebron James – Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  306. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I have very high praise for your use of Twitter to hold contests & giveaways, put collectors in touch with each other and to address customer service inquiries. I found out about the Joe Johnson signing in Brooklyn through Twitter. Retweets of pics of my cards have led to trades. And I’ve had several questions of cards and checklists answered through Twitter.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    While I did get my responses through Twitter, it was actually a second option. My first option was to submit those questions through the Panini website. After several weeks of no response, I used Twitter. So I don’t have an specific suggestion for improvement but I do think that collectors should expect the same level of response through Twitter and the website.

  307. What do I like most about Panini? I like all of the contests! (brownie points)
    Improvement? Have collectors submit card designs and let people vote on them to make it into a future product.

  308. Blackbox Intrigue: Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) Lebron James panini threads
    Summit Autos (34) Patrick Roy

    The thing I love most about Panini America is the diversity in sports products and the accessibility for the fans. I’ve been collecting for about a year now and I am impressed in the span of a year at the availability of content (Youtube, blogging, social media) that is released almost everyday. Aside from cards, Panini Authentic is one of my favorite places to buy high quality player memorabilia. Keep signing the best athletes out there!

    The one suggestion that I would give is in this year alone there will be almost 10 different basketball lines coming out covering everything from low end to high end cards, but that’s way too many for a collector go out and get one of every line. I can’t complain that there is so much variety but I would suggest less lines of cards.

  309. Well let me start by saying i love the innovations that Panini has come up with. haven’t seen anything like this since the introduction of jersey cards back in the day. As far as improving I don;t know. You are always leading the pack with you products. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you have a customer for life here!!

  310. 1. What I like most about panini is your always trying new things with your cards, who else makes gold cards or puts diamonds in them!

    2. Most people would say less redemptions, no one likes them, but I know that’s not going to happen soon. I would say make some more interesting redemptions, full jerseys, helmets, game used items. Would make redemptions fun.

  311. Located on
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem Card # 76 Lebron James
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select Card # 6 Carmelo Anthony

  312. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    Well when it comes to innovation and card design hands down number one. To unique inserts (ie. goalie pull outs, auto booklets, prizm refractor chrome technology) And anything you could possible shove into a card. You know Panini America will aim to please and wow everyone. I will be honest and say when I heard that Panini was getting into the card board fan addicition market. I was skeptical that they could do a good job. But since day one. Oh boy have I ever been surprised. National Treasures baseball for example. Talk about innovation and creativeness!! It’s bar none one of my favorites if not the favorite of baseball products to open! Oh and I can’t forget to mention the customer service. I have been impressed, quick responsive and quick to address any redemptions or issues you may have. Top notch and good customer services group. At least for me it’s always been the case. It feels good to know that a card company such as Panini America cares…not just about what kind of sports content that they create and put out there. That they care and listen to their customer base…us the ones who buy, rip and tear into their product. This is what has impressed me the most!

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    The only one suggestion I have…however I know it’s beyond your control. It’s the redemptions. I’m a collector just like everyone else. I hate them lol. I have many really good cards that are in the redemption process. And it sucks to wait so long for them to come back to us. I know there’s not much you can do cause it’s trying to get the player/ agent process of signing their items and getting them back to you Panini America. However I will say that I do like that you update everyone now with the weekly redemption status. That was a great way to let the card collecting community know if they had a redemption waiting in the wings for them. That I do like. That and stickers will be debated for many years to come. However I full confidence in Panini America that if there’s a way to fix this or eliminate the long wait times for redemptions to come back…I have no doubt you’ll find a way.

    Oh btw did I mention it’s my birthday today 😉 hahaha

    Thanks again Panini America for serving the card collecting community. We love you 🙂

  313. I really like Panini for their beautiful,creative designs and also the amount and variety of athletes they have signing their product. For improvement I would dive heavily into the soccer card and memorabilia segment of the market that is currently very underserved. I was very excited the other day when I heard Panini might do World Cup and/or Champions League products which brings them back to their roots in my eyes as the first I ever heard of Panini was via World Cup Sticker Albums

  314. I truly love Panini and sure everyone says this when entering a contest. I genuinely say this partly because you continually improve your products by pushing the idea of what a sports card can entail and also by pushing the idea of social media in sports cards. I have witnessed your products grow in quality over the years and as a hockey fan, I am overwhelmed by the quality in design, concept, and return of investment you put into every box; all of this is epitomized in last year’s Dominion that blew me away. My only sour note is in baseball. I love baseball to the same degree as hockey but rarely feel the return when opening a baseball product. When opening a baseball product I expect to find a few prospect cards, but also expect a few established names; I am specifically referring to the hits in the way of relic or autographs. In hockey I know I will hit a few rookie autos or relic cards of players who may or may not make an impact in the game. But I also know in hockey I will find one or more established name hits like Price, Hull, or Thornton. I would like to see the same ratio of prospect and established name hits in baseball. I am beginning to see that in your recent product of NT and with the recent exclusive signing of Strathsburg. While the MLB license is currently out of reach, if Panini continues down the road of offering a solid mix of prospect and established name hits in baseball I know I will begin to collect these cards as much as I already collect hockey cards.

    As for Panini’s usage of social media, it is absolutely unparalleled. It has begun to inspire your competitors and is making the entire hobby better for it. Your spokesmen like Prusha are charismatic, energetic, and seemingly genuine in their love for the products Panini produces. I eagerly look forward to each and every video, tweet, and post that your team pushes forward. It is creating a community within card collecting that has always been there but never had a unified voice or rallying point, which your team is fostering and encouraging! While listing all of this praise I find myself stumped as to what could be improved or expanded upon. Your social media team is incredible and I can find no fault in the way they have represented Panini or the card collecting industry as a whole. All I can say is that I eagerly look forward to where your team will go in the realm of social media!

    thanks for the contest and thanks for making card collecting fun!

  315. What I like most about Panini America is its consumer-friendly attitude. Things like posting SP quantities and asking for feedback make collecting the products more pleasant.

    Suggestion for improvement – more focus on photography in high-end sets. An image of the player against a background is inferior to a game-type photo.

  316. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I like that there are both lower-end sets that I can collect with my son, and higher-end sets that are, well, for me!
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    Too many products – there are upwards of 15 basketball products, and that just seems like overkill. I’d rather see fewer, better sets than a slew of products.

    Images: I went over them backwards and forwards, and could only find one:
    3rd gallery, image #76 (Lebron James)

  317. 1) I enjoy Panini because you offer such a wide array of products from affordable to the rare hard to get stuff that is for the uber collector…
    2) Not much on the improvement front, and I know it would be near impossible, but if all autos were on card…

  318. Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I like that there are both lower-end sets that I can collect with my son, and higher-end sets that are, well, for me!
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    Too many products – there are upwards of 15 basketball products, and that just seems like overkill. I’d rather see fewer, better sets than a slew of products.

    1st gallery, image #6 (Carmelo Anthony)
    3rd gallery, image #76 (Lebron James)

  319. 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    Lots of hits in the boxes

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    More veteran autographs, fewer rookie autos

    First image: 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6 – Carmelo Anthony)
    Second image: 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76 – Lebron James)

  320. Last second entry. Here are where I found the two hidden images. Thanks for the contest.

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

  321. These are awful to look at closely. I think one is on
    Right border on Alex Morgan auto [Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Autos (95)].
    I can’t find the other.
    And I now have a headache.

  322. Panini’s value and interest level in its product development are what make you the best. Continued exclusive contracts with exceptional athletes continue to push the envelope. Great photography and amazing technology in your cards show your pride. An awesome Jackie Robinson set would be a neat addition. Continue to sign prospects and rookies.

  323. I actually love this site the most about Panini products. You guys give great previews of every product and you keep us informed on all the new stuff.
    The thing you guys need to focus on is redemptions. Too many times I’ve opened your product to find multiple redemptions in the box. Way too many of them out there.

  324. Seeing Green: Panini America Drops Special Insert in 2013 Industry Summit Black Boxes- Carmelo Anthony card number 6 at bottom of the card just below select.
    Black Box Intrigue: Panini America Readies Rare Gems for 2013 Industry Summit- LeBron James card number 76 hidden in the crowd over LeBrons right shoulder.

  325. What i like about panini products is the variety pf products. The is a product for every type of collector. And the panini quality is the best. The one thing that i would suggest to improve is the time it takes to recieve a redemption card. im still waiting for my past and present draft 2011 rookie card.

  326. I love the fact that you post the Short print lists and the innovation of the company’s designs. What I think needs improvement is the redemption department and the amount of autograph variations per player, because it brings the value of an amazing card down. Another thing that could be improved is to try and cut down on the amount of sticker autographs because over time they tend to peel and it also allows dishonest people more of a chance to make forgeries, which is being seen more and more on ebay and other second hand sites. Overall Panini does take time and effort in making their products and as a big time collector i do enjoy collecting panin. Thank you for the chance to win one of the 3 black boxes!

  327. Whew!!!This contest was SO tough and challenging !
    It took me a whopping 38 hours just to found only one:
    Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76) – Panini Threads Authentic Threads Lebron
    My nose already bleeds but I cannot find the other one but I’m not complaining in fact I enjoyed it.More challenges? Bring It On! For the meantime I will head to my bed now maybe in my dreams I can figure out the other answer 😀 zzzzzzzzzz

  328. questions: 1. What is it you like most about Panini America?
    I collect panini product for their sheer beauty of the cards.I love the thick stock used in making the the high end auto books.These look awsome on my mantles.
    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?
    I know panani does thier best to get peoples redemtions out but a little less redemtions and more in box autos would be spectacular!

  329. 1-the first hidden photo is from the first link seeing green on the Carmello Card from the select pack and it is labeled Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Select (6)

    2- the second hidden image is from the third link black box intrigue on the Lebron James card from panini threads and it is labeled Panini America 2013 Industry Summit Black Box Mem (76)

    This was a great contest and it was pretty hard to find those little ghosted images, but I hope I found the right ones! I have never won any contest like this in my life so just that fact would be amazing and the super bonus is getting a one of a kind card that would become the headliner of my life long PC. All the dealers are going to want a small mortgage payment for one of these amazing cards for the unlucky people who didn’t win one of the only 3 boxes available, so good luck to everyone that isn’t blessed with a ton of money but loves collecting.

  330. 1. Innovative Designs, Interesting Concepts, Great Customer Service
    2. Reduce overall number of products, less redemptions

  331. Don’t know what else to say at this point other than, “Wow!” You folks are tremendous. Your feedback and enthusiasm is off the charts. And we thank you — sincerely — for your participation. As much as we’d love to give every last one of you a Black Box, well, that’s just not possible. As originally stated, we have awarded three Black Boxes. But in addition, and as a result of your tremendous level of participation, we’ve awarded some bonus prizes, too — primarily the hits from the Knight’s Lance’s spots in the Ultimate Case Break from this week’s Industry Summit. Thanks again for your participation. With that, the winners, with the help of, are . . .
    Stimme (Black Box), MattyIceASU (Black Box), Paul Smith (Black Box), hudsonfan15 (bonus), samb82 (bonus), Keith S. (bonus) and Michael Pereira (bonus). Thanks again to everyone. Winners, we’ll be in touch.

    1. I am honored and humbled to have been selected as a winner for this contest, I hope my comment was well received on your end Tracy. I’m still hoping that other idea I had eventually comes to fruition, the one you edited out of a previous comment to run up your chain of command. I will be sure to post a video when the bonus comes in, to show everyone what it turns out to be. Thanks to you Tracy and everyone at Panini America!

      1. Can you post your prize in either photos or video somewhere? Mine should be up on my YouTube channel shortly!

    2. OH MAN THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks Tracy! Thanks @paniniCSM! Thanks Panini! This was a great contest, and I literally just read every single comment on here and it was really cool to see what everyone had to say! I am sure you (Tracy, Panini) got a TON of valuable feedback here. Even though you are THE BEST, there is always room for improvement! 🙂 I can’t wait to get the box! Thanks again!


    3. Congrats to the winners. I’m envious of you all. hehe. 😉 Hope you get a good pull from your Black Boxes. And make sure to post here what you pull! 😉

    4. Got my prize today (it may have been here for awhile, FedEx FTL AGAIN!) and I’m pleasantly surprised with the Black Box 1/1 Limited Jumbo patch of Tyler Seguin. No idea who he is but it’s a great looking card. Thanks again Tracy!

      1. Got mine yesterday. The Black Box SELECT green basketball cards are very cool and of course…….OOOOOOOOOOO SHINY!

        Thanks again Tracy for another awesome contest. You rock!

  332. Congrats to all the winners, good luck with what you find in your BlackBoxes, and thank you to Tracy and Panini for continuing with the amazing contests and everything you do.

  333. 1. I like most is the variety in your products as well as number of products that are cost friendly $3-8 per pack the other company whom shall not be named either has $2 or $20 not much range for volume collectors like myself, also a quick note PaniniCSM on twitter has been a god send in clearing up messes so shout out to him.

    2. the thing that can be most improved would be the length on expiration dates of redemptions, i love going back and buying older products, but sometimes am pushed away by expired deadlines. Thanks!!!!!

    Adam – Buffalo

  334. Thanks for this super awesome Contest!
    Lots of responses!

    The inputs are totally great to read!

    Congratulations to winners!
    Well deserved!

    Thanks again!

  335. Congratulations to winners-thanks again Panini for your tremendous giveaways. Looking forward to seeing what these black boxes have delivered:)

  336. Your not going to put any “redemptions” in the black boxes are you? I kid, I kid, take it I’m not going to win anything….

  337. Thank you so much Tracy and Panini for the contest! As others have said, encouraging feedback from collectors is another reason why Panini is the best in the business.

  338. Thank you for the opportunity in possibly winning a rare box.

    1. What is it you like most about Panini America?

    Panini has shown great effort in reaching out to every collector of all ages by producing products such as Taco Bell Hoops (for the kid and kids at heart) to Panini Past and Present which features some of the older greats ( for our Dads and Paps to recollect the good old days). Panini has also produced products such as the Panini and Panini Updates which caters to beginner collectors and products such as National Treasures for high end collectors. The diversity and creativity of the Panini team has given us , the consumers the ability to choose products that fits our taste in collecting without sacrificing the piggy bank.

    2. What one suggestion would you give us for improvement?

    I have 2 suggestions i think will actually help not just the Panini Brand further improve their name but will surely make collectors even happier.
    First , making sure all pending redemptions are either completed by prioritizing them in the production so the turn around does not take more than 2-4 months of waiting or if the card/s are impossible to produce, i guess it would be nice to make a public announcement that cards are not going to be produced, officially taken out from the checklist , and replaced with a similar card of value.
    Second suggestion is something directed to the creative team of panini. Designs have been really nice in the last few products i’ve seen but since both active and retired players are being featured in a lot of the products, it would be awesome to see some of these players in their different uniforms as well. Mitch Richmond in Lakers or USA Basketball uniform would be a nice example.

  339. 1. I love your high end cards. This year I was especially into the 2013 Panini Black Football and the 2013 Panini Playbooks. I think all your products are of very high quality and you make the cards look not only elegant, but eye catching for the buyer and collector at the same time.

    2. I know redemptions take forever because you need to work with the players. For me I like to open boxes and see the card right away without having to wait for it to come in the mail. If it all possible if you can get rid of redemptions, you give the customer instant gratification which is what makes card collecting so exciting, also it will save Panini money on shipping and handling. So in all, if you don’t have the player to sign, I would stop putting them in packs or make sure they are in there so people have that excitement to show what they got to other people and that to me is what makes it so exciting to collect and open packs.

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