Panini America’s QC Gallery Preview Leaks First Look at 2012 Cooperstown Baseball

October 25, 2012

Pssst . . . 2012 Cooperstown Baseball, at long last, is on the way. Seriously, it is. I know because I watched with my own eyes — and even assisted with my own hands — the initial stages of the quality-control process for the product just minutes ago back in the Panini America Product Development area.

Turns out everyone back there — Brand Managers from all sports, Graphic Designers, Production folks — are just as excited to finally get their hands on Cooperstown as many collectors out there are. And now that we’ve finally seen honest-to-goodness actual cards from the set, it’s easy to see why.

The unique, history-soaked product — a direct result of Panini America’s new relationship with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum — begins shipping on Monday. But we simply couldn’t wait any longer to begin pulling the curtain back on what’s inside Cooperstown’s throwback-styled 24-pack box.

So consider the following 28 images mere table-setters, an appetizing peek sure to set the stage for a more comprehensive, robust and revealing QC gallery in the coming days.