Think Pink: Panini America Raising the Bar on Breast Cancer Awareness NFL Cards

As the NFL kicks off another Crucial Catch October, Panini America is doing its part to raise breast cancer awareness like only it can: By producing some of the most powerfully pink memorabilia cards the football collectibles hobby has ever seen.

As the NFL winds down another Crucial Catch October, Panini America is doing its part to raise breast cancer awareness like only it can: By producing some of the most powerfully pink memorabilia cards the football collectibles hobby has ever seen.

Incorporating game-used footballs from several of the NFL’s 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness games, Panini America has developed a unique 24-card set that will begin being distributed next month through special promotional packs.

The set was created from footballs used during three of last season’s Week 4 games (Bills at Bengals, Lions at Cowboys and Falcons at Seahawks) and one used during the Week 8 game when New England traveled to Pittsburgh. Players from all eight teams are featured in the set.

An image of the football used to create each card is featured on the back along with a brief description of what the featured player did in that game.

“The NFL’s ‘A Crucial Catch’ campaign is such an important initiative that impacts so many lives, and Panini America has been involved with special BCA trading cards for several years,” said Jason Howarth, Panini America’s Vice President of Marketing. “But this year we wanted to raise the bar in terms of what we were doing while continuing to raise awareness for this tremendous cause.”

Panini America also created special pink-patch autograph cards featuring top 2012 rookies Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson, as well as scarce autographed versions of some of the game-used football cards in the set.

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional details on how to obtain these special cards. But for now, here’s a comprehensive gallery of every card (front and back) in the set.


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  1. Wow very sharp looking cards. Not a big fan of the cards with event used footballs but I do like these, especially because of the cause.

      1. Great job Scott! And great preview Tracy. I like what you guys are doing. Great cause and very sharp looking cards.

      2. Being a male dominated sport, have you considered a prostate cancer awareness themed set? I appreciate breast cancer awareness, but the unsung male killer is all too often overlooked.

    1. Hey Scott,
      I’m not a collector of Football cards (prefer Basketball) but I would work my butt off just to try and collect some of these. Ya did real good man. I think you did even cooler concept than NBA green week lol! Good job!

  2. Very cool thing to do, the CFL did their pink games last week as well. Love to see the support for Breast Cancer and the charities. Keep up the great work guys.

  3. I was watching some of the games the last few weeks and was wondering why card companies had not done more along these lines. Great idea and great looking cards.

  4. Absolutely unquestionably and with no room for doubt, a fantastic mem’ sub-set. It’s wonderful to see Panini display the character required to take such a stance and produce such a special set.
    The set is special to Scott Prusha…& I believe it will become a special project for others, such as myself, whose lives have been impacted by cancer in one way or another.
    Nice work–

  5. Enough with saving the ta-tas campaigns, geez! You dont see anything for lung, colon or other cancers! Its overdone, and I bet the CFOs are all lauging at us as we pad their pockets and not the pockets for research!

    1. My aunt died of breast cancer so I have a passion for that charity…but my mom has bladder cancer & I’d drop everything to create something to help bring visibility to that charity, as well.

      1. I agree. I can relate to you with your mom having cancer as I said below. Lost mine to it this past spring. A very healthy, vibrant 65 until she got hit with that. Unfortunately there are so many cancers its hard for all to get recognition. Best wishes to you and your family. I know what your going thru.

    2. The reason for the focus on breast cancer is the prevalence of the disease. Sure people die of all kinds of things but breast is one that affects many, and more importantly all these campaigns to raise awareness are important because breast cancer is a disease that early detection is critical to is survivability.

  6. Always great to see this stuff. I lost my mom this past spring. A different cancer but cancer nonetheless. These cards are awesome. Great job to all involved!

  7. Great idea Panini. Great looking cards. But why should I be surprised. You guys really stepped to the plate with this release. Thanks!

  8. Trent Richardson is one of my favorite players, and his card in this special set looks really cool. Nice to see NFL promote Breast Cancer awareness on the field and through these special packs.

  9. Awesome set Scott and great job with the gallery Tracy! My Aunt also passed away from breast cancer just 3 days ago…..yesterday was my mom’s 65th b-day as well as 4 years since my dad passed away from lung cancer (he wasn’t a smoker either) so anything created to showcase the awesome players/game-used stuff is cool, and even cooler that it’s for a great cause. Thanks again guys! Oh yeah…before I forget, what’s on tap for a Black Friday promotion this year?

    1. Stay tuned for complete details coming soon on our incredible Black Friday plans as well as our plans for the upcoming Toronto Fall Expo. We can’t wait until you see what we have in store.

  10. Great job Panini on doing this!
    Very very important to be aware and giving and caring!
    Get tested avoid cancer.
    Salute to Panini on this awareness program.
    I believe in Panini even more.

  11. Scott and Tracy, I think you found something here. It seems everyone has been touched by cancer through family and friends. What a great way to support the cause and raise awareness. My Grandma had colon cancer and was cancer free when she passed this year. Great work gentlemen and Panini America!

  12. My mum is a breast cancer survivor , but has now come back in other part. Would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Scotty, Tracy and panini for there part in raising awareness for something not only close to my heart but the world!!! Love from downunder

  13. Having family who has battled breast cancer myself I am always very supportive of this cause, these cards are a great way for the collecting community to raise awareness and continue the push for a cure. Thanks for the hard work put into these and for bringing us the gallery Tracy and Scott!

  14. As a diehard collector and as someone who lost their mother to breast cancer, I will be searching for every card in the set. Thanks for doing this guys!

  15. I love it, this is a wonderful cause that the NFL supports, and I love that Panini is carrying this over to continue their support. In the past 2 years two of my wife’s aunts were diagnoised with breast cancer and both are fighting survivors.

  16. As usual well done to Panini for getting behind this great cause and Scotty P for putting this wonderful looking set together! Great to see that this Disease is getting some attention a lot more sporting codes and companies worldwide have taken up raising awareness about Breast cancer which can only be a good thing. Most people do not realise that men can get breast cancer as well its not a disease that solely attacks women.

    Thumbs Up!!

  17. Will these be made available for international collectors also? Or will we have to purchase these through ebay or similar?

      1. I have tried to purchase from here before and it won’t let me send to New Zealand – only USA and Canada appear. Am I doing something wrong or are these the only two countries you ship too? Many thanks!

  18. My mother died of Breast cancer 5 years ago now. it was very hard on my family and i did all i could to keep us together. I was the main care giver when things got bad and it changed my life. I give alot of time to people with cancer these days and help them were they need it. Lets all spend some time taking care of those that are suffering from this terrible disease we can always do more. Thank you Panini!!!!!!!!

  19. Scott, I met you at Super Bowl Experience in Indy and told you how much I liked the pink cards in last years product. These memorabilia cards are the equivalent of a 105 yard kick return for a touchdown. WOW!!! This cause is close to me as well.

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