Panini America’s Weekly Redemption Card Update: Elway, Burrow, Kyrie and More

In an effort to keep collectors updated on the status of those Panini America redemption cards that are currently being processed, we’ll post a list every week, like the one included in the attachments below, detailing the most recent cards being fulfilled this week.

The following list is intended to inform collectors about which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list every week so stay tuned next week if you don’t see your card here.

These weekly reports often include “rebatched” redemptions — cards from widely broken products that have been previously redeemed but required subsequent shipments due to high volume. In some cases, the cards listed have been fulfilled with replacement cards.

If you have specific redemption questions, you can contact the Panini America Customer Service Manager via Twitter or use the following email addresses:

Quality Assurance: [email protected]
Redemptions/Replacements: [email protected]
Damages: [email protected]

Here’s this week’s report in Excel format.

Here’s this week’s report in PDF format.

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2 Replies to “Panini America’s Weekly Redemption Card Update: Elway, Burrow, Kyrie and More”

  1. I just got a few questions, for you, the frist question is , how come you the redemption are of the newer pllawer and what’s going on with the redemption cards from 1 to 2 years ago ? If these or any player gets hurt, God forbid if someone gets hurt, but the value of there card is going to be worthless, for a example Tre Archer, I waited 4 y ars for his card and when I finally got it, he was no longer playing. , and my second question is when you have your new release, I sign in 20 minutes before the release time starts and once it starts I can’t even buy just 1 box of your 5 box limit, everytime I try buying it few boxes for my son I’m blocked and instead of collectors being able to buy a few boxes, I few 75-80% of the boxes are put aside for the dealer, that all fine but the dealer raise the price on a hobby box to 100 -200 % if what you guys at Panini are selling them for, what happens to the collectors ? They have to pay through the nose for a hooy box. For example your release price is say $300.00 which no one can buy them at that price because it seems that their is only one person in charge of taking the orders on your web site, which leaves all the collector out in the cold, I feel that a company of your size should be taking care of the collector frist and not all the dears and breaker, where the mark up the price were the little collector can’t afford them I saw even Walmart and Taget selling just single packs for over a $100.00. This is not right and I shore I’m not the only collector is feeling left out, and only the people that have money and a job can afford the card your company makes,, some people are out of work because of the Health Emergency we have in this country. , but at least I feel that there should be a better way for regular collector can but a pack or a box of cards and they don’t need to pay 300 % more than the amount they have to pay 200-300% of the MSRP. I really hope there a lite hope that your company can do to help the small regular customers out, because of the virus that’s been causing people to lose there job’s, it would be great to be able to treat your kids some trading cards once awhile since they are stuck to the computers for school everyday since this virus came around. I just hope someone in your company can help the small little people like myself, I’m the only one working and it’s just me and my son, my hours at work got cut but I’m still trying to make a bad situation this country is in a little better for my son and myself. I also want to thank everyone that is able to reD my comments and I’m really sorry if this message ended up being so long.


    Jimmy Ma

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