Panini Digital Weekly Roundup: Week 6 Contests with Massive Prizes, Gold Standard Release, Trade Match and More

October 16, 2020

A first-of-its-kind COVID reschedule left us empty last night, but that does mean you have more time to strategize for this week’s NFL Blitz Digital Trading Card App contest entries. Make sure you have enough 2020-eligible cards to slot in a few contest team variations to account for any possible scenario.

The 2020 season on NFL Blitz brings a wide variety of contests for fans and collectors to play in; enter as many as you like and collect the rewards. Be sure your lineups are set before the start of the first game each week to ensure your team is included.

This week’s Legend contest is awarding huge digital prizes including 1st Off The Line boxes, packs and big coin prizes.

2020 Gold Standard  Football has come back to NFL Blitz and the full collection and premium packs are now available. Collectors can find a wide variety of virtual Rookies, Inserts, Signatures and Memorabilia cards within the Gold Standard set. There are a few 1st Off the Line Gold Standard packs still available including a bonus 1st Off the Line-exclusive Variation limited to three each.

The Gold Standard set includes 99 veterans as well as 100 Rookie Short Prints. You can also chase inserts from more than 20 different Signature and Memorabilia insert sets.

NBA Dunk and the Trade Match Feature
Trading cards and finding matches in the NBA Dunk Digital Trading Card App just got a whole lot faster and easier. Pick a card you need and match automatically with up to five users who own it to request a trade. Trade up to nine cards. Chat with the bidders one-on-one and get the deal sealed fast.

Check out the new Trade Match feature if you haven’t already. It helps you find the users who hold the cards you need and want. Find and trade to grow your collection faster.

In case you do not find a match, you will be redirected to “Open Trades.” All active open trades will be available under the “Trade” tab.