Panini Peek: 2010-11 Elite Black Box

The newest NBA release from the folks at Panini America promises to create a high bar for expectations at the mere mention of a name that needs no introduction among hardcore collectors: 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball.

The newest NBA release from the folks at Panini America promises to create a high bar for expectations at the mere mention of a name that needs no introduction among hardcore collectors: 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball.

It’s a name rich with high-end connotations of super-premium content for a product filled with it.

“We realize that by naming this product ‘Black Box’ we’re setting collector expectations really high as that name carries the biggest of big-ticket connotations with collectors,” says Panini America NBA Brand Manager David Porter. “But based on the incredible content that we’ve injected into Black Box, I’m certain this is a product that will not just meet those expectations, but surpass them. From five-autograph Champions cards to the first ever Panini America basketball booklet cards to the hoops introduction of the popular Crusade insert, this is a truly special debut. We spent a great deal of time developing Black Box and we’re really excited about it.”

Due out August 31, every eight-card pack of Black Box will deliver three autographed cards, two memorabilia cards and two inserts. All autograph and memorabilia cards will be numbered to 149 or less and every insert in the product will be numbered to 99 or less.

Additional highlights:

  • Booklet Cards numbered to 25 or less
  • Champions five-autograph cards featuring the 1969 Boston Celtics and 1980s Los Angeles Lakers teams numbered to 10
  • A 10-card Thunderstruck insert (honoring the Oklahoma City Thunder’s biggest superstar) numbered to 10 and signed on-card
  • Elite Series Signatures featuring trapped autographs of the NBA’s finest players, numbered to 49 or less
  • The history-making hoops debut of the popular Crusade insert, with on-card autograph, memorabilia and autographed memorabilia versions numbered to 149 or less 
  • The Crusade, Private Signings, Thunderstruck, Black & Blue, Flag Patches and USA Basketball Patches inserts will be completely signed on-card

“We understand that the content has to be there — and it will be,” Porter notes. “There is game-worn memorabilia in this set from the greatest legends of all time. There are triple autograph cards from the original Dream Team. There’s a Thunderstruck autographed insert in which every card is signed on-card. But of all the great content in here, I’m most excited about the Booklet Cards and the designs. They’re truly spectacular. This is definitely high-end and it absolutely lives up to the Black Box name.”

Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued updates on 2010-11 Elite Black Box Basketball.


27 Replies to “Panini Peek: 2010-11 Elite Black Box”

  1. Looks really nice, but is this going to be more expensive than national treasures or closer to gold standard? and at what point do 2011/12 products start to come out?

  2. silly question,it states 8 card pack but write up only states 7 cards???? what is eighth card??? random or maybe you will get one extra to make it an eight card pack.or did i miss something

  3. THESE LOOK GREAT!!! Can’t wait to get my order form in the mail. My customers are going to want all I can get (I’m going through Totally Certified and Gold Standard faster than I thought possible).

  4. stupid question.write up states 8 cards per pack,but info only states 7??? info states 3 auto,2 mem.,2 8th card random or is it just luck to get the 8th card??? this is not a jab at the company.

  5. Dare I call this the most Exquisite product ever?

    Even the trapped autos look nice. Well done Panini design team!

  6. The picture of the Passing the Torch says ‘enclosed game worn swatch’ yet on the sell sheet it says the set contains manufactured patches.
    Firstly, which is it?
    Secondly, why are you still going for all these designs with manufactured patches? Not many people like or care about them… you’re on the right track but then blow it by having a meaningless patch on a card.

    1. Passing the Torch autographs are not on manufactured patches. Speaking of manufactured patches, obviously they’re a matter of personal taste. We understand not everyone likes them, but there are a lot of collectors who do — especially when we can add new twists to the concept.

  7. Cards look great. But it’s a pretty hard bite.( Ouch.. looks alot like UD Black)…. How does it feel UD ? Looks real nice what is price point?

  8. Looks Awesome!! I guess I’ll have to order online! No shops in my area order this high-end products! Stinks!!!

  9. WOW!!!! Thats all i have to say about that. Just another of many AMAZING designed cards from Panini! Just when i think you guys cant out do your last new product, you blow my mind with another one! Keep up the great work you guys and i cant tell you how well you guys are doing with the cards since you took over and really love your customer service and what you are doing for this great hobby of ours… Thanks. 11 more days till the National!!!!

  10. Used to be an avid card collector but have been out of collecting for awhile now. Might be a dumb question, but how much does a pack cost?

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