Panini Peek: 2012-13 Absolute Basketball

After almost two full years away, Absolute Basketball, one of the hoops hobby's most popular and powerful trading card products, is on the verge of a huge return to the hardwood.

After almost two full years away, Absolute Basketball, one of the hoops hobby’s most popular and powerful trading card products, is on the verge of a huge return to the hardwood.

The good news: 2012-13 Absolute Basketball is slated to release in mid December, which means it’ll be out just in time for you to add it to your holiday wishlist. The better news: Every four-pack box will deliver at least three autographs and all 100 Rookie Cards in the product will be signed on-card.

Absolute Basketball will include a huge 250-card base set (including the aforementioned 100-card RC subset featuring on-card autographs), three base-set parallels (Gold, Platinum and Black), seven unique memorabilia sets and five unique autograph sets.

2012-13 Absolute Basketball’s myriad highlights include . . .

  • The stunning new Every Player Every Game Patches memorabilia insert that includes the complete serial-number patch from each player’s game-worn jersey.
  • Autograph-intensive inserts that include Frequent Flyer Autographs, Iconic Autographs, Marks of Fame AutographsHoopla Autographs and Heroes Autographs (Frequent Flyer and Iconic also include memorabilia versions).
  • Every memorabilia card in the set will be limited to 99 copies or less, but the majority of memorabilia cards will be limited to 25 or less.

We’ll have much more on the triumphant return of Absolute Basketball right here on The Knight’s Lance in the coming weeks. But for now, enjoy this extended first look at the product:


32 Replies to “Panini Peek: 2012-13 Absolute Basketball”

  1. Wow.. Looks better than any other year of ABsolute that I’ve ever opened. Thats a big deal for me considering its my favorite basketball product of the year.

    1. My name is David Porter i had a great conversation yoday with Mr.David at panini thank you sir for the information on the case hit….

  2. Thanks Panini for the early Christmas Gift to us collectors. Magnificent looking cards. Would definitely be a collectors favorite list.
    Great job Tracy on keeping us updated on great products like this. Keep it up.
    Making me smile seeing those cool looking inserts. My son and I definitely love Panini!!!

  3. Looks Great…Once again well done guys. Never been much of a bball collector even though I love the sport..soon to change

  4. Way to go Panini, Looks great and Im usually very hard to please. I wanna say you guys absolutely killed it this year with you Hockey Prime and Dominion series. Now, for the Absolute Basketball 12-13, it looks by the pictures you guys are gonna come hard with these products as well. Its really great, you guys are doing so great! Keep up the good work and all the new designs look great. Love it, and cant wait to add a few of the patch cards to my collection.

  5. Loving these mock up images they look really nice the Heroes, Iconic and Tag card subsets are looking sweet! Not a big fan of front numbered cards as I feel it detracts from the overall look (I also know some people think exactly the opposite so its another no win argument any way you look at it), but as a whole some very swish looking cards!. It seems Griffin is channeling his inner Harden as well

  6. Welcome back to the Panini family Absolute Memorabilia basketball. Still looking good after missing the last 2 years

  7. Looks decent, it is just surprising to me that you all can be producing yet another product without ever finishing production on 11-12 Gold Standard, ie. the product hit – solid gold cards. This is pathetic customer service and obviously will prohibit me from buying any new product because who knows if the cards you advertise are really in products or available in your “vault”.

    1. Stephan, we did experience some production issues with the Solid Gold cards from 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball that led to a delay. But the cards are now in house and will begin being redeemed in the next few days. We apologize for the delay.

  8. Im not being rough with Panini no more, you guys have made my card collecting very enjoyable! Keep up the great work. Ill pass the word, about the new basketball product and how great it looks!

    1. We usually always send a tweet/Facebook post when we add one to the blog. When one is added to the Website, I don’t always know; but I will endeavor to keep better track of that.

  9. Panini is killing it with the basketball releases. I’m glad to see you’re not taking the exclusive rights for granted.

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