Panini Peek: The First Golden Glimpses of 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball

Yesterday we shared with you a 22-card gallery showcasing the first on-card autographs that have arrived for the upcoming 2011-12 Limited Basketball. Today, we're shifting into precious-medal mode with a glimmering glance at the first autographs to arrive for the highly anticipated 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball.

Yesterday we shared with you a 22-card gallery showcasing the first on-card autographs that have arrived for the upcoming 2011-12 Limited Basketball. Today, we’re shifting into precious-medal mode with a glimmering glance at the first autographs to arrive for the highly anticipated 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball.
Here’s hoping the following sneak peek — including gems from legends like Bill Russell, David Robinson and John Stockton, and current stars like Shane Battier, Stephen Curry and Paul George — will get your holiday weekend started on the right foot, while whetting your appetite for more golden greatness to come.

Enjoy, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional previews as more Gold Standard autographs arrive at Panini America HQ.


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  1. It’s near criminal that the big names are so SP’ed in the HOF set. You guys make enough profit on these products. Spend the $ to pay for additional autographs of the bigger names.

    1. I disagree Adam. I think that the greats should be SP’d. It makes the cards that much more valuable. Love the new look.

  2. definitely anticipating this product, are there gonna be any changes with the 24k gold cards this time around? because the gold cards from 10 11 sold extremely poorly.

  3. Glimmer of Gold…nice!! This is exactly what I love to see on a Saturday. Sunshine, Golden Sunshine of Gold Standard Basketball 2011-2012 cards, and a another nice gallery of the always bright and glistening Knights lance.
    Thanks for another gallery. Hope your Saturday Tracy is as glistening gold as mine!

  4. I’m not sure how to say this. In Preferred, Past & Present and now in the upcoming Limited and Gold Standard, you continue to include the same former players. Most of them were great players in their day but carry very little “value” in today’s hobby. So us wax busters, at the end of a case or two or three, end up with a handful of autos that are almost worthless (particularly the sticker autos).
    The hobby has evolved over the years. It used to be certain hard-to-pull inserts were the HITS. Next came jerseys as the HITS but now virtually all jersey cards are “a dime a dozen”. Then came autos and they’re following the same path as jerseys. It seems there must be some combination of the above at price points that allow more kids into the hobby and don’t bankrupt adults.
    I know you have to pay for autos and I assume you have to pay for jerseys. These two expenses obviously add to the overall expense and consequently the cost of any product. Inserts, on the other hand, don’t seem to add that second layer of expense for Panini. Your Fireworks & Raining 3’s inserts in P & P are awesome. Why not make certain inserts (like them) hard to get. Remember the old Jambalaya, Thrill Seekers, Noyz Boyz, etc. I wonder if it’s time for the hobby to morph again or maybe it’s time for me to get out of the hobby.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. I noticed the same thing, Jim. Was going to preface my comment with, “although I’ve seen these athletes in previous products, these issues look nice bc of the blue ink contrasted against the gold card.”
      I wonder if the pool of “legends” & HOF’ers is simply smaller than that which exists in the NFL & MLB. Tracy would be better suited to comment, but I wanted to concur with your point. The Secondary market will always be strong for Bill Russell, Bird, Magic and MJ, but Cowens, Unseld, Rodmans, Mitch Richmond and Dolph Schayes, amongst others in the Panini stable, draw little purchasing interest. Value…perceived and actual, measurable through auto population reports, drive the hobby.
      Loved the Jambalaya inserts also!!

    2. You said it perfectly Jim! Hobby is dying except for a few old time collectors/busters. Who’s going to spend $200 a box and get 4-5 hits that are worth 99 cents? Like Jamey said, I can’t understand how a good player in his day has an autograph worth only 99 cents, but that’s reality!! I cannot recall the last time I’ve seen a kid in a hobby shop in the last ten years! I remember the nineties when their were kids everywhere. One thing you didn’t mention was the sheer number of releases. How many rc cards must someone have? No one can buy them all, so we just give up after a bit. Also, parallels are getting out of hand. There are more colors than a box of crayons, meaning 90% of the parallels are worthless. You hear me Panini? Cut that stuff out. . .have one really tough parallel and STOP! Card companies need to realize there is such a concept of too much of a good thing. . .

    3. Jim,
      I’ve been saying this for years now. It’s time to go back to the old days. Cut down the memorabilia and autos. Collectors will always buy what’s out there, regardless. Make tougher, more appealing inserts and cut your costs. Once boxes are cheaper to buy, more people will be busting wax and more people will be buying singles if they feel they can afford it. Right now, this hobby is a rich man’s game

  5. Wow! How is it they look even better than last years release. Cannot wait to see more. Are there still going to be carss embeddes with gold dots? Manged to get lucky track down 3 Ray Allen ones last year.

  6. I didnt think it was possible to make Gold Standard 2 times better than last years but after seeing just these few pics, it looks like it is!!! I love the fact that u guys have went the extra mile for us collectors by including more on-card autos. I know its alot easier to get sticker autos than on-card from these athletes so we really appreciate you guys doing that. I probably busted 20 or more boxes of GOLD last year and looks like i will be busting more than that this year! I cant wait to see some pics of Durant, Kobe, and Griffin autos when you get them! You guys at Panini keep up the great work!!

    1. You may be jumping the gun with your praise for “more on-card autos”. If you recall the promotional pics from NBA Elite Black & Preferred, they included on-card auto’d cards. What you didn’t see were all of the other autos that featured sticker autos. Those sticker autos comprised the bulk of what was included in any given box. I busted 2 sealed cases of Elite Black and got one, count ’em, one true on-card auto per case.

  7. Do these come in boxes? How many packs per box and what are the chances of pulling these? sorry if this is a silly question, i’m new to this.

  8. Looking forward to the release of Gold Standard, definately a step in the right direction from last years release 🙂 Australians and hoobyists alike will go crazy over them.

  9. Those pre-view cards are awesome. LIKE EM!! But what is the price of the packs going to be? Panini is losing a lot of money from collectors that can not afford high price packs… therefore they wait for card singles to show up on ebay or other sports card websites & buy them on the secondary market for a fraction of the price… therefore Panini does not see any of that money….
    I agree, The “hits” in today’s products are HOF players… There are a lot of collectors that are not interested in HOF autos.. You can pick them up for very cheap. I seen a Kareem & Jerry West auto sell for under $40… & they were supposed to be case hits…
    Especially Kobe.. there are way too many autos of his… you can pick them up for under a $100 now… I bought two Elite Black Box Kobe autos (status & elite versions) for under $120 each. That was less than a pack of Elite Black.
    Why would I spend tons of money on packs/boxes, when i can pick up cards for a fraction of the cost….?? I will probably buy 1-2 boxes of Gold Standard 2011-12, just to try my luck… then that’s it… no more.. just pick up the singles!!
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