Panini Unwrapped: 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey

Panini America marketing mavens Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha make collecting history by busting a box of 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey, the first Pinnacle Hockey product in 13 years.

Panini America marketing mavens Tracy Hackler and Scott Prusha make collecting history by busting a box of 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey, the first Pinnacle Hockey product in 13 years.

Want to win some of the hits they found inside? Simply comment on this post with what you’re most excited about with Pinnacle Hockey’s triumphant return.


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  1. Wow, these cards are sick. I´m pretty impressed by the base cards and the city lights parallels. A great product by Panini again.

  2. The ‘Chemistry on Canvas’ set will be one I chase. I pulled the similar designed cards from ‘Threads’ Football and they are REALLY nice.

    Pinnacle looks like a fun box to break. Great job.

  3. you guys rock!! scott you are the man! love all the new style designs you have in this product. the pictures are diffrent with all the new looks. not all on ice shots! sweet job!

  4. Yeah, pinnacle was legendary back in the early 90s. Hoping they come back with the pinnacle B inserts in the future too!

  5. love the photos finally a creative photo set some on the ice and some off of the ice. kudos to Panini!!!! and that Taylor Hall is sick!!!!!!

  6. Seeing Pinnacle Hockey debut again is like a blast from the past, a serving of nostalgia pie. I was just a teenager starting to break into the hobby and I’d pull these awesome cards that would just keep getting me excited. Like the Epix Moment inserts, I never did pull that Emerald tho.

  7. That Taylor Hall is sick “NUFEX TECH”……sweet pull……..I have always liked the Pinnacle masks I still have my Felix Potvin a real beauty just as fresh today as the day I pulled it…..some of the shots on the cards are extraordinary like the Okposo you pulled the Skinner was nice as well he will most likely win rookie of the year honors…….all in all I think it is a good product but of course the product is best reviewed in hand….hint hint…lol…

  8. Yessir, my favorite productof all time is back. I can’t wait to see what the rookies look like. Thanks panini!

  9. You know someone has opened alot of packs when you see the way Tracy bust ’em. Look at the precision with which he opens each one, then of course he spends 5 mins breaking down its contents 🙂 Just kidding, but I hope I have the same luck getting that Hall Nufex when I open a few boxes of Pinnacle in the next few weeks. Thanks for saving the year Panini, all I can think about is where we’d be w/o your innovation – UD is dead and Topps is a bore and ITG is too slow and too little. Keep ’em coming.

  10. The Saving Face cards look outstanding-they look to have a real retro feel to them-can’t wait to crack a couple of boxes of this product.

  11. Always love cards with the canvas look/feel to them, might be something I try and put together our of this product. Good to see Pinnacle is back, looking forward to breaking some packs and doing a review on my blog.

  12. man this product is way cooler then i thought with all the ineteresting off ice photos and the action shot of thornton. the nufex tech is sweet lookin and what a great pull, taylor hall nufex, wow. today is my bday so this vid was a nice little gift to watch, cant wait to pickup my preordered box next week from my local shop. seein this vid makes me want to buy lot of this stuff and try to build the set just cuz of all the cool photos. thanks guys for finally putting this stuff out again. u guys rock

  13. I’m excited Pinnacle is finally back and I’m personally looking forward to the icebreakers set of rookies and the city lights cards.

    Nice break and video!

  14. Those city lights cards look pretty awesome, so I’m most excited about them, but also the tough times cards. The enforcers of the NHL don’t get enough love!

  15. I am very excited about the return of Team Pinacle. Those are the first inserts I remember buying packs specifically to try and pull one. I only ever pulled one, Bure/Stevens and it is still in my collection.

    That Taylor Hall was cool but my man Jeff Skinner is the #1 rookie in my book.

  16. These cards are sick. Never really wanted to collect hockey cards until the return of the Pinnacle Cards. Really excited and nice hits. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pack.

  17. I’ve loved the idea of the City Lights inserts since seeing the way the Rick Nash looked on the product sheet several months ago. Love the shot of Phoenix on it, will have to get all of the Coyotes ones. Another home run from Panini.

  18. Love the box , and those foil cards are sick. Very nice Dustin Brown hair dew. Great action shots you don’t see on any other products. Very nice Taylor Hall card.

  19. I love the look and design of the city lights set! Can’t wait to see the Nufex stuff in hand!

    Thanks Panini!

  20. I am looking forward to actually getting the cards with Nufex in my hands. The technology seems even better than the Dufex of the past. I love that the older hockey cards are coming back. Keep it up, Panini!

  21. I like to see Pavel on the box! I’m also excited to see the full checklist for the city lights set, hopefully there are a couple Detroit players on the list

  22. Pinnacle was always clean-cut and creative. I’m glad to see nothing was lost during it’s hiatus. In fact, it looks even better than most modern set of cards. I’m most excitied about the base set to be honest. As a partial set collector I love to see the use of excellent photography, capturing the moment of the sport that we don’t see during the everyday game. It takes you behind the doors, on the bench, and in the locker rooms. What a fantastic product this is going to be. I’m seriously looking forward to it for sure.

  23. this is going to be great! love the photos and the TIME you took in making the card. not a rush job to get out the door to make money. listening to what the PEOPLE want and you provide! GO DUCKS!!

  24. Since Panini has acquired Pacific’s former titles, any chance we see a return of Atomic in the future? I loved the die cut logos and acetate base set. Something I still track down and buy boxes of today, years later.

  25. Loved these cards in the 90’s and love them still,Pinnacle had the sharpest inserts, Rink collection, Z team, and my favourite Northern Lights.It’s cool to see what was old is now new

  26. I love the candid shots of the players, great job! On that same note, i would love to see a shot of Todd Bertuzzi blowing a bubble! He always does it and this seems like a perfect product to fit that in!

  27. These finally made it out my way. Got a couple packs, got Corey Perry, Kopitar, Henrik Sedin, Carey Price, Toews, John Tavares, a Mike Fisher City Lights and a Frolik Threads GU! 🙂

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