Panini Unwrapped: 2010 Panini Plates & Patches Football (with special guest)

Panini America's Tracy Hackler is joined by Joe White, the company's man tasked with procuring NFL autographs, for this exciting, must-see edition of Panini Unwrapped.

Panini America‘s Tracy Hackler is joined by Joe White, the company’s man tasked with procuring NFL autographs, for this exciting, must-see edition of Panini Unwrapped.

What will the first two boxes of this highly anticipated new product yield? Watch and find out.


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  1. Don’t listen to him Hack. You’re much more tolerable than Scott. Even with your Tebow man crush.

    Are these hard signed or sticker autographs? They looked like stickers, but it’s hard to tell. For $150 a pack, I’m hoping on card.

  2. Great Stuff!!! Can’t wait to see those suckers up close! Keep up the fantastic work Tracy, I think you have done a great job in bringing us closer to panini, the inside and outside!

  3. Wow I can’t wait to bust this stuff, Tracy..I love patches and plates just make them better!!


  4. Great design on these. I love the foiling!!! The patches and auto’s are cool, but the foiling brings the design home. Great job Panini. The backs on on the printing plates is a great idea too. This looks like an A+ product!!!

    P.S. Pretty sweet dress code of there at Panini America. Nice Jersey Tracy!!!

  5. Thanks for the preview; I really like the design and concept of this product, just wish the cards were hard signed. Anyways, I will have some fun opening this product.

  6. Really epic product, the design is great and the player selection seems spot on which is important when there are so many other products that miss that. I enjoyed watching the break but I REALLY enjoyed the extras, Unitas is the reason I have respect and appreciation for the history of the NFL. The manufacturer-issued cut auto of Unitas is the top of the mountain as far as hits go for a product and I love that you included it in this set, I am seriously more motivated to go get a box knowing that I could pull one vs. other products that don’t include it.

    Thanks for putting up the video fellas, Tracy you remain “the man” and your support of the YouTube card community is spectacular!

  7. Just a few more days! I am soooooooo excited for this! I really think it is going to be one of the funnest boxes so far. The configuration really looks cool with the slab card and the little “pack.” I was really excited to hear there is a slabbed card in every box. Fantastic job, I just think you guys have just been nailing it lately. It is a great time to be a collector right now.

  8. Love this new product…may have to pick up a box with my tax return $$!!! Great product and keep ’em coming!!! :o)

    PS…Tracy Hackler is the man…whoever thinks he should be fired may have some mental issues they need medical attention for!

      1. I stroked your ego the other day here: . I definitely don’t always agree with you, but Panini made a great decision to bring you on. It shows that they’re genuinely serious about interacting with the community. I’m sure they could’ve just as easily brought on an unpaid intern, but hiring someone with a lifetime of experience shows that they’re serious.

  9. This has some of the most potential I’ve seen from Panini this year. I like the look, overall. It feels like a popular product of old that’s been a stand-by for years.

    I know nothing can be changed on THIS release, but for a similar high-dollar release (even with 2011 Plates & Patches?), I’d request an on-card auto. Then, truly, we’d have our replacement for that popular product of old. Even if it came at the cost of a few redemptions, to me, it’d be worth it.

  10. Looks cool, I am excited to bust a few boxes. At the end you said you would be giving some of these away and to look below on more info. I have checked here, you tube, and facebook and have not seen how to win any of these cards. Just wondering. Thanks!

  11. I cant wait for this product!!!!! IVe already put my order in for a few boxes at my local cardshop. I would do just about anything for that Unitas cut auto!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!! Keep up the great work Panini and you too Tracy! TEBOW BABY!!!!

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