Panini Unwrapped: 2010 Playoff Contenders Football (with the Golden Ticket Reveal!)

In addition to addressing the thorny issue of whether or not there are Rookie Card variations in the product, this revealing video provides the exclusive first look at the history-making Golden Ticket solid-gold trading cards.

Join Panini America‘s Ben Ecklar, Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez as they bust one of the first boxes of 2010 Playoff Contenders Football.

In addition to addressing the thorny issue of whether or not there are Rookie Card variations in the product, this revealing video provides the exclusive first look at the history-making Golden Ticket solid-gold trading cards.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, stay tuned till the end of the video to find out how you can win a 2010 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket autograph of Sam Bradford, the 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year.


220 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped: 2010 Playoff Contenders Football (with the Golden Ticket Reveal!)”

    1. Playoffs contenders are the best auto’d rookie cards out there, each and every each. I love the suspence of guessing the shortest print rookie auto!

  1. I enjoyed contenders last year, and I’m most certainly going to enjoy it this year. Great work guys, looking forward to busting it this week!

  2. Ok…Im TOTALLY jacked for my box now…Awesome video as usual, and Tracy..There’s that Panini shirt again!!!!..LOL.. Not sure whether I want the card or the shirt more..! Thanks for the awesome product and heres wishing everyone SUPER MOJO with their break!

  3. ive NEVER been a fan of NFL, nor do I follow it or collect it. but DAMMMMMN this set looks amazing!! the Gold Ticket cards are truly unique pieces. you can count me in for this comp lol, awesome!!


  5. I have opened contenders every year since 1999. I can say that this is by far the best product that has ever been done under the contenders name. The on card autographed rookie cards are beautiful and from what I have seen there are very few redemptions. The superbowl set also gives collectors who aren’t into rookies, a nice little set to collect and many of the players in that set seldom sign. TOP NOTCH.

  6. Great product. Always been a strong product! I love the fact that you added a 5th auto instead of the typical 4 autos. It’s like a bonus that wasn’t expected! Thanks

  7. this is a great looking product, although i do love it every year, the bradford auto looks great. Wouldent mind pulling a golden ticket thats for sure. love the vide,o best part carlos completly avoiding the last question, and just changing the subject. Thanks guys.

  8. I’m juiced, man. I’ll be picking up a box today.

    And by the way, having been an entrant in several Panini contests, thank you guys for running them. You’re definitely setting the bar high for other companies!

  9. Can’t wait to find out which Rookie Ticket variations are short printed ! Great way to add value to the product with these variations. Well done !

  10. Wow!!! What an amazing looking product even without the gold ticket cards, which look amazing. I’m really excited for this product and can’t wait to start ripping some packs.

  11. Man those gold cards look awesome! I bet they were wayy expensive to make. Those rookie autos are nice too. I think this will be a really good seller!

  12. Im 24 years old,i just got in the hobby and im loving it,im finding out that panini has some of the best looking cards,and keeps this hobby fun! I am very excited about the new gold cards,and the new rookies,like bradford,and tebow,somthing else to look forward too everytime me an my wife open a box!cant wait to see whats next! YOU GUYS AT PANINI ROCK,KEEP IT UP!!

  13. Contenders has always been one of my favorite products each year and these new gold cards only build upon my excitement for this product.
    Thanks for the preview video.

  14. I have been collecting for many years and was excited to find out about the Golden Ticket cards. I have pre-ordered a few boxes through my local reatailer, and cannot wait to break them. Enjoyed watching the video of you guys, but I don’t think Carlos should be playing poker anytime soon. I assume the white jersey would be the shorter of the two…or is it? The Bradford card would make a great centerpiece to any collection!

  15. Awesome product again panini. Can’t wait to start breaking these boxes. That bradford rookie is stunning. Gold cards? Now thats a gold idea, kudos. That bradford card would look great on my wall in my man cave. Thanks for giving us collectors another great product.

  16. Contenders is and always will be the BENCHMARK for Rookie Card Autographs. The designs are ALWAYS amazing and this year gets even better with the Golden Tickets cards.

    Carlos awesome job pulling the Sam Bradford, I would love to add it to my collection!!!!

    Tracy keep the tough questions flowing…..


  17. Oooooooooooooh dang can’t wait to get my hands on some golden tickets. It will be like opening wonka bars for the golden ticket! Nice job guys!

  18. Loving the tix! Especially the controversial variations! Also, to echo other people, how can we get a shirt like that??? I would totally wear one! So you’re giving away a Bradford too huh? Just giving away two of the hottest rookies this year… You guys are crazy! BTW the golden tickets… 11 grams of gold!!! That card is worth more in gold than the box costs itself! This is awesome! Great stuff Panini! Oh yea, I love Sam Bradford auto’s, just sayin… 🙂

  19. Wow, simply awesome!! Once again, Panini has really outdone themselves. With another great offering for the sports card collecting community. 2010 Playoff Contenders Football, is definitely, worth its weight in gold.

  20. I was never a huge fan of Contenders, but now that I realize how much impact this product really has on pulling some big name, on-card autographs, and with many different paralells. The 5 autographs per box is a great idea to keep this product on the market as one of the better “bank-for-your-buck” type boxes you could open. The new design brings back memories of the older years, and the gold cards top this off as, in my opinion, one of the most anticipated releases of the year so far. Good Luck, Happy Hunting!


  21. Well handled, great damage control, turning a negative issue into a positive one. Great Promotion for a great looking product.

  22. I have always loved this set, I try to get at least two to three boxes a year. this years is going to be awsome and i hope that I can get some boxes.

  23. WOW…wow…AMAZING looking set. Thank you for breaking the mold and creating a masterpiece of a set. I can’t wait to get my box in. Love the look of the cards and the nod to the original set design with the tickets. Now, about that Bradford. I’d love to throw my hat into the ring for a chance at it. I’ve been collecting my entire life, since I started getting allowance 🙂 I have had the pleasure to get my newphews involved in collecting now and to see the joy passed on to the next generation is priceless. I don’t have a Bradford auto yet, and I’m a HUGE fan of his. Because of recent job status I’m not able to make the “big purchases” I’m used to and it has me ‘jonesin’ for maildays. If I win that Bradford it would literally make my YEAR and help me overcome the sad prospect of this potential NFL lockout.

    Either way, congrats to Panini fans and BIG props to the company on this amazing looking product. Thanks for keeping us collectors in the forefront and bringing us all closer to the players and the game that we love!!! Excellent work, you’ve made a Panini fan for LIFE.

  24. WOW! This set is amazing. I have been looking forward to this set since I found out about it. This year is my first year collecting and by far I have been impressed. I love football and just buying football cards bring the excitement like Sunday games. Contenders have been my favorite release this year so far. Although, the release date was pushed it looks like it will be worth the wait. Thanks for making us collectors happy!

  25. This stuff has some incredible chase cards. It will definitely be a fun break, especially with the bonus auto. Great job, Panini, it just seems like release after release, you keep raising the bar. I can’t wait to see whats in store for the 2011 draft class releases. I just pray there isn’t a lockout!

  26. Opened a case of this stuff last night as a group break on blogtv and have to say that this product truly delivers! Great job as always guys… you keep putting out the best products in the business!

  27. Very nice product, as always! Been buying this since 1999! Can’t wait to get some of this and hopefully get a Golden Ticket. Sick Sam Bradford!!

  28. So far I have not seen any redemptions pop up in this product. Given the issues that some rookies have had this year in getting cards back to you that makes the product all the more exciting and should help hold value in sealed wax for some time to come.

  29. These cards look great. Let’s say we are lucky enough to pull a golden ticket redemption: in addition to receiving the card, do we also get a personal tour of the Panini America factory with Tracy?

      1. Getting there from Indy will probably be the easy part as compared to trying to pull one of the rare golden ticket redemptions first…

  30. Nice looking product and can’t wait to open some boxes. Not a huge fan of redemptions but I wouldn’t mind getting one for a Golden Ticket card.

  31. I really like the look of this years set.. I think this years set seems to have the perfect amount of mix between modern aspects and retro aspects of past contenders sets. The autographs really pop off the card in this years set. Thanks for doing the giveaway on the Bradford autograph.

  32. The product looks awesome, the auto cards are on card which is a major plus and the Golden Ticket is the icing on the cake! Great job Panini.

  33. So I have to admit, the things that I’ve read from other websites and blogs had me starting to doubt Panini and its job of making collectors out there happy. Then I saw something that led me to these “behind the scenes” videos on here and I couldn’t believe a company would let others see what goes on behind closed doors. The videos are wonderful and if combine that with the release of this very nice looking and customer-rewarding set of Contenders, you got me believing now! Keep up the great work.

    1. When I got back into the hobby this year, I heard the same badmouthing of Panini products. So I went with the competition. I put together their base set and then was looking for something new. I didn’t really love any of their mid or upper end products though, and then I discovered this years Classics and Crown Royale and was totally blown away. I absolutely love these behind the scenes videos. I have no idea what the badmouthing I heard was based on, you guys really do care about your products and work hard to make them great. Honestly next year I’ll probably skip the competition completely and see what next year’s Panini products look like. 🙂

  34. And I thought Printing Plate cards were cool and unique. Not only are the Golden Ticket cards a great idea they actually look very cool.

    As for the Bradford card, who wouldn’t want it? My budget won’t allow me to open more than a few packs of this product, but I do look forward to opening whatever I’m able to purchase.

  35. Don’t make a whole lot of money and I am newly married with a 6 month old boy. Therefore I only get a few chances to buy a higher end product. I believe Contenders will definitely be one of those this year! Nice job!

  36. Thank you Panini for making another great year of Contenders, and continuing to expand on the hobby by introducing one of a kind Gold cards, can’t wait to see what’s in store in the years to come from you guys.

    Job well done!

  37. Woah! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Especially the auto’s! 5 PER BOX AMAZING! and the Gold Cards, LOVE IT! thanks Panini for another great product 😀

  38. Great product!!!We get even more autographs in a box now. Every pack will be a blast to open!!Thanks for the preview video!!

  39. I guys keep outdoing yourselves! Not only is the Playoff Contenders awesome, then you top it off with the gold cards. Amazing!

  40. I can not wait to bust some boxes of Contenders this weekend!!!!! That Sam Bradford is the exact card that i want to pull so bad!!!!! I would do anything for that Sam BRadford you guys pulled!!!!!! Anything!!! You guys at panini did a great job with the design this year! This is my favorite Contenders yet, and i love the Super Bowl MVP tickets this year!!!!! Keep up the great work Panini!!!! SOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. The first box of contenders I ever purchased I just happen to have pulled a championship edition autographed rookie ticket of a little somewhat known player who happens to go by the name of Tom Brady. That was in the year 2000 before he “shined”. That was my “golden ticket” pull of a lifetime and the last box of playoff contenders that I had purchased. 11 years later after having 2 children (who now collect), surviving a nasty divorce, and having my old card habit picking up again… I do believe it’s time for me to embrace another box of contenders and to welcome a chance to see if I can pull another golden ticket considering there is the possibility of a TRUE golden ticket available! I hope the on card autos are clean and bubble free! I know I asked Tracy about that before but I just hope that it’s as good as it looks! Couldn’t really tell in the video.

  42. Great gold cards i would love to pull one of those. Just had a box break of contenders and pulled a redemption for Mike williams . So that made me happy since i’m a Bucs fan . Would love to get a Bradford as well. Love Contenders and will be buying plenty of it.

  43. Product Looks absolutely amazing. I’ve been trying all year to pull a bradford auto with no luck so i’m crossing my fingers. Thanks guys.

  44. Great job on the cards this year. Design is nice and clean. Autos are nice and LOVE THE ON CARD AUTOS. AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++

  45. Great Product. My customers have been very excited and love this year’s design. The Gold Card is a great idea. My store is already sold out of first shipment. More due to arrive Thursday or Friday. I will have to reorder for the third time tomorrow.

  46. I picked up 3 boxes today – great value with the 5 autos with 2 of them on card makes it the best Contenders product yet. Well done. (I’d love to get my hands on a Bradford auto – thanks for the chance)

  47. I think you guys have made an important step in the card collecting world with those golden tickets. My hats off to Panini for creating such a cool concept, I also really like the 2 variations of the auto’s(home/away jerseys)Keep up the great work, and I am going to the store in the morning to buy as many boxes of this as I can.

  48. Love the Contenders products and the secrecy behind the sps! Been hooked since 98 when I picked up my two Fred Taylor auto variations. Keep up the good work and get some more Taylors in the new releases for me lol.

  49. Thanks for the great videos! You all do a great job at keeping everyone aware of what is coming out! Can’t wait to pick some Contenders up!

  50. Great clean design for the rookie autos as always, and the golden ticket cards, now that is something worth busting wax for! Great stuff, already tried some packs and pulled a Shipley auto. Go Longhorns! Haha Carlos will have to spill the beans about SP’s soon! We can’t wait too long! Much hobby love from here in Canada guys thanks for a great product!

  51. Carlos great job ducking that numbering comment. Almost as ellusive as Aaron Rodgers in the pocket (the golden ticket you showed). Beautiful job on those golden tickets. I would love the golden ticket packer quarterback you showed but I think I would settle for that Sam Bradford ;). Pick me!

  52. Contenders looks awesome! Great work guys! Love the Golden Ticket idea. Can’t wait to bust some open some packs now! Hope I can pull a Bradford auto like you guys did!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ben & Carlos the cards look great! The Golden tickets are amazing. I would love to see how those were made. I can’t wait to get a box. Love the shirt too Tracy

  54. Nice break with the Bradford….busted quite a few packs of it tonight and grabbed 2 autos. I really like the look of it….keep up the good work

  55. Great video guys, I absolutely love remake of the 98 contenders look and the 5 Autos per box! Can’t pass that up. Now I have to get off the computer because I’m still drooling over my boys’ contenders auto. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Well the Aaron Rodgers golden ticket is already pulled and on ebay. I feel a bit like Charlie from the willy wonka movie after the rumor of the last ticket being found XD.

    But who knows, the Tebow ticket hasn’t popped up yet!

    1. I know…at first I was bummed too, it being found and for sale 2 days after release. But I figure at least now we’ll know what happened to it! Think of how much product is never opened each year (my LCS still has 2007 and 2008 Contenders on the shelves). We’d never know if it got found by some lucky guy and put in a safety deposit box or if it is was still unopened sitting in the back of some random card store in Wichita, Kansas. The odds of me personally pulling it were astronomical, so at least I’m glad it will likely end up in an A-Rod fan’s collection. Now curious to see what it goes for!

  57. Great product guys. Absolutely love this stuff. One of my favorite products year in and year out. Once again, super job!

  58. Just got back into collecting again after losing all my cards. This is gotta be the best.. let me rephrase that “THE MOST EXICITING THING EVER”. Opening a pack brings me back to when i was a kid finding that 1 outstanding card. Thx for bringing the rush of opening packs and letting me relive my childhood all over again. TRULY A TOUCHDOWN!! GO PANINI!

  59. I’ve always loved Contenders, because it gives a platform to the Danny Woodhead’s of the world who get overlooked by so many other card releases. Those stellar out-of-the-blue rookies finally get their shot in Contenders, and that has always been big for me about the product. Keep up the great work guys.




  61. Contenders is basically every collector’s dream product. With the addition of the Golden Ticket, this adds excitement when opening a box. I thought it was only in the movie, but Panini, you made box busting just like Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Well Done.

  62. Super box Break! Reminds me of the good old times when I used to pack war with my friends. Pulling the Bradford auto would have been a thrill. However, pulling a golden ticket would be the ultimate. Nice work Panini. I guess I better go out and buy some Wonka bars, uh I mean Contender packs…

  63. Wow! Pretty tight-lipped on short-printed cards apparently. Other than that, this break made me go out and buy some Contenders, so congrats. No golden ticket in my pack ripping though, so I wouldn’t mind if you toss the Sam Bradford on my way.

  64. Wow the Golden Ticket Idea is amazing !!! What an awesome idea to go along with an awesome product !! Let’s see how many people complain about pulling a redemption once they pull one of those beauties !!! Thanks Panini, and keep up the good work !!

  65. Thanks for the chance at the bradford i havent been able to buy any contenders yet. I live about 4 hours from ST. Louis and would love this for my PC. I really like watching you guys make these breaks helps me decide what i want to save my money up and buy.

  66. Well gentleman, looks like panini has done it again! One of my favorite products every year! To hear about the golden tickets and also the variations for the RPS, just made my day! Hats off to a great product for many more years to come!

  67. Who cares about touring Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? I want the PANINI GOLDEN TICKET!!

    Sam Bradford me baby!!

    (Left wrong email earlier!)

  68. I just want to say that this is the best set hands down! Good Job Panini as always! Might have to try for the autograph set and of course pick up a gold ticket! Very nice product as always and is always a fun bust!

  69. Tracy! Jesus loves you!

    The Sam Bradford card would look great on my desk here at Liberty University!!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. Oompa loompa doopadee do – I’ve got another puzzle for you – Oompa loompa doopadee dee – If you are wise you’ll listen to me – What do you get from a box of Contenders – A pretty sweet collection and a wife who would love that Tebow!!

    Another thought out product! Thank you for the efforts of on card autos. Time to start ripping for that golden ticket.

  71. This product is amazeing, cant wait to start ripping open my packs!! Wish I knew what version of the rc tickets where SP’s LOL

  72. this years product looks alot nicer than years past. like the 5 autos. per box. and the gold cards look awesome as well. nice break.

  73. I love this product every year, I can’t wait to grab a couple of boxes. But I do wonder what the actual “odds” of pulling a golden ticket will be. I’m hoping to be the “Charlie Bucket” of football card collectors! RUN STRAIGHT HOME CHARLIE!!

  74. I would first start out by saying how nice of a job Panini did on Contenders this year. The cards have a great design and look outstanding. Second I would like to comment on how that tricky question got avoided at the end. Carlos almost seemed like he may have wanted to make you eat that Gold card ( which are awesome) I am currently watching the 1/1 Aaron Rodgers on ebay. Anyhow Thank you to you Tracy and the rest of the gang at Panini for the great reveiws and the wonderful products you guys bring to the Hobby.. Thanks

  75. panini has set the bar that was once held by that other west coast company, quality products and on card autos , its great that a company actually listens to the buyers, golden tickets are just the icing on the cake for this one, keep up the good work and collectors will keep on collecting

  76. Great break guys! Huge Bradford Fan! Hopefully a little LUCK will land me the nicest Bradford Rookie Auto that has come out this year!! This years Contenders is by far the nicest product on the market. Thanks

  77. So do you guys script your variation surprise questions or does Tracy get to invent sneaky ways to sand bag Carlos on the air?

  78. This product is actually growing on me like a nasty foot fungus. I almost never consider the big-hit, so the golden ticket doesn’t do much for me but it does look fancy.

    I think it’d be nice to get other precious metals in there, to be honest. Copper isn’t all that expensive and I’m sure you’re not breaking the molds after printing the golden tickets.

    By the way, what did you do with the molds?

  79. I think you guys did a hell of a job with this years Contenders product. The 11 grams of gold per card for the ‘golden ticket’ inserts is plain MONEY!

    Now I would really like that Sam Bradford hahaha

    Thanks guys!


  80. I love this product! The Golden Ticket cards are a great idea, and I think they should be featured in future products as well as this year’s. I also love that there are variations of all of the rookie ticket autographs. it makes them more desirable and more fun to collect. This is definitely up there, in my book, for best product of the year. A+’s all around. I should be getting a few packs of this soon, as I won a contest over at BustingPacks.

  81. Panini Contenders this year looks Awesome! I love the desing and layout of the cards and inserts. Plus the Golden Ticket is an amazing Idea, bringing innovation to the next level. Will be busting some soon, hopefully to hit an amazing card!!

  82. 2010 Playoff Contenders looks awesome. I have been out of the football card collecting circle for a couple of years but this makes me want to jump right back in! Thanks for posting that video.

  83. Sweet Bradford ROOKIE TICKET AUTO!
    Playoff Contenders cards are by far the best quality rookie autographs on the market.
    Great Box bust going to get one myself.

  84. I haven’t purchased Contenders in many years. I am going out this weekend to do so. Thanks for posting this video. The autos, variations, and gold cards are definitely very attractive.

  85. I never dreamed that I would climb
    Over the moon in ecstasy
    But nevertheless, it’s there that I’m
    Shortly about to be
    ‘Cause I’ve got a golden ticket
    I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
    And with a golden ticket, it’s a golden day

  86. Haven’t done much collecting in some time. Following the recent Super Bowl, my interest really stirred. These cards look phenomenal. Now to see if my old stompin grounds are still around. Contenders will be my first purchase, after ice fishing in the morning.

  87. Love that this set pays tribute to the set that set the GOLD STANDARD for all rookie autos to follow… The 1998 Contenders set.

    A Bradford RC Ticket auto sure would be a nice addition to the collection… Hey Panini, how about an even swap for the 2009 Contenders H. Nicks and K. Britt redemptions I’ve been waiting on for over a year now? 🙂

  88. Beautiful cards!!!! i am 38 and been colleacting for a long time for me,but now i got two sons age 10 and 5. and ive givin everything to them and they love it so much.Would be great to get a card like that for them for thier collection. Thanks Chris

  89. I cant believe that Each box contains Five Autograph cards. This product is unbelievable, and the Golden Ticket (the industry`s first 14-Karat Solid-Gold trading card WOW that is a once in a life time opportunity to have the chance to pull such an elite piece of history. On top of all of that you also will have the chance to pull Rookie Roll Call, Legendary Contenders, On-Card RPS Rookie Ticket, On-Card Rookie Ink, Draft Class Dual Signature, NFL Ink Quad Signature, Rookie Ticket Printing Plates, and Super Bowl Ticket cards, The price per box is also unbelievable considering you are guaranteed to have 5 hits per box. This product is so rare this year there are so many ways to pull a great card, that I will have to save up to buy a full case of this product in hopes to open up a Hot box that has a Pack that could contain a redemption for Gold. This is definitely going to win product of the year in my opinion, I just hope that I can afford to open up enough of these boxes to pull something Great. Thanks for another great product Panini,


    Jason Wolf

  90. You guys are still regarded as the ultimate company in collecting. The rookie ticket autos are phenomenal from the 00′ Brady to this beautiful 11′ Bradford.

  91. Better and better every year, how can this be topped! Panini has done it again with there great ideas, thinking literally “outside the box”, with the golden tickets and other redemtion cards. I love the superbowl ticket idea and the great use of color on these cards, and of course the amount of possible autographs available.
    Thanks panini for the great product again!

  92. Panini Playoff Contenders are the BEST!!! Last year I pulled a Mark Sanchez Rookie Ticket Auto, from a card shop in our local mall. That was very exciting! Not alot of luck this year though! I AM LOVING THOSE GOLDEN TICKETS!!!!! It gives me the same feelings, as the boy in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!!! I want a golden ticket!!!!

  93. As usual always one of the best products out there. Can’t wait to get my hands on more of these boxes. Still have yet to pull a one of a kind card that hits me joy, but with my collection of cards im still one of the happiest guys out there. Thanks Panini Playoff contenders are the best of all time!!!

  94. First, I absolutely love your products. I bought a box of Contenders yesterday, I loved the cards but as usual bad luck smacks me in the face when I save up to buy a box of cards. Out of the box I only got two auto’s(sticker auto’s) and a redemption, I probably got the only box in the whole line without the five auto’s in it. I have bought a lot of your product and I will continue because like I said I love what you guys put out. I have been collecting since I was four, my mother got me into it with all her stories of the cards she had when she was little such as Mickey Mantle, Babe, and Lou. What turned me onto football cards was the love for the game (played a little college ball) and my mother’s story about Joe Namath, she was at a Detriot Tigers baseball game and Joe asked my mother out but she had no clue who he was and she turned him down and told her friends he had a big nose. They later told her who he was and she said she almost died, so ever since then I have been collecting Football cards. Everytime I pull a Namath Card I show my mother(got one yesterday in the box and drove a hour to show her). She said your guys products look great and said that cards have come a long way. I then showed her the two sticker autos I got and she said they put those in boxes now, and I said yes they do and told her about the Gold Tickets and she said that might make her go back into collecting. I then told her the story on what I was suppose to pull from the box and what I actually pulled. She asked if that was common and I said no but it is for me. I pick a quarterback every year to collect and this year it is Bradford, I would love to have the rookie ticket auto as I do not have a Bradford Auto yet, if not I am planning on saving up to get one more box of Contenders to see if I can do any better and possibly pull one, if you have a box number that I could go after so I can make sure I get a box with five autos I am always listening. Maybe me getting a clunker box is getting me ready for a Gold Ticket LOL.

  95. I really love your cards!! Great detail and excellent pictures. Great content in the packs. Not alot of chasing for great quality cards! The gold card, Priceless!!! You all have brought me back to collecting!!1

  96. Can’t wait for my next paycheck……..Contenders will be my first box break of 2011. My 8 year old son is finally interested in cards and this product is THE product to get him hooked…..boy is the wife going to be mad.

  97. I havent collected in 7 years but i bought a box of contenders football and was dissapointed. I only received 3 autos and of which 2 were toby gerhart autos and the other was a everson griffin auto. Im sure if i was a viking fan i would be a little more excited. Hopefully others have more luck than i did/

  98. I used to go out and buy lots of different types of football cards every year,but in the last few years i have focused on just completeing my playoff contenders football set.Every year this is the ultimate set to put together and i look forward to it every year.I have completed the set each of the last 5 years and it always one hell of a task.Thankyou for produceing the best cards on the market and have not yet found a bradford card ,if you happen to pick me it will be treasured by my son and i.

  99. Panini has went beyond expectation with this product with the Golden Ticket Cards……PANINI is far and beyond in the world of trading cards.
    Thanks PANINI for making collecting beyond exciting.

  100. All i can say is WOW!! i have been a colloctor from the 70’s on and really stoped in the 90’s after seeing this i am running out today and buy some packs or a box or more.

  101. Growing up, I had always been a baseball only card collector. I think it stems back to the fact that they were just the more popular card when I was growing up, and I could relate somewhat since I was actually playing baseball on little league teams.
    I’ve just recently gotten back into collecting. Now that I’ve become more interested in other sports, I think I’ve become more willing to give the other sports cards a shot. I was at a local shop this weekend, and all the buzz was about the 2010 Contenders football cards. I decided to give them a shot, bought 7 packs, and got 3 autos! One of them was an on-card Toby Gerhardt, a really cool looking purple card!
    Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I really like your product and will definitely be back for a full box!

  102. Since 1998, Playoff Contenders has been the GOLD STANDARD for all football rookie autos. Not only is the set design beautiful this year, it is by far the best bang for the buck in the hobby right now.

    Just bought two boxes… 10 autos total as advertised! At the risk of losing out on the Bradford, I have to say I think I did pretty well. Dez, Suh and Best variation RPS Rookie Ticket Autos and who knows, maybe a short print or two??! Can’t wait for the SP list to come out!

  103. My son and I have bought 4 boxes so far. I can’t wait to get our hands on more. Everyone is already out, but we was lucky enough to pull a Tebow auto with the inscription of Go Broncos. My 9 year old son just started collecting in December and he is hooked. These are definately the best looking cards out this year. He loves all of the autographs. Keep up all of the great work!!

  104. I’m usually not one to bust much football but the two on-card RC autos are just too hard to pass up, especially for the price. I had the pleasure of busting a box of it in front of a Topps rep who was visiting the local shop to see what they could do better. Even though I didn’t hit anything amazing . I showed him what I got from my box of Contenders (including base cards) and said “put together a set of clean looking cards, add value with great selection of autos and inserts like this and I’ll be happy”. He didn’t say much after that 🙂

    Keep up the great work. I’ll be looking forward to some National Treasures!

  105. This appears to be an awesome product. Wish this year hasnt been so tough finally seeing a good product is out Ill try to save some cash and maybe I can get a few packs. Ive been a collector for years but Im going to the hospital thursday to find out where the blood loss is coming from . Had radiation to kill some agressive cancer and the area radiated now should be cancer free but Im becoming anemic from losing so much blood. Good luck to all collectors. My luck is never in the right place. Good Job Pannini. ( I collect Dr Bills this year It seems to be the only thing Im going to be lucky with)

  106. First of all I wanted to that each of you for a very informative video highlighting this elite product. I always watch your videos before I decide on which boxes to purchase. I really like this Bradford auto that you pulled. He is my favorite player. I bought a case looking for this card and had no luck. Please consider me for this card. I am a very loyal customer to panini and really enjoy your product. Keep up the good work that is why panini stands alone the top.

  107. Hey guys, I love your videos and what you guys are all about. I am excited for this product to finally hit shelves. That Bradford auto and Gold card is SICK!!! I am only 13 and obviously cant really afford contenders let alone a SAM FRICKEN BRADFORD AUTO. It would be ok if i didn’t get the card, I just hope it goes to a safe and secure home.

    Thank you for the great videos and keep ’em comin’!!

  108. Wow those were the best cards i have seen in a long time..and the golden tickets are out of this world..keep up the spectacular work ..cant wait for next year..
    from a 25 year collector

  109. I am allways a huge fan of contenders. I love the new conceptwith the gold card what a great new idea for card collectors. I am going to have to run out to my favorite card store and pick some up today. love the product keep up the great work with a great product, that is more and more impressive every year.

  110. Tracy, you guys got some great chemistry cracking open a box.A very interesting 8 min., After watching that,now I feel like buying a box or 2 but wait, OH YEA I have rent coming up. Sure would love to add that Sammy card to my collection!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your time..

  111. hey guys it was fun watching this video! i was watching it with my 3 1/2 year old son and even at his young age he knows A lot of the plays you pulled. me my son a going to be buying some boxes looking for a golden ticket! looking forward to a long life of collecting with my son!

    cheers Scott & Alden

  112. I always enjoy watching these videos, they really make me wanna bust open some boxes!! I just ordered 4 boxes of the newest contenders football, maybe I will pull a 1/1 golden ticket!! Great job Panini, keep up the good work, I was hesitant at first when u purchased Donruss, but now I am a believer, and a huge fan of the products u all release(I got 100 redemption cards pending, cause I buy that much Panini stuff, seriously!!)!

  113. Panini unwrapped is the absolutely the best. I love seeing cards pulled from packs whether it’s me or someone else. You all did a great job selling your product. Unfortunatley, I can only afford a pack at a time from our one dealership in El Paso, TX. But I’m hoping to get a great pack. You make the odds very fair. Thanks

  114. At the expense of sounding cheesy and being different. Thaks god someone and something original has come out…Im so tired of the same boring and lame stuff. This reminds me of charlie and the choclate factory and seeing how happy and excited he was at getting the golden ticket . Best part is that from the wealthiest collector to your average joe spender, ANYONE can pull and has a shot of the “golden ticket” redemptions. Keep the dream alive, good job gents!

    1. Thanks Jonathan . . . and to everyone else who has left such great comments. Your feedback and kind words are appreciated. In fact, they’re so appreciated, we decided not to give away a Bradford Rookie Ticket. We’re going to give away two. Stay tuned next week to find out who the winners are.

      1. Tracy, thanks for responding to my comment. In the card collecting hobby/industry, customer service and promotions are usually last on the list and Panini seems to be making the effort to go above and beyond expectations. I’d choose quality over quantity any day of the week. I can’t wait to find out who wins the Bradford/s and see who’s comments Panini chose. This is one heck of a contest and 2 lucky fans/collectors who made the effort to comment will be rewarded. Good luck to all and check out the Golden Tickets, EUREKA!!!

  115. This was my FIRST time watching video on sports cards, and i feel like i stumbled on pandora’s box… or shall i say panini’s box??? its a whole new world to spend my time in. this years contenders was so intriguing to me that i hit the internet for more information. kudo’s to panini for making such a great product and these types of videos available to collectors such as myself. why have a i never done this before?? thanks guys!

  116. I think this is the best year for contenders. Beautiful design, on card autos, Panini has really stepped it up a notch with this one.

  117. CONTENDERS IS AWESOME!!! This year and every year. I really like what you guys are doing at panini! The competitors are lost in your gold dust. Not to mention, that Bradford would look great in my collection of panini products. This is my first time catching panini unwrapped and its a wrap…I’ll be back.

  118. I had a ton of cards as a kid and i recently just got back into actually collecting them. Seeing the pulls and possibilities of this set has got me feeling the same way I did when I was younger. I can’t wait to get my hands on a box or two of these bad boys!

  119. Sorry to be a bother, but just wanted to see if a winner has been announced yet? I keep checking about 4-5 times a day and have not seen a winner chosen yet? Once again sorry about the pestering. Thank you!

      1. Hey Tracy sorry to bother you but I have been in training for a little while (military) and was wondering if it was announced who won this contest?



  122. I just came across this video and I’m sure the give away card is gone already. That’s fine but I wanted to comment anyway. The “Golden Ticket” is a great idea! How many of use grew up thinking about how lucky “Charlie” in “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory” really was! Now as adults, you give us that chance and excitement we all live for! Great product and if you have any cool stuff you’re looking to give away, I LOVE FREE STUFF! Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing card collecting to the next level!

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