Panini Unwrapped: 2012 Absolute Football (with Special Scavenger Hunt Contest)

When it comes to this edition of Panini Unwrapped starring the out-today 2012 Absolute Football, our intentions were good. We had planned to have this bad boy posted this morning, before the hobby-shop buzz began across the country. Alas, time simply got away from us . . . but we're going to make things right.

When it comes to this edition of Panini Unwrapped starring the out-today 2012 Absolute Football, our intentions were good. We had planned to have this bad boy posted this morning, before the hobby-shop buzz began across the country. Alas, time simply got away from us . . . but we’re going to make things right.
So, after you watch Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Chris Reed in the two-box blast that is this episode of Panini Unwrapped, stick around for another of The Knight’s Lance’s trademark scavenger hunts and your chance to win one of four boxes of 2012 Absolute Football.

Now, for the Scavenger Hunt portion of this post. You see that anguished image of Hackler in the main graphic of this post (he’s the weird-looking fella on the right)? Well, we’ve hidden that face into one of the images in last week’s Quality Control Gallery for 2012 Absolute Football. (And when I say we’ve hidden it, I mean we’ve really hidden it.)
You’ve got until 12 p.m. (CST) tomorrow to find that image and tell us which card it’s on as a comment to THIS post.
Good luck, happy hunting and enjoy the video.


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  1. I’ve looked through the pics 4 times now, and it is really hidden. I’m gonna venture a guess and go with QC Picture 74. I think it’s on the helmet of Steven Jackson. Can’t be certain. I’ll continue to look. This is tough.

  2. Now I’m stumped on this one (for the absolute box giveaway) the only thing in my mind that is close to his face is a blue in the background of card 82 tony romo hope I’m right lol

  3. Man that one was by far the hardest one yet!
    The picture is in image:
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (60)
    Thanks again for the contest!

  4. I don’t know if its correct but I’m going to try hahaha
    First off great contest I hope ill be able to open this stuff this year cause it looks great.
    My guess is in the NFL hologram on the box preview at the top of the page.
    Probably not right but I gotta guess

  5. Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (81) on his wristband. Very tough!! Hope I’m right or else I’ll have to get some new glasses hahaha!! Even if I’m not-thanks for the contest!!

    1. We made this one a little more difficult primarily to prevent — as best we could — the answer being shared on other forums and then entered without folks having to hunt, thereby essentially punishing those who are hunting. It appears our plan is working. 🙂

      1. It’s just brain dead people sharing this stuff. Why would you want other people to get a chance at a box of cards that you searched for? Isn’t less better? The more people that know the less of a chance for you to win. Use your heads for crying out wait, don’t!

  6. I think it is on Lavontae Davids left shoulder right by the Nike logo. I cant zoom in and see good enough but I am going with that. Good Luck everybody. Stuff looks awesome this year

  7. I’m going with the Tony Romo card towards the end. Looks like he is a fan in the stands on the right side of card.

  8. What a great contest and thanks again for the enjoyment, I am going with the Felix Jones Tools of the Trade by the chin strap 🙂

  9. Yes it is lol. I have been zooming in and out and even cutting the face and placing it on cards as small as possible just to see if I can find it but still no luck after going through all the pics lol.

  10. Man was this tough! I believe i see it in the back ground of Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (91) LeSean McCoy but my mind might be messing with me. Either way thats my choice. Thanks for another great contest!

  11. Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (72)
    That’s my guess.. in the background on the left side. Thanks for the contest!

  12. I like a lot of the designs, but the Panini trend of phasing out venerable game used patch sets seems to be continued in Absolute. First no FOTG NFL Die Cut Prime set in Certified, now the Absolute Patch set has been renamed Absolute Premiere Patches and the checklist cut from 40 to 14 players – most of whom have a print run of less than 10. Hopefully GAME USED patches of veteran stars make a return to their rightful place in 2013.

  13. Well after 3 hours of looking at these cards and getting blood shot eyes from starring at them the best idea i have is that its on the Ryan Tannehill multiple colored patches that spell out NFL. Its on the left side in the glare mark. You can see eyes and it is positioned just like the head shot we have to find! I hope that I am on the right track here because I REALLY want to bust a box of this amazing new product that you guys have released here!

  14. This one was tough. Almost TOO tough. There are two cards that MIGHt have something, but it’s hard to tell. My guess is…
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (33) – Ronnell Lewis
    He almost looks like a ghost, if that’s even him just over his shoulder in the face of his team mate behind him. This is the only one that really stood out as a having a face. Thanks! Hope I’m right!

  15. This was a tough one. I think I found it in: Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (97). There is something unnatural about London Fletcher’s right arm.

  16. OK I maybe totally wrong but the Ronnell Lewis Card (Spectrum) (33 in the album) there appears to be the face in the helmet in the back image. Like I said maybe totally wrong but staring at the images for the past 2 hours I see Tracy in all of them now.

  17. i will go with picture 30. marques colston tools of the trade. looks like a face on his left bicep tattoo. if this is correct… well played Panini. that only took 3 hours…….

  18. wow this one is much more difficult than past. great job! im gonna go ahead and say its in Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (51) bottom left hand corner.appreciate it guys keep up the great work!

  19. Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (81) Andy Dalton
    Thanks for the contest. I really hope this is it. Spent several hours looking and seems to me the upper right corner.

  20. QC81 Andy Dalton
    This took FOREVER…I hope I’m right but I saw a break with @Firehand17 and there was NOTHING in the top right hand corner of the Andy Dalton that he pulled. Think I found ya Tracy!!!

  21. Okay I think it’s on the jersey #1 in the Joe Adams card. I believe it’s card #71 on that list. Hope I’m right!

  22. I’ll guess picture 47 which is Jon Beason, I see someone in between the eyes in the middle picture. Thanks again for the contest Tracy!

  23. after looking for 2 hours this is how crazy we got looking at it. im going to guess #38 reuben randle purely because you may be referring to the NFL players face aka logo which you’re also wearing on your sweatshirt. rest showing that back have that cropped out haha good lord thanks

  24. I gotta say yall have done an Absolutely masterful job hiding the image this time lol. For the sake of just guessing i’ll say
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (30)
    I want to see a circle around it showing where it actually is! lol the glare from the camera also throws me off on some of the holofoil.

  25. This was insanely hard! Not even sure if this is right, but i’ve spent about 3 hours looking at them, and this is the best guess I have: Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (23).
    After looking at them for that long though, they are some damn fine looking cards. Loving certain design elements that just make the cards flow. For instance the lines coming out of the words “War Room” on the W and M, are really simple, but add a lot to the design. Keep it up!

  26. My eyes are bleeding from searching for the picture! After like 6 hrs, finally found it!
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (60) – Kevin Kolb
    under the “R” in SPECTRUM
    Thanks again for the contest Tracy! This one was truly the toughest one yet!

    1. Trust me lad no one will find it. I coustemed my zoom level on my computer to 850% and I still could not determine which one it was.

  27. I FOUND IT!!! finally X my last one i finally found it under the R in the kevin kolb spectrum Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (60) thanks! phew lol

  28. Does the image appear EXACTLY as shown in the photo? As in no color or texture alterations, just shrunk? Or is it somehow otherwise modified?
    Also, is there any significance or reason why 2 of the cards in the gallery are identical duplicates (Jarius Wright 17 & 27 and Courtney Upshaw 15 & 86)?

  29. Hackler’s lovely mug is on the Kevin Kolb (card 60 in the gallery) to the right of his facemask under the “R” in spectrum
    Thanks for the contest guys!

  30. I have no clue! Great work Panini! I think the answer is: Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (23) of Ryan Broyles.

  31. There are three cards that I think look like you tracy. They are card numbers 12, 18, and 24. If I had to choose only one though I would pick card number 12.

  32. Did Absolute abandon the Rookie Jersey Collection this year? I’ve seen it listed on checklists but have yet to see an actual card. I believe it was retail exclusive last year. It’s been one of my favorite sets to collect for a few years.

  33. You couldn’t make this one any tougher, took at least 4-5 times through. And I was looking at each image for 20-30 seconds at the end scanning all over – Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (60) – the one with Kevin Kolb looking over his left shoulder in fear

  34. I think I found it on Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (87), I may be seeing Tracy everywhere but it looks like you have it imposed on the middle of the jersey

  35. Glad to see Chris on here. He Absolutely had a great time I can tell. Both boxes were absolutely stunning. I really like the base cards and had my eye on that Eli Manning. He absolutely does not get enough hobby respect. Absolutely. Absolutely there are some sick patch cards and parallels to be found here. Thanks for this absolutely wonderful video and can’t wait to start the search for Tracy. Should be absolutely fun

    1. I meant Whitney Marcellus Bicep lol (his left one to be exact)Thanks. No idea where i got Marvin Jones. Hopefully got it right before the deadline. So many imagesI had 2 diff tabs up and realized wait a minute 🙂

  36. Wow, this is ABSOLUTEly the hardest hunt yall have had so far!
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (86) – Courtney Upshaw

  37. My wife is absolutely positive she sees Tracy standing behind Tony Romo in Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (82). I absolutely hope she is right! Great contest guys.

  38. Mann, someone can go blind looking for that thing. Took 4 times looking and on the last try, had to zoom screen to 200%.
    I think it is on QC pic 87 of Quinton Coples.
    Also, who check the DM’s on Twitter. I sent one (by request) back in the middle of August and hadn’t heard back from anyone. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I haven’t been on twitter in a while and I just thought about it.

  39. Sick Calvin Johnson and Chargers Triple Patch, those are nasty.
    I’m wondering who pulls that Romo prime with the BCA patch, that card is super nasty! with bite!

  40. After hours of searching I pretty much got nothing. Every time I find these and don’t win I tell myself that I might win the next one and now I must not have a monitor large enough to find this. 🙁 but here is my best guess: QC (30) has a pixel on the 2 of the jersey that seems out of place. but on my small screen It’s nothing more than a pixel.

  41. Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (83) I’m not sure this is the one but it looks like Tracy’s face on the neck of the jersey. If that’s not it, then I have no idea. Good job hiding this one. I had to look several times at each photo.

  42. I believe the image we are searching for is in the background of the B.J. Coleman Spectrum Auto? Starting behind his throwing shoulder (In the shadowing??)

  43. This has to be the hardest scavenger hunt ever! I think you guys are pulling a fast one and there is no hidden image! jk:) My guess is that the image is hidden in the image of the Kirk Cousins auto. It says Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (46) under the image. I hope I win!
    Alex M.

  44. My guess is QC 23 Ryan Broyles War room.
    I have to say that this was the least fun, most discouraging contest I’ve ever been a part of and this whole format seriously needs to be re-thought. Generosity should not have criteria attached to it, if you want to give that should be enough.

    1. Cmon tom, you should know better. Panini was generous enough to give out free prizes just for doing a little bit of scavenger hunting. If you don’t think it shouldn’t have a criteria, then why do people make contest videos on youtube with certain things you have to do cause I know you make a lot of video responses to meet the criterias they are asking for. Just saying.

  45. well, spent about 5 hours total and never could find it. going to take a best guess here..
    Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (10)

  46. Scratch previous selection. I think that’s your face in the background (other players facemask) of the following image… Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (33)

  47. Hopefully you’ll take my update ‘cuz I’m pretty darn sure (33) is the right one! Great contest as always… just getting harder and harder 🙂

  48. Is it too late to change my guess? I want to say it’s Panini America 2012 Absolute Football QC (60) below the R in SPECTRUM!!!

  49. Tracy – I also noticed that my comment is posted with EST instead of CST. Hopefully that doesn’t mess with the timing of my entry either. Thanks again – I can now blink and look away from the screen for a moment.

  50. I know for a fact I got it right! Can’t wait to see if I won!!! LOL. Thanks again for the great contest this one was tough!

  51. First things first: This contest was way tougher than any scavenger hunt we’ve done to date. We wanted to switch things up a bit this time and make things more challenging. It would appear, though, that we went too far, that we made it too tough. If that’s how you feel, we apologize. We promise not to make any future hunts quiet this . . . tough.
    Having said that, 16 people correctly found the image by today’s 12 p.m. (CST) deadline. So kudos to those folks. And just to show you that we’re not cruel, in addition to the four box winners, we’re also going to send one pack of Absolute to the 12 other folks.
    But whether you won or not, we sincerely appreciate you all for participating, for engaging us and for making this blog and our company what we are. You guys and gals are the best.
    Having said that, the four box winners are nyhitman23, K Chan, Bryan Goldstein and Mike Ashley. To those four winners and the other 12 correct entrants, we’ll be in touch to get your mailing addresses. Thanks again to everyone. Our next contest isn’t far away.
    By the way, my ugly mug was hidden just above Kevin Kolb’s left shoulder in this picture:

    1. Sweet Tracy! I honestly like scavenger hunt’s like this. It really tests your will power. I say to mix it up, but I like having the tougher scavenger hunts. Thanks

      1. Ouch, the sting of being 15 minutes away from an entire box. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt though, keep making em’ tough like that one! Looking forward to my pack!

      2. I went through it 4-5 times before I found it. First skimming cards, then looking at helmets, bodies, lower part of cards then in the lettering before I found it. I could have given up, just saying. Sure throw in easier scavenger hunts every so often but I think when you’re giving out prizes like Absolute, Kapernick 1/1, or future releases like Contenders, Black and NT you should make it challenging. Keep up the great work guys! My hope is to post a pic of that BCA card that I will pull from the box 🙂

    2. I believe everyone who entered before 1pm should have a chance for a consolation prize. . That would be the goodwill gesture I would go with if I was in your shoes Tracy, if the idea of these contests is to breed positive brand integrity among collectors then that is how to do it considering the admitted fault in this one. I’m with Tushawny on this one, right now I just feel excluded.

    3. Thanks for the contest can’t wait for the next one. I always loved those Where’s Waldo books. Hoping I’m one of those pack winners.

    4. Tracy, I had the right answer, but I have not heard anything about getting a pack. Do I need to send someone my contact info? Regarding the contest itself, it was obviously too tough. However as others have stated, for a prize this awesome it should not be too easy either. Keep up the great work!

  52. that looks nothing like the pic in the main graphic of the post. that main graphic his head was angled? if its a totally different pic that’s not fair at all since the original post mentioned that specific graphic. or was it supposed to be the guy on the left? please help out.

  53. Oh man, way too tough. Would have never found it in a million tries. 🙂 I still kinda don’t see it in the pic. Hope easier scavenger hunts are to come. Thanks for the contests though!

  54. thanks for hooking up everyone who can afford the big fancy monitors!!!! I’ll just stick with the small monitor I can afford and this huge headache I’ve obtained from straining my eyes to try and find this image which I can’t even make out with the big yellow circle around it. lol. What a joke!

      1. the fact that you gave all the correct answers THIS time a consolation prize is just a kick in the teeth…that’s all I’m saying. Insult to injury

  55. Wow-way tough. In reading some of the other wrong guesses, I share that I was thinking about some of them too. It’s all in good fun, though. No complaints here.
    Seriously though, what other company has giveaways every week of this magnitude?
    It would be kinda like me complaining that the basketball sketch contest is too hard for me since I don’t follow basketball that closely. If it’s too difficult, just don’t partake and then wait a few days until the next contest. That’s all. It seems like Tracy and Panini run a contest at least once a week.
    Thanks again!!

    1. When you waste your time due to a very very poor explanation of what your actually looking for its upsetting…. No complaints about the contests in general but this one was explained and executed as poorly as possible.

      1. It was stated that it was “very well hidden” so compared to previous scavenger hunts it was known this wasn’t going to be easy. Obviously when over 10 get the right answer, that you could say they executed it exactly as planned compared to previous hunts where 200+ would have correct entries.

  56. Even with you pointing it out I still could not see it even with a magnifying glass …it was fun though and I appreciate all the opportunities that all the kind folk over at Panini America offer us for free ……..Thanks and Happy Holidays to all be safe and God Bless…….

  57. This was clearly a joke.
    There is no way you can see a face in that picture even with it circled.
    I clearly see Tracy in the Whitney Mercilus on the bottom right of the card by Whitney’s thigh.
    Face, nose and goatee.

  58. Awesome contest, I was starting to see your face in all of them Tracy LOL. I love the contests and for those that are complaining. Come on it’s all for fun, if you don’t like the contest don’t participate no reason to complain about it. They could not do anything and then people would complain about it. I love the way that Panini interacts with us the collectors and how they have multiple fun contests to give away products.

    1. No one is saying they dont love Panini and I spend more in a year on Panini products then many spend in 5 years.
      Amazing customer service and products.
      Except for some reason they wont respond to my tweets or add me on twitter.
      Oh well.
      However, as far as this contest, people had reason to believe they could win.
      When they circle something and it still cant be seen by almost everyone then there is something wrong.
      Panini had a formula for these contests they shouldnt have strayed from.
      They even admitted it was too hard.

  59. Panini is still awesome! No other company has customer service ANYWHERE near as good as here! Kudos to Tracy and the team, Happy Holidays to them and all! I still can not see it, but what other company offers free contests weekly? (Though I have never won anything 🙁 )

  60. Hi Panini, what do you think about making a contest with a prize for everyone that enters? Even if it’s just a pack of base card, it would be awesome!

  61. Hey Tracy! Thanks again for this awesome contest! I had a very awesome time doing this searching for probably the hardest scavenger hunt ever! Congrats to all the winners! Don’t worry about the people saying negative stuff about this contest, you guys were giving free stuff away by doing a very simple task and people shouldn’t even complain. I guess you can’t please everyone.
    Happy Birthday Mike Ashley! Congrats!

  62. No reason to make this so hard..look at the hrs people spent. And what’s the difference when somebody finds it easy or hard its going to get out. I spent 4 hrs. It has to be able to at least be seen clearly. My eyes are 43 years I’ve seen so much of those cards I don’t even want them anymore.

  63. Dear Tracy. This contest was great. While I am bummed I could not find the photo, I hope you continue to make these hunts tough. I like the chances of winning when there are only 16 other entries rather than over 400. I have a 22″ monitor, downloaded all the photos so i could zoom into them, and I still couldn’t find your photo until I got the answer. Haters are just going to hate. I look forward to the next challenge. Although if I could make a suggestion: you can make the hunt tough, but how about a shorter gallery? Looking through over 90 photos hurt my eyes. LOL

      1. Just one closing comment on this and I’ll move on: Sincerely appreciate everyone’s feedback. We didn’t anticipate creating such a heated debate with this contest, but it looks like we did. First and foremost, thanks to everyone who participated — sincerely. If you enjoyed it, fantastic. If you did not, sorry to hear that. This is one contest out the hundreds we run every year in an effort to give back to our customers and fans. Some are easy, some take no time at all and some (well, at least one) are extremely difficult.
        We’ll continue doing contests and continue rewarding our customers — and we’re happy to do that.
        Thanks again to everyone. Have a great weekend.

      2. Now that your replying to my posts… Are you going to provide print runs for Father’s Day and Black Friday from this year?

      3. You posted a link with all of the print runs for last years Black Friday. This year just after Father’s Day I asked if you would be posting print runs for the Father’s Day cards and your reply was that you should post it within a couple days. After not seeing it after a couple weeks or so had gone by I asked again but no reply. I also asked a specific question about a Father’s Day card in the post a picture of you with your favorite nba card contest.

  64. Can you give a complete list of everyone that got the correct answer? If not, no big deal. Great contest by the way. It seems to me the majority of the ones that didn’t like it were the ones that couldn’t find your picture. I think they should all be this tough.

  65. Totally agree with simeon, my only problem was that I was looking a for mini image of your face not a faded one. but im new to this, so I was a little lost on what i was looking for, and after you posted the circled image I think it could be found. simple instructions can help with this if needed, other than that keep’em tough its a lot better

  66. My comment with the correct answer has been awaiting moderation since 0600 yesterday. Can you confirm please that it was included as one of those that got it correct?
    Thanks Again.

  67. Man, to be honest, I thought more than 16 people (including me) would have found the image of Tracy. I admit, it took me about an hour or so to find Tracy after zooming in like crazy on all of the images, but find Tracy I did! 🙂
    Also, I’m amazed at some of the people complaining about how “hard” this was. I for one appreciate contests that make you spend a little time to figure out the answer to them. Contest that challenge people imo are more fulfilling when you find the hidden image, especially when you “#winning”.
    Also Tracy, I appreciate that you’re giving all of us that found your image a pack that didn’t win one of the 4 boxes. I didn’t expect to see that happen (because I thought more than 16 would find ya to be honest), and it was a very nice surprise to see when I logged on here to see who won. Shows that ya really appreciate your customers/fans to do that, as you didn’t have to.
    Also Tracy, I’m amazed you didn’t make a comment to my post here on the blog or on twitter about you in that image kinda bringing out your inner rapper in it. lol. – &

  68. Don’t make it easier. This was FUN. I enjoyed it, and found it. It wasn’t impossible, it. Was just a tough contest for expensive prizes. Thanks for the contest! I just wish I were 6 minutes earlier with my answer! Darn you 1:06 time stamp!

  69. Tracy I was wondering if in retail Absolute Football, Only some not all memorabilia inserts like Tools of the Trade and War Room Materials appear, but I have yet to see anyone pull a Rookie Premiere Materials or Rookie AFC/NFC materials card in retail. I was curious to know if the odds are longer or the higher quality Absolute cards are just in Hobby. Thanks again-

      1. So, they went out Wednesday (since I sent my info in on Monday), Ok, good to know. Should show up on Monday for me then. 🙂 Perfect way to get ready for Christmas then. 🙂 hehe. Thanks again for the contest.

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