Panini Unwrapped: 2012 Score Football

In this special watch-and-win edition of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America's Tracy Hackler, Joseph Mackey and Carlos Torrez play triple coverage on 2012 Score Football, quite possibly the biggest bang-for-your-buck product in the card-collecting universe.

In this special watch-and-win edition of Panini Unwrapped, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler, Joseph Mackey and Carlos Torrez play triple coverage on 2012 Score Football, quite possibly the biggest bang-for-your-buck product in the card-collecting universe.

Did the Panini America trio pull a printing plate? An autograph? A Rookie Card variation? You’ll have to watch and find out. And if you stay tuned till the end, you’ll discover how you can win one of five boxes of 2012 Score Football.


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  1. 1989 score the way it was the first football set to catch fire and extremely hard to find i never did get any packs of it here in my little town johnstown pa.

    1. You must Not have looked Hard Enough. I Lived in Johnstown in 89 And Collected the Entire Set From Buying Packs At the Local Gas Stations.

  2. M Favorite Score Football Memory: Back in 2010 I prchased a box of 2010 Score in hopes of hitting a Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow Autograph. Well I did hit an Autograph and it was of CJ Spiller ! Even better than pulling that autograph I was so close to completing a set so I decided to do so. I love the look of the base cards as they are unique to the hobby and the product overall produces a great bang for your buck ~

  3. 1989 when I was 12 years old chasing that Barry Sanders rc, and just last year taking my son to the National for the first time!! The first box he busted was 2011 Score!! That’s what its about!!

  4. Love score FB, no doubt my fave memory (and least favorite) was when I got a reggie bush rookie card years ago, only to spill milk on it the following morning during breakfast, still hurts haha

    1. error in E-mail, its should be a lower case j, btw love panini unwrapped good insight from the guys who make em, keep it up

  5. One of my favorite collecting memories! I saw that the 2008 Score football packs had come out. I had to try a few at only 99 cents. I couldn’t believe it when I pulled a Larry Fitzgerald, NUMBERED out of only THIRTY-TWO!!

  6. My favorite memory with score was 1989. I was 13 and just had found my new hobby. I use to have my mom drop me off at the hobby shop while she shopped at woolworths. 89 score, Rookie years of Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Troy Aikman, Derrick Thomas, and what everyone wanted, the Barry Sanders!! Thanks for bringing back the memories of score and maybe I will SCORE a free box. Thanks!

  7. My favorite Score memory was that it was actually my very first box I ever opened so it got me into collecting you could say. I got a box of Score for Christmas when I was 8 (1998) and remember me and my dad searching for a Peyton Manning rookie card together on the floor ripping pack after pack by the Christmas tree. About 2/3 the way through the box I pulled it and the moment of finding that one card is what keeps me collecting today.

  8. My favorite Score memories are in the early 90’s when I would spend time with my friends (all in our 10’s) convincing them that the Score brand was to cheap for them. I worked hard to convince them ONLY because I wanted to trade them for some key Score RC’s that I wanted for my collection. It worked for awhile…until they started seeing through my plan.

  9. I shared my favorite memory in a previous post…but I do have more than one. A couple of years ago my sister in law (who knows about my card addiction especially when it comes to busting and sometimes jokes after finding out Panini is a card brand I want and not just a sandwich and always tells me I need to go to PCA. Panini Cards Anonymous) so she picked me up a blaster for my Christmas present. I kept opening and opening and opening. And it came down to the last pack of 2010 Score (which she bought me because I love the content with a ton of rookies, inserts) where I found an autograph card of Mike Kafka and I was just stoked. I didn’t care who it was! Getting an unsuspected auto hit from a blaster is like winning a million dollars.

    Great break as always guys!! This years Score looks great! Looks great from the outside in. The base is nice, rookie review is awesome. I really like the design on this years rookie set.

    And welcome rookie Joseph Mackey. And as for you Mr. Hackler, I knew you were young…but 23…looking good for your age 🙂 Cool shirt too Tracy.

  10. My Score memory is that even though it’s a dollar product, Panini puts patches in there 2011 base set which is really cool for retail and for collectors who want a set. Plus you got a big hit for just 20$ for the set and a patch.

  11. I think i was a huge fan of the 95 score set. But recently i got into 2010 score. I liked the variations of the cards, gold, Red, Artist proof, scorecard, and as well with the hot rookie set. I enjoyed chasing all the variations of the guy i collect. still have a few to go. I like that it’s affordable, but is still desirable.

  12. My favorite score memory goes back to the beginning. Every year my parents would buy me one complete set of football cards for christmas. In 1989 they decided to go away from Topps which they bought every year to buying me a score set. I am a HUGE Barry Sanders fan, so to be able to pick up the most iconic RC of his, and arguably top 5 RC’s of all time this way will be a memory i will never forget and it will link me to score football forever. Now my kids like score football because of the low price per pack and being able to get rc’s for a low price point. Thanks for all you have done over the years!

  13. My favorite Score moment by far was collecting all of the Dallas Cowboys rookie cards like Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Jason Witten.

  14. When I got back into the hobby in 2006, I still had not discovered a hobby shop, so all I had to fuel me was retail. At the time, I was searching pretty desperately for Reggie Bush, and I didn’t hit him at all… until I picked up a blaster of 06 Score. I pulled a green parallel RC of Reggie, which was a pretty tough pull. That definitely helped to solidify my return to collecting!

  15. Score!: A Play in, Like, a Billionth of an Act

    Ethan: our hero; way too old for this to be his first encounter with Score.
    Scott: the owner of Ethan’s local card shop.

    Setting: The play takes place in Scott’s card shop.

    ETHAN: Excuse me, sir! One “Score,” please!
    SCOTT: One what…?
    ETHAN: One “Score,” the new and also super-affordable series of football cards which are additionally great for entry-level collectors.
    SCOTT: Do people really talk like that?
    ETHAN: Apparently so!
    SCOTT: You’re in here every week. Why are you getting Score? I’d hardly call you entry-level!
    ETHAN: That’s a fair assessment. However, I collect BASKETBALL CARDS. I’m picking up on other sports, though, and I’m not ready for a full-on, head-first investment in people I don’t yet know. This is the perfect starting place. Besides, the ratio of cards to money spent is incredibly high!
    SCOTT: That’s good?
    ETHAN: It’s good! I subsist mainly on cardboard.
    SCOTT: Well, then! Here you go!
    (Scott hands Ethan a box of Score.)
    ETHAN: Victoire! Thanks!
    SCOTT: Pull something good!
    (Ethan leaves with his newly acquired treasure. Scott continues collating baseball cards.)

    Okay, here’s my shameful confession: I have not collected Score because I have not been able to find it before. I’ve only been doing the whole “sports cards” thing for about a year, and I started with basketball. If I can muster the funds (starving college student, wah wah), I’m going to break into Score when it hits this week. That all sounds so boring compared to my play, though, right? Anyway, I would like to say that it’s nice having a product with limited chase elements. Don’t get me wrong. I’d be extremely stoked to pull an RGIII auto or a printing plate, but I haven’t sat down and just COLLECTED for a very long time.

    Thanks, guys! Looking forward to Score! Keep up all the hard work!

  16. Wow, Score and memories……… I have 2 that will always stick out. The first is 1990 Score Ground Force Inserts. The graphics on these behind such players as Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas was Groundbreaking at the time and still looks awesome to this day. The Second is simple. Score Supplemental Emmitt Smith. Need i say more?? The Card that made your set if you collected back in the 90’s. Mine got stolen when I was about 15. I still to this day haven’t replaced it. I guess I’ll take that off the “bucket list” next. Thank you Panini!

  17. my favorite memory is 2009. Panini made the best set that year. The jumbo packs with 52 cards would be all i would buy! I’m sure i got the set but i never went through and checked. That set would probably be my favorite. I liked it so much i would even get score inscriptions.

  18. Tracy, I too wish Julio would get his cards signed lol. My favorite years for Score were 08 and 09. I really loved the designs of the cards but also for a low price you would get 4 or 5 autographs per box. It was such a fun product to bust and the inserts were numbered which was exciting. Those would be some of my fondest memories of Score Football!

  19. I must admit…I have only had one Score experience and that was trading a 2011 blaster box to my uncle for a couple of cards I really wanted. I think we both did well on our deal but I did miss out on opening them.

    However, my second experience, is right here right now. Watching this video, seeing all of the great cards that can be had and how many cards you get per box, how many rookies you get, and how many inserts you get I would really love to SCORE a box. It would also be my first hobby box experience. I mostly collect retail. I don’t have a place around that sells hobby. And I am new to the hobby so I haven’t completely collected a lot yet.

  20. Great break, guys! Love the 1989 set, but I remember vividly striving hard to complete the 1990 set, chasing down an elusive Blair Thomas rookie card that was the last one I needed. Took me forever to pull one. Also loved the Rocket Man and Hot Gun subsets!

  21. I think my favorite memory was when I got a couple boxes of 2009 Score Football. I was pretty amped about that years rookies because Michigan State had a great prospect in Javon ringer go to the Titans and the Detroit Lions had drafted Matt Stafford. Well I pulled a glossy Stafford from one box and a Gold Zone of Javon Ringer in the other!!! Being a huge Lion fan I can’t wait to pull more of his cards in this years product. Being a bigger MSU fan I really can’t wait to pull a card of an up and coming QB great…Kirk Cousins!!!

  22. My favorite score experience was when I opened a box of score last year and I pulled a Kevin Boss autograph.

  23. My favorite memories of score would be the 2008/2009 years of score. Tons of great rookies, sequentially numbered cards, and some great autos. Ripped a lot of those cards and created a great Darren McFadden pc from those two years. I’m VERY excited about bringing sequential numbering back to the product! Thanks!

  24. Had a pretty tough mental debate in my head whether or not to make something up for this contest. But I went to The Citadel so I live by an honor code and can’t lie…especially to a company as great and honorable as Panini. Honestly, I have never had a Score experience. As horrible as it sounds, i’m 23 years old and have never owned a single football card. I am a HUGE college and pro football fan (University of Miami and the Ravens are my teams), but i’ve just never began a card collection. I’ve always wanted to, but have been waiting on the right calling to the hobby. I’ve actually entered a couple other contests trying to win a box set or anything else to start my collection. Figured that would be a great way to do it! And i’d MUCH prefer to start my collection with great Panini cards, instead of a company like Topps.

    So if me not ever having a Score experience excludes me from the contest, I will gracefully bow out of the competition. But i figured i’d give it a shot 🙂

    1. You have to start somewhere. I believe it was a pack of 2010/11 Panini Classics Basketball that got me started. The only thing I got was bitten by the collecting bug. I migrated from Magic: The Gathering cards to sports cards because the product is higher quality. It went from $3.79 a pack for M:TG to $6.99 for Classics, but it was worth it. Compare pulling a Dennis Rodman auto to pulling…land. Even if you don’t win a box, I encourage you to try a few packs. I can almost guarantee the results will be favorable, and the price of admission is as low or high as you want it to be. Also, if you want the thrill of opening higher-end product without dropping a wad of cash, try YouTube first. People bust boxes all the time and post their results. It’s amazing watching someone pull a Kobe or a Derrick Rose. It’s all the emotional reward without any financial risk—until you’re ready, at least. When that day comes, and it WILL come, ease yourself into it. It’s amazing how much one has to learn about collecting at first. It’s not just knowledge about the sport(s) and players involved. You don’t want to ding the corners; you want to be able to recognize the good cards quickly so you can protect them as fast as possible; you want to get a feel for where inserts, autos, and memorabilia fall in the pack so you can open it properly; etc. At the end of the day, though, it’s totally worth it.

      Good luck, man!

      1. Wow! Thanks for the encouraging words and helpful advice! I really do appreciate it. I think I’m in trouble though..I found my new favorite distraction from getting work done, watching box busting on youtube! haha

  25. I didn’t pay attention to football cards until 1995 – the first year the Carolina Panthers hit the field. As a native Charlottean it was great to have a hometown team to pull for. No more did I have to sit and watch my brother and my dad argue over who was better (Redskins or Cowboys). Now Charlotte had it’s own team and we didn’t have to settle for rooting for a “satellite” team.

    I remember buying pack after pack after pack looking for Kerry Collins’ RC. It was such a rush opening the packs not only looking for Collins but for the rest of our new team.

  26. Always loved the Score line, as being a set builder from the 90s the low end product a challenge to build the set without breaking the bank. My favorite was the mid to late 90s when they started adding in parallels and inserts to make the chase more interesting. Before the parallel to death era and when an AU or a GU was a huge hit that seriously beat the odds.

  27. back in 2010 i never ever opened score was at walmart and grabbed all the packs there and hit a auto which was such a nice surprise for a 99cent pack i was so happy that i open blasters each year the numbered stuff and a good way to get rookies of the top guys

  28. my fav is the 09 score inscriptions just to get the Knowshon and the Sanchez they made my life better ($$$$yay$$$$) and love the END ZONE /6 cards the best value 🙂

  29. Unfortunately I’m young and Australian. This means my best memory of score is 2010. I got sent some packs from my friend over in the USA and have loved it ever since. It was one of my favourite football products of all time. In the packs are received I pulled some Chargers which made it even better. 😉

  30. One of my favorite Score moments was right before this past Superbowl… I opened a 2011 Factory set and pulled out ROOKIE variation updated cards!… Updated cards of Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, DeMarco Murray, Aldon Smith, Von Miller, Roy Helu plus a ton more with “in game” action… What a SCORE!

  31. Why does the name “Carlos” pop up in the the right hand corner of the video everytime Tracy Hackler says it? It is entertaining for sure… but is there another reason? Great video!

  32. I have busted a LOT of Score in my years in the hobby, from the inaugural release searching for Aikman and Sanders to last year in honor of my good friend Billy (jeterdaman1 on YouTube) who loved retail breaks while he was still with us. I’m very happy to hear that the serial numbering has returned, that was one of the first things I noticed last year.

    My favorite memories of Score are breaking boxes with my wife. She basically doesn’t care about cards but doing pack wars with her was actually fun for both of us. She got so excited when she won a round, it was a rare time where we both enjoyed the hobby. Her football knowledge is very rudimentary and she butchered some of the names but it was always a memorable experience.

    Thanks so much or the break guys, can’t wait to get some to open myself!

  33. My favorite memory of score was from 2007 when my son was starting to get involved with me in collecting cards & we were at Target- He begged me to loan him money to buy a box of score-after he promised to clean his room and take out the trash for a week(which ended up being 3 days) I bought the box for him. He was so excited that he started busting the box in the car, I remember him opening the packs & was just amazed at the cards saying these are the coolest card ever cause this was his first box to bust by himself. About halfway through the box he says” Dad I got this card & there is writing on it”- (Remember this was his first box and the odds of him getting an auto was slim especially in a blaster box) and he said someone wrote all over this card and now its ruined- I laughed so hard and said give it to me and let me see once I saw the card my mouth hit the floor board as I realized it was & Adrian Peterson(MIN) auto- I turned to him and said you got an amazing card that will be worth some money.I had to explain to him what an autograph means and everything. So now everytime he gets and auto I say to him look someone ruined another card let me have it since its ruined. He still has the card and we still laugh about that day- Plus its an awesome story to tell his friends who he now has got them into collecting and he was so nice to help them start their collection that he gave them a few autos and jerseys of their favorite teams…. Thank you panini for awesome products but also help build memories for me and my son but for other fathers and sons out there.

  34. 1996 Score was one of the first products i was introduced to! My friends father on the same block owned a card store and everyday when i got off my bus from school id stop in to see what was new! 1996 Score held some good rookies like Keyshawn Johnson,Marvin Harrison,and at the time my favorite rookie Eddie George! I remember cracking so many boxies trying to get some sick Artist Proof Hits! Though today i might only buy a box or two just to add to my rookies collection i will always hold 1996 Score close to my heart for collecting cause for me it was almost like a first love and you never forget your first!!!

  35. My favorite Score FB memory is from the 1995 edition. I was stationed at a very small Dutch AB and had extremely limited access to any football cards. My collecting had really been limited and my card purchases were few and far between. Anyway, I am a huge John Elway fan and am always ecstatic when I pull a gem out of a pack…while on a trip to a larger American base, I purchased 3 packs of 1995 Score…and I pulled a very nice Red Siege Artist Proof Elway out of the 3rd pack of a 3 Score pack purchase. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was…I had pruchased other packs of cards that day…but they did not yield anything that came close to that Elway. I still have it and it is still one of the best pulls I have made from a pack.

  36. My favorite memory of score was in 2008 I hunted down and completed a 19 card rainbow of my favorite player Marcus Trufant . The 19 cards consisted of all the variations (glossy,endzones,artist proofs etc) from Score, Score Select, and the Score SB XLIII set from that year.

  37. 1998 was my favorite year of Score. It was also the first year I had a part-time job, which meant I had a LOT of disposable income with which to purchase said football cards. I have fond memories of not having to ask my parents to buy cards at the store on the occasion we went to town, and then spending the usually long, tedious, and boring ride home gainfully engaged in delightfully ripping open the packs and shuffling through the greats of the game, like Barry Sanders, John Elway, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Emmitt Smith… the list goes on. Score has always made your money go farther, and whether your 13 or 33, getting that bang for your buck is just awesome. Thanks again Panini for putting out another outstanding Score product! I’m already counting down until Score 2013!

  38. It was a few years back when my daughter was old enough to enjoy opening card packs (Well more watching Daddy). I had made a trip to the card shop to get some boxes as we were moving and my valuables needed a more stable home. While I was at the shop there were three boxes of 99 score football on a table. I asked and found out the were for sale so I purchased one box. I drove straight home and grabbed up my daughter and we tore thru the packs. I made her a promise that those cards were hers to keep since it was our first box opening together. She is now 6 and would love to have the same fun with my son and give him his first box of Score FB cards to open with Daddy and be his.

  39. Score memories ….hmmm where do I begin….lol. Well can’t narrow it down so let’s just say this. It was Score that brought the joy of collecting back into my life, such a fun set to try to build and of course …. the parallels and a chance for an auto make it all the better. Definately looking forward to busting some (well alot …lol) of this to add to my Score/Select collection. Fantastic looking cards and awesome bringing back the numbering on the parallels. Question though, has there ever been a thought with the variation rookie cards to have them be included to having parallels as well. It would be cool and an added collecting bonus to first have a variation short print then to make it an even shorter print (lol), with the redzone, goldzone ..etc with an all together different picture than the first variation. Whew!!! that’s not asking for much is it lol. Thanks again guys for another great looking set.

  40. I just found out that you all included Harry Douglas in ths set. I will buy so much of it now. He finally have some cards. Its been since 2009. Thank You.

  41. As for my Score memory, I like the 1990 Score look for the 2009 class. It really took me back to when I opened those boxes back in the day.

  42. When I had my store, I used to bust 2007 Score Football Jumbo football for fun. I collected a ton of the atomic and short-printed parallels and you couldn’t beat the price point. With a couple AP and Megatron cards in every box, even my customers couldn’t resist. My favorite Score memory was watching my wife open her first box of cards, coincidentally, 2007 Score Football Jumbo! Of course, she liked the atomic parallels because they were “sparkly”.

    Tracy, is there an indication on the glossy cards that they are, in fact, glossy? In the past, it’s been hard to tell when you’re quickly sorting through them.

  43. I can remember when my three younger brothers and I would buy boxes of Score cards and try to put a complete set together for each of us.

  44. 2006-2009 score football when i pulled a Darren McFadden rookie auto its was just superb, from my local hobby shop, it was so nice lookin the hobby shop owner offered me $100 to take it off my hands but i kept it in the end.

  45. 2012 Score’s clean design, abundance of rookies, and the great photos especially are why it’s my favorite set I’ve ever seen.

    The only things I would change for next year is to:
    A. STACK the backs with stats, make it something none of your rivals will compare to. For wide receivers, bring in drops, targets, plays of 20+, plays of 40+, and you might make a deal with Pro Football Focus or Football Outsiders to bring in a sabermetric stat or two.
    B. Bring in even more rookies. I understand that’s what Series 2 are sometimes for, when a late-rounder, undrafted guy, practice squad upgrade or professional league transfer do well. The price of 99 cents is nice, but what I liked even more was pulling 2 rookies in each pack. If that could move up to 3 or 4 (300 regular, 250 rookie cards), I would buy even more packs (I root for underdogs in NBA/NHL/NFL).

    These are great stories. *stretches out and cracks knuckles* Get ready.

    My favorite score memory was pulling a 1992 Juan Guzman card. The color schemes on 1992 Score were unrivaled. I was floored as a kid seeing such neon, futuristic designs. It captured the imagination of this 80’s child, and the photography was next level as well.

    That’s my story and I hope I won!

  46. In 1989, my grandfather and I went to a hockey card show in Toronto. I was mainly into hockey at the time, he bought my a box of Score football. On that day he changed me from hockey to football. The look on his face at my excitement, still is my favorite memory.
    R.I.P. Grandpa

  47. My Favorite Memory from Score Had to be Just This year. I Bought A Blaster box From Wal-mart The day It Came in For me and my two sons to open. My 5 year old Went nuts On his First pack because he got a Glossy Redskins Card (even though it was only a Sexy Rexy) Then Spent the rest of the Night Trying to trade me and my 2 year old for our Glossy Cards.

    1. Sorry About Posting the Same story Twice I Thought I Accidently Deleted this one so I rewrote it And put the Name I Go By (Tony)On The Other Post.

  48. My Favorite Memory from score Had to Be This Year. The Day it Came Out I Got a Blaster Box From Walmart for me and my 2 sons to Open. Out of the 11 Packs I Gave each of my sons 4 packs and I Took 3. My 5 year old Went Nuts his First Pack because he got a Redskin Glossy Card. (Even though it was just a Sexy Rexy.) Then he spend the Rest of the Night Trying to Trade Me and my 2 year old For our Glossy cards.

      1. Well taking it that I didn’t win…. One day hopefully I will win a contest….. Lol…. Awesome videos from national Tracy…. Would have loved to be there but just too far and expensive for me…. Any chance u have any of ur memorabilia cards left cause I would love one of those

      2. Tracy can you list the winner’s names please! I entered the contest and would like to know if I won. I have not recieved anything yet. Thanks for your time-

  49. Also, Tracy, can you please make a contest for 2012 Rookies and Stars Football? I am a major fan and always have been. Just something to think about-Thanks.

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