Panini Unwrapped: 2013 Pinnacle Baseball

Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout sat down late Thursday afternoon for an entertaining, educational and sometimes-absurd episode of Panini Unwrapped starring the new 2013 Pinnacle Baseball, Earlier this week, the product made its long-awaited return to the baseball collecting landscape for the first time since 1997 packing many of the original concepts and technologies that hooked collectors way back when.


Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout sat down late Thursday afternoon for an entertaining, educational and sometimes-absurd episode of Panini Unwrapped starring the new 2013 Pinnacle Baseball, Earlier this week, the product made its long-awaited return to the baseball collecting landscape for the first time since 1997 packing many of the original concepts and technologies that hooked collectors way back when.

In the following video, you’ll come to appreciate 2013 Pinnacle Baseball for its diversity, its print technologies and for being an entertaining product to bust. After you’ve watched the video, please feel free to leave us your feedback on the product in the comments section below. We’ll pick five lucky winners at random to win a box of the product.

Enjoy the video. We look forward to your feedback.


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  1. Great looking set. Sure to be fun for my son and other kids. The inserts are fun and that is what my son likes to get his hands on, as much as getting hits.

    Look forward to putting this set together.

    *Like the musical references
    *Question the name of some inserts as they ref another company’s stuff… lol

    Cheers to the design team again!

  2. im glad pinnacle baseball is back..the product and cards look great i wouldnt expect anything less from the best card company in the world.the clear carbera was sick..i would love to open a box

  3. Love the throwback look but more so love all the acetate cards and the ClearVision cards are really awesome. Great job guys, really wish you guys had got an MLB license but you are doing awesome even without it.

  4. The similarity to the original Pinnacle is amazing. Awesome job with the acetate on the Pinnacle of Success, Essence of the Game, Swing for the Fences, Slugfest and Aces. Other than the sigs, Tim is right, the Clear Visions are outstanding!!!

  5. Man, this stuff looks amazing! I used to love this stuff as a kid so it’s great to see it making a comeback.

    Plus my name is also Tim, so come on Tim Trout…help me score a box of this stuff! haha

    Thanks for the review and the giveaway!


  6. I think this product looks awesome. I love the idea of the clear vision cards. I also love the look of the swinging for the fences. The way you can also stay true to the original but even make it better is just awesome.

  7. Growing up collecting my hometown hero Barry Larkin, some of my favorite cards were his Pinnacle cards: Team Pinnacle, Pinnacle Xpress, Pinnacle Artist Proof, and many more! They were always bright, metallic, and appealing to the eye. I’m glad to see this year’s brand doesn’t fall far from that design tree! I’d love to relive my childhood with a box of this!

  8. I like some of the old school feel with the artists proof, duflex, and team2020 cards but next time maybe an all acetate product those cards were very nice and modern

  9. Tracy was right. That was truly EPIC! I love the inserts that are heavily scattered throughout this legendary throwback product. I like the mix of veterans and hall of famers! So many great cards this product is going to be great not to mention it will improve through the years and once panini gets the MLB license… The product will be unstoppable! Can’t wait to pull some retail!! Thanks for the contest! Now I just gotta cross my fingers and hope for some luck!

  10. Love the old-school look to these, and the PETG (Polyethylene Terephtalate Glycol-modified, FYI Tracy) cards look great! Looks like a fun product to open.

  11. For whatever reason, just looking at the box and the packs in the box, I was already sold. The entire break looks like a ridiculous amount of fun. This is all great to me, especially since I was not into Pinnacle Hockey. This biggest standout has to be the Clear Vision inserts. As soon as I saw it I immediately thought to myself how amazing the card would be if there was an on-card autograph in the window/acetate part of the card. Although, I could also live with a sicker. It would be very similar to the Glass Rookie inserts in Timeless Basketball, but I think this design works much better. Please tell me you folks thought the same thing; whether it’s in this product or another. Nice job, Panini.

  12. Lots of different looking cards what is great. I like the most the plastic cards(i have no idea how to spell the word what is used for those cards) specially those kind what both of you pulled for your last packs.

  13. Very nice looking cards. Inserts galore. I love the throwback feel to it. The acetates are great. Base cards photos are great. Very exquisite looking set. This is one sweet comeback. Can’t wait to have one!

  14. I love how you remained true to the origional product yet added updated tweaks.
    I love the Clear Vision and Team 2020 inserts. Welcome back Pinnacle

  15. I still have some old Pinnacle baseball in my closet, would love to open some fresh stuff. I love the mixture of the old and new designs as well as the addition of autographs. If you love inserts, this is the stuff to open. Great product guys.

  16. I grew up with pinnacle before my collecting went on hiatus for 15 years. I am so stoked to see this product back for baseball. Looking forward to seeing what my Rockies look like in this set. Thanks fir bringing back.

  17. wow what an awesome surprise. I had always hoped that those great 90’s pinnacle sets would be resurrected, and you guys came through in full force. great job- those acetate cards, especially with the wood grain, are so incredible. your creativity is inspiring-thanks!

  18. Pinnacle museum collection is back!! I always liked the look of the museum collection. But I do have to say that the clear (acetate) cards do look pretty sharp. I like seeing superstars of yesteryear added to the mix. I will be getting myself a box of these cards as soon as they show up at my local card store. And as always keep up the great work at panini. GO PINNACLE !!!!!!!

  19. I have to say by far the “Clearvision” inserts cards are just nasty! The look and the colors screams collect me. I’m not a big insert guy but those cards are a must have. Next, the “20/20” inserts are creative and have pop. To me the inserts really showcase the up and coming player and a must in any collection. I loved the base cards but found the “SlugFest” inserts a little lack luster. My only negative are the autographs. They look and the white background is boring and to me are something are not going to run out and collect. This set is definately for young collectors or collectors on a budget. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for bringing this product back. scott

  20. As a kid myself I love when a pack has 2-3 rookies and inserts. I like all the acetate cards and all the nufex cards. I wasn’t around to open the old pinnacle so I hope I could open some of this. Thanks.

  21. I love that you guys brought Pinnacle back! Takes me back to my younger years. Love the amount of acetate cards in each box and the throwback inserts also present. Thanks for another great episode of Unwrapped and for the opportunity to win a box!

  22. Its a great looking product just like all the rest of the panini products . I would love to win a box so i could open with my nephew. There is nothing better than watching the look on his little face when opening up packs.

  23. CLASSIC!!! Thanks so much Panini for bringing back some wonderful childhood memories! I vividly remember all the packs of Pinnacle I’d save my money to buy & the boxes I’d request as birthday presents. Inserts were the coolest thing to me and Pinnacle always had the best in the business. Nothing made me happier than pulling an Artist’s Proof, Museum Collection, etc…

    Before the flood of autos and memorabilia onto cardboard, those inserts were tops. Now it seems like inserts are making a comeback among collectors, so what better way to display that than with 2013 Pinnacle Baseball? The classic inserts, paired with the new designs, make this a must have product. I’m excited to collect the different levels of Clear Vision along with the future of baseball in Team 2020. Not to be outdone, the base design is spot on and the autographs only add value to an already valuable product. It doesn’t hurt that Puig hunting is in full season and Pinnacle has his rookies!

    Well done Panini! You have once again put the collector first!

  24. Fun is the key word. All the acetate cards, the inserts, the rookies, the autographs are beautifully designed. There are lots of them in every box. And in every pack there’s something. No boring packs. The base cards are condition sensitive, with the black border, just like the old ones. I like that feeling, too. Two thumbs up for the product.

  25. Been looking forward to this one since it was announced. One of my favorites back in the day and the design makes me nostalgic for my early collecting days and chasing those artist proofs. Cards look great and loving the Clear Vision. Keep up the great work, Panini.

  26. Sweet sweet SWEET! Jurickson Profar YEAH! LOVE the acetates with the wood grain…’s GREAT to have ya back!

  27. I’m having a flashback to the 90’s. I opened so much Pinnacle back in the day…I used to put together the Museum Collection sets….loved the Team 2000 and 2001 back in the day… stuff

  28. Takes me back to when cards were about the chase and completion of sets rather than the debate of paying the mortgage OR 2 boxes of cards.

    The hobby needs more sets like these. Mid-range price, lots of inserts. No hits that will pay for a car but fun to open. We’ve gotten away from this, nice to see efforts to bring it back.

  29. this is a sure sign football is BACK…once the inatial offering price calms down this is a great priced product..continuelly updated and refreashed as the years go on…hope its around for years to come.

  30. I quite enjoy the look and throwback feel of the product, as well as the amount of inserts there seem to be. Definitely makes for quite a fun break. The current price point is definitely also great. The best insert set is the Single, Double, Triple, HR, Cycle etc. set, the name escapes me at the moment but it is quite awesome.

  31. Pretty impressive array of inserts in this product, I’m happy to see the Pinnacle name return and the wood grain acetate looks amazing. Still don’t see my boy Tim Hudson anywhere though, that will continue to disappoint me for every release until he’s included. That shirt you are wearing is fantastic though Tracy, thanks!

  32. FINALLY! A Pinnacle of a return! Glad you guys brought this back. Reminds me of the classic stuff. NUFEX rocks! Also like the inserts in this product. Now let’s add Pinnacle Mint, Pinnacle Inside, New Pinnacle among other classics 🙂 Also bring it back to football!

  33. love the cards. they have such clean lines and the colors pop. the clear cards jump out too. not too cluttered like some cards. looking forward to get my hands on some.

  34. I love the fact Pinnacle is making its return. That use to be the only product I collected in the 90s with the masks in hockey the clear shots in football and the museum and artist proofs in baseball. Back then it was wayyy ahead of its time and I am hoping this product stays around this time. Finally these cards let you know that they are pinnacle. Thank you for the contest.

  35. The packaging really captures the look of the original product, as does the NUFEX treatment. Looking forward to it. PS-as mentioned before, a NUFEX MASKS hockey insert would rock!!!!

  36. HOLY S*^T! This set is great! I am now totally pissed off that i was offered a box at a show this weekend and decided I wanted to keep the few extra bucks I had left instead of buying the box. Wished i just pulled the trigger!

  37. Not crazy about the base cards. I know they might be Pinnacle traditional (Pinnacle’s heyday was during my hiatus in collecting) but I don’t find them visually appealing enough to keep in my PC. If I were to win a box, I’d be donating the base cards to a local non-profit org.

    i like most of the inserts so I’ll be PC’ing those if I win a box.

  38. This looks like a really fun rip. I have always been a fan of the clear/acetate and the dufex/nufex cards. Love the single,double, triple,HR and cycle cards too. I remember collecting the Team 2000 cards back in the 90’s and still have them. The new ones look awesome! I would love to finally win a box…thanks for the contest and great product!

  39. What a really nice looking product. I like the Team Pinnacle and Team 2020 insert cards and the glossy black on the cards are gorgeous. 24 packs per box makes the fun last a bit longer too. Very nice job.

  40. Nothing seems “Fishy” about this product Trout!
    Seems like Pinnacle continues to be at the Apex of their card making years!

  41. ok…let me try this again…for some odd reason I commented on this being a football product let me say its good to see this name again in the hobby been far too long without it I like the crisp design, sharp inserts and parallels and would relish the chance to bust some packs…thanks guys and sorry for the error.

  42. Love the throwback to the old Pinnacle parallels, the Clear Visions, and all of the clear cards in general. Nice set

  43. Talk about a flashback..Loved these when I was a kid and I still love them now..Great looking cards and as Tracy said “Epic”..Cant wait to open a box. The artist proofs are great and I “Really enjoy the Acetate cards.I also love how many inserts there are and the idea of collecting the different levels are always fun as well.Thanks so much guys for the unwrapped video.Enjoyable as always.Keep up the good work over there.

  44. As always another great break. I still consider myself new into collecting and didn’t collect as a kid so this will be something new for me. I really liked the clear visions, I love the idea of having multiple levels to collect and short prints. Of course there will always be cards that are special to my collection even if they aren’t a hit but the excitement when you get that card that is a hit and is your team has no comparison. On a side note nice hair Tracy….Are you going with a new style…something is different? : ) Thanks as always for the cool contests and I’m really looking forward to getting a box of my own to share with the fam!

  45. Watched the break with my mom, we have been enjoying collecting together with my dad for a little while now and these cards look really cool with a lot of different cards to keep us interested. I really enjoy the team pinnacle cards with players on both sides and one old school and the new school. Hope theres and ichiro in there for us! Working towards buying my first box with my babysitting and dog walking money soon. Maybe I’ll win and I’ll have two boxes to open…Awesome contest.

  46. Most of the insert sets look fantastic. I’ve been a fan of acetate cards since ’95 Classic Football.
    I don’t like the look of the base cards – a player on a black background looks cheesy nowadays.
    The logoless caps on the auto cards bother me because it’s so noticeable there’s no logo – do a capless headshot or bust to avoid that problem in future sets.

  47. Thanks to everyone for your great feedback. Congratulations to our five winners this time: Simeon, Jeff James, Adonis Zapanta, Michael Boykin and linda79. Winners, we’ll be in touch. Thanks again.

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