Panini Unwrapped: 2014 Prestige Football

Yesterday afternoon, Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout eagerly sat down with one box of the new 2014 Prestige Football to film another memorable episode of Panini Unwrapped. (Actually, they sat down with three boxes of the product, but two of them -- and maybe more -- are going to be given away in a contest detailed after the video).


Yesterday afternoon, Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Tim Trout eagerly sat down with one box of the new 2014 Prestige Football to film another memorable episode of Panini Unwrapped. (Actually, they sat down with three boxes of the product, but two of them — and maybe more — are going to be given away in a contest detailed after the video).

How hard-hitting is this episode? So much so that one of the hosts felt compelled to wear a Panini football helmet during the break. You can check it all out in the following must-see video, which also sheds a little light on some little-known SSP Rookie Card variations in the product.

After you’ve watched the video, check out the contest details below.

OK, now for the contest. We’ve got five boxes of 2014 Prestige Football to give away — and all you have to do to be eligible to win one of them is offer us a little candid (but respectively delivered) feedback. Here’s what we want to know: 1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled? 2) What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football and 3) Where can we most improve it for the future. We’ll give you until Sunday night to answer those three questions and then we’ll pick five commenters at random to win a free box.

Thanks in advance for your participation. We hope you enjoyed the video.


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  1. 1. De Anthony Thomas is the Patch card pulled.
    2. I love that each box you get the over sized rookie card and a patch card.
    3. I know it is hard to do but more on card autos. I know there are some that are in there but more is always better. Also having some on card over sized box topper rookie cards would be great too.

    1. Forgot the word auto after the on card in my #3 post.
      Thanks for the contests as always everyone at Panini!

  2. #1 – De’Anthony Thomas
    #2 – Large number of inserts, lots of rookies, awesome card designs, which I normally don’t really care about!
    #3 – Make more prizm insert PARALLELS, preferably unnumbered with different color technology – like Father’s Day parallels lava, cracked ice – etc. Draft Picks Rights with a red/white/blue prizm like you did in Soccer, with varying print runs, keeping them unannounced, like Contenders SP tickets

  3. De’Anthony Thomas (Chiefs) , I like that its affordable per pack with 4 hits and lots of great inserts. This product looks pretty good to me…. not sure they is much to improve without putting more hits in each box!

  4. 1. D’Anthony Thomas. 2. The acetate cards are sweet. I don’t know what I would do to improve cards. Maybe more auto’s but I think the number of auto’s for the price of a box a spot on.

  5. 1. D’Anthony Thomas KC Chiefs
    2. Love the Box Toppers!!
    3. Reduce the number of subsets…base plus 1 maybe 2 subsets works best!

    Love this product line!

  6. 1. Rookie patch De Anthony Thomas

    2. I love that this product is the 1st to have on card autos

    3.,was disappointed to see autos not in NFL uni

  7. DeAnthony Thomas , the design of the cards is better than the years past, and where you can most improve is bring back redemptions for auto I would rather get a redemption for an auto that could be great than get points that replace a hit that you have to hold onto just to get a decent card. The points thing is nice but it should be a bonus not to replace a hit when a mere 150 points doesn’t get you anything. I bought a box of hot rc’s was missing 3 autos and i got 2 redemptions for points instead needless to say i was VERY unhappy and there is no way i would but more of that product so if everyone feels this way it could greatly hurt your sales.

  8. 1. DeAnthony Thomas
    2. The amount of numbered cards and unique inserts makes it a lot more interesting than just the hits.
    3. Some of the photos on the card are kind of boring. It may only be a few, but it kind of sucks getting an auto with a boring picture.

  9. 1) De’Anthony Thomas
    2) the die-cut insert with the NFL shield and the cards with the holo foil
    3) You should include a Panini helmet (like the one that Tracy wear during the video) to each case 😀

  10. Patch card was DeAnthony Thomas (Chiefs).

    I do like the variety of inserts and parallels in Prestige!

    Inmprovements: I don’t like the similar looking rookie photos used in Score and Prestige. Also going with the retro theme, how about some auto buybacks or something like that?

  11. 1) De’Anthony Thomas ~ Chiefs Patch
    2) Short print Rookies
    3) Sorry guys I don’t think you can improve on this year. Looks like the best Prestige, so far ;)!

  12. Question 1- De Anthony Thomas.
    Question 2- I always love Prestige because it has the first rookie cards with the players in their NFL uniforms!
    Question 3- I’m sure you guys have already heard this but the I would love to see the base RC in their NFL uniforms. Also I would love if the base RC had autos plus memborlia. Other than that Prestige is awesome as usual! Keep up the great work Panini and I can’t wait to see you guys at The National soon!

  13. 1) De’Anthonthy Thomas is the patch

    2) The inserts are the nicest part. The acetate, the use of micro etching, the rookies in their NFL uniforms.

    3) The base design is horrid. The RPS rookies should all have been in their NFL uniforms. The lack of variety in the memorabilia is disappointing. I know RPS jerseys are cheaper than vet jerseys, and this cheapens the product. Some of my favorite NFL cards were the league leaders dual and quad jersey and patch cards from previous Prestige releases. I would have liked to see them continue. There really is no big hit in this year’s release other than some low numbered parallel rookie auto.

  14. 1. The rookie patch was De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I am really liking the clear cards. It’s just adds something different. Also like the draft day standout cards.
    3. One improvement would be a huge patch piece and auto on the oversized card and make them 1/1’s.

    Really awesome looking product and see myself breaking a bunch in the near future. Thanks for contest.

  15. 1) De’Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch card.
    2) I enjoy the sweet acetate cards, the box toppers, and SSP’s like that Manziel Johnny Football! Well Done!
    3) Things I’d like to see as an improvement, maybe thicker stock to some of the big hits. On card Autographs would always be welcomed! Limited print runs making them scarce and worth more!
    As an old collector coming back from retirement of collecting I like what I see and thank you for sharing, and giving myself the oppertunity to win something nice! Very Classy Panini!

  16. 1. De’ Anthony Thomas Rookie Patch
    2. What I like most about 2014 Prestige is a number of different cards you can get of each rookie especially the Rookie Patch and Autographs.
    3. Since the product releases before the season it would be great to see some sort of performance based rewards cards. Maybe if a running back or wide receiver gets 1000 yards you win something and if they lead the league or lead all rookies in a category you win something bigger.
    These cards look great, can’t wait to find some! Thanks for the contest and good luck to all!

  17. 1.Tracy pulled a De’Anthony Thomas Patch Card.
    2. I like the different variations of acetate cards, because of its unique designs specially the acetate with the NFL logo.. COOL…
    3.In the future you may add new ideas like for example a thumbprint of a player with different colors like for example black thumbprint /99 blue /50 red /30 green /20 silver /10 and gold /1 with auto.. (I have’nt seen any cards that has a thumbprint of a player with an auto besides it, I think this idea will be a hit.. I know that in order to continue to sell your product you need to be creative and innovative)

  18. 1) De Anthony Thomas 2 color Patch card
    2) The colors are more vibrant and clear
    3) reduced the number of insert sets, and regarding the Points they are a cool idea but shouldn’t replace 1 of the hits.

  19. 1. D’anthony Thomas Rookie of the Kansas City Chiefs 2. I love the Jumbo Box Toppers, the acetates, and the use of Micro-Sketching, It is cool that this product has a variety of what the cards look like! 3. Im not sure if you have these or not, but i think maybe making the micro sketch cards in an autograph version or even making box topper autographs! Very slick looking product you guys have put out! Looking forward to busting some of this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. 1) De’Anthony Thomas was the patch, nice patch too.
    2) I really enjoyed this years design but what I liked most is that the top rookies are SP and SSP in some base and autos too. Just increased the value if the card but also make the product more desirable to consumers like me.
    3) The main thing that I think should be changed is the rewards points card. Was disappointed when I got 3 out of the case I opened last night. The rewards points would be great if they were in addition to the 3 autos promised but to use that as a replacement for an auto is very disappointing. Product states that you will receive 3 autos and 1 memorabilia card not 2 autos and a rewards point card.

  21. The way you wear that helmet makes me believe you played a little football in your day, Tracy 😉

    1. The Rookie Patch card that was pulled was De’Anthony Thomas (pulled by Tracy)
    2. What I love most about Prestige is between the base cards with the team’s colors and logo behind the player and the acetate die-cuts. The base cards look almost like inserts, not just plain base cards, and I love that. Die-cuts in products are awesome, and acetates in products are awesome, so a mix of them is just fantastic!
    3. One thing that I would like in the future is a couple more colored parallels and maybe take 1 autograph away and add one more mem. card. I love mem. cards, but some may disagree with the idea.

    Thanks as always! 🙂

  22. 1) The rookie patch was of De’Anthony Thomas
    2) The thing I like most about Prestige is the new box topper inclusion. It adds a bit of chase to the set and they look amazing.
    3) An improvement I would like to see finding a way to further vary the micro-etching with different designs as opposed to a color swap.

  23. The rookie patch card was De’Anthony Thomas. Good set, here. I especially like the die-cut cards, and I really like the nod to Fantasy Football with the “All-Fantasy” team. To improve the cards, I’d make the team logos pop more–make them bigger, brighter, to cement the fact that these guys we’ve watched for so long on the college level have finally made it,

  24. 1. Pulled D Anthony thomas
    2. Love the signature autos of vets
    3. I would like to see less packs. Instead of 24×8 maybe 16×12

  25. 1. Patch: De’Anthony Thomas
    2. The amount of inserts and their quality are amazing. Prestige has really stepped up its game the past 2 years. Acetates are really cool.
    3. This is petty and only my opinion, but I have never been a fan over-sized cards. Mostly because all of my cards go into sheets in binders. That is my only gripe, but that is minor. If I pulled a Clowney/Texan one I’m sure I would be happy. Maybe try offering some hobby boxes in retail stores. I found a 2013 Crown Royale box at Target that had 4 guaranteed auto or mem cards. A box similar to that at a retail outlet would be cool since I have no local shops.

    All in all-great product as always! You’re killing my checking account.

  26. 1. DeAnthony Thomas
    2. I really like the micro-etch cards
    3. It seems like a lot of insert sub-sets, though I like the ‘draft boards’.

  27. I pulled a Latimer from the Broncos. Numbered to 25 but it was just a solid color, no multi color for such a low numbered card. I like all the rookie cards and variations available alot. As for improving maybe try to look at making sure the patches are not just a solid color for low numbered cards and maybe look at autos on card not stickers. Over all I was very impressed. Good product!!

  28. Thanks again for the video. Like the SSP sneak peaks. Here are my comments
    1. DeAnthony Thomas
    2. I like the look of the rookie autos
    3. I have 2 – 1. Use more different rookie pictures then the ones that are similar to the same pictures in score. 2. Use more throwback designs from previous years of prestige.

  29. 1) De’Anthony Thomas 2) The cards are great looking, I like the many variations of the cards, and the value out of each box. 3) You could improve by picking my name in one of these contests.

  30. 1. De’Anthony Thomas Patch
    2. There are some many good things about this product but my two favorites are the Jumbo box toppers and the guaranteed patch card. I also like how good the acetate cards.
    3. In the future I would want you to number the acetate cards and not use the same pictures as hot rookies and score.

    Thanks Tracy, always love the contests!!!

  31. My first hobby box was prestige, sadly I didn’t get any good autograph cards from it so this brings back memories. This years product is looking good though and with this draft class, you are almost guaranteed a autograph of a good player. And Tracy, that helmet looks good man, too bad it isn’t a Broncos helmet!
    1. De ‘Anthony Thomas
    2. Parallels especially the micro etching ones
    3. Players in NFL team uniforms: In the future try not to have the numbers of 00, instead either hide the numbers (close up picture but still in NFL team uniform) or if the player was at the Rookie Premiere use that number (as you have done with some).

  32. My 7 year old son and I just finished watching you open the new 2014 Prestige Box and we can’t wait to get our hands on one to open up ourselves. We are avid collectors of football and baseball cards from Panini. You guys lead the pack with your jam packed hobby boxes that have tons of inserts and crazy designed cards. The patches that you guys put out are amazing and that is the reason I buy your boxes more than anything else. I know when I get a patch from Panini that most of the time its going to be a prime patch with a bunch of colors. Keep up the great work and kicking out awesome boxes. My son will be showing his kids how to buy Panini products one day and I will know I brought him up right.

    The rookie jersey relic card from the 2014 prestige box that you guys opened up is of De ‘Anthony Thomas. What we like most about your prestige product is the box toppers this year, they are great and they are not like your competitors that throw in standard cardboard. Your guys have awesome prism cut box toppers and I can not wait to get into one of these boxes. What you guys can improve on, I don’t know………you guys are rocking and please keep up the great work!!!!!!!!


  33. 1) De’Anthony Thomas rookie patch.
    2) I like that there’s so many different cards and the die cut cards are pretty sweet.
    3) there’s really nothing that comes to my mind with what you could change cause every year I think they are improved from the year before.

  34. 1.DeAnthony Thomas
    2. I like the acetate cards because last year I loved them and this year they are here even in more types of design. I also love the on-card autos, they are so clean and sharp looking cards. Then I like the first prime memorabilia hits of the RPA guys. Then I would mention the First drafts and Prestigious pick inserts.
    3. For future I would defintely keep this format with patch card in each box. I would add a guarantee on card auto per box, I think that would add a lot of excitment. Then I would add a video-used pieces of Tracy helmet + an auto lol.
    Thanks for the contest.

  35. 1) De’Anthony Thomas
    2) Is hard to pick what I like most as all the cards are beautiful I love the Draft Board inserts and knowing that you are going to get a Rookie Patch in every box but what I like most are the Box Toppers
    3) What you can improve is touch as its spectacular as it is but I would say please try for all on card autos if at all possible

  36. 1.The rookie card patch that was pulled was Deanthony Thomas.
    2. I really like the addition of more photo shoot pictures on the rookie patch cards and some of the rookie parallels. I notice that there are a lot of nice patches in the rookie patch cards as well. Not as many one colors which makes it funner to collect as well.
    3. The main problem I see for Prestige is that I get so frustrated with the college head shots on all of the autos. I know you guys have to put the products out as part of the supply and demand of economics but after seeing the first 2 months of products have college uniform autos it would be nice to have prestige in the actual uniforms and not photoshopped. Still a very nice product though.

  37. Rookie patch – De Anthony Thomas

    Like – The images, I think you guys do a great job picking out photos for the cards. Big Board subset looks like a great idea. I like the idea of playing up the draft boards which are always a huge hit prior to the draft. And, I like the oversized Draft Picks. Sweet looking cards.

    Improve – I’d have to say it would be the sticker autos. I understand the necessity of them but still aren’t crazy about them.

  38. The rookie Patch card that was pulled was De’Anthony Thomas. I really like the microetching on this product. Would love to see more variations in the acetate cards along with serial numbers. Great looking product!!

  39. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I like the acetate cards, the rookie prestigious picks etched cards, die-cut cards
    3. On-card autos.

  40. 1.) De’Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch card
    2. & 3.) I like the SSP Johnny Manziel base card that was pulled there. As long as it’s easy to differentiate between the SP’s and regular versions, it’s always cool to have other variations to chase. Hopefully we can get some #’s or odds on them! This is what could be improved, as sometimes I see something as an SP or SSP, but with no serial # or stated number confirmed by Panini, we’re left to guesstimate how many exist.

  41. 1. De’Anthony Thomas patch card was pulled.
    2. Favorite thing about 2014 Prestige is the box topper cards. I love these!!
    3. As far as an improvement, this may already be true I’m not sure, but I would like to see auto and mem box toppers!!!

    Thanks for the contest!!

  42. Thank you Tracy and Tim for the contest

    1. Rookie Patch card pulled is of Kansas City Chiefs running back De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I like the added value of the box-topper, all of the variety of acetate cards and this years team color design in the background makes the base cards pop. Kudos to the design team.
    3. I would like to see a different variety of photos used on the rookie cards (different from the ones used on Score and Hot Rookies brands) Also I’ve seen the RC logo on 2nd year players cards in the “Top of the Class” insert which I found odd, because they are no longer rookies

  43. 1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled? De’Anthony Thomas

    2) What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football. Love the acetate and the design really pops. Great design altogether.

    3) Where can we most improve it for the future. Like most I will go with the lack of On Card autos, but at the same time I understand trying to get the product out the door as soon as you can after the draft. You have to do what you have to do.

  44. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. Love the patch cards. Pulled one from my LCS on Wednesday and they look great in person. Very shiny, crisp look to them. Also love the on-card autos, as I’m sure everyone does. Overall focus on autos is appreciated (3 per box was a nice surprise for this year).
    3. I am not a fan of the rookie headshots. It’s also disappointing to see the same pics that were used in Score and Hot Rookies. Finally, and I hate to say this as I’ve been a huge fan of Prestige for many years, this is probably my least favorite Prestige base card design. I applaud you for mixing things up, but this one didn’t click for me personally. All a matter of preference, however, and I’m sure it really works for a lot of people. It won’t stop me from picking up a box or 2!

    Thanks for another great contest!

  45. 1* De’anthony Thomas from the Chiefs
    2* The micro etchings looks awesome
    3* Dufex will make ite even more Awesome 🙂

  46. First of all… love the helmet Tracy!! Hahaha I actually chuckled out loud and my wife looked at me like i was crazy!
    The Patch was of De Anthony Thomas chiefs card
    What I love about the product is the throwback cards and the acetate cards!! Brilliant!!! There is so much to this product. . Really like the sp variation Johnny Football too!! Box toppers!!! Dag gum man this has it all!!
    I would like to see a Superbowl sp insert set done for an early product like this.. . Maybe with an even more rare #’d to five or less auto variation. .. maybe acetate on card autos too.. idk you guys really scored a huge T.D with this one already! As always thanks for the great product and the #AboveTheRest customer relations!!

  47. Tracy,

    1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled?
    Chiefs De Anthony Thomas
    2) What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football?
    I like the inserts design in prestige. They will be great to collect in all variants. Also rookies in there numbered jersey.
    3) Where can we most improve it for the future?
    More insert subsets. They are great for collecting.


  48. 1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled? De’Anthony Thomas

    2) What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football? Acetate and micro etched cards look really sharp.

    3) Where can we most improve it for the future? The one part of the product this year that I’m not huge on is the Extra points cards with the head shots and the plain solid color jerseys that don’t match with the color of the player’s pro team. Just as a matter of personal preference, I’d like the cards to at least have the player in a jersey color that is appropriate to their pro team. Ideally they would be action shots from the rookie premiere or photoshopped shots of guys in their team unis. To me they just don’t seem to match the rest of the set with those pictures. Again, just a personal preference.

    Great job overall!

  49. Love the look of this product! Got to get my hands on it! Ok the rookie patch was Kansas City chiefs rookie running back De’Anthony Thomas, I love the insert captain “C” Patch cards- I thinks it’s cool that the stars and “C” itself will reflect how long they have had the honor in real life. Honorary mention goes to the Manziel SSP rookie Card pulled! WOW! In my Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Christmas voice “I like it a….Lot”! It’s hard to improve this product but MORE numbered cards are ALWAYS fun to pull and get! Keep up the fantastic work. Hope to see more awesome product and fun!

  50. The Rookie Patch Card pulled was of De ‘Anthony Thomas
    – My favorite thing about 2014 Prestige Football is the inclusion of the Rookie Draft Box Toppers and being able to pull parallel versions of the topper.
    – The aspect of the product that can be improved for the future is adding an autograph parallel of the etched Draft Picks inserts.

    Thanks for the contest!

  51. (1) the rookie patch card is De’Anthony Thomas
    (2) what i like most about prestige football is the abundance and variations of the rookie cards
    (3) where i think you can most improve. I would like to see ssp versions of at least the top rookies like the johnny manziel card.

  52. What Rookie Patch card is pulled?…De Anthony Thomas
    What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football ……..There are numerous things I like about Prestige football…..I like the bright team colors on the base cards I like the vibrant etching on the prestigeous picks and Rookies …….I like that there are Rookie patch cards included in a box…….I can go on and on……
    Where can we most improve it for the future……..I would not change a thing this product looks just simply put awesome!

  53. De’Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch. The thing I like the most is the technology in the inserts. I think the product would be better if there was autographed or relic box toppers.

  54. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. The quality of the micro etched cards
    3. give the product more value; more short numbered cards, less “deep” rookie autos which in years past have overwhelmed the product, include more veteran autos or game used cards. THANKS!!

  55. 1. Rookie Patch Was De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I love the Acetate Cards, Especially that Desean Jackson one!!!
    3. My idea would be coach cards, with a patch. Like a coaches jacket from the super bowl.

    Thanks guys!!!

  56. Panini Unwrapped=Best show on the internet

    1) De’Anthony Thomas
    2) “Draft Board” inserts are really eye-catching and love them very much. Wouldn’t mind seeing those more in future products. I’m also a big fan of the colored box-toppers.
    3) I would like to see more inserts in this product in the next couple years, but overall, a product I would definitely buy 🙂

  57. 1. The patch card was of De’Anthony Thomas.
    2. I don’t recall how the hits were laid out in Prestige in years past, but I don’t believe you were ever guaranteed 3 auto’s and one mem, with the mem being a patch card no less. This definitely raises the value and staying power of the brand going forward.
    3. The base Extra Points auto design is a bit plain, needs a little spicing up.

  58. 1.) Thomas from the Chiefs !
    2.) autos and the Rookie Patch cards. The Boxtoppers are cool too !!!
    3.) more die cuts and acetates they are very cool. How bout a special insert card like National Treasures did where you can scratch it off for instant winner or hold on to it for possible bigger prize ??? Like a lottery of sorts… ???

  59. (A) DeAnthony Thomas;
    (B) I really like the microetching;
    (C) Hopefully there will be some rookie patch signatures in the future.

  60. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I really like the base design of this year’s product. The team colors look awesome. In fact, this may be the best base design Prestige product to date.
    3. Why is the box gigantic? Our entire hobby is uses cardboard which take lots of energy to produce, so perhaps we could conserve when possible. Other than that you guys are doing fantastic.

  61. 1) DeAnthony Thomas
    2) the inclusion of the box toppers in this year’s prestige
    3) To improve do not replace guarantee hits with Panini Reward cards. Reward cards should be bonus hits and consider including only a few per case or reducing point value and include 1 per box.

    Thanks for the great contest

  62. 1.D`Anthony Thomas
    2 Chase cards
    3 Came action is missing. Highlight tackling, chasing runner or great catch thats is future

  63. Wow really excited to see this product!

    (1) The Rookie Patch was De’Anthony Thomas
    (2) What to say… I am really impressed overall! The Etched Cards, the Captain Cards and the Box Toppers are probably my favorite.
    (3) I guess the only to improve is to stay on the path that it looks like you have chosen. Everyone loves Patch cards and Autos so Of course the more the merrier!

  64. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. What I like about 2014 Prestige Football is pretty much the same as in past years’. I like the number of rookie base cards you get in a box, as opposed to other sets. That way, if you totally whiff on a particular box, you can take some solace in having many RC’s, versus getting totally blanked out.
    3. Usually with Prestige, the set is not as high-end as others’, but the cards this year actually look quite nice. Therefore, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of need for improvement. Nice work, guys! Thanks for the contests. You’re being quite generous with the giveaways lately!

  65. 1) De’Anthony Thomas
    2) The inserts, one of the few insert sets I collect “Prestige Draft Picks”.
    3) Rarer inserts. They look so good and stand out so much when flipping through the cards why not make them more exciting to have them become super rare non-numbered inserts. Thereby adding value to cards that aren’t autographed and adding an extra hit which doesn’t involve you needed to chase down a player for an autograph.

    EA. tier 1 one per box inserts
    tier 2 one in three boxes inserts
    tier 3 one per case inserts
    tier 4 one in three cases inserts

  66. Hello Panini Team here my answers

    1) The rookie patch was De’Anthony Thomas
    2) Love the clean Design. It´s very classy. Great work.
    3) More on card autos would be great 😉

    Panini thanks for the contest.

  67. Thanks as always for the contests Tracy, here goes:

    1. De’Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch pulled.

    2. I like the variety of inserts and parallels included in Prestige, it seems to make the break more interesting and add nice value along the way. A friend bought a box this week and one of his better pulls was a low numbered DeAndre Hopkins parallel which ranked right up there with the auto/mem “hits” of the break.

    3. I understand there is supposed to be a college uni/pro uni variation deal going on with the rookie cards, but I would like to see different photography used for the Prestige rookies than the same photos used from Score. Perhaps even flip it to where the pro unis are the more common ones and the college are the SPs, with new and different pictures new for Prestige.

  68. 1: the rookie patch pulled was De Anthony Thomas.
    2: what I love most about prestige is what I always love each year and it’s those inserts. They are always so clean and the draft picks and prestigious picks didn’t disappoint this year.
    3: the only thing I am not a huge fan of is the rookie pictures of those who aren’t that high profile. It feels to plain and it might be better to wait for a later release date to make sure the product is nice and clean as a whole.
    Regardless this is one of my favorite panini products and I can’t wait to get my hands on one

  69. You pulled the d’anthony thomas patch rookie card. I love the I inserts that panini has and cannot think of anything I would like other than a few more rookies scattered in. As for the show I would love a graphic next to photos of the cards with odds of getting them.

  70. The rookie patch pulled was D”Anthony Thomas of the Chiefs. What I like most about 2014 Prestige is that they have much more color,especially on the base cards. I also really like the acetate cards. One thing that I would do to improve the product is take out the box topper altogether and replace it with an extra auto. Box toppers are too big and hard to store,in my opinion. Otherwise,Prestige looks really nice this year. Thanks for another chance to win.

  71. 1. ) A De’anthony Thomas yellow & white patch was pulled.
    2.) Love the designs. In years past prestige was a little more bland, but this year it looks very impressive. Many different designs on the different subsets as well. Very nice.
    3.) If it was 2013 or earlier I would suggest a nicer design but it looks like you really did a great job in improving it this year. My suggestion would be to keep it up, as this years looks the best yet.

  72. 1. DeAndre Thomas!
    2. The cars w the micro etching look amazing and unique
    3. With so many rookies drafted maybe limit the set to guys picked in round 1-4 plus other “prominent” college stars?

  73. 1) De’Anthony Thomas – Chiefs
    2) Love the dual color blocked backgrounds on the base cards. Reminds me of the 1993 SkyBox Premium set, I believe.
    3) Way, way, way too many rookie insert sets. Just unnecessary.

  74. 1 de’anthony thomas
    2 i love the on card autos
    3 that there would be more on card autos instead of the sticker even on the base autos
    thank you

  75. 1. De’Anthony Thomas
    2. I really like the micro etching inserts (and acetate!)
    3. Right now the product looks unique in its own right in comparison to what has been released already and what was releaded last year (and other sets Panini releases). I dont have much to offer to change it immediately until I open some of it.

    Something I think would be a nice addition to one of your products would be having a possible box/case hit of a graded 1/1 or a low numbered card. It could be the auto or card or auto+card with a limited run. That might be more appropriate for something like NT, but I’d pay more for a chance at a good checklist of graded cards. (Or heck, even a grading voucher insert). Just a thought and I figured I’d post something since you were looking for feedback.

  76. 1. De’anthony Thomas
    2. I love the 2014 Prestige Football Rookie Big Board Inserts.
    3. Adding legendary auto or insert sets of the past all time greats in future Prestige Football releases will further boost excitement from collectors for the product.

  77. 1. Rookie Patch card is De’Anthony Thomas of the KC Chiefs.
    2. Cards, even the base look so much more high end this year but the thing I like most about Prestige is the number of inserts, not including autos & patches (which seem to be more ‘Prime” this year), you get in a box from the Acetates, Extra Points, Big Board etc etc plus the added SSP rookies to chase!!, just makes it good value.
    3.Only gripes I have and this may be a time issue is the rookie base without proper uniforms and that most of the autos are sticker, and maybe a few more Vet autos wouldn’t go amiss.

    Overall Prestige has gone up another notch this year, if next years improves by the same amount it will start to be classed as a high end product!!!

  78. 1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled?
    De’Anthony Thomas

    2) What do you like most about 2014 Prestige Football
    I love the boxtopper! It’s nice to get a bonus for buying the box!

    3) Where can we most improve it for the future
    Make every base card micro-etched or acetate, naw forget it, make them all acetate!

  79. 1. d’anthony thomas 2. I always love when the product comes out. really says that the football season is coming. 3. keep prestige the same. any changes may delay it too long.

  80. I answered the contest questions the day this was posted… it said waiting for moderation and now my comment is gone?? whats up Panini?

  81. The rookie patch pulled was of De Anthony Thomas of the Kansas City Chief’s, I like the acetone cards and die-cuts, I don’t think there is much to change or improve on you guys are doing great…possibly a few more rookie autos per box.
    Thanks for the contest and good luck to all…

  82. The Rookie Patch card that was pulled was DeAnthony Thomas. I like the draft picks inserts cards the most from 2014 Prestige Football. To improve it in the future I think there should be more veteran autographs and dual autographs.

  83. (Number 1) What Rookie Patch card is pulled? De’Anthony Thomas (Number 2) They Are Really Nice Cards. Love The Oversize Card WOW!! (Number 3) You guys are doing a great job now as far as the future Find cards that i can’t find on the internet like my cards (2003) Rookies & Stars #282 Rex Grossman/Brian St. Pierre event-worn Jersey (019/400) And 2014 Bowman card #103 Cris Smith Purple Rainbow card. Or find a picture on it. Maybe a site.
    Thanks Guys Jerry

  84. 1).The rookie patch was De’Anthony Thomas. 2). I love the micro etching and all of the acetate cards. I also love the fact that there is a box topper. It just makes the product that much more fun to open. 3). A minor thing that you could improve upon would be to try to get more on card autographs. I know that this is sometimes difficult so like I said it is just a minor suggestion.

  85. DeAnthony Thomas, Acetate and box topper.
    Having a hard time thinking of what could be improved- love the inserts as well. Can’t think of much other than on card autos and more veteran hits. Thanks! Really like Prestige- my favorite retail release.

  86. A Rookie Patch card of De’Anthony Thomas was pulled.
    I like the acetate insert cards the most. l’ve liked acetate cards in any product for 20 years. I also like the microetched 1st Rounders and Draft Picks inserts a lot.
    For next year, 2 changes I’d like to see. First, the only oversize boxtoppers should be autos and/or relics – and even those could be standard-size. Having oversize parallel insert cards is a real pain for storage, so that should be reserved for very special cards. Regular boxtoppers should be standard-size or mini-size. Second, go back to what Prestige used to be for rookies – game photos from college (I know that logos have to be airbrushed for licensing reasons). Headshots without part of NFL uniforms visible just don’t look that good.

  87. Hey Tracy, hope this question gets an honest
    answer .I have now opened a box or Score, Score Hot Rookies and the just released Prestige football. Can you explain why the same photo is used for the rookies in all 3 sets

  88. 1. De’Anthony Thomas Chiefs Patch card
    2. I can’t believe how many rookies were pulled in that box! You never really get short-changed when buying a box when there’s that many. Very nice acetate cards, and the different foil versions are outstanding. Great job, Panini.
    3. I’d like to see less low-end rookies in the set. It’s always nice when a late-round or undrafted rookie busts out, and virtually his only rookie card is in Prestige because of the massive rookie checklist, but this also means very tough odds on the higher end autos. But then again, thats what makes the set unique. I only complain because we’re required to for this question lol.

  89. 1. De’Anthony Thomas 2 clr patch pulled
    2. I really like the micro etched design very pretty and pretty looking cards.
    3. Any recomendation is that their should be no air brushed rookies like score in the base set they should all be premiere photos like in 2012 prestige . If you can have a picture of desean Jackson in a redskins uni then their is no need for their to be air brushed rookies when you have inserts with them in NFL unis

  90. The Rookie Patch card that Tracy pulled was a De Anthony Thomas. What I like most about 2014 Prestige Football is the variety of the hits in every box. One thing that I think could make it even more awesome is acetate memorabilia cards…unless there already are some, in which case there is absolutely nothing that could be added to this product to make it more awesome 🙂

  91. Can’t enter! Been tryin 2 watch this video for 2 days on my phone & just keeps saying ‘video not found’………..

  92. Tracy pulled the De’ Anthony Thomas Rookie patch card.

    I really like the photography on the cards. The Team color base cards are beautiful!
    They are bar far the best of the past few years.
    i also like the Draft Pick cards. Not a fan of inserts but these i like.

    I thing Panini should revive the old Donruss theme of having all the rookies in its sets. I also think there should be some more autograph cards, A lot of collectors are going for these lately and other than Panini,not too many other companies seem interested in keeping their customers happy.

    I would cut down on the inserts and the variations. These are generally too difficult for the average collector to put together and I think it will leave them with a little more money to spend on another product.

    Finally, i think Panini bringing players to stores (especially in the NYC area 🙂 ) is totally
    great. Since I collect autographs I went to a few of your signings in the city and guess what, as a result, since last year I must have bought around a dozen boxes of various Panini products- FOR THE CARDS! Remember, I said i collected autographs, when I saw the blow-up cards you were handing out for signings I just had to pick up a few packs, then a few more then a whole damn box! I thought I kicked the habit when Donruss left the market and I got sick of Topps but nooooo, Panini had to come along and produce products that are more art than sports cards. Heck, what do you expect from an Italian company, we’re known for our art work after all:) 🙂

  93. 1: Anthony Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs

    2: Thing I like most about this Presitge product has to be the base card & their bright, bold designs that aren’t too dark & scream for in-person autographs & also the Acetate cards cause I’ve always loved them & the die-cut NFL Shield ones just pop so much!

    3: Improve most? Hmmm, do you mean on the “Unwrapped” or the cards? As for Unwrapped, I’d like to see more of the cutaways where you snuck in the Manziel SSP info, say make it like when you show those special cards, pop up a thing saying what that certain sets print run is.

    Also, and know it takes more editing, but liked it better when showed a single shot close-up of each special card right after you showed it on the table.

    As for improving on the cards; I’d like to see more special on-card autographs on like the Draft Picks silvers, a Blue or Red Sharpie across those & hand #d to like >/25 would be a “Prestigious” find!

  94. 1. Rookie Patch pulled – De’Anthony Thomas
    2. Like(s) – acetate and etching cards are beautiful, and Sammy Watkins!:-))
    3. Improvement(s) – Tracy should have to wear the corresponding sports helmet for all Unwrapped episodes!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. The rookie patch is/was Anthony Thomas. I think he’ll be a stud this rookie season by the way….

    Thing I liked most on this round of Prestige is Super Short Prints that are actually totally different looks, not just a different color foil in the name or something.


  96. My favorite Football Product, can’t wait for retail!

    For the Contest….
    1.) The Rookie Patch was DeAnthony Thomas.
    2.) I love the Prestigious Picks Inserts, love the throwback feel.
    3.) Lastly, better odds on autos for retail would be nice improvement for the future.

    Thanks Tracy!

  97. 1.De Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch.
    2. I like all the inserts and parallels. Having all of those makes it seem like you’re getting more big hits than just the autos and patch card. They are of high quality and look sweet.
    3. Not sure how to improve this product since it’s already pretty good this year. Maybe if you slipped in an extra patch or autograph cards, in a few boxes per case, would make things a bit more exciting. Knowing that there are some “hot” boxes out there always increases the anticipation when busting a box open.

    Once again Panini sets the bar high with a great contest on a sweet product. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you on your product. Thanks.

  98. The Rookie Patch was De’anthony Thomas
    I think the die cut clear cards are my favorite
    I would like to see some better “odds” for hits in retail products.

    Love you guys!!

  99. Rookie Patch: De’Anthony Thomas
    I love the look of the “metal” cards..with the etching
    More on-card autos!!!! 🙂

  100. 1 De’Anthony Thomas
    2 Those clear cards are always my choice!!!
    3. Less redemptions… (already solved though with the points 😉

    Have a nice day!

  101. Tracy—once again pulled the chosen card, a De’Anthony Thomas Rookie Patch.
    I love all of the die-cut acetate cards and would like to see autos on more acetate type cards. Great job guys and gals at Panini!!

  102. The rookie patch was of De’Anthony Thomas. I am a fan of the Draft Picks insert and the addition or improvement I would like to see would be more game used type inserts—gloves, cleats sweatbands, etc.

  103. De’Anthony Thomas was the rookie patch pulled—sweet card. And speaking of sweet cards–how bout that acetate on that card. My favorites though are the Road to the NFL cards. More on card autos are always a favorite with us collectors so if there ever becomes a way to get more of them into products that would be epic. Well done and I look forward to more previews.

  104. 1.) Rookie Patch – De Anthony Thomas
    2.) The acetate die-cuts are my favorites.
    3.) I can’t think of anything except more chances of getting autos in retail. (I’m a retail freak)

    Great products.

  105. 1) The Rookie Patch card was of De’Anthony Thomas

    2) I really like the addition of a rookie patch card in every box. Love getting patch cards

    3) It would be nice if there were more on card autos

    Thanks for the contest and the cards all look great.

  106. 1. Anthony Thomas (Rookie Patch pulled)
    2. Bringing back the box topper and the micro etching.
    3. Simple, you need more on-card autos instead of stickers. 😉 That and more veterans autos.

  107. Thanks to our wonderful collectors for participating in this contest. Congrats to our winners this time: Troy Hoehn, tperson0724, Greg Clark, Pete Borini and Andrew Froncek. Winners, check your emails. Thanks again to everyone. Stay tuned for our next contest coming any day.

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