Panini Unwrapped & Checklist Reveal: 2012 Gridiron Football (And You Can Win!)

Join Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez for this special episode of Panini Unwrapped starring the exciting new 2012 Gridiron Football, out in hobby shops everywhere today.

Join Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Carlos Torrez for this special episode of Panini Unwrapped starring the exciting new 2012 Gridiron Football, out in hobby shops everywhere today.

Boasting some of the greatest football-card photography of this or any season, 2012 Gridiron Football also includes previously unannounced “Hot Boxes” and the inclusion of Hall of Fame Holiday sweepstakes cards that will win one lucky collector a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Details on those things and so much more are revealed in this must-see episode of Panini Unwrapped. We’ve also included the complete checklist for the product here:

2012 Panini Gridiron FB Checklist

After you’ve watched the video, please leave your initial thoughts on the product — good or bad as long they’re respectfully delivered — in the comments section below for a chance to win one of two boxes of the product.

As always, thanks for watching and enjoy . . .


139 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped & Checklist Reveal: 2012 Gridiron Football (And You Can Win!)”

    1. Haha, I feel ya Bryan. I don’t watch football that much either (I’m a Basketball junkie) but I watch my university’s games now and then, and sometimes if a games on ESPN I’ll watch it too. But everytime I go to Target and I go to the trading cards section to look for bball cards, I can’t help but feel very tempted to buy a box of football cards as well because they look so cool! Still haven’t yet though :p The only football card I own is one that accidentally turned up in a basketball pack xD

  1. The action shots in Panini Gridiron are remarkable. Some of the best photos I have ever seen in trading cards. Panini always comes out with ways to improve their products and the fresh look is awesome. Keep up the great work Panini.

  2. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on some of these cards. I went looking for some yesterday, but alas they didn’t come out until today. DOH, lol.

  3. I just looked thru the checklist and must say that I am excited for all the New York Giants cards, especially martellus Bennett autos in a giants uni, instead of a ugly cowboys uni. Haha.

  4. Really love the photography! The card design doesn’t take away from the picture and makes the cards really pop! Also glad to see game shots of some of the rookies! Would still like to see a set that focuses more on veteran autos and mem cards. Thanks for the contest! Would really love to win one of these contests sometime!

  5. Again, as with NBA Threads, this photography and design is outstanding! It may seems simple, but by using a simple design it puts the attention on the photography, which is the most important aspect of a card in my opinion, so going simple was a great choice. These cards really have a timeless feel to them, and even the jersey cards are classy looking and not over-bearing. These seem to be very collectible and with the great photography they will be very sought after by player and team collectors. Might even have to pick some of these up for the kids I work with at school! They will love the photos!

    As with Threads, this is very nice and a big thumbs up to the design team on these!

  6. I don’t normally even give base cards a second glance but geez these pictures are unreal! I can’t wait to check this stuff out. Great job Panini! And the crown die cuts are pretty dang sweet. On a side note, where can I get the “Rated Rookie” Tshirts I have seen you sport before Tracy? Saw someone on BlogTV with one too and I got to find one.

  7. Indeed correct on the photography it is spectacular and I am not saying it just to say it!I am going to enjoy Gridiron this season(why the name change?)…Rookie Gridiron kings die-cuts look real nice although the one of Russell Wilson had a white mem piece I can already envision what a color one would look like and how it would stand out…..The Gridiron Kings of Jim Brown superb the colors just pop….I always enjoy old school players…great job on this product really looking forward to grabbing some up…

  8. I can not wait to bust some of this stuff!! I adore that Tebow base card! Such a classy card! and Mr. Davis from the NY Jets! Very nice auto inclusion there!! Thanks so much Panini!!

  9. Great product once again guys! Keep up the good work!

    The hobby is slowly regaining its glory with solid & unique product releases like this 🙂

  10. They’re really, really good-looking cards. The photography, of course, but I also like the red foil and the Rookie Kings inserts. That etched ‘X’ I’m not sure about – in pictures and in videos it looks a little too subtle, like the card was scratched – but I think I’ll have to wait until I’ve pulled one and can see it in person before I make up my mind for sure.

  11. I completely agree with what you said about being able to look at each base card for an extended time in just enjoying the picture. That is the definition of a great product. Nicely done.

  12. The cards look great with all the awesome in play photos. The rookie cards have a great look and design to them. I really like the HOF giveaway contest. I am very excited to get my hands on all the Packer cards. Plus the inserts, autos and relics look great! Great job on another video to watch during a lunch break!

  13. Looks great! Although you didn’t pull any, I love the idea behind the pull-out jersey autos and am glad to see them make a return.

  14. Are you guys trying to remove the term “base card” from the dictionary? 😉 The photos are phenomenal! Great ideas for inserts (rookie Kings)! Panini does it AGAIN!

  15. Absolutely fantastic, love the photography. The different aspects of the game which are not normally seen on cards is awesome. God Job.

  16. I love the look, and the photography is awesome, as many have mentioned.

    However, I’m concerned that too many products that are being produced (Gridiron included) seem to be a little too rookie-based. I miss the thrill of products like Classics where you will more often see veterans and legends mixed in.

    I think the Jim Brown game-used is a good example of something I’d like to see more of. It’s not that I dislike rookie autos and memorabilia, but bring back stuff like Classics, or some of the earlier versions of National Treasures with a more veteran theme, and I think you’ll have some happy collectors on your hands.

  17. I am glad at least one company is listening to their customers. This is the way a base card product should be done. Stunning photography. Makes you want to
    Put a set together instead of tossing them aside like a read newspaper or magazine. The surprises about this product only make it more impressive. Panini does what customers and fans want and they listen to us and improve with every product. Especially this year. You guys deserve a bow for yet another amazing NFL product.

  18. The cards look great! Loving the action shots. It illustrates what a lot of football is about. Keep up the excellent work!

  19. As a Bengals fan it kills me to say it but i love that browns Ben Watson card. The cards look great and i especially love the look of the inserts this year.

  20. awesome photog on these cards! almost makes you feel like your on the field with them! love the new designs of some of the inserts. appreciate the sneak peaks and the unwrapped of these cards. great work as usual carlos and tracy! until next time, take care!

  21. I love the focus on photography. One of my old school favorites of collecting when I was little was Stadium Club and it’s great full-bleed photography. I’m glad that there is a brand like Gridiron that is capturing that excellence once again.

  22. I am slightly dissapointed they dropped the “gear” in “Gridiron Gear”, but otherwise I think the pull UP hidden gems are a good touch!

  23. I have to give props to Carlos for finding my fav. card 1st (Tebow praying) and for Tracy ending the video with my fav.AGAIN!! I’m excited to try for all the hits…but am actually more excited to try to find “The Tebow” card:-) Ty u 2 again for the great peek into a box of 2012 Gridiron!:-)

  24. WOW. Amazing product panini. I must commend you on how stunning these cards look. High quality images. They look like they should be framed, matted, and hung on the wall. That prime gridiron gems rookie patch card looks sweet!

  25. This is my second favorite sports to collect.
    This Grid Iron looks amazing!
    The red foil with great photography looks stunning!
    Well done Panini!
    Love the product!
    Tracy your the best, I always love when you open and preview boxes and the blog is awesome.
    Panini is on the Grid for the best product.
    Panini has become the Iron steel of the industry.
    Thanks Panini!

  26. Tracy hacker you have become the Iron man in this industry.
    We love your blogs, the daily updates is always a must see, the product previews,
    And also the unwrapped videos are simply entertaining and always collectors love to watch it.
    Thanks panini and staffs for their dedication for this beautiful GridIron.

  27. Great sound effects, and as always great dialogue and banter between you guys! I love the full bleed photos. Brings me back to those old school stadium club days. Nice Jennings base, even though i am a lions fan nothing says football like the lambeau leap! Also love the inclusion of historical NFL icons. The Jared Allen card shows just how crazy that guy is!
    Thanks again for the video and cant wait to get my hands on some of these.

  28. The photography is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of the pullout autos b/c sometimes they are hard to see on the colored swatches but overall a nice product I usually pick up one or 2 boxes of.

  29. Excellent Job Carlos and Tracy. I have bought Boxes or Cases of every 2012 NFL Product you guys have put out. And have to tell you This is One of My Favorites. Great Job and Tracy I Like that Panini T-Shirt gotta Get One. Thanks again Guys.

  30. Great looking set, I don’t normally put sets together but I might, the photography is amazing! Great job guys keep it up. Thanks

  31. Love the base cards of this product. Makes buying packs more interesting. Definitely will be keeping multiples of my vikings! Gridiron Gear never disappoints

      1. dwcolter….They give them away because Panini is the absolute best! They go above & beyond for all of their fans/collectors! But…..Im going to quote a very cool guy before he repeats this for the umpteenth time..” I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating, like, a thousand more times: Panini America has the hands-down greatest fans and collectors on the planet. Period. End of discussion.”! Lol

  32. WOW… the clarity of the pics are so awesome in this set.way better than any ive seen so definatly gonna start collecting these for sure! would be sweet to get a free box to get me started….hint hint…lol good job panini you outdid yourselves this time!

  33. Like everyone else, I love the photography. I also love the idea of bringing hot boxes back. I’m a little bored with the parallels, so here’s an idea for a future product…Make each parallel an overlay or extension that can be added to the original card to form an enhanced card. It would be cool to form a three card extended-field panorama consisting of quality photography like this. It would also be cool to get a foil, dufex, game used, or auto piece that could be overlaid on top of the base card design (maybe utilize acetate to facilitate that). It’s a bit like building a super card, or attaching upgrades to it. That’s probably a little time-consuming to develop, but I think it would be fun to see what people came up with.

  34. I busted some today at the local card shop! I love the Gridiron Gems being pulled out of the top of the card! I love the die cut jersey cards and the picture quality is great. I’m not big on all the cards being horizontal photos, but I can live with it. Overall great job guys!

  35. Great work Panini! First off what can I say- I’m speechless. Every single card has the GREATEST photo that captures each player! Plus being a personal collector of Tim Tebow, I think you guys captured his personality perfectly with him and his teammates praying together- Except I know that if you guys got a shot of him tebowing it would be AMAZING!!! One thing I did notice was that the normal rookie jersey cards were very plain and a little close from boring. The Rg3 relic was very basic and the jersey was cut like an oval. On the other hand I am flabergasted about the rookie die-cut crown jerseys! At first I thought those cards were a preview for crown royale. My favorite insert would easily be the air command cards. Victor Cruz high flying is awesome. I think a picture of him doing the salsa would have been more appropriate for his base card though;) Congrats again on a great gridiron classic-

  36. love the action shots in this product another great product from a great company. Cant wait for the rest of the products from you guys this year. Keep up the Great work

  37. I like the looks of the product. One thing I disagree with are the “hot boxes”. Couldn’t you scrap the boxes with double the hits and add an extra hit into all the boxes and make it a five hit product and keep the SRP the same. I just feel like you would be spreading the value around to more of the consumers rather than one person getting a ton of extra hits.

  38. All I can say is wow. This is the greatest football card photography ever. Possibly the greatest collection of football photography period. Base cards are now back in style! You have outdone yourselves again panini! Those Air Command cards are fantastic, and the gridiron king relic cards are wonderfully designed. Out to bleacher’s sports-I gotta get me some of these!

  39. Holy smokes!!! What a beautiful product!!! That Gronk Monday night hero is GORGEOUS. I think I’ve just found this year’s best product! Loved Elite, but the photography here is immaculate and the Rookie cards are out of this world!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some!!

  40. Great looking product with some of the best photography I’ve seen in any set of cards! I love the insertion of hot boxes! I also really appreciate the crisp design that makes the entire product look like a cohesive set through the subsets and base cards. The only negative remark I have is with the parallels. Personally, I’m not a big fan of parallel cards unless they are serial numbered and overall I would rather have more subset cards than parallels anyways. Otherwise, amazing product Panini!

  41. Well for starters not 1 but 2 unwrapped videos for me to watch today so I already knew it would be good, but after watching both videos I was more impressed than I thought I would be. You guys rock

  42. Beautiful photos, by far the best football cards on the market this year. I have not collect football cards in over 20 years but that changes this week. wouldn’t it be nice to get a hot box on my first purchase

  43. Wow Panini You have really outdone yourself with this set. The photography and the action photos really make this set a MUST purchase. The design is as good as it gets. Really love how the action shots make the players on the card stand out. CONGRATS on a great set. Looking forward to getting my hands on these.

  44. Just loved that Troy Polamalu shot. Just plain awesome!! Also really liked all the other shots. Really gets you into the game with all those closeup shots!

    BTW, what happens when you pull a redemption card in one of these Unwrapped episodes? I think this is the first time I’ve seen it happen, but I’ll admit I haven’t watched all the videos (normally don’t pay attention to the Basketball ones since I don’t collect basketball). Will it somehow get repackaged, or will it be given out in a separate contest?

    1. Since the Unwrapped videos are filmed after the product has completed printing and shipping, there’s no way to introduce them back into the run. So we typically enter the redemptions (and we do pull them :)) into our system so we can have the cards available in customer service if the need arises.

  45. I’ve only been collecting football cards for a few weeks now, but these cards are probably the nicest I’ve seen so far. I only collected hockey before this, but the lockout has pushed me towards some football products. This reminds me of the photography from Pinnacle hockey products in the past two years. You don’t see these unique pictures in other products. I always like seeing these different pictures because it makes you want to actually look at the base cards. Most of the time people just go straight for the hits. I could probably spend an hour opening this box by just looking at all the neat photography. I’d probably want to see a box that isn’t a hot box opened before I buy one for myself though. This product seems like something I would probably buy. The only down side I saw was I didn’t see any hits that absolutely blew me away in this box, in terms of appearance. The Wilson die-cut was neat but I wasn’t a huge fan of the design on the autos pulled in this box. Overall, this is a nice looking product that I’ll probably be buying in the near future. Another nice product!

  46. Man these look great. It’s nice to see so many different kinds of inserts in each box. I think my favorite part is seeing Panini put together all these different elements from older products (like the X’s & O’s parallels from Playoff Honors and the Gridiron Kings Jerseys) into one product. but with their own new spin. It’s like opening 3 products in one! The new RC autos that pull out upward look sick and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of those too. I especially like your use of special effects while showing that Tebow card, lmao.

  47. After watching Tracey’s video again, I just have one thing to say- that Tracey repeated over TWO DOZEN TIMES-AGAIN! “Nice”, “Nice”, “Nice”, “Nice”

  48. I will be honest in saying I have been somewhat disappointed thus far this year with Panini products, especially with Certified which has been my favorite set the past two years. This set looks to be a step in the right direction and a turning point in many ways for Panini products in 2012.

    First, the photography is just amazing. The two biggest pluses here are the amazing angles taken with the veteran shots, and also rookies being in their full uniforms. For me, the rookies in full uniforms are a major plus because I will only collect rookie autographs if they are in their full pro uniforms [Yes, I am picky]. These two things in themselves are enough to warrant me purchasing this product.

    Second, the selection of retired player material in this product is strong. As someone else stated, it’s good to see items from players like Jim Brown that you don’t see every day. Getting game used material from players that live in football lore is always a pretty exciting event.

    Third, the inserts look great. Again, this was something I felt was missing in products like Certified and Momentum. They look great, and offer a good selection of inserts of players that don’t always see strong hobby love.

    Finally, way to give the consumer a 25% chance to hit a hot box with nine hits. That is very generous and is something that I know will drive me personally to open a larger quantity of this product. This action shows that you are in tune with your customers wants and needs.

    If I was to make any complaint, I would just say that I wish there was an opportunity to hit some prime patch autographs of some veteran players. I feel like this has been absent in all 2012 products with the exception of Momentum to some extent. I think versions of these cards for players like Victor Cruz and Antonio Brown for example would create cards that people like myself would really chase after.

    Again, very strong product, and I am looking forward to busting a lot of this! Two thumbs up!

  49. I think Gridirion looks great this year! I love how the pull/outs pull out vertically this year! The design is great and the photography is amazing! Great job Panini!!

  50. I think its great that you guys have decided to put action shots on the new Gridiron product! Its something that the card industry hasnt done alot of in the last few years! I mean isnt that what the player is all about, getting a photo of a player at that one single moment that defines who he is and all that hes worked for! There should be alote more of these kind of cards! Actually wouldnt it be great if Panini came out with a set That show a picture of the player on the front and on the back tells what was going on at that exact moment that the photograph was taken! Now that would be pretty cool!!!!

  51. Wow! The action shots are awesome! Totally agree with Tracy- there’s so much to look at you want to pause and just stare at the base cards. Amazing!

  52. This is it.. the only set I’ll be collecting this year as of now. Wow. These are the 1st base cards I’ve seen that I would happily keep out on display in my man-cave. Great work breaking out a product you can be proud of! However, I saw that RGIII card and am jealous of whoever got it! Redskins fan since birth! HTTR!

  53. Another great Panini product! I don’t like it as much as Panini Certified Football, but I have to stress that I like the intensity of the photos on the majority of the cards within this set, so definitely props to that. It goes to show how much these athletes enjoy and love the game of football. Adding on to that, I love that Panini has taken action on consumer feedback about the number of hits per box and put more hits into this set. With the hot boxes, it allows more collectors to get the bang for their buck and I really appreciate that Panini has been listening!

  54. Really enjoy this line. This is definitely on the Christmas list for a box or two on top of what I already plan to get.

    Tell me if I’m wrong. Is this kind of an evolution from last year’s Playoff Contenders line? 2011 Contenders had similar photography from this, but tried to mash it with the ticket style and it made everything a little too much. (Picture was too small because half the card was used for the ticket graphic)

    However, there was some real good shots in that line. Aaron Rodgers comes to mind in the “what way is he throwing” card. Giving those types of photos a chance to shine on their own was a great way to improve two lines. Contenders can go back to the more classic style this year (from previews) that made it so desired, and now these photos reinvigorate a line that was kind of lagging. (Gridiron Gear)

    Even if I’m wrong, this is a thing of beauty and I am a happy collector!

  55. I have to honestly tell you what those action photos remind me of. While watching the video it was bothering me in what it was that it reminded me of. And then it hit me. And that is The legendary NFL Films. It’s basically NFL Films on a card! These cards capture not just the photo shot but makes you visualize the whole play. Whether its Palamalu making a tackle or Peyton or Matt Ryan calling out a play. It’s just easy to visualize. And the Jim Brown card? Man I love those HOFers. Love that card. I only have one issue with one of the types of cards and that is those with the red double ring and what looks like the ink smeered in the background. What does that represent? I love the rest but that I cannot get past. One last thing, about 2 weeks ago I purchased a blaster box in Walmart of 2010 Gridiron Gear (I couldnt believe it was there but it was) I know it was limited in cards but wow what a difference in 2 years. Though I will say the action base cards were just as great. Overall, great job everyone on this years product. Love to have some. Thanks!

  56. Sick product. Once again panini shows why hobby shops across america shoulf only be selling thier product. Sleek look on cards and the 9 hit hot boxes are you kidding me sign me up. Panini customer for life.

  57. Superb job Panini! WOW! I am super excited about Gridiron- every single card is truly amazing! You guys capture everything! The hot boxes idea is a great one-I will have to see if I can get my hands on one. I love the air command inserts the most mainly because it captures some of the greatest receivers of all time. The autographs in red looked okay but I think if they were specially signed in gold it would stand out better with the red background- just something to think about. I did notice some of the relic cards looked average- what I mean is that the jerseys, even the prime jersey looked great but the card background was a little bit of a let down. The exception is the crown jersey die-cut cards. Those are simply a must have! The fact that you guys can get a jersey to fit like that is amazing! Hands down I have to say this is by far the best Panini product to come off the assembly line this year. As always keep up the great work Panini- and thank you Tracy & Carlos for doing the Panini Unwrapped episode:)

  58. I love the gloss and picture quality of the base. I have always been a fan of the auto’d pull-out patches and like to see those making their return. Gridiron is always a great value product with the low numbered parallels in every box. Thanks for the video and opportunity to grab some of this hot product on the house. As a 30 year collector, its always great to see boxes under promise and over deliver. Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!

  59. I have to say that I don’t care for many of the 2012 products that have come out so far this year, but I must say that Gridiron looks better than any other I have seen so far. The photography is great. A lot of these shots I can remember from watching games last season because a bunch of them made highlights on SportsCenter. It is also very generous of Panini to make 9 hit “Hot” boxes kind of like with Elite Extra Edition. I agree with another comment that said it would be nice to see more veterans players in the product, not just the extremely high profile players. I pc Rolando McClain, so my chances of pulling something of his outside of his rookie card is virtually non existent. Other than that, I think this is a great looking product and just might encourage me to buy some of it. You never know, I just might start collecting football again because of it.

  60. A easy winner for the pull-out auto that provide the largest on-card hard-signed card along with the huge gorgeous “patch” (sick!) version of Gridiron Gem. This is always my favor product of the year other than the “King of the hobby” National Treasures. Great done, Panini !!

  61. WOW. I didn’t think I could be more excited about Gridiron after seeing the other blog entries, but I am. Other than seeing the base Victor Cruz shot of him torching the Eagles last year (still brings back bad memories), it’s a great set. I was chuckling about the TEBOW card when you enhanced the video with the effects, but kudos to you all for including that shot in your set.

  62. Over and above what you would expect to see on base cards. I can see you guys have put a lot of work and effort into this product. Great job! Keep up the great work!

  63. Wonderful product. Love the photography and artwork all around. Thanks for making my personal favorite release 110% better!!!

  64. Wow, great looking product in Gridiron Football! I know a lot of people who are not the biggest fans of parallel cards but I am a huge fan of them! I like how you can get more of the field in the background compared to a vertical card which normally is just focusing on the player. The rookie cards are absolutely stunning with the white background which makes it a great card to get signed by the players when I meet them! The white background also makes the player seem as though they are popping off of the card! Another plus about this product is the fact that the Gridiron Gems pullout jersey auto has a much bigger window in the front. I like this much better because you don’t have to pull out the jersey every time you want the view the whole autograph. This makes it much easier to view the auto or show it to someone without having to take it out of the protective casing or top loader. Also I like the idea of having different colored inks on the pullouts because that will really make you want to chase even more variety in this product and add to the collectability. I’m not sure yet if I am completely sold on the whole “x” parallel being so discrete because if you don’t notice it right away you might be filling it away with your entire base collection, when it really should be with your numbered inserts. Another plus to this product is the fact that on the back of the card you can see another image that has even more of the photograph pictured. This really shows what the player is seeing and how it affects their facial expression. The three inserts of Arms Race, Air Command, and Crash Course are really something that I love in this product! It really pays tribute to all aspects of the game. Also what is great about these is the fact that you pick your players perfectly even with including some of the players you normally don’t see in all other football products. Finally the Monday Night Heroes insert is also a very good choice to bring back into the product from years past. It really shows the personality of the game and how when Monday Night rolls around everyone in America has their eyes on the two teams and they all have to perform on a much higher level. This insert really brings out this idea by showing players celebrating in the end zone and playing hard because they know all eyes are on them. All in all this is a very good product that you have just released and after watching this video want to bust a box of this new product. I would love to bust a box that you and Carlos choose because you guys always seem to have a ton more luck than me! But thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a box of cards from a great new product that I’m sure collectors will be drooling over!

  65. This has always been my favorite product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have many reasons why. But the gridiron gems trios patch autos are a set I try and build. How do I go about getting some of these cards Gridiron boxes from you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know thank you.

  66. I think it is a great product this year. I have always liked Certified more than Gridiron but this year with 2 guaranteed autos in Gridiron and nice looking inserts I will be going with Gridiron. I also love the photography this year which you just dont see much anymore. Keep it up Panini.

  67. You can just call these action photo cards. Real fresh look. Facial expressions. Player posing. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. The style doesn’t look old.

  68. The Wilson jersey card is great and the fact that you guys opened a HOT box is purely coincidental right –wink wink. Hope to get a box myself and look forward to more videos.

  69. Action shots look great, much prefer these to say the ‘painted’ look of some other manufacturers (Inception!!), good range of rookie and veteran autos/memorabilia. Only downside is the names of some of the subsets which may be a bit ‘cheesy’ . That apart will definitely be looking for some of this to add to my Ravens and Chargers PCs

  70. Since they are released at around the same time, I still think the Threads action shots look a bit better than the Football Gridiron. Some of the actions shots for the Gridiron are pretty epic, like the Victor Cruz one, but I think they are few compared to the others. Some look kind of awkward xD This is just honest initial thought though. The detail is great, just some of the moments chosen are weird poses to me haha :p

  71. So…1/4 are hot boxes….I normally don’t buy gridiron gearor threads as I save money in late Oct/Nov for Absolute, but you guys did such a great job I think I’ll have to buy at least 2-3 boxes tonight. THANKS!!!

  72. The photos are very nice and I like how you guys are trying to bring more attention to the base cards which are so often overlooked. The hot boxes are definitely neat, too, because there aren’t many things better than getting an unexpected extra hit or five. My personal favorite for now is still Playoff Contenders from last year but this product is great.

  73. WOW this product is loaded, I hope I’m lucky enough to gram a hot box when I go get mine!!! The photography looks amazing and the designt on those red auto cards are really cool. PANINI RULES!!!!!!

  74. Nice looking photography love the idea of 9 hit hot boxes awsome because it combines gridiron gear and threads all in 1 which is awsome can’t wait to bust some 10/10 in my book

  75. I love this product and love buying boxes- this year has to be the best action looking cards ever- I love the ben watson card with him holding the USA flag. Just an awesome looking card. Really looking for to try and getting a hot box- never have been lucky enough to get one but always a first for everything. I also LOVE the pullouts…..thats what I love the most about gridiron- just a complete different feeling to get to pull out the jersey cards and they are autographed- what could be better. Panini did an awesome job and what a better product just in time for my sons 11th birthday….. Thanks guys for showing us the videos and the sweet looking hits from the boxes. One moe thing I sure hope this weekend is great and the Cowboys demolish the giants!!!!!

  76. 1. The shots on those base cards are amazing! I think I might actually collect a base set of these cards – something I have not done in a very long time.

    2. Marcell Reece finally got some love! Now would you please consider a Rookie card in one of your releases for Miles Burris. PLEASE!!!

    3. Very good checklist of players.

    4. Nice to see a Defensive Insert set. More hobby love for these guys! Pity no Raider was featured though!

  77. I bought 4 boxes of Gridiron Football today. It is a sweet product………great photos, nice work on the autos and jerseys. I did get 9 hits in 1 box and was very happy about that! Nice work Panini!!!


  78. This is a great product here. The Photograpy is very beautiful. The xo inserts are nice. I got a Brandon weedon auto jersey that looks like u can pull out of the card. Haven’t tried. But a very sick card. Love it

  79. I am simply blown away by the fantastic photgraphy in this product guys. These are cards that you sit and look at for hours because the shots are just that great. Wow!
    On top of that, the designs for the autograph and memorabilia cards are outstanding because they really show off the athlete signatures and the pieces of memorabilia. The RGIII Rookie Gridiron Gems is a perfect example of that. It is beautiful!!!!!
    Kudos to the design team that put together Gridiron. It is a terrific product!!

  80. Thanks to everyone for participating in this contest and for helping us to make our products better with your feedback. We selected four winners this time, and each will receive a box 2012 Gridiron Football. Congratulations to . . . pcegelski, Nicholas Volinchal, Bob Cable and Mark Knowles. We’ll be in touch soon to get your mailing addresses.

    Thanks again to the greatest fans and customers on the planet.

    1. Congrats winners! I guess i just have to keep tryn! Persistence will pay off in the end! Appreciate these chances Tracy and panini!

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