Panini Unwrapped Goes Behind the Scenes with Boston Bruins Superstar Tim Thomas

For Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, 2011 wasn't just one of the greatest years of his career. It was one of the greatest years of his life.

For Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, 2011 wasn’t just one of the greatest years of his career. It was one of the greatest years of his life. The mightily mustachioed Thomas might speak softly, but he carries a big stick (and a big mitt) that make him one of the greatest goalies of his generation.

The checklist of his accomplishments last season alone is about as long as the one for 2011-12 Score Hockey and includes, among other feats, the Stanley Cup, the Vezina Trophy, the Conn Smythe, the Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award, two ESPYs and a victory in the All-Star Game. Of course, all of us here at Panini America would like to think the crowning achievement of Thomas’ historic campaign was being featured on the box and wrappers for 2011-12 Certified Hockey.

Late last week, just one day before the official end of his epic 2011, Thomas and the Bruins were in Dallas to battle the Dallas Stars on New Year’s Eve. Alex Carbajal and I took advantage of such proximity to Thomas’ greatness by venturing to the Bruins’ team hotel for a special visit that included an episode of Panini Unwrapped and great behind-the-scenes footage of Thomas signing some upcoming gems slated for 2011-12 Crown Royale and 2011-12 Limited.

Enjoy the video and the gallery.


18 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped Goes Behind the Scenes with Boston Bruins Superstar Tim Thomas”

  1. Tracy, do you know if he signed any of his redemptions from 2011-12 Certified while he was there? Have one i’m waiting on, and would be super happy if I knew it was getting made!

    1. He didn’t sign them on this day. But we did ask him about them. He apologized profusely for the delay and told us he would finish signing everything in the next few weeks.

  2. Awesome cards! Hope to get lucky and pull some. Much respect for Tim really enjoy his style of play and this is coming from a diehard Flyers fan!

  3. First off….Happy Birthday Tracy! Hope the Broncos win one for ya this weekend!

    And great gallery! Gotta love the way that Tim plays.

    And you are wearing one cool shirt by the way!

  4. “russian machine never break!” lol. Tim looks like a cool guy!

    And Tracy what do I gotta do for one of those All Goalies shirts!?

    1. Ok ok heres the deal, I play goalie, I’ll take video of me opening some Panini product wearing the shirt with my gear on in the locker room. Deal?! 😀

  5. im a huge bruins fan being that im from new england, so its nice to see tim thomas in a video. love the ovechkin story. cant wait to get my hands on some limited and crown royale later on so i can try to pull some bruins. love this vid thanks tracy

  6. Okay, you need to get a dual autograph of Timmy and Ovie or just an Ovie autograph with the inscription “Russian Machine Never Break”. That was a great story and a great video behind the scenes with Timmy.

  7. He’s a Class Act, and I love the product in football and hockey. How about that Seguin he pulled? I sure could use it for my PC. 🙂

    How do I go about getting a career hanging with Pro’s?

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