Panini Unwrapped: Previewing the Official 2011-12 NHL Sticker & Album Collection

October 14, 2011

For any number of reasons, Wednesday was a good day inside Panini America headquarters. Primarily, though, the feel-good vibe permeating the company’s marketing department two days ago can be traced to one thing and one thing only: The arrival of the 2011-12 NHL Sticker & Album Collection.

Within minutes of receiving our marketing allotment, Scott Prusha and Chris Reed were side-by-side in the Panini Unwrapped studio chomping at the bit to rip open some packets so they could get to sticking.

This special episode of Panini Unwrapped details their bust and provides key information on a special promotion with EA SPORTS. Enjoy this first look at one of the most entertaining and engaging hockey collectibles on the planet. And when you’re done, you can begin your own 2011-12 NHL Sticker & Album Collection at