Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football

As the buildup to next week's release of 2011 Absolute Memorabilia reaches frenzied mania stage, leave it to The Knight's Lance to inject your Thursday morning with something that should raise the anticipation level even higher: The world premiere episode of Panini Unwrapped.

As the buildup to next week’s release of 2011 Absolute Memorabilia reaches frenzied mania stage, leave it to The Knight’s Lance to inject your Thursday morning with something that should raise the anticipation level even higher: The world premiere episode of Panini Unwrapped.

Panini America NFL Brand Manager Carlos Torrez joins Tracy Hackler in breaking the first two boxes of this heavy-hitting hobby superstar, a bountiful eight-pack bust that yielded four autograph memorabilia cards, two prime memorabilia cards, two autographs and an incalculable amount of fun.

And all you have to do to be eligible to win the hits from these first two boxes is tell us what you think about 2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football? Are you planning to bust some? What are you looking to pull? Are you more excited about the 2011 edition over past years? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll pick a handful of winners.

Now, for the world premiere video . . .


84 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football”

  1. I’m very excited about Absolute this year! I have two boxes on order to break for a monthly group break I help to run, and I’m hoping it’ll put a cap on an awesome month we’re having.

  2. I will always buy at least one box every year, this is one of the few products that I actually save up for every year. Always the best looking cards and the inserts are top notch – I have never pulled a card that is not still in my collection today. I hope to get some Arizona Cardinals cards as always but I am really into the rookie class this year. Even memrobilia from players that defined the game when I was growing up – that is something most products don’t have. Thanks so much!!

  3. the very first pulled hooked me immediently the locker rpm was gorgeous ive been a big fan of this product for years and cant wait to bust my first box i think this product always delivers and when i pull somthing awsome ill send you the pictures and the fact that theres ten out of 18 boxes makes this even more awsome and appealing to buyers like me you guys rock keep it up

  4. Good Morning Tracy! Nice War Room Auto and the Jake Locker Materials. I LOVE the Shane Vereen Auto Materials seeing I’m a DIE HARD Patriots Fan! Are all the rookie cards numbered? Warren Moons card looks great! I always love this product every year and this year they looks really great! I’ll try and get some this year! Thanks guys for the video and heads up! Umm if you want to pass on the Shane Vereen Auto card you COULD always send it this way! lol:-) Thanks Tracy! Have a great Day over there at Panini!

  5. I am stoked about 2011 Absolute football! The incredible, sharp photography, the interesting subsets, the metallicky sheen, the premier swatches! I got about fifty packs last year so I’m certainly ni again. I would love to pull Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson/Matthew Stafford, Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Mike Wallace. I didn’t think it was possible but it looks like 2011 has an even sharper design than in the past! Kudos to Panini on what is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE set!!! 🙂

  6. To me the Absolute brand always represents the players ascension to the NFL with the Rookie Premiere Materials cards. I love having the memorabilia used to show off the NFL name. I have a couple of boxes on the way to me and I can’t wait for it!!

  7. Wow!! This product is amazing!! I love the base design, the inserts and the look of all of the memorabilia cards. For me if a base card set looks as awesome as this, that makes the product a top product and very collectible. I really hope to bust some of this. I am a Little short on funds with a newborn, everyone knows how much they can cost, but maybe I can talk someone into it for Christmas. I am really aiming to pull Cam Newton rookie, auto or jersey pieces or any of this years top rookies like Daulton, Green, INgram. And of course any Giants Prime pieces or any Giants memorabilia. And of course chasing the hard ones to pull as well and to pull the sweetest prime pieces. The prime ones you guys pulled blowed me away and looking at the gallery everyday and keeping track of this product it looks to be the best Absolute memorabilia ever!! Not to mention, you guys did very well with your breaks so I am sure that all breaks are sweet. The look of the product and the Rookie RPM’s makes it that way. The prime pieces used helps too. THey looked amazing. Thanks for the video guys!! I have watchd it twice. Cant seem to get enough viewing of this product. Hopefully I can have it in my hands to view first hand sometime this year.

    1. came back again….sorry lol.
      just wanted to say more. Liked the designs on the war room like the aj green one and the ground hoggs ryan mathews for example. and the rookie spectrum auto design of johnny white and the classic colors of the oilers of the warren moon cool prime nfl micons card. the war room jersey auto of carter is sweet! and like i have raved about with the rpm hankerson just to name a few., I really hope to bust some for myself after watching this again. Busting is awesome. even bradford on the box is a good start for this product. sorry i wrote a book here. just trying to give my best input. thanks again guys and good luck to everyone!!

  8. Absolute is my all time favorite product . I remember when I was overseas serving with the army . My wife bought me a 2009 box as a welcome home gift and even brought it to the airport to bust it . I broke it on the way home , I ended up pulling a Mark Sanchez War Room jersey auto /25 . It worked out cause i was home and pulled a player from my favorite team. Since then I go to my favorite LCS in Albany NY and buy at least 5 when they release …

  9. What a great looking product this year! Absolute holds a special place in my heart because I was given the choice of one box to break while on my honeymoon and I picked none other than Absolute. You guys pretty much nailed the rookies I would be looking for in a box with Carter and Castanzo, two great looking young players already having an impact in the league. That Warren Moon is a great example of the legendary HOF players available as well. Trememndous job as always by Panini with this product, I’ll be looking for it on the shelf at my local card shop soon!

  10. I look forward to Absolute every year. It is the first product I will bust this year. Hope to pull a nice Locker. The designs look great and with 3 autos in many of the boxes the value is there as well. Appreciate all the hard work you put into your products.

  11. I will be opening some of this. It looks great this year and the patches are always crazy. Tools of the trade will be what im shooting for but a nice RPM auto RC wouldnt hurt either. Love the on card autos this year on them too. Good Job Panini

  12. The reason why i have always liked Absolute? Jumbo patches and inserts. Now the inserts are not the most desirable item these days but to me, always a hit and to be honest, the numbered cards that do not have the mem on it are a big hit with me. hence why i even go after basketball ones in absolute. i look forward to better designs this year, more patches, have plenty in my PC, and just form absolute, and some certified.

  13. Always love Absolute. It is one of my favorites along with Certified. I will definitely buy a box of 2011 Absolute. Really like to hear that there are more autos this year. Love more autos especially on card!

  14. Yes, I plan on cracking some of this stuff, a case actually. I am looking to pull a Mark Ingram RPM auto, only because if I do, I made a bet with my card shop owner to have him chug a beer. 🙂 I definitely think the Ground Hoggs design is 150% better than last year. The design from last year was, mixed with the mem, very “confusing”. The design was cluttered. I pull a steven jackson 3 color patch, but because the design was so “busy”, it was hard to make out the 3 color patch. Wen’t with a more cleaner version this year. Next week can’t get here soon enough.

  15. Have been waiting for this product all year, have a case on order, and most looking forward to all the nasty patches and of course a 1/1 of a pc player. sick stuff in those boxes!!!!!! I have a few open spots in my collection for some of them!

  16. I am just getting back into collecting. Absolute looks great!! I plan on breaking at least one box. Being from Houston pulling a Warren Moon NFL Icons would be great!! Thanks for posting video, look forward to more!

  17. What a great looking product the cards are awsome,I really love the Warren Moon card he was one of my favs when he was playing a great hof,would love to buy some of these boxes but I cant im unemployed for last 6 months I can only dream of these awesome cards keep up the great work Tracy.

  18. Cards do look awesome, love the looks and designs. Probably wont bust much of it though, i always seem to have very bad luck with these, also add closest card shop to me is almost 2 hours away, sucks when you get the itch, lol. If i do bust any though im always looking for Cowboys and Vikings and i’m an avid set builder.

  19. In my opinion, the decision to start utilizing on-card autographs for the RPM’s was a tremendous improvement on what was already a great product. Like every year, I will enjoy opening this product. This year, in addition to looking for some nice Chicago Bears cards and the usual awesome patches, I will be on the hunt for Alex Green/Greg Salas (Hawaii PC)

  20. Love the layout of these cards. As a collector I enjoy a good base card as much as the memorabilia cards, and the base cards are very well done. Also The War Room autos are awesome.

  21. love the absolute memorabilia – will bust a few boxes and be excited to try to attempt the jumbo patch set for the veterans this year. the RPMs are and upgrade for sure from last years good job on the on-card autos as well

  22. For sure a great product guys. I love how you keep the same cards each year but keep making them a little better. I love how the RPMs are on card this year, thats huge. Tools of the Trade looks great too. Real excited to get some of this. As a lower budget collector I’ll probably grab 2 or 3 packs right when it comes out!

  23. I love the awesome quality of the photo and the fact that you continue to raise the bar and set youselves above the competition!! The on card auto’s and 3 auto’s per box for every 10 out of 18 boxes per case!!

    Absolute, is a premium product and I can’t wait to buy a couple of boxes on the 19th!!!
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  24. I was not planning to bust any but seeing the video, seeing the hits, and hearing that over half the boxes contain 3 auto I just pre-ordered a box. I would love to hit a Jumbo Prime Swatch Auto or any Redskins auto. I am more excited over this years edition due to the changes and the war room insert looks great too.

  25. Absolute is always a heart-racing break and the extra on-card autos just makes it that much better. Hopefully, there will be some awesome Raymond Berry cards but AJ Green would just as cool. Great product, as always.

  26. Absolute will be fantastic! On card rookie autos, RPMs, and SIC patches fromToTT are always a collector’s favourite 🙂 Can’t knock HoF game jersey cards either! Warren Moon is a legend up in Canada 🙂

  27. I don’t buy many football boxes I only collect patriots and hall of famers so it’s better for me to buy on secondary market. But I would like to get one box of this product because I love the rookie cards in all the absolute line with a pc. Of ball and patch and auto what more can you ask for thanks panini for another contest

  28. I am extremely excited for this product! The sad thing is that this product is a bit high for me. I might consider picking up a pack or two though.

  29. I’m predominantly a hockey buster, but have recently started back in a little to football. I’ve been told that Absolute is the product to go with if I wanna some big fun and now I see why. Love the foil board design. And those rookie mem. cards are just sick. Love that you’ve gone to on-card autos and added extras to more than half the boxes in a case! Huge bonus for us collectors.

  30. Hello

    Im 11 years old. My birthday just passed, and I got a box of this on pre-order. My friends were telling me I should have got a different box, but i really like the shiny autographs out of these.
    After seeing this video i am SO excited. I cant wait for it to show up at my door! I hope i get a titus young, or mikel leshoure autograph or patch. But I would be OK with getting a cam newton also. this is my first ever box, and i cant wait. I just started to collect, so i cant really compare with last years. thanks panini!

  31. Wow I love that the rookie autos are on card this year. I may pick-up a box or two trying to pull some of those pats rookies. The overall design looks better than past years also. I always liked the jumbo patches, but now with on-card autos I’m pretty excited. Kepp it up Panini!

  32. Absolute has been my favorite ever since i pull a jumbo Ruth swatch in 2006. Will definately bust a box as soon as it hits the market !!

  33. I love this years absolute. I will probably bust some of it at my LCS. The mix of rookies and holo foil and on card autos is a recipe for success. I love the nice colored patches of hall of famers and all of the on card autos you guys deliver. Looks terrific

  34. Set looks awesome again. As I’m a Steelers collector, this might be a little out of my price range. And by that I mean there aren’t very many Steelers auto/patch cards in this set, so not much bang for my buck. Going to be hard NOT to break down and get a box, though. My perfect box would be an auto Polamalu and a Randall Cobb auto/patch. I always seem to pull that guy no matter what box I bust 😉

    Thanks for the autographed Cobb ball cap Tracy! A real nice addition to my memorabilia collection.

  35. for me i never really liked the design on absolute over the years and with its price i never planned on busting some, i think you guys really gave it a slick look and definetly seems far more desirable. i will definitely pick up a box

  36. I have always loved Absolute mem. I think with the addition of On-card autos, this easily solidifies it as one of the top releases of the year…I’m definately looking forward to busting a couple boxes and hope to get my hands on some Fred Jackson MOJO!!!! :o)

  37. Definitely getting a box of this. And Certified (but that’s for a later post). The ginormous Patches with on-card autos are a great hit. I really hope I pull one this year 🙂 Maybe it will somehow be Mr LBJ 😉

  38. Absolute is one of those products that stands out, I like the foil board and you did a great job selecting player images that allows for the focus to be directly on the player. The on-card autographs are a great addition and the Icons insert is amazing. I may have to splurge and pick up a box.

  39. I too am looking forward to Absolute this and every year. I was glad too see you didnt pull any nice Bengals rookie auto’s because it leaves more for me to try and pull! The designs look great and with 3 autos in many of the boxes the value is greater this year than usual. We appreciate all the hard work you put into your products and all you do to give the collectors what we want.

  40. This is the product that got me back into the hobby. These are sweet & can’t wait to pick up a box. Hoping to pick up an Andy Dalton. Got to support those Horned Frogs.

  41. On card autos make this a series that I really enjoy! I also hope to luck out and pull some prime patch material, the more jumbo, the better 🙂

  42. Ohhhh, Warren Moon! That’s a beauty 3 colour swatch their! I’ll try a box or two, cross fingers for a RC Shield (obv on-card auto) XD

  43. Damn this year’s cards look sick! I think Absolute just keeps getting better every year. I mean I loved 2009, loathed 2010 and must have 2011. The base cards look fantastic, the inserts look sweet and the hits are insane. And the fact that there are so many on-card autographs makes Absolute for me a must buy. With the price so low for such great quality cards you can guarantee that my local card shop will get me as a customer. If I pull that Warren Moon NFL Icons card I will be over the moon. Panini keep up the great work with Absolute because you make me buy at least one box every year!
    Thanks for the video Tracy

  44. The added extra auto’s a plus……like the Horizontal look of the RPM’s this season……That Warren Moon is Absolutely Awesome..Tracy looks like you were having a slight tough time opening those packs…..The product looks pretty cool this season really liking the Icons design…….

  45. Dang! i love the look of this! shiny cards are amazing! on card auto’s are spectacular! I would love to pull a Jamie Harper or a Cam Newton out of this :O

  46. Love the design this yr, especially the rookie autos with the horizontal looks this year. The on card rookie autos are a huge plus! Will definitely be opening a box or 2 of these. Looking forward to pulling some sick nasty patches for the PC! Thanks for the preview guys!

  47. I’m very excited about the release I have 2 boxes on order I’m hoping to get a ryan mallet I have 12 total auto’s between verheen and ridley. mallett and wes welker are the only patriots cards i don’t have with an auto. or maybe a Cam newton to put with my football I got signed by him and Clausen

  48. I think 2011 Absolute Memorabilia is a HUGE step up from the past years. First off, the on-card autos. On card autos make such a difference in the card collecting community and it will just urge collectors like me to purchase 2001 Absolute Memorabilia cards. The RPMs look AMAZING for a lot of reasons, one that i already mentioned is that the autographs are on card. If I were to buy a box of this product, I would be obviously looking for Cam Newton, or Mark Ingram etc., but more than ever I would be looking to pull nice HOF patch cards or autographs.I also really like the vertical designs this year, as seen with the Jake Locker card you pulled, the patches and vertical design fit well with the layout of the product. I am VERY glad that you guys stepped up your game and went with on card autos, I know you couldnt get every auto on card, but that is reasonable because some cards arent made for an on card autograph, rather a sticker. When push comes to shove, I think 2011 Absolute will be a huge hit. I realy hope I can bust this product.

  49. Forget what people say they will do, I *did* pick up six packs tonight. It’s pouring rain here and I just had a tooth pulled, and I never felt better. Six jersey cards, including Rookie collection, War Room AND Tools of the Trade! Including third-round draft pick Austin Pettis, first-round draft pick Jonathan Baldwin, AND Kendall Hunter, seventh in rushing yards AND fifth in yards per reception among rookies.
    And I’ll be looking for more the next few nights 🙂

    1. Just a jumbo pack tonight. I just realized something tonight. There ARE War Room cards without memorabilia, since I just pulled one tonight (Titus Young, sixth among rookies in receiving yards, along with an Eddie Royal Tools of the Trade swatch). But ALL my other War Room cards do have swatches 🙂

  50. Well here is my humble opinion of the new Absolute Memoribilia cards just relaeased. I bought my first box and this is what i thought. As far as overall appearance of the card excellent !!! I really enjoyed the way the light refracted off the card and gold finish around the names of the commom cards was nice. The pictures of the players where clean and crisp and really popped out at you from the card. The inserts i recieved were awesome. I recieved an on the card Auto of Colin Kaepernick rookie premier materials, a kendall hunter star gazing auto,Marks of fame Donald Driver and my favorite Chris Johnson Platinum spectrum num 5-5. My opinion stylistically of the cards is a 10 out of 10. My opinion of the cards after that will be based on retained value of the collectible cards, which if last years cards are any indication of how the value will hold, im excited! As far as this year verse years past i am much more excited about the rookies and autos of this year. More star power in the NFL and feel like some of these guys are going to break records. ( Cam the Man) So In conclusion, i love the cards and will being buying another box today so wish me luck. My only advise to the card company is to do one thing, please don’t put the cards in a loose box again. These cards are shipped across the country and could get damaged and when i spend that type of money on cards the last thing i want to see is a corner of my best card damaged. So please please never again. -joe

  51. I can’t wait until my local shop has these! Unfortunately, not until the 26th 🙁 I can feel it already, Auto Relic Arian Foster HERE I COME BABY! 3 Boxes on release day, easy. This box is too good to pass up!

  52. Hello guys, i am not new to collecting cards, but i am new to the way cards are collected. I have over 30,000 in my collection, but most are pre-1990. Due to a growing family, longer hours at my place of employment, and simply less time i have not been able to fulfill my drive to buy football cards. Then fall hit, it was football season. I couldn’t resist, i wanted to know what the best football cards in existance were. My web search landed on multiple brands with great odds of pulling sign/jersey/rookie/etc.; however absolute memorbilia just continued to surface. Watch you tube, thats what i’m talking about! Can’t wait until this product is out! I want Cam!

  53. Got a couple of packs today. Pulled a redemption for a Canton Memorabilia Signature Materials card #24. Is there a checklist online yet Tracy? Can you tell me who this card is? Thanks friend!

  54. Thanks guys for seconding my request for checklists. Six more packs today.
    Six jersey cards, including Rookie collection, War Room and Tools of the Trade! Includes

    Colin “No incompletions” Kaepernick
    Delone Carter (sixth among rookies in rushing yards)
    Randall Cobb leading all rookies in all purpose yards)
    Mark Ingram (sixth among rookies in total offense)

  55. Excuse me, it was card # 23, not 24. Any help would be appreciated, particularly since I tried to redeem the card and Panini’s website said the redemption number ON MY REDEMPTION does not exist. What?

  56. I didn’t have enough for a hobby box to bust but had to deal with my temptations of this product and try a blaster. I did ok. I got a Austin Pettis Star Gazing jersey and 2 spectrum rookies, one blue numbered 99/100 and one red of a guy you probably know that i didnt, Julius Thomas of the Broncos. I was shocked to have gotten teh same player lol. Love the base card design of these with the gold border. Also Any winners yet in the absolute memorabilia contests? I think theres 2 of them? Thanks Tracy!!

    1. I was wondering the same. I would assume so since its been awhile. Congrats to the winners if they have been announced!!

        1. i cant wait to see who wins ive been entering these for over three years and have yet to win id love to win from this set once awsome

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