Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2011 Crown Royale Football (& Checklist)

Join Panini America's Tracy Hackler and Joe White as they enjoy the regal experience that is the first boxes of 2011 Crown Royale Football. After you've watched the video, be sure to check out the complete checklist attached below.

Join Panini America’s Tracy Hackler and Joe White as they enjoy the regal experience that is the first boxes of 2011 Crown Royale Football. After you’ve watched the video, be sure to check out the complete checklist attached below.

Oh, and give us your feedback on the contents of our two boxes for a chance to win the contents of our two boxes.

2011 Panini Crown Royale FB Checklist


41 Replies to “Panini Unwrapped World Premiere Video: 2011 Crown Royale Football (& Checklist)”

  1. Crown Royale is an amazing product , not to many die cut cards out there these days . I also love the veteran autographs. I pulled a 3/5 Archie Manning auto last year , best part was when I sent it to PSA it came back a 10 …. Looking forward to busting some boxes soon .

  2. First off, blue is totally your color Tracy. Just saying. NH.

    This product is an interesting break every year. The rookie die-cuts being all prime this year is fantastice news, they were good before and now they are even better. That captain’s subset is nice too, it would be nice to have pieces of the actual captain’s patch a prime version to give certain team collectors (like me with the colts) something to look forward to other than just their team’s 2 colors (blue & white in my case). The rookie auto checklist seems very deep, I hope there are some hidden gems that may turn out to be quality players thus making those autographs more valuable. Good job on the packaging too, the box shape really stands out on the hobby shop shelf.

    Thanks for another great product and making it a point to mention the live to redemption ratio for the big rookie hits, it shows once again how Panini is in tune with the every day collector!

  3. Great job guys. Please please please keep trapping the patches. We, collectors are tired of people faking them. Also, keep inserting the on-card autographs. It seem like in the past, companies were afraid to have some on-card and some on stickers in the same set and so they had everybody sign stickers. Having some on card rookies and some on sticker is the best way to approach that situation. It isn’t a good feeling have to wait for a redemption and the auto happens to be on a sticker.

  4. Good Product. I like the hall of fame cards featured. Also the on card Auto patch card was great!. Crown kept to its great design while bringing in some new concepts looks like may be one of my favorites this year. I would like to see shorter printed materials though. The on card patch was out of 299 and on card patches should be out of 99 maximum.

  5. Denarious Moore and Ahmad Black rookie autos is sweet. Love the diecuts in this product and they really stand out. Bilal Powell may not be the best player but its such a sick looking card. I love the design of these especially. The other memorablila designs are great such as the one with the big C with Adrian Peterson. Thats an awesome jersey card. And I the base design and its parallels are terrific to say the least. This is one of the coolest products of the year. Its a crowning achievement for you guys. Another great job Panini and thanks for the contest! I really hope to be able to bust a box. I have sent hints to family members for Christmas. Hopefully I will get one before then if not hopefuly they know i want it. Thanks for the break guys and the preview of an awesome product!!

    1. I must finish something else I had left to say lol. I ran out of time when i was on earlier. I must say i really like the box design as well. I know a lot of people would say i am crazy for saying that, but to me, if the product doesnt look good from the outside…why would you dare open it up to find out whats inside. I like to judge a book by its cover you could say. Getting any of the cards from this break would be awesome. Even just the empty box (i decorate my card room with em) Overall one of my favorite products of the year along with prestige, absolute memorabilia, and certified that rocks as well. thanks again guys!!

  6. Best Insert name of the year, “Calling All Captains,” now imagine if there was a 1/1 version with the action Captain’s patch (assuming it fits a standard card). The RC oncard auto patches are a beauty. Can’t wait to bust some.

  7. wow im a huge raiders fan the denarius moore is awsome and the sillouette cards are absolutely gorgeous and the designs of the cards are deffiently better than last year i will deffiently buy packs of this products along with boxes love the product keep up the hot new designs go panini you guys rock awsome

  8. The cards look nice, except that I would prefer that the autograph field on the cards were not their own design element, but would be integrated as part of the overall design of the cards. Otherwise, I definitely think the die-cut rookie auto cards are nice and something I wish I could add to my collection.

  9. Awesome cards. This wasn’t a great product last year but it has really improved to be even better this year. Absolute was absolutley stunning and now Crown Royale is certainly a “royal” product I would say!

    Great job and thanks for the contest!

  10. NOBODY does the crisp die-cuts better than PANINI! I hope you’ll consider having a retail component so it’ll be easier to bust open these bad boys!

  11. Thanks for the preview Tracy. i love the die-cut look, bring be back to the days when pulling a die cut was a bit hit.

  12. First off, I love on card autos, secondly I love big paches, thus I will love this product – QED (math major) XD

    Can’t wait to tear into this product, looks like it will be a blast 🙂 and it brings us ever so closer to my favourite product, CONTENDERS 🙂

  13. Crown Royale is always a beautiful product but this year I’d have to say you guys blew the top off! Great job Panini! I love you guys!

  14. I really like the die cut cards, but I love the rookie on card autographed patch cards. The die cut jersey number cards are awesome too. I can’t wait to open a pack of these!

  15. I really like seeing the legend cards, especially the Jack Lambert. Last year I pulled a Joe Montana. The on card rookie auto/patch looks great, the design is cool. I am excited to open some packs.

  16. Love the look! And the Silhouette cards that allow the auto of the RCs to pop, VERY IMPRESSIVE! I will be heading out to pick this product up.

    Great designs!!!

  17. I was excited to see you guys made the upgraded Silhouette design this year. I remember the Hockey Silhouette was a big set from last year’s Crown Royale. Glad to see it was put into the football set this year. Having the on card rookie auto is a huge plus for collectors. Thanks for sharing guys!

  18. I really like this product. We got in a case at the shop where I work and one person came in and started busting packs, next thing you knew he went through the entire case!!! I love the new designs!!! Thanks for being innovative and bringing some new ideas to the table as well as resurecting the crown royale name and style!! Please work on the timeliness of the redemption cards. It seems like Topps is beating you to the punch in customer service area though. I know you guys are working on it, but just a little friendly advise from a hobby shop. Thanks

      1. Thanks Tracy!! I was just checking back in. I know you are a very busy person.I just wanted to also say They are two amazing contests! I am just so glad that we have chances at winning some of this stuff. Thanks for those oppurtunities!!

  19. Very Sweet Product. I love the Rookie Patch Autos, and the chance to pull veterens. The colation in my box was kind of weak with 2 Rookie Lineman autos, but I havent gave up yet.

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