#PaniniWildCard Promo Preparing for NFL Conference Championship Weekend

The first two weekends of Panini America's wildly popular (pun intended) #PaniniWildCard promotion have been nothing short of a social-media, Twitter-frenzy free-for-all. That promises to continue this weekend as we honor the NFC and AFC Conference Championship Games. But this time, we're switching things up just a bit.


The first two weekends of Panini America’s wildly popular (pun intended) #PaniniWildCard promotion have been nothing short of a social-media, Twitter-frenzy free-for-all. That promises to continue this weekend as we honor the NFC and AFC Conference Championship Games. But this time, we’re switching things up just a bit.

We want you to visit your local hobby shop or mass retail outlet anytime between now and kickoff on Sunday, buy a box of Panini America product, open it at that location and Tweet us a pic — using the #PaniniWildCard hash tag — of you doing just that. We’ll start awarding boxes as prizes during the first quarter of the NFC Championship Game between the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons and continue awarding at least one box per quarter through the end of the AFC Championship Game between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots.

Oh, and since we know not everyone has a hobby shop or card-carrying retail outlet near them, we’re also going to randomly reward boxes to four customers who make a purchase this weekend at iCollectPanini.com using the WildCard promo code.

And here’s one more thing while we’re on the topic: If the #PaniniWildCard hash tag trends (for the third consecutive weekend) at any point during Sunday’s conference championship games, we’re going to randomly award boxes to four lucky followers.

So that’s the plan for this weekend. Got all that? We look forward to another fun-filled few days with the greatest collectors on the planet — and be sure to follow us on a Twitter so you don’t miss a thing.


29 Replies to “#PaniniWildCard Promo Preparing for NFL Conference Championship Weekend”

  1. If I’m brave enough to walk into WalMart in my alien costume,buy a box and open it there is that an auto win? lol

      1. I don’t know how to beat an alien suit but great idea mark!lol was saving for prizm and contenders.. But I gotta participate in this or I woulnt be the loyal panini guy that I am! I guess maybe I can beat it by wearing a cheerleader outfit whil rippin??!!! See the highest we are willing to go to for a panini box Scott! #paninination

      2. This is brad,mjb_cards104 btw.. I guess now that I made a wordpress blog it uses that for my ID instead or something!?? Nt sure why, just new to blog and wordpress, so just thought it was weird! Mark the battle is on 2 see who can embarass themselves more for a prize!! May the best chump win!lol

      3. OK…Took the pic…Hope that works…Should have seen the people at walmart..They got a kick out of it….So should I just DM you my addy now? lol

    1. Maybe me in an alien suit while also wearing a hippie costume over it?,,,Still hard to beat a grown man in a cheerleader outfit though..But yea a contest for craziest costume would be cool..Maybe a new idea?
      But has to difficult,like having to go out in a very public place

  2. wow, you guys do too much for us! glad ive been saving some money for contenders and prizm, now ill just have to spend some of it on something this weekend and enter into this! thanks again for all you guys do!!

  3. Guys I live 50 miles from the nearest retail and the nearest hobby is further than that…I don’t think this is very fair. Everybody should be able to participate in this..and I doubt I’m the only one in this boat. Any other way to get in this? Thanks

  4. What is the minimum purchase that would work under the ” at iCollectPanini.com using the WildCard promo code” component?
    Also, would buying a box @ WalMart count as long as its Panini?

  5. Thanks for responding Tracy..so it’s buying something at the website using the promo code and if #PaniniWildCard trends again..and PaniniWildCard is the promo code correct? Sorry I honestly always read the whole thing before skipping down..Not sure what happened there. My bad

    1. No problem at all, man. There was a lot to digest in that post. Those are two separate contests for those who don’t have a shop or retailer in their area:

      1) Buy any NFL product on iCollectPanini.com using the WildCard promo code and you’re eligible to win one of four boxes of cards (winners will be selected at random on Monday)
      2) If we can get the #PaniniWildCard hash tag to trend again this weekend, we’ll give away another box to four of our followers

      Make sense?

  6. Ok, I was reading the rules on this and I think I may have messed up. 🙁
    It says that I had to open the packs even at the store….I did not do that. The card store I bought them from was about 95% comics/Magic(the card game), etc…and they were having a huge Magic competition inside the store and was 100 degrees and smelled like b.o. I could barely walk in, let alone buy my cards and open them.
    So, my question is: will you allow it if I took a picture of me BUYING them at the store and opening them at home?

  7. I was at my local card shop all day but unfortunately I didnt have the extra money to buy anything. I am lucky to be able to shop at Fox Sports Cards though.

  8. My pic came up wrong in the URL address:( Sorry about that, it should be under 2012 panini America rg3 jake break on google images. Sorry again I am still new to this blog;)

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