Peeking Some of the Modern Marvels Found in 2012 National Treasures Baseball

February 24, 2013

Panini America 2012 National Treasures Baseball Modern Marvels Main

Over the last week or so, The Knight’s Lance has delivered some devastating early looks at the myriad vintage memorabilia masterpieces permeating next week’s highly anticipated release of 2012 National Treasures Baseball. From a spectacular assortment of unique button cards to the breathtaking booklets, there’s an awe-inspiring assortment of baseball history awaiting collectors next week.

But National Treasures is more than just jaw-dropping tributes to the all-time greats. The product also showcases the game’s brightest current superstars, too. In this special Sunday showcase, we preview just some of the modern marvels dotting the product checklist.

From youngsters such as Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish and Mike Trout, to established All-Stars such as Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera and Derek Jeter, baseball’s present and future are represented just as eloquently in National Treasures as are the game’s legendary forefathers.

The following gallery of memorabilia and autograph cards provides just a taste of that fact.