Prime-Time Video: Panini America Unwraps 2011-12 Prime Hockey (And You Can Win)

The time has come: Panini America's 2011-12 Prime Hockey is live. And to celebrate one of the most anticipated hockey products to hit the market in quite some time, Panini America Director of Product Development Karvin Cheung sat down with Tracy Hackler for this special prime-time edition of Panini Unwrapped.

The time has come: Panini America’s 2011-12 Prime Hockey is live. And to celebrate one of the most anticipated hockey products to hit the market in quite some time, Panini America Director of Product Development Karvin Cheung sat down with Tracy Hackler for this special prime-time edition of Panini Unwrapped.

Were two boxes of the product enough to break on video? Or did the duo opt to bust more? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. And after you’ve watched the video, we’re going to give you a chance to win some of the hits.

To be eligible to win, this is all you have to do:

1. Follow Panini America on Twitter (if you don’t already) and Tweet out a link to this Panini Unwrapped episode (if you have Twitter)

2. Like Panini America on Facebook (if you don’t already) and share a link to this Panini Unwrapped video on your Facebook page (if you’re on Facebook)

3. Subscribe to The Knight’s Lance (if you don’t already) by clicking on the “Sign me up!” button in the top right corner of the blog

4. Once you’ve done those things, please leave us a comment below telling us as much and you’re entered to win.

It’s that simple. Thanks for participating and enjoy the video.


92 Replies to “Prime-Time Video: Panini America Unwraps 2011-12 Prime Hockey (And You Can Win)”

  1. All done and done! Following you guys on Twitter…retweeted this episode…commented…LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!! JOB WELL DONE!! All the facebook tasks done as well!

  2. Great video and some sick hits…by far the best hockey product maybe ever made!! The Prime Time rookies and the letters are always my favorite. An amazing 4 box break. Loved seeing the cards from a high end product I will probably not be able to bust but at least have a chance of landing a card from!

    And I do all 3 of following, Twitter and FAcebook. Thanks for the break guys!

  3. Tracy,
    Numbers 1-3 are complete, I hope that I can win. This product is so loaded this year, more than worth the wait. I can’t wait to get mine to break today. Although, I would have loved to have seen a Markstrom in the product (that is just nitpicking though). Great Work.

  4. Very nice product love the jumbo windows for the patches and jerseys. The showcase cards look great. However, I dont like the color scheme on the dual jerseys especially if its black on black border. But overall this is a nice product and not as pricey (finally!) for hockey. Hey wheres the prime location?

  5. Product looks great. I’ve done two of the following three, i do not have facebook. Hope that does not ruin my chances to win.


  6. All tasks completed! Great product, I have been sharing your pics with the guys at the Rookie Card Shop. I just I can watch some NHL this season while I open all your new hockey prodcuts. Have a great Labor day weekend and enjoy some college football. Thanks again for the video and the opportunity to win.

  7. All done as well…..Thanks guys this is just a great product and to have a chance at receiving some of these cards fantastic……really liking that Peter Holland ..that seams incredible of Evander Kane …….The Prime Colors is so freakishly incredible …Blake Geoffrion Prime Time rookie Gooooooo Hab’s!Those Showcase Swatches ……this product is loaded!!!!

  8. I have done everything I can! This is why you guys are the best in the business making the hobby and collectors feel special!

  9. Gettin’ Fired up for PRIME hockey (as well as my own fireplace for this coming fall and winter). Nothing quite like coming in from shoveling snow here in suburban Philadelphia and enjoying my 80+ degree living room opening cards! Just don’t get them too close to the fire!! Anyway, sorry but I am not on twitter or facebook but I have subscribed to the blog. I really enjoy the blog entries and videos!! Thanks guys!! GO FLYERS!!!

  10. This is a sick product. Took part in midnight case break last night on CNC and couldn’t believe the stuff that came out of the the case. Now if I can win some, that would be even better. lol. Thanks for the draw/contest/opportunity.

  11. Man I haven been able to pick my jaw up from the floor yet, simply amazing nuff said. Already subscribe to the knights lance and always follow on twitter no facebook though ah well 2 out of three ain’t bad.

  12. I like the jumbo rookie swatch cards. I love when a relic piece is big enough to have waves in the fabric like that.

    Also, following all three Panini outlets.

  13. Do stores get entrees into if we do all the above! 😉 Keep up the great work guys.

    In addition, Panini Fans, Imperial Garden Sports Collectibles will be live tonight 6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST to DO THREE LIVE CASE BREAKS OF PRIME!!

  14. Everything done, as requested. Great job on the Prime guys, it is beautiful! I want to win the Flyers cards. Tell @paninipuck to keep his hands off!!! LOL! Keep up the great work.

  15. Completed all three. I am really looking forward to finding some of this product this weekend, great job guys!

  16. Poduct looks great. Thanks again Panini. Lots of unique PRIME swatches. Really looking forward to busting some boxes.

  17. Just open my first pack/box today, got 2 amazing rookies (1 redemption), 1 Showcase Swatches, 1 namesake,1 dual prime combos, and 2 base. By far the best product I had a chance to open. Congrats Panini America. Willing to give up sex for Panini Prime anytime…

  18. Tweeted it put it on Facebook I love prime hockey I rarely collect hockey but I have already order box’s hoping for the lace or jumbo patch. Fingers crossed this is a real tight product all around I hope we get some of this sweet quality in basketball like “prime basketball” hint hint very nice congrates on what will be product of the year.

  19. Shared on Facebook. These cards are SICK! I’ve been watching all kinds of box breaks on youtube, wishing I could get my hands on a box. Thanks for making such great stuff to drool over.

  20. already a follower on the twitter and liked on the facebook, twitted a link and share on fb

    Awesome cards guys !

  21. this prime hockey has definately made me re-think my collecting habits! i have recently started doing a little hockey and this is gonna make me even more interested! way to go panini team on yet again another killer product! havent yet gotten a chance to open cause unfortunately its “too high end” says some of my lcs shops! so i live the through online breaks and your unwrapped videos! thanks and have a great weekend!

    1. i have met all requirments as well i liked on facebook, shared with my tweeps and linked everyone up to the epic unwrapped! thanks for these chances at great products!

  22. Hi there! I completed the instructions for the contest as you instructed. I’d love to be one of your giveaway winners. I’d be willing to share too. 🙂 watching the box breaks were a lot of fun. Thanks for doing it guys!

  23. What’s not to like about awesome hockey cards and Hackler doing a fireside “chat” while breaking boxes. I’ve spread the word and subscribed. Now, where are those “big” Blackhawks hits?

  24. Hi Panini, awesssommeee product, i just bought a box,best product of the year so far!! THANK YOU……as for the steps, i LIKED, i SIGNED UP, i FOLLOWED, hope i get a hit 😉
    thanks guys……….

  25. All three things done. 😉 Too bad there wasn’t a Pens pull, but still, as a hockey nut, would love to get my hands on any of those cards, especially one of the hits. 😉

  26. I, too, am now in the ranks of Twits (Tweeters? – whatever)…you guys have really inspired me! Everything else done as well – thanks for giving these beauties away!

  27. Done, Done and Done. Now Hook it up. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thanks for he chance to win Tracy. BTW, saw 2 Ryan Nugent Hopkins Quad Patch Auto’s numberd 2/10 and 5/10 get pulled by TheTruth17 out of 2 cases last night. Epic Freaking Breaks. Unfortunately I didn’t have the Oilers, but awesome product. I may have to start collecting more hockey because of this product.

  28. Well other than YouTube I’m not on social media so I’ll have to wait for you to send one of these to Sports Card Haven to try to win, excellent looking release though. Thanks Tracy!

  29. Would love to win some free cards, but also wanted to give kudos for a great idea that Karvin mentioned on the video, but is probably being overlooked by many. Using the single colored swatches on the Showcase cards. I think as collectors we understand that 1-color swatches are just part of the hobby, but to expand upon that and add the acetate and the dual images as well as low numbering really make the cards collectible and add value even the card only has a single colored jersey swatch. Really enjoying watching all the Prime breaks on all the card sites. Thanks for a great product!!!

    1. I agree with that. It makes use of a single swatch that might go into 4-5 regular little gu jersey cards and makes something unique out of it with the images overlaid.

  30. I swore I would never sign up for facebook but for a chance at those amazing cards i broke down and did it. All missions complete please let me win a card.

  31. Probably too late for the contest but thought I would post some feedback anyway, 1st of all great product ! wow. Blew a paycheck on it already, will buy more next payday. Great innovation, awesome patches, lots of low numbered stuff. Video has come a long way as well, keep having fun with it 🙂 Thanks for not just re-hashing what that other hockey card maker does (you screwed up contenders by the way), your stuff is refreshing and looks great. I only buy Panini now days, keep up the great work !

  32. I forgot to enter before, so if it isn’t too late you can count me in. So far, most people are raving about this product, myself included. I am sure this will be hockey’s product of the year. Oh, and wassup dog! 🙂

  33. Just got off . . .

    First of all, thanks to everyone for participating. You guys and gals are awesome. Now, onto the winners. Congratulations to . . .

    Lloyd Hannesson
    Mike Banek
    Michael Rufnak
    Jason Waddell

    Check Twitter or your email soon! We need your address.

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