She's the Boss: Alyssa Milano Rookie Cards Bring Rare Beauty to Panini America Sets

May 11, 2012

Beloved actress. Avid sports fan. Must-read blogger. Twitter titan.¬†Heartwarming philanthropist. Proud mom. Fashion mogul and entrepreneur with her own “Touch” sports clothing line. These things we know to be true about Hollywood beauty Alyssa Milano. But here’s something you might not know: Milano’s kind of a big deal right now in the sports collectibles industry.
Indeed, Milano’s first autographed football and hockey cards will hit the market in the coming days, giving the sports world’s biggest stars a run for their secondary-market money — and redefining what a hot card looks like.

Inspired in part by all of her aforementioned attributes, Panini America¬†officials reached out to Milano last year to see if she might be interested in appearing on her own Fans of the Game cards. She was — and Panini America’s product developers couldn’t get the popular star of television shows “Who’s The Boss?” and “Charmed” into their sets fast enough.
Milano’s first-ever sports trading card appeared in Panini America’s 2011-12 Pinnacle Hockey set and captured her devotion to the Los Angeles Kings. Her first football card followed last month inside 2011 National Treasures Football and chronicled her loyalty to the New York Giants.
At the time both of those products released, Milano had yet to return the accompanying autographed versions of those cards, so Panini America officials inserted special redemption cards in their place. But last week, Milano returned the sweetest shipment of signatures imaginable to Panini America headquarters. Today, they were on their way back out to those fans and collectors anxiously awaiting their arrival.
Sight unseen, Beckett Media values Milano’s hockey and football Fans of the Game cards at $150 and $125, respectively. No word yet on how high those values could rise once folks actually start to see these beauties.
To be sure, these are heady times for Milano, what with her Giants the defending Super Bowl champs and her Kings about to start the Western Conference Finals.
And her sudden sports card stardom doesn’t end here. Panini America has plans to include her first baseball and basketball trading cards in products later this year. You can see those, along with Milano’s other scorching sports cards, in the gallery that follows.