Silver Sensations: Rookie Prizms Making a Major Splash in 2018 Prizm Football

November 01, 2018

Saquon Barkley Silver Prizm

Taking a cue from their basketball brethren, Panini America NFL Product Developers made a slight adjustment to the company’s popular Panini Football franchise for 2018. After the feeding frenzy that ensued when 2017-18 Prizm Basketball made the base Silver Prizms just a little more difficult to pull, it made sense to attempt something similar in football “to try to capture some of the basketball magic,” according to Panini America Product Development Director Rob Springs. Consider the magic captured.

Since releasing to the hobby just eight days ago, 2018 Prizm Football’s vaunted base Silver Prizm Rookie Cards — or “Silvers” as they’ve come to be known — are doing for Prizm Football exactly what they did for Prizm Basketball. Overall, Silver Prizms fall at a rate of just one per hobby box, which means the odds of hitting a Rookie Card are roughly one in three boxes. The results, as we’ve seen from recent realized eBay sales, are quite incredible.

As you’ll see, in many cases, base Silver Prizm Rookie Cards are selling for more than the same players’ autograph cards. We’ve highlighted some of the more eye-popping Silver Prizm RC sales (including many that closed via Best Offer) below. Enjoy the breakdown . . .

2018 Prizm Football #202 Saquon Barkley RC: $285, $275, $265, $199.99, $158.50

2018 Prizm Football #203 Sam Darnold RC: $211.50, $200, $200, $199.99

2018 Prizm Football #201 Baker Mayfield RC: $158.50

2018 Prizm Football #212 Lamar Jackson RC: $150

2018 Prizm Football #205 Josh Allen: $149.99, $145, $140